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Forums > CSDb Discussions > Is anyone still imaging mass amounts of disks?
2016-11-23 08:26

Registered: Jun 2004
Posts: 479
Is anyone still imaging mass amounts of disks?


I remember people were imaging disks to d64s a while back (acidchild perhaps?) in an effort to collect every conceivable release.

Bo Zimmerman (on my FB) says he has thousands of inherited disks that need imaging..... anyone interested?
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2016-11-24 07:24

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 112
There's currently over 2400 disk images between the 3sets of disks that I'd already archived at scenebase.org
2016-11-24 08:00

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 30
I Image Disks all the Time!
2016-11-24 10:36

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 1228
Excellent - you should join The Transfer Team and become official transferrer for North America! I reckon you wouldn't get bored. :)
2016-12-10 13:52

Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 633
did these disks ever get finished and shared?
2016-12-10 13:53

Registered: Mar 2004
Posts: 633
also whats up with scenbase? cant access it?
2016-12-10 16:33

Registered: Dec 2005
Posts: 182
I also did and will do transferring disks. So if I can help just let me know. Greetz!
2016-12-10 21:09

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 1768
I still have a shitload of images that I haven't shared yet, partly from Charles Deenen's collection (don't get your hopes high, there's not much fascinating to be found).
And at this moment Hammerfist's collection is going through my setup.
He'll do the uploading himself, so for now no sharing of these images.
2017-01-23 00:14

Registered: Feb 2004
Posts: 48
Awesome to see/read many are "preserving" floppies into diskimages. I am doing this all the time and well I have great experience and knowledge doing this too. So if you need help I am all yours.
2017-01-23 10:47

Registered: Aug 2002
Posts: 9
Xiny6581 and all who are interested in, I'm doing the same thing, using RR-Net MK1 & MK3 with Warp Copy and header cleaning techinques. So if anyone is interested to send me his disks to archieve them on pc as D64 images, please feel free and I do send them back. I live in Leverkusen, close to cologne / Germany.
2017-01-23 18:41

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1226
And I do the same. RRnet and Warpcopy, with cleaning of disks and so on. I live in southern Sweden. I share all images publically after asking the owner of course. All auction disks I buy end up in public. Still have a couple of hundreds to upload.
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