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2007-10-08 16:08

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4597

are sorters really so slow in games? :) I have made my unrolled version for my theoretical game (;), and it takes 132 rlines to sort 32 numbers o_O worst case is ~200 lines. tho when its the case of 4 numbers have to be swapped only it does the job in ~10 lines. wastes a lot of memory but I like it :)
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2020-04-08 16:45

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 364
@Oswald Yes, it handles all cases, always using the same amount of cycles.
2020-04-09 09:22
Rastah Bar

Registered: Oct 2012
Posts: 227
The costs per actor are lower for inline buckets. I was trying to figure out if it could be beneficial to combine the new radix sort and the inline bucket sort. F.e. one stage of radix sort followed by an inline bucket sort for each bucket of the first stage.
2020-04-11 14:04
Rastah Bar

Registered: Oct 2012
Posts: 227
<Original post deleted>
I thought I had found an improvement to inline buckets, but ChristopherJam already proposed that.
2020-04-14 06:23

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 1050
Ah, sorry about that :)

But also damn, I'd forgotten whether or not I'd already implemented what you wrote, and was looking forward to rummaging through my code to see if I could integrate it..

Interesting idea about combining radix with IBS - after all, a bucket sort is just a one digit radix sort (compared to the two digit radix sorts used elsewhere in this discussion)
2020-05-08 19:46

Registered: Dec 2014
Posts: 45
Here is my insertion sort, if of any interest. Takes about 800-1000 cycles for 20 actors/sprites under actual load in game.

I wont be the fastest in worst case, but under realistic game loads where you control the number of new actors per frame (i.e. start with a mostly sorted list) it is pretty fast and compact (w 32 actors I have not had it exceed 2000 cycles).

sprite_sorty    ldy sorted_indexz+1                     ; first iteration only compares element 0 & 1 in the table, so no loop needed
                lda object_yl,y          ; y position of object in position 1                         
                ldx sorted_indexz                       ; get pointer to the object in position 0
                cmp object_yl,x          ; compare y position of object 0 to y position of object 1 (stored in AR)
                bcs @second                             ; if Obj 1 > Obj 0 we are done                                        
                stx sorted_indexz+1                     ; otherwise swap them       
                sty sorted_indexz     
@second         ldx #2                                  ; get first position to be compared
@loop           stx current_pos                         ; position in index table we are finding the right place for  

                ldy sorted_indexz,x                     ; get pointer (offset) to current object to find the right place for
                sty current_index                       ; store current index number dynamically in code for later storage                
                lda object_yl,y          ; y position of current object into AR             
@in_right_place ldy sorted_indexz-1,x                   ; check if object is already in the right place ... saves time if list is already partially sorted 
                cmp object_yl,y          ; ... if it is we dont need to swap any positions but can move right on
                bcs @next_position                    
                sty sorted_indexz,x                      
@compare        ldy sorted_indexz-1,x                   ; get pointer to the object we are comparing current one with
                cmp object_yl,y          ; compare y position of this object to y position of current object (stored in AR)
                bcs @found_place                        ; is y of current object (in AR) >= y of compare object
                sty sorted_indexz,x                     ; move the compared to index one right in the table             
                dex                                     ; loop to check next position
                bne @compare
@found_place    lda current_index                       ; index to current object
                sta sorted_indexz,x                     ; store to the right of the one it is >= of

                ldx current_pos
@next_position  inx
                cpx #NUM_SPR_OBJ                        ; end of table (number of sprite objects)?
                bcc @loop
@end            rts

I have N bytes (number of actors) in zero page in terms of the sorted index table. If you also place the y-coordinates in zero page it is 2*N bytes. And the actual code is 61 bytes.
2020-05-09 09:11

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4597
ldy sorted_indexz+1
lda object_yl,y

why not use lda (),y for this ? you can do the indirection in one step: zp pointers are the sorted indexes, and Y points to Y coordinate attribute within virtual sprite data
2020-05-09 17:53

Registered: Dec 2014
Posts: 45
Good question @Oswald that sent me on a spin incl. considering if I would use (zp,x) instead. I had not really contemplated using the index as an index of 16 bit addresses, rather than a simple list of 8 bit numbers.

However unless I misunderstand you the resulting code including the swapping of indexes would become:
@loop           sty current_pos                         ; position in the index 
                lda (sorted_indexz),y                   ; y coordinate of object  
                ldx sorted_indexz,y                     ; object number/index 
                stx current_index
@in_right_place cmp (sorted_indexz-2),y                 ; compare to y coordinate of next object in index                      
                bcs @next_position
                ldx sorted_indexz-2,y                   ; move compared objects index to the right sorted index list  
                stx sorted_indexz,y
@compare        cmp (sorted_indexz-2),y                 
                bcs @found_place 
                ldx sorted_indexz-2,y
                stx sorted_indexz,y
                bne @compare 

@found_place    ldx current_index 
                stx sorted_indexz,y

@next_position  ldy current_pos
                cpy #2*NUM_SPR_OBJ
                bcc @loop  

which is actually a couple of cycle longer per iteration and the index will be twice as long in zp. Also when I later populate the sprite IRQ's I will have two dey's to iterate through the indexes (small extra cost, but still).

It might be worth noting that all my (virtual) sprite data sits in array's of similar properties. I.e. y1,y2,y3, ... x1,x2,x3, ... and not y1,x1 ... y2,x2. I access all values using the index of the object and not the index of the attribute.

I could have missed something. It is early on a Saturday and I have not had enough coffee yet :-)

PS: I did spot a possible optimization more that I will take a look at now.
2020-05-10 12:52

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4597
I mean to use that kind of indirection every time when you want to read Y coo.

so instead of

ldy sorted_virtual_sprite_pointers
lda ycoordinates,y
ldy sorted.....+1
cmp ycoordinsates,y

lda (sortedpointers),y
cmp (sortedpointers+2),y
2020-05-10 18:50

Registered: Dec 2014
Posts: 45
Yes that is what I did above. The load and cmp of y coordinates is faster, but the sorting of the indexes becomes slower. And with the double dey all in all the original implementation is faster (unless I missed something).
2020-05-11 11:13

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4597
I see, too bad
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