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2017-04-18 09:34

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 315

This looks interesting, however it's unverifiable currently and seems to includes code which is capable of implementing a ssh server. So while sandboxing was fun in the past eventually I got bored with it and just don't bother to run problematic stuff any more.

So if it comes with a GPL2 license (and according to the jar file it does) then this means I could build this myself if I ask for the sources, right?

Actually the only tiny part which is interesting to me could be done with rsync/$ANY_VCS. Is it possible to get access for synchronization with client software I trust?

May I redistribute the data through a public FTP server or other means for allowing easier access to it?

These questions were not meant as trolling of course. I appreciate all the work and effort went into it even if it's not accessible for me.
2017-04-18 11:34

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 17

The data on my ftp is available for anyone basically. I do not see myself as an owner of this data, and it's not my philosophy to keep it locked away in any way.

The data however is assembled in such way that the assembly64 client that most people run will work on deltachunks of data as soon as there is updated data available.

If you want to redistribute the data on some other ftp, it's actually ok, even though your copy will be outdated in a week or two!

You could easily use assembly64 client to download and store the raw ftpfiles locally yourself.

Ssh dependency is not used though ☺️

Please ping me on Facebook if you want access to the ftp

2017-04-18 18:33

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4022
excuse moi, but what is this?
2017-04-18 20:13

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 7961
what oswald said :)
2017-04-18 20:16

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 315
I thought maybe I could mirror this to GP as otherwise the only thing which updates there is the IDE64 stuff.

But whatever, I can live without it. It'd be like the other mirrors I made in the past, taking up a lot of space but used only once in a blue moon.

And FB, well that won't happen for philosophical reasons. But thanks for the quick answer!

Oswald: it's for those who gave up on maintaining their own collections. For offline use with 1541U and such.
2017-04-18 20:23

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 17
No worries, and as i stated before: If someone want's to to anything exciting with the data it's perfectly fine, just ping me!

A PM here also works, if you changes your mind :-)

2017-04-19 07:36

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1204
Quote: what oswald said :)

What groepaz said. Still not getting it. Collection of what?
2017-04-19 11:29

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1298
2017-04-19 12:20

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1204
Quote: http://hackerswithstyle.ddns.net/assembly/index.html

2017-04-19 18:40

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 212
"All your artifacts are belongs to us" mmm... okay ;) if you say so , who am i to complain ;)
2017-04-19 20:29

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1127
Best thing since bacon.
2017-04-21 13:58

Registered: Aug 2005
Posts: 33
Agree, it is a nice and easy way to keep my collection up to date. Backed! :)
2017-04-23 12:21

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 354
nice tool! do you plan to add even more sources, like c64-ftp's or group-homepages that host c64 files aswell?
2017-04-24 20:50

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 17
I am pretty much open for suggestions on what could be added. Generally it should make sense to add it, if it's an already well structured library on an ftp-site, it's probably a no-no.
2017-04-24 21:18

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 212
Well, changing "Files where downloaded!!" to "Files were downloaded!!" would be nice ;)

Also, on Linux, it seems to delete $HOME/assembly64, the directory I set to be used as target, on each startup. Probably a bug having to do with $HOME/.assembly64 being used for the configuration files.
2017-04-24 21:41

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 17
Hehe, spelling is correct actually, kind of ;-)
Reason for deleting "assembly64" folder is that previously the home was "assembly64", but i changed to ".assembly64", moving all files from that folder to .folder, then deleting the "assembly64" folder. So you did hit a cornercase i would say :-) But i can fix that in next release! Thx
2017-04-24 23:23

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 212
I changed the target to ~/asm64 and now my downloads don't get deleted anymore.

Also, having the instructions and changelog inside the application might not be great idea. What if the application fails to start (it did when using OpenJDK), how will I know what to do or what code change to look for that might explain the bug?

Anyway, nice tool, should save me quite some time.
2017-04-24 23:28

Registered: Jun 2016
Posts: 32
Lovely tool of wonders... works like a charm here :)
2017-04-25 07:37

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 17
Thx for feedback, always appreciated! Yep, will package next release so that changelog and instructions are available as txtfiles. Dymo <3
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