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2015-12-20 14:29

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 94
Project SIDFX (formerly known as SIDFIXER)

Sorry for spamming you all, but regarding the DUAL SID hardware module SIDFX:

I mailed all PRE-ORDER contacts tuesday and I still miss a reply from 33% of you... please check your spam folder/email if there is any mail from sidfx-preorder@kick-ass.dk (16th december)

Thanks in advance.

There will be a registration site up shortly... so if you didnt pre-order/registrate already, you can also just mail me directly on the sidfx-preorder@kick-ass.dk mail address.

Cheers and merry X-mas to everyone!
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2016-04-23 05:15

Registered: Apr 2016
Posts: 1
What about mouse compatibility? Considering the mouse movement signals go through the A/D converters of the SID chip (also used for paddles). Will it cause any problems if being used together with a mouse at the same time? Especially when switching over between the two SID's in runtime? (And/or with paddles, too, of course.) Has this case been already tested? (Since there have been such known problems with other dual SID boards unfortunately. And I would like to pre-order but only if it works. I would use it in a C128 with Micromys V4 mouse adapter.)
2016-04-23 12:17

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 94
I dont own a C64 mouse, but I recently bought a set of VIC20/C64 paddles to check out if any issues, Lotus has told me already that the registers are stealth and no such problem would exist and I can confirm, I played Le Mans last night using my paddles and SIDFX was installed... I even switched SID socket (using hardware switch 1 on the SIDFX) a couple of times in game to figure out which SID model produced the best sound... the explosion had the best filters on 6581.... not surprisingly to me
2016-04-23 12:32

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 94
Quote: Some questions:

What, if anything, will one get from the audio out in the video port? One SID? Both SIDs mixed?

Will the audio in (unless muted) be fed to both SIDs?

Can the audio out from one SID be directed to the audio in of the other?

Is the SIDFX firmware static, or can it be upgraded?

How do one talk to the SIDFX firmware? Any developer docs?

I know the HVSC SID-files have information about which SID to use, but is anyone working on a database for demos/games as well? Would be great if for example the 1541U could select the correct SID when you want to play a game or watch a demo :-)

The SIDFX is transparent to your C64 hardware... so normal audio out for the active SID socket is what you hear on your video-out. Aka hardware switch 1 in position 1 forces SID socket 1 to be heard, and visaversa.

I dont think 2nd SID is mapped into normal audio out,.. but let me test that.

Audio-in, never worked with that - will ask Lotus

Redirecting audio-out into audio-in,.. hehe I see the options opening here... I dont think it works like that... but I will ask...

the SIDFX has a firmware that technically can be upgraded, but its tightly filled with functionality, so there is no plans to release the firmware as opensource nor specs on how to write something different. Its not like the Ultimate where you can redesign the CPU and everything from scratch, as I have understood it.

Regarding SIDFX API to ask for which SID models currently installed and tell SIDFX to swap, there will be an open documentation once we are 100% sure that all our integration plans will work this way.

1541ultimate2 is expected to support this directly too, so when you pick a .SID file, Ultimste will read the header and program SIDFX (if detected) to swap to that model when in "auto select" mode on hardware switch 1...

this will make it really easy for a SID entutiast to play the SID files from HVSC with the right SID model, just browse your SDCARD or USB and play the tune...

Regarding games/demos, thats beyond the scope of SIDFX I think, but I dont see why not... if there is a standard for this and it can be detected from 1541ultimate, why not.... but I havent heard of such a setting - anywhere?
2016-04-23 18:41

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 94
Updated answers from Lotus:

Q: What, if anything, will one get from the audio out in the video port? One SID? Both SIDs mixed?

A: You will get the same audio as the stereo output, only down-mixed to mono.

Q: Will the audio in (unless muted) be fed to both SIDs?
A: Yes

Q: Can the audio out from one SID be directed to the audio in of the other?
A: SIDFX has no audio path from the SID outputs to the SID inputs. If this is something you wish, you must do this externally with a custom audio cable arrangement via EXTIN at the video connector

Q: Is the SIDFX firmware static, or can it be upgraded?
A: Most of the fundamental operation is done in hardware using a CPLD. The CPLD is not field-upgradeable. Other functions are implemented in firmware that can be upgraded by the end user.

Q: How do one talk to the SIDFX firmware? Any developer docs?
A: There's a software API for detecting an installed SIDFX module and enabling the hidden control registers at the end of the SID memory space. API info, register info and code examples will be made available on the web-site.
2016-05-15 12:13

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1228
I'm curious whether the clicking that occurs when turning filter on/off is somehow mitigated if one installs a SIDFX in the machine, or whether that phenomenon will remain unaffected by the SIDFX?
2016-05-15 21:28

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 187
I don't know the answer to the question, but I would guess that no, sidfx cannot do anything about it.

The click happens because the filter is inverting, and the signal is not AC-coupled internally. If you could put the affected voice outputs (post envelope) at some halfway level (e.g. the positive part of a pulse wave at half volume, or the midpoint of a sawtooth wave at full volume), it could be possible to change the routing silently at that moment.

I know that Mahoney's 44.1 kHz sample playback technique relies on these DC-offsets. So if you get rid of the clicking, that routine probably stops working.
2016-05-15 22:18

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1228
2016-05-16 15:15

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 127
Definitely a feature worth keeping!
2016-05-16 17:07

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1228
You're so progressive!!!

...in a conservative way.
2016-07-21 21:46

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 94
Lastest updates:

SIDFX adapter for Reloaded is a reality now!

One of the reason for our quietness is the project regarding support for Reloaded motherboards using a SIDFX, technically, the SIDFX works out-of-the-box with a Reloaded, but when you put it inside a C64C chassis, problems emerges due to the placement of the SID-chip with a ZIF-socket.

Reason: It is simply too high to fit below the keyboard because of the ZIF-socket, so Lotus has been working on a solution and developed an optional add-on to the SIDFX called SIDFX adapter.

Secondly... The first batch of 8 units with components has been produced and verified!

The production facility have now tuned their automated production and optical inspection, which means that the rest of the production will begin according to plans.

Note: these units are not ready for shipping yet - there is still a lot of testing to do + cables and connectors needs to be produced too.

But we will require you to fill out a "mini survey" very soon, to specify exactly which cable length you need (we have two sizes, to support SX-64 and some C128 systems) - and if you will be needing the SIDFX adapter for a Reloaded motherboard or not.

Stay tuned...

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