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2017-07-29 00:52

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 18
Which tracker?

I'm an old bloke. Part of a local group way back. Used to make stuff on Huelsbeck's Soundmonitor and later the Rockmon.
Then moved on to Amiga and then the ST - attached to a bunch of Synthies.
But now I'm back to the scene and want to do something "Sidish," because that particular sound never left my heart.
The Gretchenfrage is: Which tool? I've loaded up the Soundmonitor and was puzzled how it works. Seems 30 years of
absence has wiped my memory *laughs*
Surely there are better tools? And what about digi-drums? I liked that Rockmon.
Stuff like Goat-Tracker for convenience? Is it true to the sound? Or does it sound different on VICE and a real thing?
(Yeah, I know that every SID sounds a bit different...)
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2017-08-06 00:38

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 18
@FASTFrost: What is that mean?
You are not a musician?
Perhaps take a walk to the Coder's Den then?
2017-08-06 01:01

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 18
Well, this is something off Topic now. Looked over the forums but didn't find anything useful anyway:
My PC archive of C64 has grown like a cancer. It's now at 33.6 GB.
Try to maintain and get as much over to the real thing (I'm the one using 5 1/4 floppy disks) and it *grows*...
YAY! IT GROWS! Aaaaarrrrgghhhaaaaaiiiiieeeeee!
Of course not the software. It's scans of Zzap64!, 64'er, Happy Computer, Compute! and the like. Also Boxshots, Manuals.
A whole archive, but WIP.
Anyone else as mad as me?
2017-08-08 19:02

Registered: May 2005
Posts: 219
Quoting Nibelung

Anyone else as mad as me?

Nope. You're the mad man.
2017-08-08 21:40

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 42
Give SID-Wizard a shot! It's awesome, and has a good manual that you can print.
2017-08-08 23:02

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1304
Oh I just looooooove printed manuals!!!
2017-08-09 12:12

Registered: May 2015
Posts: 25
MG Tracker V0.80 :) :)

Just kidding, I think there are better trackers out there... however as far as I've been recently contacted by Matt he's indeed using my tracker for his new SIDs for Reformation... it seems mainly to keep that specific sound style. We'll see how it goes anyway.
2017-08-09 17:35

Registered: Feb 2004
Posts: 48
My opinion:
If you're on multi platform and you wish to work in a protracker form I'd recommend GoatTracker or CheeseCutter.
GoatTracker is easy to get into and has an easy orientated workflow and clean interface. You'll feel like home if you're used to use the proTracker series, FastTracker/ScreamTracker/Impulse Tracker.
If you're used to work a bit differently with blocks and sectors you'd like to check out CheeseCutter. Eventhough, CheeseCutter is tracker based it has some inits that you'll need to understand but once at it, it's a powerful tracker.

When it comes to native C-64 I'd look into SID-Wizard, due it's elegant and easy to use. It has all the modern feel to it and it's fast to get comfortable with. However, if you're up for a great alternative with smart design Blackbird is the way to to. It's a very powerful tracker with lot's of options, clean interface and many optimized features. Also using very little rastertime.
and If you're crazy enough and want to get super modern check out Virtuoso. Super effective tracker with extremely smart layout and rocket kicking sound-design. It takes a bit of tried to get used to the workflow but once you're at ut, you'll feel the power!

Then we come to the mid-rage land.
DMC and DMC pro - Due they are very competent and got a smart way to optimize your songs. The pro -series can be a tricky to understand, but once you get it, no return.
X-Tracker - Also one hell of a competent tracker with wavetable magic to make really advanced instruments.
TFX 3.x - A blend of tracker and editor, with crazy logic operators to make your sounds really crazy, with direct-access to the SID registers.
To round of things still, JCH Editor is one of the best! Especially with the different NewPlayers with different options for each player.

Okay that's my thoughts :)
2017-08-12 19:03

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 18
@Sla: Will try, thanks!

@Xiny6581: WtF?! Whoa, that's a novel! But *loads* of info in it. I like good novels...
Will check them all out. Why the hell must the concept "free time" be sooo sparse these days?
2017-08-12 19:08

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 18
@Frantic: Yeah? Come, get some :)
2017-08-12 21:04

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 204
@Slajerek, which tracker is that?
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