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2021-01-17 22:33

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 832
Event id #3029 : BCC Party #15

Hey there party people!

Last year we were lucky to hold our event before everything had to be cancelled. This year it's not realistic to believe that a real party in late February is possible - which is really bad, as BCC misses partying with you realtime...

However, we've decided to do a one-day remote only party to keep BCC spirit alive.

Submit any C64 entries whatsoever via email to ryker[ÄT]freenet.de (=TheRyk, that would be me).
Please do executables or (in case of emergency!) contact me early if you need help with coding an executable.
Deadline for all remote (<-there are no others) entries is Friday 26th of Feb, 23:59:59 (<-Edit: 6 more hours) CET(<-! Edit, of course Summer Time in Feb makes not much sense in Europe, thanks to Larry/ROLE for reporting, CET!)
Why an evening before? Because we need time to sort and test the entries.
Please hit it or at least contact us before deadline if you have problems hitting it.
Musicians: Please specify 6581 / 8580 / Stereo etc., not only for music entries but also whatever demo entries have sound.

More info will follow soonish! Have some patience with us, we're not top-experienced in party-streaming, that's why we can't tell you much more at the moment. We can also not promise that this will be the best-working online event ever. Only thing we promise, we're working on it. :)

This announcement is mainly so you C64 demo scene gourmets and also competitors can save the date.

your BCC Orgas
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2021-02-23 13:41

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 832
I am happy to announce that we're allowed to use the Function Party Twitch Channel, thanks to Charlie's good contacts.


We hope that will be win-win for both in terms of range and attention.

Upcoming party orgas: Where are your graphics advertising your events? Please mail them to my email address.

Graphicians, musicians, coders: 3 1/2 more days, so it's not even too late to start something from scratch ;)

More info tomorrow or day after tomorrow,
Ryk speaking for all your BCC Orgas
2021-02-23 20:22

Registered: Feb 2018
Posts: 129
Woohoo! Should be a fun one!
2021-02-24 15:37
The Sarge

Registered: Aug 2002
Posts: 13
I might have something for da compo! :)
2021-02-24 18:25

Registered: Oct 2011
Posts: 35
Is there a rough timetable available? I need to make sure I am ready with some beers when stream starts :-)
2021-02-24 18:45

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 832
Miri: Thanks for officially Mibri-approving :)

Sarge: Would be an honor to have you!

Science: As announced, compos will start at prime time, i.e. 8pm CET. And the warm-drinking stream will probably start around some 3 or 4 hours earlier.

A somewhat more specific time table will be published tonight or tomorrow after our regular orga video powwow. Of course, depending on how many and how long entries will be sent last minute, true time table might vary.
2021-02-24 19:38

Registered: Feb 2019
Posts: 8
Could you try to stream on youtube at the same time? (cause twitch doesn't work most of the time with my internet...)
2021-02-24 19:56

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 832
See your problem, no promises but gonna talk about it at our orga meeting and tell you if that's possible.
2021-02-24 21:03

Registered: Nov 2003
Posts: 97
Some details for now:

Start at 16:00 (4 p.m. CET) on Big Blue Button: https://bbb.hu-berlin.de/b/mal-1rn-wct-jpr

There we can chat and talk and videochat (like with Zoom or Jitsi) with up to 200 people. You'll also get your personalized vote-key there!

One hour later we'll start the Twitch-Stream at 17:00 (5 p.m. CET) and get things going.

Cheers - Thunder.Bird
2021-02-24 22:46

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 832
Nothin of importance to add!

Science: Hope you can live with info "be half-drunk at 8pm" for some more time!
Remdy: Charlie wasn't attending powwow so hold the (on)line, your request's not forgotten!

2021-02-26 13:33

Registered: Sep 2014
Posts: 75
Any timetable soon-ish? Cheers~
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