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11:59 - Matt:
TCH in da house! 8-)
10:26 - FATFrost:
Tch!! quality returns!:)
10:21 - Tch / Brutal:
Mind is itching though. :)
10:20 - Tch / Brutal:
Rhanks all, but hold your horses.
09:58 - Acidchild:
tch is back! welcome!
01:36 - Zaphod:
23:39 - Jammer:
TCH! Back from the grave? \o/
23:01 - Tch / Brutal:
Greetinxx to Mason aswell.
21:39 - Tch / Brutal:
Hi Leon, see you are still here. Greetinxx!
07:13 - hedning:
Yes. Make a comeback!
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Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Diminishing ReturnsC64 Music Genesis Project(2015-02-01)
Calm TimeC64 Graphics Resource, Chorus, Singular(2015-01-31)
23 Byte EffectC64 One-File Demo SIDwave(2015-01-31)
On the Road Once AgainC64 Music MultiStyle Labs, Genesis Project(2015-01-30)
Rocket Smash EX [64kb cartridge]C64 Game RGCD(2015-01-29)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
CTMDiminishing Returns Mc MoneysackFlashback 2015Behind Closed Doors
DeathNews TrancerPayback 2015Rocky Horror Picture Board
International Software S..The Haag Demo DeceptorKozMOS 2015Tarantulas Nest
The Military Agency for ..Thai Boxing ShigottaCommodore-Treffen Graz $16Thieves Guild
Anti-Ashby-ClubAta - The Revenge MSWRevision 2015Hostile

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Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Diminishing Returns /DGGR (2015-02-01 15:27)
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(R) Trivia for First Try /Zyron (2015-02-01 13:59)
(R) Review for Inaccessible /Dr.j (2015-02-01 13:38)

News & Comments
hedning:2015-02-01 11:47
Gubbdata 2015 - for the local scanian C64 elite (heh - not too hard to live up to. :P ), and hangarounds (aka. our swedish and danish friends), will take place 27 - 29 March 2015. It will be the biggest Gubbdata party to this date, but it's invite only, BUT REMOTE ENTRIES ARE WELCOME. Send them to hedning64@gmail.com before 19.00 CET on March 28. Compos (demo, music and gfx) will be held at 21.00. Stream will be available. For more info: http://gubbdata.se or Gubbdata 2015
Peacemaker:2015-01-16 19:29
C64 Cracking Competition 2015

Howdy Crackers!

These days the cracking scene is pretty active, but it seems most effort is spent on rushing out a version first with non-protected games.
Now that we found this nice original that hasn't been cracked, we thought, let's turn it around. Have a cracking competition with all of you with a full price EA game, including a nice protection. So here we go with the first C64 Cracking Competition 2015!

You are invited to crack "Return of Heracles" (C) 1983-1986 Electronic Arts.

[...] read more:
Event id #2314 : C64 Cracking Competition 2015

Burglar:2015-01-16 19:29
Join the C64 Cracking Competition 2015!

C64 Cracking Competition 2015

Jammer:2015-01-16 16:19
To make a proper homage to various musicians of C64 demoscene, MSL would like to introduce a new series of online music competitions, each time covering one particular composer and his/her style - the mighty Linus to begin with. You can find out more right here:

Je suis #Linus music compo

Druid:2015-01-16 11:41
http://intros.c64.org/ was updated again. This time we have 50 new intros and 5 new groups. We have also added a long awaited option to download full / update intro packs. Enjoy!
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