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2018-03-18 13:25

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
Event id #2678 : The 128b font compo

Welcome to the 128b font compo!

The goal is to create the most legible, stylish, and/or awesome font using an executable program no larger than 128 bytes. The assumption is that the ROM font will be used as a basis somehow, although this is not a formal requirement.

The deadline is end of April 8, 2018, in a time zone of your choice.

The compo is held at CSDb, and the result is determined by the weighted average rating (including non-public votes). The ratings will be sampled one week after the deadline, end of April 15, in a time zone of my choice.

Judges are asked to consider screen codes 00-3f only. This comprises the uppercase letters, digits, and punctuation. The rules do not mandate that reverse-video characters work, so it is all right if the cursor doesn't work properly.

I reserve the right to modify the rules if there is a good reason.

Technical requirements

Maximum file size including load address is 128 bytes.

The program must load to the default location ($801), and must be executable with RUN. The new font should be installed at address $3800, after which the program should return to the BASIC prompt, with the VIC bank register ($d018) updated to point to the new font.

The entry should be uploaded in .prg format.

A person may be creatively involved in at most two (2) compo entries. (Idea/test/help credits don't count towards the limit.) It's alright to withdraw an earlier entry in order to submit a new one, up to the deadline.


The following template code is offered as a convenience, and may be used as a starting point. It simply copies the default ROM font.

        .word   $801

        .word   $80b,1
        .byt    $9e,"2061",0,0,0

        lda     #$33
        sta     1
        ldx     #0
        ldy     #2
        lda     $d000,x

        ; ...
        sta     $3800,x
        bne     loop

        inc     src+2
        inc     dest+2
        bne     loop

        lda     #$37
        sta     1
        lda     #$1e
        sta     $d018


Happy hacking!
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2018-04-07 21:07

Registered: Oct 2012
Posts: 10
lft, what do you mean on additional set up code? There is a max 128 bytes version that generates the charset only and a *_show.prg version that shows the chars on the screen as well.

I will reduce the number of my entries in time.

2018-04-07 21:24

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
Excellent about the number of entries. Just checking!

As for the disqualified entries, consider Gotcha 45° 2x2. Since this is a 128 byte compo, I will only consider the version without the shower. When I run this file, I get the following:

That's not really legible, is it? If you absolutely insist, I can include this font in the voting tool, but it will be showcased using text in the regular screen codes, so it will look more or less like the above screenshot.
2018-04-07 21:26

Registered: Oct 2012
Posts: 10
Yepp, that looks "good". :) I was hoping that the rules would change. I will revoke that one.
2018-04-09 10:27

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 498
About the fonts without executable code:
Of course it might be hacking fun to solve that riddle by oneself, but as there's a felt bunch of such releases meanwhile, pleeease: If you don't provide version switching on the font because of size issues, I'd really appreciate if you provide one version really executing code and setting I/O registers in addition and/or AT LEAST explain in production notes what to do to activate font (and maybe a screenshot not for the sake of voting but to see how it is supposed to look when executed).

A concerned font gourmet
2018-04-09 19:55

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 241
I somehow got stuck with the filename approach (though I know it automatically renders every release based on this "outside compo"). The latest installment of this "series" *aehem* is Tinyrulebreaker! [29 bytes] which was uploaded just a couple of minutes ago.

Now I'd really love to have this connected to the incredible font compo, but...

As I can't think of any time zone that is still before deadline I kindly ask you, lft, as the organizer to admit it as an outside compo-release!
2018-04-09 20:30

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
Copyfault: Sure, it can be an out-of-compo release.
2018-04-09 20:37

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
Thanks for all the great entries in the 128b font compo! A total of fifty-five (!) fonts have passed the strict rules of admission, and are ready for our collective scrutiny and judgement.

It is time to vote, using the official vote tool: 128b Font Compo 2018 Vote Tool

Voting is open to every person in the C64 scene. You don't need a CSDb account.

You are asked to rate each entry from bad (1) to good (9). Self-votes are allowed, and expected to be 9. You may choose to give blank votes (-), that do not get included in the average.

The deadline for voting is end of 15 April 2018, in a time zone of my choice (so this might be end of 14 April in your time zone).

Once your voting duties are over, don't forget to also admire the entries that were deliberately released outside the compo, or were deemed by yours truly to be bending the rules too much. Extraordinary workmanship can be found among those too!
2018-04-13 19:30

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 355
Just a friendly reminder that the deadline for voting in the font compo is end of Sunday 15 April, in a time zone of my choice. This could be as early as end of Saturday 14 April in your time zone, if you happen to be in Honolulu.

So far, 29 people have voted.
2018-04-13 22:39

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 344

Voted purely on looks.
2018-04-14 14:47

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 805
Done, fairly seat of the pants. I like the anonymity.

Apparently I only think I'm worth a 4 though, what's that all about? 😂
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