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Tiny PETSCII Compo 2020

- It's just so tiny!

Event Type :
Standalone Compo

Dates :
3 - 19 January 2020

Organizers :

Organizer Groups :
Samar Productions

Competition Results :

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
??The Last Ninja4 by PalDownload9.09.9
??Christmas Is Over by JoeDownload9.09.8
??Rabid Dog by LManDownload9.79.8
??CompopicSCII by HammerfistDownload8.19.7
??My Hat! by MermaidDownload9.49.6
??Smooth Criminal by VentDownload8.89.6
??Keyhole by ArchmageDownload9.59.6
??Taking a Break on a Starry Night ... by MuckyDownload9.19.6
??No Compo Is Valid without Johnson (7x7) by JammerDownload8.59.6
??Anglerfish by buzz_clikDownload9.09.6
??Revolver by buzz_clikDownload9.39.5
??The Keys by psych858oDownload8.89.5
??Cthulhu Fhtagn by Snake PetskenDownload8.29.5
??Happy Whale by buzz_clikDownload8.79.5
??Ultimate Hunter by CarrionDownload8.99.4
??Lonely Tree (8x8) by JammerDownload9.19.4
??Leave the Lights Out (8x8) by ToggleDownload8.99.4
??Winternight by DaveDownload8.49.4
??Dick Muncher by FlotsamDownload8.89.3
??Falling Apart by psych858oDownload8.99.3
??Yellow Spaceman by Worrior1Download8.99.3
??He Made Me Do It by WacekDownload8.99.3
??LO4DING_ by JamonDownload9.29.3
??Workbench by buzz_clikDownload8.69.3
??Napalm Girl - Target of WAR by PalDownload8.79.3
??Beginning an Origami Crystal Fountain by DaveDownload8.79.3
??Zombie Portrait by buzz_clikDownload8.69.3
??Zoned Out (lower case) by ZyronDownload8.09.3
??120'000 USD PETSCII Art by SmasherDownload8.99.3
??001 by ConjurorDownload7.99.2
??PFfff by TheRealWandererDownload8.49.2
??Plumber's Song by NarkyDownload8.69.2
??World 1st PETSCII That Breaks the Sideborder by SmasherDownload8.49.0
??Birb? by BrittleDownload8.29.0
??Never Look Down by ZeldinDownload9.19.0
??PETSCIITY by psych858oDownload9.29.0
??A Camel Named John by Wile CoyoteDownload8.98.9
??PETSCIIsour Finished by SkyffelDownload8.98.8
??Nanodem (7x8) by ukaDownload8.78.8
??Bruce FLIDownload8.98.8
??Unicorn by Almighty GodDownload7.88.8
??That's No Moon by aNdyDownload8.88.8
??Dog Taking a Pee by JoeDownload8.68.8
??Gattino by SlaxxDownload8.58.8
??PETendo by w0rmDownload8.48.7
??K9 Luna by SnabelDownload7.78.6
??Driving by JoeDownload7.68.6
??Demo Effect by JoeDownload8.08.6
??Chainsaw Man by Wile CoyoteDownload7.98.6
??Love by SmasherDownload8.18.6
??Visitor from the MountainsDownload8.28.5
??Grotarin by ExocetDownload8.18.3
??Simmer and Hackle by VentDownload8.28.1
??ExcessTinyCrackIntro by Almighty GodDownload7.68.1
??Baby Yoda (8x8) by TheTomDownload7.38.0
??Saturne by RudiDownload7.88.0
??Fox Hughes by RudiDownload7.57.9
??Tank by buzz_clikDownload7.97.9
??Dead Can Dance by TristanDownload8.07.9
??Let's Play Speedball (3x3) by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload7.57.8
??33.33% Complete by ScanDownload6.27.8
??PETortal by WarlockDownload7.47.6
??entjej by aprikosDownload8.17.5
??Diabolic Vertigo by DaveDownload7.17.5
??Migazhu by ToggleDownload7.07.5
??Death Purple by ShineDownload7.67.4
??Tiny PETSCII Head by MythusDownload7.77.2
??Petsciinvaders by BåtsmanDownload7.06.0
??Batscii by 100bitDownload5.75.3
??Atomwaffel About to Be Shot Into My Pussy AssholeDownload2.72.9
??Necro PETSCII by MMS+4Download7.1
??Breaking the Boundaries by psych858oDownload8.0
??Dungeon by RudiDownload7.5
??Tiny C64 Man by CoaXCableDownload7.3
??Pongd - Part 2 by ChancerDownload3.1
??Please Insert Your Joystick Back Into Port 1Download4.5
??April Flower by RudiDownload4.9
??Agnostic Polymonoatheism by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload7.1
??Kong - Caught on Film by DymoDownload8.0
??3D Poly-Renderer: No Lighting by RudiDownload8.4
??OK Boomer by TristanDownload8.1
??From Walter Bruch, Hanover With LOVE. Telefunken Rule and So Do You!Download1.6
??HP Hagrid by MMS+4Download4.4
??n=4435h takes 14 steps by RudiDownload4.6
??Micro-phone by NarkyDownload8.0
??A Roman Catholic Sunday Breakfast by HammerfistDownload5.1
??Arrow PETSCII by ZzarkoDownload5.6
??Baby Bonzai by MagicDownload5.5
??PETSCUULHU by PhreedhDownload8.1
??Floppy by MdZDownload5.5
??6510 by MdZDownload5.6
??Isaac by Epic TyphlosionDownload5.8
??Diamond Face by IceoutDownload5.5
??Excellent Day for an Exorcism by JoeDownload5.8
??8x8 Tank PETSCII by XTRODownload5.8
??Snakescii by LogikerDownload7.5
??8x8 Skull PETSCII by XTRODownload5.5
??8x8 Homer PETSCII by XTRODownload6.6
??Grenade by RudiDownload7.5
??Horned She Beast by Wile CoyoteDownload7.3
??Diabloscii by LogikerDownload6.9
??Super PETSCII Bros by PKDownload8.0
??Grand Pa by LogikerDownload6.7
??Micro Basic 8x8 by wbocharDownload7.5
??Rotating demoeffect by RudiDownload4.5
??8x8 Nuclear PETSCII by XTRODownload6.4
??Lips by OblvdataDownload6.7
??HP Snape by MMS+4Download6.4
??8x8 Starship PETSCII by XTRODownload6.2
??Drive Ahead by IpokDownload6.5
??A Roman Catholic Sunday Morning by ScanDownload6.7
??Luvly Bubbly by ChancerDownload6.6
??Avatar 6x7 by LogikerDownload6.1
??Down Vote Me by Dr. LoolDownload6.0
??Cap Dude by RudiDownload8.8
??Demo Effect 2 by JoeDownload5.6
??Demo Effect 2 (new vic) by Smasher/JoeDownload7.9
??Dalek by ConjurorDownload5.3
??Knot by OblvdataDownload5.5
??Hellion by SteveboyDownload8.3
??Samantha Fox Today on a Stamp (Please Send It Back!) by SmasherDownload6.8
??You Turn Me On by psych858oDownload7.9
??The Year We Make Contact by RudiDownload7.3
??Stamps Back! by CopAssDownload7.6
??Motte by Dr. LoolDownload5.5
??8x8 DOOM PETSCII by XTRODownload7.0
??8x8 FPS PETSCII by XTRODownload5.0
??Paradise White by Wile CoyoteDownload7.6
??Footballscii by LogikerDownload5.3
??The Golf Player 2020 (8X8) by CoaXCableDownload7.3
??Left Eye by CheapshotDownload7.5
??The Mask by Dr. LoolDownload5.2
??Demo Effect 3 by JoeDownload4.0
??DESTROY HIM, MY PETSCII! by grasstustDownload7.0
??8x8 Charlie PETSCII by XTRODownload7.2
??enregnigdag by aprikosDownload7.5
??Flying Witch by LogikerDownload7.2
??King of Spades by OblvdataDownload7.2
??Show yourself by CopAssDownload1.6
??Old Tree by CopAssDownload7.2
??Coca Cola PETSCIIs by LogikerDownload4.6
??Parrot by JoeDownload7.6
??Windows 64 by LogikerDownload6.9
??This..is..PETSCII ! by BamseDownload7.1
??Moon Patrol by DonEpifanioDownload6.1
??PETrick by LogikerDownload7.1
??Tiny Torii by CheapshotDownload8.9
??This Is Yo Moon by EnthusiDownload7.1
??Cock Pet Ski by Dr. LoolDownload7.3
??Das Kreuz des Heiligen Geistes by JoeDownload8.0
??The Quick and the Deadscii by Ben DoverDownload7.4
??Target! Target! by Wile CoyoteDownload7.4
??When Carlsen Beat Anand by PalDownload6.6
??PETSCIIng Kong by AlakranDownload7.9
??Batman by Le RiddleurDownload7.0
??Pirates 2020 by tNGDownload7.8
??Broken Commodore by psych858oDownload8.0
??Gandhi by OtiumDownload8.9
??Nickscii by EndurionDownload6.8
??Right Eye by CheapshotDownload7.5
??China Girl (8X8) by CoaXCableDownload7.1
??Skull by RudiDownload7.2
??Underworld - Rise of the Lycans by ShineDownload8.1
??My Adventures by AmirthecoderDownload5.7
??Wolfman by RudiDownload7.3
??Living in a Cheesecake by OzoneDownload7.2
??Isocube by RudiDownload5.9
??PETSCII Cola Drink by LogikerDownload6.8
??Ready PETSCII by MMS+4Download7.3
??The Piper by TalfarlowDownload6.9
??Bob Ross (7x8) by Paul BearerDownload7.3
??Squeezed by RudiDownload6.9
??Farewell to Rush by VentDownload7.7
??Asshole II by RudiDownload6.3
??Lion King by psych858oDownload7.1
??Mecha by Dr. TerraDownload7.7
??Porsche Love by Wile CoyoteDownload8.3
??Quadruped by TheRykDownload7.6
??This Way by CopAssDownload7.5
??Mimì by ManuJumpDownload7.5
??Mario Mushroom by MCHDownload8.3
??Meteor Shower by PararaumDownload7.6
??On the Beach by RudiDownload4.4
??Tiny Gary by HammerfistDownload8.3
??No Skin Man by Almighty GodDownload6.9
??Oi, Mate (8x8) by TheTomDownload4.5
??E-minor by ShogoonDownload7.8
??Davids Stern by JoeDownload3.9
??Spam by WilDownload7.5
??Mooncake by BrittleDownload7.4
??Pongd - Part 1 by ChancerDownload4.6
??Stormtrooper by CreepDownload7.9
??Spaceman 2020 (8X8) by CoaXCableDownload5.8
??This Is Owl Your Fault by DaveDownload6.7
??I Spy with My Ninja Eye by Wile CoyoteDownload7.3
??Planet of the Fakes by ShrikeDownload7.6
??MIKROBIscii by SteveboyDownload7.8
??Remember the Day by TristanDownload8.3
??Sigarett by RudiDownload6.0
??Ghost Time by Dr. LoolDownload6.3
??Lion by SmasherDownload7.4
??Zoning Out by ZyronDownload6.1
??Trumpski by Dr. LoolDownload5.8
??Mickscii Mouse by MalmixDownload8.7
??Get to da Choppa! by RudiDownload7.3
??Korobeiniki by MuckyDownload7.6
??Phat Skate 5x5 by DymoDownload6.3
??Professor Hedning Really Tried by PalDownload5.3
??Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by RudiDownload8.0
??Yodascii by aNdyDownload7.6
??Imagine All the PETSCII by SevenDownload8.2
??Demo Effect 4 by JoeDownload6.8
??Jeremie by LogikerDownload7.0
??Swanscii by OzoneDownload7.7
??Mustache's Beat on XTC by OzoneDownload6.9
??Cherry on the Pie by JoeDownload7.8
??Atari Bombscii by hedningDownload7.6
??Aztec Cocaine Chamber by IsildurDownload8.2
??Snoopy by RudiDownload7.5
??Turrican X by MuckyDownload8.3
??Bender by LogikerDownload6.6
??Micro Skull X Bones 2x2 by wbocharDownload7.5
??Pongd by ChancerDownload3.3
??Black Mesa Research Facility by hedningDownload7.2
??Hey Bartender, Where's the Beer?! by BrittleDownload7.3
??Floppy Disk by buzz_clikDownload7.8
??RoboSnob by WillAuchMalCaptainSeinDownload4.9
??Swedish Labyrinth: The Solution by CopyfaultDownload5.1
??The Love Machine by tNGDownload6.0
??PETSCIIsour by SkyffelDownload8.1
??Tiny Hannya by Snake PetskenDownload7.2
??Oh Yeah! Now Eat My Knee 6x6 by DymoDownload5.4
??Rural Landscape at Night by PeckhamdatacenterDownload7.0
??Love c64 by TheRealWandererDownload6.6
??Tramiel of Borg by MolochDownload8.4
??TinyInvaders (3x3) by CreepDownload5.6
??szemetes, vagy túlsúlyos szellem by dalezyDownload7.6
??Cola Wave by ComShaDownload7.4
??No One Beats by MdZDownload5.9
??2001: A Space Odyssey by SokratekkDownload4.3
??A Momentary Collapse of Reason by Worrior1Download8.1
??Enter the Black Ninja by DaveDownload7.3
??Good Connection by Dr. LoolDownload6.1
??Tardis by ConjurorDownload6.6
??Flying Saucer (2x2) by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload8.1
??DepGuy PETSCII by MMS+4Download7.8
??Keyhole IIDownload8.3
??Johnny 5 (7x8) by ukaDownload8.8
??Invisible Bruce by RudiDownload7.4
??Grumpy Hamster by ViljanDownload7.1
??The Force Is Strong with This One by Worrior1Download8.1
??In the Corner, or on Paper? by TristanDownload6.8
??Present PETSCII by MMS+4Download7.5
??Coin of Lestat de Lioncourt by RudiDownload7.0
??Bill by SpandexDownload6.3
??Memorial Forest by TheRealWandererDownload7.4
??Monkey Business by MagicDownload6.0
??Aztec Challenge Gauntlet by DaveDownload6.4
??Hold my... by MMS+4/LauDownload6.0
??Monkey Games 2020 by CoaXCableDownload6.1
??Christian Devil by DonEpifanioDownload6.0
??Ludwig by GoerpDownload7.5
??Lunatic Patrol by SokratekkDownload7.5
??Hogwarths by LauDownload6.3
??Arise Design by WacekDownload7.5
??Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog (1818) by fieserWolfDownload8.0
??C-BEE-M 8032 8x8 by wbocharDownload7.6
??Plumber by NarkyDownload6.9
??Fire! by WertstahlDownload7.7
??To the Moon by GoatDownload7.7
??Fujiscii by hedningDownload8.0
??Asymetric by Dr. LoolDownload7.1
??Charging by RudiDownload7.4
??Look at My Big Eyes by Dr. LoolDownload7.9
??Void by RudiDownload8.1
??Magic Square by PajdaDownload5.2
??Once a Beginner by RudiDownload6.8
??It's a Lie! by HammerfistDownload7.5
??Tard(ish) by ChancerDownload7.6
??Q*bert: Level 0 by RudiDownload7.0
??Grumpy... by ZeldinDownload7.4
??Elite PETSCII by ZzarkoDownload6.3
??GG! by TristanDownload8.3
??Tiny PETSCII PET by PeckhamdatacenterDownload7.4
??The Mechanical Love Machine by Wile CoyoteDownload8.3
??Year of the Rat by OblvdataDownload6.3
??Dog Bone by RudiDownload6.5
??Andrew, not Michael by SevenDownload8.5
??Cranium by Almighty GodDownload7.5
??Sleepin' Blue Seagull by BrittleDownload7.3
??PETSCII Coka Logo by LogikerDownload7.2
??Evil_i by WertstahlDownload7.1
??enfisk by aprikosDownload7.3
??One Word Review Man by Wile CoyoteDownload7.3
??Road RunnerDownload8.1
??8x8 Black&White PETSCII by XTRODownload6.7
??enlyftkran by aprikosDownload7.4
??MSL Logo by JoeDownload8.5
??Really Dangerous Killer Robot from Outer Space! by BokanoiDDownload7.7
??A Petite 4 Calamari by wbocharDownload7.3
??PETSCÏÏhead by SevenDownload8.4
??TURDlife by PalDownload7.9
??Woooah!!! by TalfarlowDownload8.4
??Labyrinth in Swedish Newspaper by PalDownload5.9
??Night Storm by DaveDownload6.0
??Urusokidogi by Almighty GodDownload7.4
??Happy Guy by JoeDownload6.3
??Tank Icon by MCHDownload5.9
??Snail Mail by Dr. LoolDownload8.0
??Kürbinatus by IpokDownload6.4
??RU Sara? by wbocharDownload7.4
??A Dream of Fish by 100bitDownload6.3
??Song to the Siren (8x8) by ToggleDownload7.9
??Who Framed Purple Tentacle by 8R0TK4$T3NDownload7.9
??Tiny Flower by JoeDownload8.0
??Puppy by RudiDownload7.2
??Booze N' Pills by RudiDownload8.7

Productions released outside compos :
8x8 Compilation (Graphics)
Ace of Spades by Latex (Graphics)
But I Wanted to Code by Genesis Project (One-File Demo)
Copyright Violation by Arkanix Labs (Graphics)
I Spy with My Ninja Eye - Full Colour (Graphics)
Mondriaan (Graphics)
Nano Skull N Bones 1x2 by Saufbox (Graphics)
Overweight Iranian Forest Goats Are Usually Not Awakened by Unexploded Ordnance After 2AM (Graphics)
PetsciiFlii (Graphics)
Plumber in Action (10x8) by Samar Productions/MultiStyle Labs/EXclusive ON (Graphics)
Rudi's Best of Tiny PETSCII Compilation (Graphics)
Tiny Intro (9x8) (Graphics)
Tiny PETSCII C64 (Graphics)

Attendants : (20)
100bit, 8R0TK4$T3N, aNdy, Brittle, Båtsman, CoaXCable, Creep, Exocet, Goat, Hammerfist, Jammer, Logiker, ManuJump, Narky, Pajda, Smasher, Snabel, w0rm, Zeldin, Zyron

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 18 January 2020
Vote freely, not per group but per art.

User Comment
Submitted by ZeSmasher on 12 January 2020
@pitcher: this is no EULA, where you have to scroll down thousands of text lines and at the end click on "I agree" without reading anything. this is a compo where the 1st and 2nd goal was to have some fun (goal reached 100% for me). so the organizer wrote down a couple of basic rules, which where easy to "circumnavigate" (border color Y/N, signature Y/N, etc), but who cares?

User Comment
Submitted by Pitcher on 12 January 2020
It also seems many think adding a tag up the corner of the screen is within the rules.

That is obviously over the 8x8 max rule ?

User Comment
Submitted by Mr. Mouse on 9 January 2020
This compo should probably be closed already. Lesson learned: next time only allow one day of entries. :D It seems anyone thinks they can do this and just spam entries, flooding CSDb with "releases" and as said before, in my humble opinion it does injustice to the quality PETSCII entries. Not to mention other types of releases on CSDb, because CSDb can't really handle this. Personally, I am not even checking the PETSCII entries anymore. ;-)
Also, this will certainly boost the CSDB stats of releases for 2020......Perhaps record breaking, but I will have to correct for the PETSCII compo and subtract those from the total, probably. :P

User Comment
Submitted by buzz_clik on 9 January 2020
As much as I LOVE this compo, it's probably just as well the submission period has been shortened: Trying to think up and create these bite-sized designs is so fun that it's slowed my regular productivity to a crawl! :D

User Comment
Submitted by ZeSmasher on 7 January 2020
great decision ZeTom, thanks! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Snake Petsken on 7 January 2020
Please don't end this compo right now, leave a couple of days more :)
I'd like to add an entry or two.

Edit: I have seen the new deadline, thanks

User Comment
Submitted by TheTom on 7 January 2020
@ZeSmasher @Krill I've made the compo shorter by 2 weeks. Initially I made it that long because I thought there won't be lots of interest in this new format. I also wanted it to end on 02.02.2020 because this date looks nice :D

User Comment
Submitted by ZeSmasher on 7 January 2020
Krill is right. Even if this compo is so damn funny it produces an huge amount of entries. 120 in 3-4 days, that will be more than a thousand in 1 month.
may I suggest, if others also agree and if it's doable, to make this event some 7-10 days shorter? you won anyway, this compo will be on the next Guinness book of records :)

User Comment
Submitted by Krill on 6 January 2020
Next time, if there will be one, please limit the compo duration to a week or two. The bar of creativity is just too low, and the flood of entries is swamping out the good stuff.

User Comment
Submitted by Rudi on 5 January 2020
@The Tom: Great, thanks

User Comment
Submitted by TheTom on 5 January 2020
@Rudi You can use "Discuss this event" on the right side. There is no limit of entries per person.

User Comment
Submitted by Rudi on 4 January 2020
Ehrm. "This thread has been censored." Im unable to ask questions about the compo. Well then, Ill just have to ask here. So how many entries is one allowed to participate per author? I want to make my fourth now.

User Comment
Submitted by TheTom on 3 January 2020
This is a very challenging online compo!


1) Images can't be bigger than 8x8 chars. Images can't be smaller than 2x2 chars

2) Images can only use 2 colors. One for background, one for all the chars.

3) Best works will be added as Stamps to Petscii editor "Petscii Cola":
Petscii Cola 0.5

4) Best works will also be released as C64 graphic collection.

Please use the forum thread for discussions:
Tiny Petscii Compo 2020
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