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2009-07-02 04:33
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Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2238
Converting to sprites

Ok, so i have run into a problem.. hehe

I have 52 bmp pics, which are each the size of 2x2 C64 sprites.

So there's room for them all in 1 VIC bank..
Now problem is to convert them..

I tried Gang-Ed, but it only imports bmp as hires/mcol bitmap/char, and blows up the small image to fullscreen!

So i saved all the frames as a koala pr pic.. hahaha

Now i am stuck with 52 koala pics, that need to be transformed into 4 sprites each, bwahaha..

This is really silly..

What i really need is:

1) convert the 48x48 pixel bmp to 4 colors
2) convert this to 4 sprites

Is there an editor, where i can load bmp/gif into a sprite editor ? they have correct size, just need to be fixed to 4 cols.. which i can do with a batchconvert in thumbs plus (reduce nr of colors)


Thanks for any help!
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2013-01-24 14:06

Registered: Dec 2004
Posts: 805
heh, gimme a few days to write the tutorial guys, but here are the simple most important rules:

KA=-jar src/lib/KickAss-3.25.jar
KAFLAGS=-showmem -aom -symbolfile -afo -time
EXOFAST=-m 4096 -p 1
EXOFLAGS=level -c -q $(EXOFAST)
EXOSFXFLAGS=sfx 0x1000 -n -q -D i_line_number=2013 $(EXOFAST)

%.prg: %.s
        $(JAVA) $(KA) $(KAFLAGS) $< -o $@

%.prg.exo: %.prg
        $(EXO) $(EXOFLAGS) $< -o $@

%.sfx.exo: %.prg
        $(EXO) $(EXOSFXFLAGS) $< -o $@

and now you can just put bla.s in the same dir and type

make bla.prg

make bla.prg.exo

selfextracting packed:
make bla.sfx.exo

2013-01-24 14:25

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4539
Quote: Agree with Oswald. I'm using Ant and Maven enough at work to get my need for boring configuration crap covered. When coding c64 I just want it to be fun and about hacking the c64. Will probably try out make someday though.

edit: wanted to quote this:

"not using make because it is "scary" or "hard" is pretty much like using basic over assembly because asm is "scary" and "hard". it boils down to "i am to lazy to learn it so i will pretend i dont need it"."

basically that's me :)

I've been still using profi assembler when friends already had tass, and been coding on c64 when emulators were already good enough, and been coding in emulators when I should have been cross asming :) Now I'm here crossing (but denying to use anything more advanced than 64tass:), and promise I'll use 'make' too when I'll need to link again, but I really hate jumping through the firey loops of all the syntax shit whenever it comes to a new language/scripting/make whatever. It always takes a lot of time swearing and frustration. I hate that shit. :)
2013-01-24 14:27

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9168
gimme a few days to write the tutorial guys, but here are the simple most important rules:

hihi. this kind of "example" is what scares people away from makefiles IMHO (it was like that for me, that much i know =)). ie, dont start with something that uses tons of features at once, you dont need variables or implicit rules to get it going =) once you understand the very basic principle

target: ingredience

...you can go from that and write more complicated stuff (your example will already give people a headache in cases of "i want to compile this source with different KAFLAGS")

copypasting someone elses makefile "that contains the important rules" without understanding it completely is about as bad as copypasting a kickass macro for sprite conversion without knowing exactly what it does - imho :)
2013-01-24 14:29

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9168
"basically that's me :)"
you know what? EVERYONE knows that, since ninjas talk =D
2013-01-24 14:40

Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 123
That so 1990 to use make or ant :) I have my own build system that works like a charm. Only supported on Windows tho but i'm totally stuck to this platform :) Basically it's a visual basic script (where the wm is available on all windows os's since 1995) and is alot more powerfult hen batch files.

I can simply define dependencies like this

addSourceFile "Source/Fx/Staircase/Staircase.s", "Source/DemoSystem.s, Source/SomeStuff.s", "10.FAIRLIGHT", -1

I can add any file with dependancies to anything, like out of date.

It compiles/links and builds disk image(s) and outputs hashtables of all sectors/tracks so it can be used in lookupfunctions in kickasm. (useful when you actually use t/s for laoding).

It uses a 2 pass build so any changes can be detected in the second pass aswell.

The idea is that if i want something to build differently i can easily just script it, instead of relying on how ANT/Makefiles treat dependancies.

But i do agree, a make system is never bad :)

2013-01-24 18:58

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 638
Declarative build systems have their definite drawbacks, yes - I can't even begin to count all the ugly hacks I've had to do when using Ant and Make and their completely dependency based flow. Ultimately I think Make in particular works very well for C64 development though, especially when coupled with a Unix-y toolchain such as cc65.

If you're into fancy-schmancy modern build systems do have a look at Gradle, CMake and Maven apart from Ant; you might find one of them more to your liking.
2013-01-24 19:28

Registered: Dec 2004
Posts: 805
Quoting Groepaz
gimme a few days to write the tutorial guys, but here are the simple most important rules:

hihi. this kind of "example" is what scares people away from makefiles IMHO

Yea, sorry about that, but I wanted to counter the super scary and complicated Makefile Frantic posted ;)

Quoting Groepaz

target: ingredience

and thats what it is exactly. but, like I said, I'll write a tutorial.
weekend just started, so it should be done before monday ;)
2013-01-24 20:58

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 1408
Well.. hehe.. The point with posting my makefile wasn't to serve as an introductory example really, as I did in fact write. That was what Burglar was supposed to come up with. :)

Sorry to scare you guys. Didn't know you were such tame lamers. ;)
2013-01-25 10:05

Registered: Oct 2002
Posts: 445
This adds well to what Frantic said :-P

2013-01-25 21:27

Registered: Aug 2009
Posts: 58
Burglar made a new forum thread with makefiles etc in mind. So, please close discussion about that in this converting to sprite thread. :)

Cheers all, and again thnx for all inputs! been splendid reading
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