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2020-12-29 13:31

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 25
Your favourite cross assembler

Hi all,

I was wondering which cross assembler you use for C64 coding and started a
survey on this (see link below). I'm aware that there have been threads about
this in the past. Nevertheless I'd like to know what you use these days. New
assemblers appear (e.g. BadAss) and people might switch from one assembler to
the other.

So, here's the link to the survey:


I'm curious about your votes!

If your favourite assembler is not listed, please drop a note in this thread.
I will then add it to the list of options.

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2020-12-29 20:26

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 598
Still weird, the .import syntax. Why not simply use .import "file" [,offset [,count]] and get rid of the 'import type'? Seems confusing to me.
2020-12-29 20:37

Registered: Dec 2010
Posts: 8
I use x65 for everything but maybe you should just have an option for "My own cross assembler" so you don't get a lot of single vote entries?
2020-12-29 21:00

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 1737
Quoting Alta
I use x65 for everything but maybe you should just have an option for "My own cross assembler" so you don't get a lot of single vote entries?
Not public doesn't count. :)
2020-12-30 03:34

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 286
it's like everything .. it's objective and subjective. I have the same issue with vst music stuff, where there are 2+ versions of the same thing.

I use acme the odd time , as I don't fancy re-learning things for using a different 6502/6510 machines.

I'm annoyed you all don't use a stock machine and turbo assembler any more ;-)

find what suits you best, is the simple answer.. and complexity etc.
2020-12-30 09:04

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 1119
Turbo assembler? Nah, my first was pen and paper before entering decimal numbers into BASIC data statements. But that lasted less than six months and it's not something I'm remotely nostalgic about.
2020-12-30 18:12

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4660
"I'm annoyed you all don't use a stock machine and turbo assembler any more "

lol, thats me. Tho back in those days it needed like 6 months after we found Turbo Assembler, that I could get my ass and start coding in it, because I was used to Profi Ass :D
2020-12-30 18:31

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9711
In 1996 Graham used to mock me because i used a crossassembler (the turbo vision based one from some the dreams guy... dont remember how it was called) and not native turbo assembler like he did. Apparently if you didnt write everything from scratch again and again you were lame, and the peak of lame was reusing code and have include files and libraries.

good times with them oldfarts :=)
2020-12-30 19:19

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 198
looking at crossbows code, why use kickass and the like? :D
guess he was using SMON or his cartridge monitor :>
2020-12-30 20:03

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9711
SMON and Final Cartridge 3, indeed :)
2020-12-30 20:26

Registered: May 2004
Posts: 29
Hmmm, I started learning assembly on the VIC20 in 1986. I got my first assembler in september 1989. Before that I used to write code using data lines (so the text in Unboxed is not just a joke ;))

(We had a small meeting at THAs place in 2015 where I was challenged to do a standard scroller with colorcycle in datalines only - let's just say I won :))

I used to know the 36 bytes to set up a raster IRQ (using 0314/0315) by heart :) - and the first cartridge I got was my 1541 Ultimate II+...
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