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2020-12-29 13:31

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 25
Your favourite cross assembler

Hi all,

I was wondering which cross assembler you use for C64 coding and started a
survey on this (see link below). I'm aware that there have been threads about
this in the past. Nevertheless I'd like to know what you use these days. New
assemblers appear (e.g. BadAss) and people might switch from one assembler to
the other.

So, here's the link to the survey:


I'm curious about your votes!

If your favourite assembler is not listed, please drop a note in this thread.
I will then add it to the list of options.

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2020-12-30 20:30

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9711
the first cartridge I got was my 1541 Ultimate II+

2020-12-30 20:37

Registered: Dec 2004
Posts: 842
anyone remember PAL? thats the first assembler I used, but switched to kcs power cartridge monitor coding until turbo ass came along.

@walt, that truly is unfuckingbelievable
2020-12-30 20:39

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 198
Quoting Walt
Hmmm, I started learning assembly on the VIC20 in 1986. I got my first assembler in september 1989. Before that I used to write code using data lines (so the text in Unboxed is not just a joke ;))

(We had a small meeting at THAs place in 2015 where I was challenged to do a standard scroller with colorcycle in datalines only - let's just say I won :))

I used to know the 36 bytes to set up a raster IRQ (using 0314/0315) by heart :) - and the first cartridge I got was my 1541 Ultimate II+...

you are crazy. hahah =)
2020-12-30 20:39

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 25
Quote: I use x65 for everything but maybe you should just have an option for "My own cross assembler" so you don't get a lot of single vote entries?

Hm, maybe...

I added x65.
2020-12-30 20:40

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 25
Wow, so many of you have participated in the survey already. Great!
I'll leave it open until, say, 2021-01-15.
2020-12-30 21:30

Registered: Dec 2010
Posts: 8
@Krill: x65 is public! https://github.com/sakrac/x65
2020-12-30 21:46

Registered: May 2004
Posts: 29
Yeah, I am a bit crazy ;)

I also did modify Turbo Assembler 5.x to replace the write-to-disk routine with send-over-userport and then made a small (200 bytes?) receive program to run on another C64. Those who visited us at the Dexion X-Mas party in Odense in 1990 may have seen it in action ;)
2020-12-31 05:59
Martin Piper

Registered: Nov 2007
Posts: 417
I used to use pen and paper with an opcode table for initial small stuff. Then wrote my own assembler in BASIC. Shortly after that 6510+ assembler was released by Commodore Disk User magazine and I used that exclusively. Much later I started to use ACME.
2020-12-31 09:32

Registered: Jun 2002
Posts: 1789
And here I feel nostalgic about assembler bugs in CA65 back in 2005. 😂
2020-12-31 09:43

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1480
Real elite people type binary code straight into screen ram by typing petscii characters, while blindfolded of course, and with tied hands.
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