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2009-05-02 15:47

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4137
More accurate CRT emulation


someone please make this for Vice :)
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2016-11-23 21:26

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 101
If it has a bloom post process blit then no. Blurry is not Sharp.
2016-11-23 21:53

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1257
Quote: the one thing that sets micro64 apart from most other attempts i have seen is that it doesnt just apply some fancy post processing that may or may not look like a CRT - but actually does the processing in a way that resembles what actually happens - which makes it a whole lot more accurate in a bunch of situations.

2016-11-23 22:11

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4137

"Hyper64 is a working proof-of-concept of an experimental C64 emulator implementation without resorting to a conventional CPU emulation, but instead utilizing a realtime dynamic recompilation engine which disassembles, analyzes and re-assembles the 6510 machine code as native 32-bit x86 code. "

I wonder how selfmod works this way.

"The same thing applies to the CIA emulation, whose accuracy is based on a VIC II line basis."

so already a cia timer based stable method will fail.
2016-11-23 22:17

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 682
@Oswald. that one is one of Bero's other projects (Hyper64). Micro64 however is a totally different project (and very accurate). The Full PAL/CRT emulation options need a good GPU however. Ideally minimum specs would be something such as an I5 6200u with Intel HD 520/530 to get decent frame rates using the full emulation.
2016-11-23 22:20

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4137
I'd say its cool for viewing stuff, but when coding often you want to see the pixels accurately. thats why I hate that vice hid the pal emulation on off option in a far far away window.
2016-11-23 22:31

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 165
for viewing demos etc micro64 is nearly perfect. i love to watch demos on it. althou my damn notebook only handles 40 or 60 hz -.- . in this case micro64 is even better with some useful options at the crt emulation.
2016-11-24 08:40

Registered: Feb 2009
Posts: 198
Quoting Oswald
I hate that vice hid the pal emulation on off option in a far far away window.

Then use the SDL interface version, where every menu item can be remapped to a hotkey of your choice.
2016-12-10 00:24
White Flame

Registered: Sep 2002
Posts: 134
Instead of just PAL (or NTSC?) emulation, it would be an interesting target to emulate all the way through a specific 1702 or 1084, color/contrast/brightness knobs included.

On today's hi-res displays, you might even be able to represent the exact shadow mask from those displays, instead of just a rough assumptive pattern.
2016-12-10 00:39

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 280
Just hook up your PC's video output to an actual CRT/TV: crooked/bent display, fucked up colors.
2016-12-10 00:58

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8317
color/contrast/brightness knobs included

those "knobs" have been there for years....
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