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19:24 - hedning:
Warlok - Vårlök
10:27 - CreaMD:
Both decent. FLT one better. Short. but cool.
10:26 - CreaMD:
2 demos out of 7.
10:04 - Dwangi:
any c64 demos at breakpoint?
09:35 - Burglar:
08:03 - Ksubi:
Interrupts are over rated.
23:39 - PAL:
donot understand, scenesat having trouble
23:34 - PAL:
web client with the c64 channel? anyone?
23:13 - PAL:
burglar... what is the irc again
23:13 - PAL:
yep it do not break anymore so guess have to
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A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Social NetC64 Graphics Oxyron, Arsenic(2014-04-20)
Lost in the Forest of OwlsC64 Graphics Chorus, Resource, Singular(2014-04-20)
RedefinitionC64 Demo Fairlight, Offence(2014-04-20)
PanopticonC64 One-File Demo Brainstorm, Traction(2014-04-20)
Happy Easter!C64 Graphics JSL(2014-04-20)
Spiral Silicon TowersC64 Music Panda Design(2014-04-19)
DekadanceC64 Music Darklite(2014-04-19)
Specular HighlightC64 Music Lft(2014-04-19)
Fuzzy BrawlC64 Music Edge of Panic(2014-04-19)
Immensity Preview 2C64 Crack Laxity(2014-04-19)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
T.C.A.Narco Police +3 Phase17DX Party 2014Warez Inc.
BrainstormSaint Dragon Preview [pa.. PreacherBratislava Meeting 2014Warez World I
TractionSpace Knight BuzzerEdison 2014Watergate
Universa CrackingSocial Net TDC 84TibbleLAN #3Total Panic
Guty SoftCosmic Pirate HRClassic-Videogames LIVE!..The Faction HQ 2

Latest Forum Posts
C64 Coding: SEUCK on real C64 freezes /Martin Piper (2014-04-20 01:23)3 replies
C64 Coding: Relaunch64 #3 Beta1 released! /soci (2014-04-19 17:24)20 replies
CSDb Discussions: Fallen Hero - Mr.Alpha /Honesty (2014-04-19 11:07)53 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #122077 : Pixcen /CRT (2014-04-18 21:22)84 replies
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CSDb Discussions: VSP crash (not solved yet) /lft (2014-04-16 23:35)108 replies
Requests: Help needed for a scene-related article - looking fo.. /Oswald (2014-04-15 18:13)20 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Social Net /CONS (2014-04-20 20:04)
(R) Review for Specular Highlight /psych858o (2014-04-20 19:56)
(R) Review for Kobra Khan /grasstust (2014-04-20 19:47)
(R) Review for Panopticon /DGGR (2014-04-20 19:36)
(R) Review for Redefinition /DGGR (2014-04-20 19:29)

News & Comments
MacGyver:2014-04-15 12:19
Taxim released a new 11 track album called "Full Of Empty" (yes, empty). Some tracks use SID sounds. Album mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8kuJUdwRaw --- album page on Bandcamp: https://xenobioticrecords.bandcamp.com/album/full-of-empty
SIDwave:2014-04-05 11:26
SIDwave has released his album Clairvoyance, on bandcamp. http://sidwave.bandcamp.com/releases
Cargo:2014-04-02 20:47
Vincenzo feat. NecroPolo - A new music album is coming soon.
Release date: 20. April 2014!


cba:2014-04-01 08:30
The X-2014 site is online, http://www.scs-trc.net/x2014 !
sailor:2014-03-31 15:22
Announcing a new site with c64 techtopics, repairinfo and other notes.



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