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Forums > CSDb Entries > Event id #2643 : Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017
2017-10-15 17:21

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 306
Event id #2643 : Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017

question for the organizers:
in wild petscii compo you say it's allowed to use ECM. but with ECM only the first 64 chars are useable, so basically only letters and numbers. that sux.
so is it possible to pick up any chars you like from the CBM font and copy them into a new charset in the first 64 positions? or that's against all the rules on Earth?
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2017-12-01 21:15

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 527
November's got only 30 days? /o\ That's not enough!

Just kidding, sorry for delay, some more testing of top results show, then it's gonna be released, i.e. tonight if real hw testing does not show surprises

EDIT The waiting has come to an end...
Plain PETSCII Compo 2017 Results Slide Show

Congratulations also to WiLD winner Cruzer and thx to all competitors, voters, Jazzcat, fieserwolf, marq, my mum, my wife, my daughter...

PS: The lottery among voters having filled out all completely is not forgotten, moreover, I'm planning to ship some prizes to top 3 in both categories (as Mermaid won twice and I don't wanna give myself a prize, that's Mermaid, Wile Coyote and the USER in plain compo and Cruzer, Lobo and Dr. TerrorZ in WiLD, these guys please send me your addresses so I can send prizes hopefully this year)
2017-12-02 07:33

Registered: Sep 2011
Posts: 28
Thanks once more for your efforts!
2017-12-03 16:51

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 272
nice, but sadly I notice some up / down voting purposely going on.

pity a few folk aren't as creative elsewhere.. or maybe they went into politics ;-)
2017-12-03 18:03

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8851
ah the annual voting drama :)
2017-12-03 20:00

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 272
I just don't like the motives behind some of the voting, thats all.. much like some parties where you think a weaker entry got a higher score because of beer goggles or something. it's not a new thing, had it years ago with hektic, and folks claiming a #1 and suppressing the version we did, yet begging for the original themselves..lol
2017-12-03 22:00

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4293
I agree, the results are pretty mixed. Results looks like party voting.
2017-12-04 15:04

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 169
I tripple checked the results / votings file. Didn't find any chancer or Oswald in the list of people who voted. I guess you both must have used another handle then or my eyes are playing tricks on me?

Anyway: if you really want to have an in-depth discussion why someone voted what, it'd be easier if you just point it out directly. Shouldn't be that much of a problem with public votes.
2017-12-05 14:11

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 527
I don't really see what's dramatic. If we only take public CSDb votes, I agree, there's a very different outcome, but not even all entries GOT 5 public votes. And if we look at CSDb votes (all voters) we currently find the same 5 entries in top 5 than in the final results - only with 3 and 4 changed.

Of course the no. of votes wasn't very high, and BECAUSE of the low figure of votes, every single vote had a lot of weight. But spider's got a point, not voting and then frowning about votes, is... a little like... errrhm... like staying in bed on election day and then complain about BrExit/government.

Maybe next time there'll be a totally different way of voting or I just take CSDb votes like many standalone competition do and which will result in drama, anyway? *shrug*
2017-12-05 15:35

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
I for one appreciate the voting system. It's fun to review the entries on real hardware and spend a little time on making a fair judgement. I'd rather have a few sincere votes based on what the entries are supposed to look like, than a bunch of sloppy CSDb ratings based on screenshots. Well, I exaggerate, but you get the point.

That being said, there are a couple of areas where the voting engine could be improved. First of all, it would be nice if the votings-file could be loaded at startup if it exists. That way, you can go back and review your votes the next day, for instance.

Second, it should be possible to create/edit your personal top 5 from within the program.

Third, the names of the entries should be shown in the program. Currently only numbers are used, and this is annoying and a potential source of errors.

Fourth, and this is icing on the cake, how about thumbnails? It would be great in order to review one's votes without having to reload all the files. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a very simple black-or-white affair with one pixel per char, batch-converted from the entries.

But overall I'm very happy that there is a native voting system at all. Good job!
2017-12-05 17:42

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8851
there should also be an option to randomize the votes
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