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2021-05-11 18:21

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
Event id #3061 : Je suis #Follin music compo

a month without a compo is a month lost \o/

third edition of #JeSuis compo hits your screens and headphones this spring. it is the long promised, eagerly awaited #JeSuisFollin!
a legendary composer - doubled in fact, let's not forget about Tim's brother Geoff - with so distinct style both in composition and soundprogramming that it should be super easy to NAIL IT.

let's see: leads resembling guitar solos, spacy arpeggios two or more octaves wide, snares full of white noise, pulse wave with lightning fast width sweeps (or none at all!), 'real' flutes made of triangle wave, progressive rock / medieval music influences (also some classical, jazz and film score), a slight bit of Japanese game music vibe, chords with obligatory 7ths and often extra 9ths, chromatic mediant movements (Amaj9->Cmaj9 in Led Storm #7 for example), basslines as complementary voices...

you all know the routine. in case you don't or wish for a fuller scope, here's a handy playlist with Follin-infused SID tunes made throughout the years: http://deepsid.chordian.net/?file=/$Follin-inspired%20pieces
you may want to check his works for other platforms as well; for that is an abundant, delightful catalogue. https://www.wothke.ch/playmod has them all - just use the search function.
should you want to analyze our heroes' tunes byte by byte, frame by frame, https://sourceforge.net/projects/jsidplay2 and https://sourceforge.net/projects/c64-debugger give you that option.


the rules:
1. no covers (but SOME quotes from the mighty Follins allowed).
2. single file, runnable on a vanilla C64.
3. at least one minute of playtime.
4. does not have to be an exact soundalike of course - make it a modern version or a tongue-in-cheek pastiche if you like, SOME resemblance is obligatory though.
5. being an optimist sometimes: max two entries per composer.
6. how the results will be calculated i don't know yet, surely it won't be a plain csdb voting; i'm trying to reach Tim/Geoff themselves, so they could act as a jury (if anyone can help in this quest, please get in touch); but if that doesn't work out, i'm gonna think about some other independent jury panel - still, csdb votes will be taken into account as well.
7. no awards except immortal respect and fame (however if somebody's generous enough to fund a prize, i'm not at all against it).
8. members of the organizing group are allowed to participate, but in case of a draw they automatically lose ;)

enough words, time for sounds.
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2021-05-16 11:58

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 384
For some inspiration:

2021-05-16 17:45

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
Quote: For some inspiration:


oh man, that's really something! care to tell us more about this conversion?
2021-05-16 20:58

Registered: Nov 2003
Posts: 138
Quote: oh man, that's really something! care to tell us more about this conversion?

Some years ago, Mr.Sid released a collection of converted NES Songs (NESsivE ATtaCK).

In the comments, there was a suggestion for including Solstice in a future version. As I was familiar with Follin's music, I either tracked down the NSF rip from the NES, or I had the file lying around. Anyway, I decided to give it a try.

The emulator by Mr.Sid is complex enough, but (correct me if I'm wrong) AFAIR you only have to put in the jsr to the init and the jsr to the player code, and redirect some output to the emulator. As the original NES player code conflicted with the emulator-code, I had to manually relocate it to another memory location ($8000 -> $c000 I believe). I can't remember if I asked Mr. Sid for some help with the setup, but that may certainly have been the case.

Luckily, my relocation-job paid off, and the music sounds great on the SID.
2021-05-18 06:47

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
thanks Inge, both for the effort and the explanation :)

meanwhile, two more entries:
Forbidden Status Console Ignite
Dungeons & Dragons
2021-05-21 16:02

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
i'm glad to announce that
Megaman in Monsterland
Rockin and a Follin
Just Follin Around
joined the bunch
2021-05-21 17:52

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
correcshun: apparently Saul Cross decided to delete both his entries. well, schade, back to just four, hope this number will change soon :)
2021-05-21 17:55

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9913
Will be undeleted soon enough. Stay tuned (really!)
2021-06-08 12:42

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
(strategic bump post containing nothing)
2021-06-08 12:43

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
no really, this compo begs (along with yours truly) for more entries :|
2021-06-08 22:14

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 416
ask and you shall receive <3

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