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Bonanza   [2014]

Bonanza Released by :

Release Date :
9 January 2014

Type :
C64 One-File Demo

User rating:*****_____  5.2/10 (24 votes)   See votestatistics
****______  4.2/10 (5 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Jak T Rip of DMAgic, Protovision
Music .... Yogibear of Arkanix Labs, Autumn Soft, Protovision, Revive
Graphics .... JSL of Autumn Soft, Covenant, Creators, Protovision, Raiders of the Lost Empire, Scene World Magazine, Software of Sweden, Tropyx
Linking .... Richard of Blazon, People of Liberty, Psytronik Software, Scene World Magazine, The New Dimension

SIDs used in this release :

Download :
http://csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/126126/Bonanza - 3 Screener.zip (downloads: 546)
http://csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/126127/bonanza_yogibear.sid (downloads: 106)

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 16 January 2014
Well some nice feedback from other sceners would give us a boost!
User Comment
Submitted by DATA-LAND on 16 January 2014
I'm sure other sceners appreciate your tune and JSL's work too, but much don't comment or vote the releases. Don't be sad! ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 14 January 2014
Thanks very much! You're the first who seems to appreciate my tune! :)
A new western game? Hmm! Any ideas?
Thanks again!
User Comment
Submitted by DATA-LAND on 14 January 2014
Oh, it makes fun to hear the "Bonanza" tune of the old tv-series! I've also enjoyed the scrolling "XL-picture". The old man on it reminds me to someone - hmmm...?
But i would have liked about a new western game of you too.
Great release!
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 12 January 2014
Jailbird is getting morely Positive every minute.. :DD - I know that I pixel a picture, but don't take the time to overlook it, for every right set pixel / and, come back to it over a week, to clear things up, and improve it. Usually I do pixel, and do a short check, if everything is OK. Regarding people to let comment before uploading, and ask critic or improvements this goes morely towards Pixelation I guess, but there they throw up the whole picture, making their idea's here and there, and the picture changes every day, with updates, from other people how they see it any better.. I know that Pixelation is the best way, of getting the best results in getting the pixels best way set.. I do dislike the thing of altering the picture over and over, but you say everything must be correct.. About retouching and converting / I already do that, but in some way it is also "stealing" someone else's work, there where quite some photos, where I changed alot, and retouched the graphic. The feedback I am getting on my sort of FINAL pictures thru Email, is that I do update the pictures or three-screeners, to the given feedback.. Sometimes the long work of pixeling, especcially with three-screeners I go for easy way of crap pixeling, finishing it off quickly, as some of them do have a bad manor of filling.. I am thinking of the hills in Yogibear2, someday for Upload.. I know, do changes you say and hold on with uploading and look again.. I am too fast with making my decision to say "it is final"..
User Comment
Submitted by ​💩 on 12 January 2014
JSL, another thing: you don't have to release every single bit you do. For every graphics I did, there are at least 5 others that have never seen the light. You keep saying that you know that an image of yours lacks of this or that, that you've done better pieces, and you still get it up to CSDb. Well, be a maximalist. Spend A LOT of time on each and every pixel. If you think you're finished with a picture, you're not. Put it away for a week, a month, and get back to it with a fresh eye. Tweak it, make it better as much as it's physically possible. Be your own harshest critic. Before presenting a work of you to the public, show it to some people and ask for their opinion. Not your friends though, they'll probably say things you'd like to hear.

About copying, I don't mean copying the image itself, but mimicking a certain pixelling technique. Look at the way good C64 graphicians work. For starters, zoom into their images and try to copy the way they fade from one color to another. Try to get how smoothing of rough edges work. Or which colors they chose for an image... Etc. etc. You get it.

During a learning phase, I'd even encourage to convert a few photos and retouch them. You could learn quite a lot from that too.

Good luck.
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 12 January 2014
That was a nice, rightfull, comment, about my way of pixeling, placed here on the Release.. Can't find the words to reply.. In terms of trying out other pixel technics, I am doing them.. Alltough maybe too boring, like the bubbling in some Forever release called Mogul (sky).. You actually have to be one of the guys being part of my mailinglist, who gets all JSL graphics, each week, in order to say, if I am good or bad, examining the works I did.. I guess there are graphics among them, which do get upvotes, than the normal downvotes.. Copying other artists like Leon is not my thing, I hardly can come up with Leon's last work, only JSL pixeled style. Would be funny, tough. Leon put an unique style lately, but many more of them, in greyscale, is getting boring.. And even, simple idea's of him, get an score of 9.8.. But he is doing more other graphicformats, while I am stuck to Amica Paint all the time. Yes, I must learn new technics and stuff..
Would anyone love a Leon Copied piece by JSL? :))
User Comment
Submitted by ​💩 on 12 January 2014
So.. What you would say, if I am stuck on this so-so level since my TREX from 13 years ago - Sounds more like a.. GO AWAY JSL, YOUR GFX SUCK, C64 SCENE HATES YOU, YOU AND YOUR CRAP GRAPHICS, YOU NEVER GET ANY BETTER THAN THE RELEASED TREX.. :/ - So this all here on csdb and c64 goes about getting better and better, and come with top notch quality stuff, and the lower kind of graphics, are nothing for you guys, low pieces of crap, not for csdb.. In other words, you might say "Quit c64, JSL!"..

No, that's not what any of us said.

But you could try to improve yourself just as most of us C64 graphicians did over the years: rip graphics, examine other's work, don't be afraid to imitate them. Learn a bit about anti-aliasing, dithering, colorfades. Improve on your freehand drawing too. Look around forums for tips about perspective, composition, anatomy, lights/shades, there's plenty of them around the internet (I've already told you this).
Doesn't seem to us that you did any of that since your first standalone release, and the obvious lack of ambition for reaching higher levels and the constant, tedious repetition of mundane works is why a lot of people find your works boring, tiresome and stale.

But if drawing makes you happy, just go on, and try not to be upset if others judge you or your works honestly.
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 12 January 2014
So.. What you would say, if I am stuck on this so-so level since my TREX from 13 years ago - Sounds more like a.. GO AWAY JSL, YOUR GFX SUCK, C64 SCENE HATES YOU, YOU AND YOUR CRAP GRAPHICS, YOU NEVER GET ANY BETTER THAN THE RELEASED TREX.. :/ - So this all here on csdb and c64 goes about getting better and better, and come with top notch quality stuff, and the lower kind of graphics, are nothing for you guys, low pieces of crap, not for csdb.. In other words, you might say "Quit c64, JSL!"..
User Comment
Submitted by ​💩 on 12 January 2014
I don't know why you people take JSL's releases so seriously

We (or at least I) don't, I couldn't care less. Personally, I've tried to help him for a while, but he's either not interested or just simply clueless.

JSL on the other hand, takes them seriously, otherwise he wouldn't write huge blocks of texts of replies other than "Fuck you all, I do what I want".

Quoting JSL
I am stuck on this so-so level with doing graphics for years.. Is maybe true..

I was wrong. Actually, you're stuck on this level since your very first release from 13 years ago. Can't see a single pixel of advancement compared to Bonanza.

User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 12 January 2014
The thing Jailbird said.. I am stuck on this so-so level with doing graphics for years.. Is maybe true.. But from the 10 three-screeners I did last Xmas vacation, this Bonanza is the worst of the 10.. Desert themes are quite boring.. Even while I am working on a new three-screener called Egypt.. Some releases are just crap, but Yogibear really wanted this coming out regarding his tune in this.. You might think I am on this so-so level with graphics, but the 22 contacts from me see other things in their mail, what you guys don't see, giving feedback from Oohh Awesome.. I guess there are still pics among them, which are well pixeled.. But all stuff comes in maps, where I'd pick from, for upload.. One thing, I must say.. I am bored with skies, that is a pretty boring thing when I use rasterbars for them.. Or the white clouds sometimes popping up in my pictures.. I have, what Kitty says, more a cartoonish concept in my pictures.. And in order to keep pixeling I might choose for Clipart, seeing in this release, the downvotes. Really, I like the pixeling much, and when a year ago I made my own Sketches for convert with ProjectONE, 4-5 pages with funny looking beings and doing these sketches once a month, gives burnout.. From all these sketches are pictures made, and my maps, last time counted reached over 400 unreleased pictures.. Somehow a biiiig collection already.. With this burnout I google around for sketches, clipart.. Just to keep pixeling.. Usually I have pixelweekends, and from this weekend it is quite crap on graphics.. You will see soon, 1 picture, 3 logos, 3 failed pics, 3 new drawings.. drawings can be found on my deviantART btw.. Good enough written..
User Comment
Submitted by Kitty on 11 January 2014
I don't know why you people take JSL's releases so seriously, imo I think he pixels more for enjoyment and his style is cartoonish/unique, which I personally like. If you don't like what he makes then why even vote at all, I said this before on other comments in JSL's releases but I really don't understand why you continue to harass him for not pixelling up to the standards some of you expect. JSL may or may not get better at what he does but isn't that really up to him to decide what path he wants to take? I voted 7 on this release, like JSL has said he has made better releases but I don't think he deserves all the downvotes he get's from some people. There's far worse pixeled art on real release games for the C64.
Keep up the good work JSL and don't let the haters get to you my friend :)
User Comment
Submitted by Exploding First on 11 January 2014
Nice idea!!!
User Comment
Submitted by Tom-Cat on 10 January 2014
Well, the horse looks like is taking a dump... which, after the clipart, fits perfectly :)
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 10 January 2014
Ahh he found Clipart. That deserves now a real 1 !! :) - Maybe it is unknown to you guys - But a year back I used to do Sketches on my own, but being burned out with those, I use Clipart sometimes. Possible that an other scener can do the same picture. With clipart I make my own background to it. And all of you, shout! LAME!!!!! - I am doing original pictures myself aswell, like the picture I am having for BCC #8, Forever, and the X..
User Comment
Submitted by TSM on 10 January 2014
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 10 January 2014
Summing up it looks a little like "Oh, I drew a nice pic with a horizon, let's make it a 3 screener no matter if I'm inspired/devoted enough to fill two more screens". So-so imho, but worth 5 points.
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 10 January 2014
I don't think it sucks that hard. The current screenshot (Cowboy) is of course the best part, the other 2/3 of the pic are full of mistakes in terms of shading, perspective: vanishing point with an endlessly x-scrolling multiscreen pic CAN NOT work correctly, it's impossible.
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 10 January 2014
OK! It could be better but someone gave a 1 without even downloading the zip file!
Why does JSL almost every release gets ones? He isn't that bad and doesn't deserve it!
User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 9 January 2014
*g* new screenshot looks better - and I did NOT vote AND watched the release! :)

While I second Jailbird mostly I think it's just rushing stuff on JSLs' side - ask others for their opinion and input before releasing crap weekly and of course: FUCK VOTES!
It seems to be your only motivation to get ANY good vote and publicly deny the existance of bad ones or argue about them - so here is mine:

"2" unsigned public

The current screenshot looks ok (also on a real CRT), the rest draws a lot from the overall impression though.
User Comment
Submitted by ​💩 on 9 January 2014
It has written dull all over it, but at least it's an original concept. I don't hope to see advancement in your skillset any more, as you seem stuck on this so-so level for years. It's a pity, really. You have interesting ideas, just fail to put them into full effect since you lack of a small array of technical knowledge.

Anyhow, I'm indifferent, but I definitely don't think it's awful (what a 1 means).
User Comment
Submitted by Puma on 9 January 2014
For me this looks great
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 9 January 2014
I am not going to say this is an awesome three-screener so vote an 8.. And maybe this three-screener was a bit bad idea, as I am picking some pictures from disk, where I think I might can do a three-screener from. The Sheriff picture was the first. And with the white clouds, empty sky, and dull sand.. I could only make.. Well.. Crap.. :) And I really had in mind in deleting this one from my pc, because I made more better three-screeners, and leave it to only the Sheriff picture left.. Honestly I wasn't that amazed by this thingy either, so giving this a 4 as vote, like Ian did, I had done that too.. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 9 January 2014
What iAN said - 100%.

And now to something completely different: shouldn't there be birds and other obstacles which are hunted by a crosshair and making the horse drop apples gives bonus?
User Comment
Submitted by Groepaz on 9 January 2014
ok, so instead of voting 1 (which honestly this one deserves) i'll tell it here: WTF? what IAN said, really.
User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 9 January 2014
@Yogibear: Why? When someone thinks it's worth a 1, then he's entitled to his opinion. Oh well...

ps. it wasn't me, I usually do note vote, and when I do then for everyone to see
User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 9 January 2014
I see a jail and a bird :) Some hidden message to a well known guy from the c64 scene? ;)
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 9 January 2014
the sheriff face alone is rather nice for me (if intended to be cartoonish), but if I have to vote the whole as a single pic is below average. You can't expect people praising you with works that are only from mediocre to low-quality. Seeing no improvement after all this time also make ppl vote low just by judging from a screenshot, out of boredom.
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 9 January 2014
That person who gave a "1" did seen the screenshot, didn't downloaded the release, and assuming the screenshot is crap, gave it a "1".. Or maybe one of the JSL haters, instantly giving each JSL release, a "1"..
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 9 January 2014
The "person" that gave a 1 must be a Super Dork!!!
User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 9 January 2014
Bonanza/Three-Screener.. The Sheriff picture excisted for a while, and the rest was buildup around it. And the feedback I got was that there are flaws with the perspective. I really wouldn't know how to fixed it, I could removed the Town.. Also the strange thing with Shadows is, don't add a "SUN" into three-screeners, you get
shadows from both sides. Yogibear did made the Bonanza tune to this, and originally the tune was made for a game under Autumn Soft, but the idea of this, got coded earlier by DATA-LAND
in the game "Cowboy Duel".. And with the feedback I got, Yogibear said to rework on the flaws, but I disliked that, I suggested him to Delete the Entry on my PC, if he was unsure, then the pixeling was for nothing, and he could use his tune somewhere else.. Lateron he said: Bring it out!
And u guys would say: Better to overwork on the faults, but that is screen 2 going over in screen 3, a house appears, and it looks silly.. Like said, I could removed whole town,
leaving a sheriff in a empty desert.. Enjoy or not..

SID Included from Yogibear..
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