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Forums > CSDb Entries > Release id #161259 : Superfluid V0.5
2018-01-05 16:27

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168
Release id #161259 : Superfluid V0.5

I tried to make a freeze function with a little less stack corruption than usual for this but it seems it didn't work well on 1541u2. Thanks to insane for reporting this!

In the original (old) freezer implementation I more or less acknowledge the freeze immediately to allow switching in cart ram. This way timing critical stuff can be preserved directly to cart ram instead of pushing it to stack. This works _sometimes_ on 1541u2.

In the revised implementation (0.5) I do the regular, push to stack, then wait ~250 ms, then ack freeze. This works fairly reliably on 1541u2.

I guess the problem arises from some double trigging of the NMI but I'm not 100% sure. Looking at the 1541u2 source there doesn't seem to be any debouncing of the button in the FPGA at least. The specification for RR/NR states that the freeze button is digitally debounced so I was hoping that would be the same in all implementations.

I don't have an actual RR or NR to test on but I did build one 0.5 variant with the original freezer and was hoping someone would be willing to test both that and the original one on RR and/or NR. Any takers?

original (old): superfluid-0.5x.zip
revised (current): Superfluid V0.5
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2018-01-07 13:00

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168
Quote: its just a variant of the action replay really, there is no need for an extra crt type. just add the extra mode to the emulation, its fully backwards compatible. (chameleon has had support for a while, 1541u is the only one that does not =P)

that said, there is a crt type for nordic power/atomic power already. this is what you want to use.

Sure, but Atomic Power emulation in vice doesn't accept 64Kb carts. I was contemplating using the Nordic Replay modes to improve freezing and the Retro Replay isn't compatible with that so any cart image would break unless you manually select that option.

Anyway, still hoping for some help on testing the images above. Would be appreciated!
2018-01-07 13:25

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8608
(lets keep the discussion regarding crt files on sf... :))

i have to dig up my NR. its... somewhere. perhaps. :=)
2018-01-07 13:36

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168
Would be super! If it works on RR/NR, maybe I can convince Gideon to add debouncing in 1541u2 and friends. :)
2018-01-07 13:45

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8608
i'm actually seriously worried about that there is no debouncing... there is no reason for not doing it, always, and on all buttons.
2018-01-07 14:37

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168
I couldn't find it in the VHDL implementation but it's quite a few hierarchies to go through so I may have missed it. There may be debouncing outside the FPGA too.
2018-01-08 20:44
Mr Ammo

Registered: Oct 2002
Posts: 115
Quote: Would be super! If it works on RR/NR, maybe I can convince Gideon to add debouncing in 1541u2 and friends. :)

I have flashed it on a retro replay (revised revision october 2004). The current version that is. I can also flash the old version to it.

Any specifics you would like me to test and you want to know?
2018-01-08 21:14

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168

I'd like to know if freezing and then unfreezing (X in the freeze monitor) is stable with the two versions (this needs to be repeated several times). On 0.5x it fails on 1541u2 most of the time. 0.5 works. The theory is that both 0.5 and 0.5x work on RR.

It should be sufficient to freeze the ready prompt but you could try something else. Note that some timer aspects have known problems (TOD and CIA2 interrupts).
2018-01-11 08:37

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 242
I'm happy to report that 0.5 current works so far on both of my MMC Replay and RR (red board edition).
2018-01-11 19:30

Registered: Sep 2003
Posts: 1168
Great! Meanwhile I've gotten a mail stating both versions work on EasyFlash3 (CLPD Version 1.1.1). (thnx HTH!)
2018-01-11 20:05

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8608
on chameleon it freaks out in interesting ways, looks like in the reset screen (extended basic) it keeps resetting over and over. when i press run/stop i get the menu. kinda weird, what feature are you using there that no other existing RR rom uses? =) (v0.4 worked fine btw)
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