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you got an o p p oo pp
18:26 - Joe:
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search search window
10:13 - Magic:
We need more VN Poop :)
10:05 - ZeSmasher:
introlinking day...
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fuck thought it was search wiindow
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CodeBase 64

Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
In order to do that you first need to create an account.
For more info about the CSDb check the docs.

Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
A4 IntroC64 Crack intro Stainless Steel(2016-10-01)
Lumberjack +HC64 Crack Atlantis(2016-10-01)
Lumberjack +C64 Crack Genesis Project(2016-10-01)
Exodus PreviewC64 Crack Onslaught(2016-10-01)
Freebooter PreviewC64 Crack Onslaught(2016-10-01)
Zombie Massacre +2HC64 Crack Atlantis(2016-10-01)
Zombie MassacreC64 4K Game Saul Cross, Wanax(2016-10-01)
LumberjackC64 4K Game Megastyle, Protovision(2016-10-01)
Bonkey Kong +C64 Crack Genesis Project(2016-10-01)
Goblin +C64 Crack Genesis Project(2016-10-01)
Dog +C64 Crack Genesis Project(2016-10-01)
GoblinC64 4K Game Pond(2016-10-01)
Bonkey KongC64 4K Game Pond, Privy Software(2016-10-01)
DogC64 4K Game Pond, Privy Software(2016-10-01)
Stareggs +4DGHC64 Crack Hokuto Force, Wolf Team(2016-09-30)
Wolf Intro for HFC64 Crack intro Wolf Team, Hokuto Force(2016-09-30)
Magnetic Fields 2 CoverC64 Music Saul Cross(2016-09-30)
Solar Ark for NothingC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2016-09-30)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
The Clone Brothers IncA4 Intro GilRetroKomp 2016FRoZEN FLoPPY BBS
Independent Compunet ClubLumberjack +H TrantorTHF EM 2016 BBQWorldBankBBS
Commodore Pirating ArtistsLumberjack + leffyksPsykoz 2016Destruction
DraculTrans World [hotfixed] SpeedPhreakFunction 2016Wavestar BBS
Northern Cracking Team 2047Willow 2004 Note bab00nEvoke 2016The Wrecked BBS

Latest Forum Posts
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CSDb Entries: Release id #17506 : MSF+VSP Demo /Jazzcat (2016-10-01 13:59)3 replies
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C64 Coding: what is your RAM init pattern? /Flavioweb (2016-09-30 23:05)54 replies
C64 Composing: Best SID instrument?  /Color Bar (2016-09-30 20:42)77 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #56376 : Trans World /Mason (2016-09-30 13:00)3 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Lumberjack /BabyDuckGames (2016-10-01 18:54)
(R) Review for Bonkey Kong + /e5frog (2016-10-01 18:11)
(R) Review for Vandalism News #63 /lemming (2016-10-01 17:35)
(R) Review for Solar Ark for Nothing /TheRyk (2016-10-01 17:17)
(R) Review for Dog /ZeSmasher (2016-10-01 17:15)

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News & Comments
Magic:2016-09-29 19:20
Vandalism News 65 has been released!

The digital offensive continues with an onslaught of entertainment spread across 5 sides; comprising of 86,380 words, 409,055 characters to the sum of 493kb of text tenacity!

- Who is hot and who is not? The latest news,
best demo reviews and most recent charts
- Booze Design: on the edge of disgrace! Group
in focus.
- Party organiser roundtable: we go behind the
curtains of the best parties around! X,
Datastorm and Gubbdata!
- Interviews: we go one on one with Cruzer,
Dane and Steel.
- Partyzone: reporting exclusively from
Gubbdata, Evoke and the Last Ninja gig.
Special guests look back at X2014.
- The making of Uncensored: HCL, Dane and Ruk
about the creation process. Including never
seen before graphics that didn't make the
- Scene World Magazine: backstage with its main
organiser Nafcom.
- Genesis Project: The History - Germany to
- RGCD 16kb Game Compo - the reviews... the
- The Masters of C64 Pixel Art: Prowler
previews a new retro pixel art book.
- The Market - Games & Hardware: the most
comprehensive list with exclusive commentary.
- 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head
to Magnar, Drax, Dane, Jeroen Tel, Hein, Lft,
Saul Cross, Flex, Rock and SigmaZeven!
- Disk cover - "LXV-files: Murder & Skully" by
Duce - coffee, Himalayan salt, bleach, pens
and pencils give you protection!

Download here:
Vandalism News #65

King Durin:2016-09-29 06:31
Come join the conversation at WorldBankBBS! bbs.paytonbyrd.com 6400
Dr.j:2016-09-01 12:40
Commodore is back in Germany ? interseting :)

Grue:2016-08-21 11:52
Updated Demos and Party packs for 1541Ultimate


Jazzcat:2016-08-09 22:42
Please get your votes in for the upcoming VANDALISM NEWS 65 SCENE CHARTS - please support us to deliver the most fair and accurate result possible:

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