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2018-08-02 23:35

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1897
Release id #166930 : Yoomp!64 +3PD

Moved the discussion to the place for discussions. :)

User Comment
Submitted by hedning [PM] on 2 August 2018
Backup board is invoked if one of the main boards is down during the whole 24h. How would it make sense otherwise? If Reflections was down one hour 03 in the morning just when you tried to upload your crack, the rest of the groups wouldn't notice, and lose just because one board was down for some time during the 24h. 24h rule must mean 24h. If one board is gone for 24h, the backup board goes into effect. That is logical to me. Especially as the race isn't over until 24h have passed.

If two or three (our four?) boards all have hickups during the 24h you mean there are no boards to be counted? Your view of the rules does not make sense. I will count the boards and the releases after 24h have passed. That will show who won the race.

User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat [PM] on 2 August 2018
We were first on all boards and sites initially. During that time both Antidote and The Hidden were down, according to the rules, the backup site RapidFire is then invoked and we were first there (and Reflections) thus we were first on the majority of boards using the 24 hour rule. Regards. Note: you cannot re-invoke downed boards. When they are down, backup is in play.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning [PM] on 2 August 2018
Antidote and The Hidden were down for some time, but came up within the counted 24h when we tried to upload our crack, and we were able to be first on both. We also went with Reflections and the backup BBS Rapidfire, even if the latter is a bit redundant, as we already were first on 2 out of 3 counted boards within the counted 24h. Cheers!
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2018-08-07 00:27

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 143
"how things have worked in the scene"
.. is that publishers can have the final say?

"When a beta is used"
.. there will be a discernible difference between the two versions. Demonstrating a binary difference should never be enough.

What has the scene come to that we're negotiating with the publisher about where a release originating from .. and that someone working at that publisher is fighting over a "first release" tag for a game that they themselves have published..?

I saw that "Phantom of the Blasteroids" wasn't cracked by G*P, just to give an example, because .. well .. who would crack their own game? IMO, it looks lame.

Just my two cents .. I'll go back to coding now ;-)
2018-08-07 00:28
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2170
I have obtained the preview and final release and analyzed it a bit, compared them with ONS and GP releases. This was my live comment on chat @ #c-64. Some others commented, but i changed their handles to protect them, i'm posting private convos so they can't sue me. :D
[00:08] <iAN_CooG> main proof of gp using the preview (which is dated back 2018 january) is the sysline of the main prg =)
[00:08] <iAN_CooG> 160 SYS02062
[00:08] <iAN_CooG> instead of 10 SYS2061
[00:15] <iAN_CooG> and another thing the preview doesn't do is stopping restore by altering fffa/b vectors =)
[00:16] <iAN_CooG> easily testable on gp version
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> the preview does this useless 0314/5 redirection
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C512  A9 68     LDA #$68
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C514  8D 14 03  STA $0314
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C517  A9 C5     LDA #$C5
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C519  8D 15 03  STA $0315
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C51C  A5 01     LDA $01
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C51E  29 FC     AND #$FC
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C520  09 02     ORA #$02
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> C522  85 01     STA $01
[00:19] <iAN_CooG> removed from final
[00:20] <xx_yyyy> does it make the game different?
[00:20] <xx_yyyy> when you'd be playing the game?
[00:20] <iAN_CooG> i have not tested every single different bit, the point is that GP didn't use the final release build, but an early build
[00:21] <abcd> even if the game is near identical, technically it was the preview build
[00:21] <xx_yyyy> in the end the question is: "does this matter?"
[00:21] <iAN_CooG> to be fair, yes.
[00:21] <123> the knowledge of it will gnaw at your soul in the darkness of everlasting nights!
[00:21] <xx_yyyy> haha :)
[00:21] <iAN_CooG> gp released a preview, ons the final retail version
[00:21] <xx_yyyy> iAN_CooG - ok then!
[00:22] <iAN_CooG> i'm done with the analysis
[00:22] <iAN_CooG> deleting both and going on
2018-08-07 00:35

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1897
Quote: Well, how things have worked in the scene. When a beta is used, it is marked as preview. no more than that. a bit different to the commercial scene but it is the crack scene. anyway, discussed with several guys now and will mark gp version as a beta. ons version as final and first by several hours. cheers.

Do as you wish in VN, of course. Read the whole story in the next issue of the Propaganda List, all details revealed, delivered to you on time, 1st of October. As I am biased regarding this release I will let others judge the releases in question, of course. Cheers.
2018-08-07 01:02

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 318
Just my two cents .. I'll go back to coding now ;-)

wise decision! :)
Raistlin, I was one of your biggest fan back in the days as I always loved your coding skills. Today I'm so überhappy and I can't believe to see ya old bitch back in 2018 and even see you still have the magic touch! :)
But hey: you look a bit like Sly in demolition man, cryogenically frozen for a couple of decades. no offence dude, but I'm afraid for you the more you try to understand what today is meant with "cracking" the less you'll like it. so looping my comment: coding is wiser.
2018-08-07 01:22

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 464

A photo sent by your partner of a bread, a block of cheese, a pack of butter.. that's a preview

Standing in the kitchen, him/her giving you a block of cheese to taste, perhaps a slice of tomato.. that's a preview

Looking at the bill of the overpriced ingredients and having to listen for 2 hours on where he/she went shopping.. that is still a preview..

Standing in the kitchen patiently and grabbing the final result to scoff it down because you are hungry.. that is not a preview.. it's a damn sandwich.

The cellophane that should have gone around it does not make it a sandwich.
2018-08-07 01:44

Registered: Mar 2007
Posts: 143
Thanks Smasher, I think I will.

Times sure have changed... when the “publisher” of a game gets first-release status for cracking their own game, you just know that the shark has been well and truly jumped 8)

Anyway, i’m gonna go write a script to help me release 1000 different maze games in September so that I can crack them all myself and own the charts :-) .. people will think i’m a true crack god for cracking my own games :-)
2018-08-07 02:39
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2170
Tim: go to sleep, you're too drunk to post.
2018-08-07 10:29

Registered: Oct 2007
Posts: 23
Quoting Raistlin
Times sure have changed... when the “publisher” of a game gets first-release status for cracking their own game, ...

It also happened in the past. Examples may be Zuul, Cross It, Rubicon, Solitax by your very own groups. ;-P
2018-08-07 13:19

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1897
Quote: Quoting Raistlin
Times sure have changed... when the “publisher” of a game gets first-release status for cracking their own game, ...

It also happened in the past. Examples may be Zuul, Cross It, Rubicon, Solitax by your very own groups. ;-P

At least they tried to hide it back then. By a reason. The problem here is actually not the crackers. They do what they always do, even lame stuff. If anyone should be questioned it is the game companies that willingly leak the games they try to sell to specific cracking groups, without having the game coder accepting that.
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