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Forums > C64 Pixeling > Thoughts on turning charsets into modern fonts
2017-01-18 10:55
Lord Crucifier

Registered: Feb 2004
Posts: 33
Thoughts on turning charsets into modern fonts

What are your thoughts on an hypothetical automated conversion of C64 1x1 charsets to OTF, TTF or WOFF font files, released as an archive in a similar fashion to SOASC=?
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2017-01-24 10:44

Registered: Jul 2012
Posts: 254
Quoting Lord Crucifier
Are ripped charsets available on CSDb?

Not that i know but you can look here for example:

Font Creation Competition 2013
2017-01-25 23:30

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 470
I fail to see how converting 1x1 charsets to modern formats would be a good idea. Just look at some websites that use the original chargen (Slarti's is a good example).

On the other hand, collecting fonts *is* a good idea. like the link Oswald posted. which has few multicolor/bitmap fonts.

I suppose a proper database of fonts (1x1 - big) could be done. Personally I'm most interested in the 1x1 and 2x2 fonts of old demos, usually there are no credits for those, so that should prove quite a challenge.
2017-01-26 05:26

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 463
Useful for diskmag editing. I tried messing around with converting to bitmap fonts a year ago. I could never find good docs for .fon format used by Windows. All my attempts failed to work although I could manage to make .fnt files for Windows and manually load them in to my own code and Windows could draw them.
2017-01-27 10:17
Rastah Bar

Registered: Oct 2012
Posts: 179
2017-01-27 23:31

Registered: Mar 2005
Posts: 342
That font there "Alternate Reality Multi" (bottom middle column) looks like the font used in Hein's latest intro Warpzone. Just sayin' :)
2017-01-28 07:17

Registered: Apr 2004
Posts: 841
Kinda, yeh. But I used the ROM font, because no more memory.
2017-01-28 13:12

Registered: Apr 2003
Posts: 1846
Quoting Lord Crucifier
Are ripped charsets available on CSDb?

There are a few charset collections availble, partly ripped, partly self-made - e.g.

Phobos Fonts Disk
Charre Disk Nr 1
Devil's Fontcollection
Charset Collection 1
Charset Collection #1
AEG Char Collection
The First Commodore Character-Set Collection
Contribution 2 (+ The Magic Font's Collection)

Also many old noters/writers came with a collection of (usually ripped) charsets to choose from or to load from disk.
2017-01-30 13:44
Lord Crucifier

Registered: Feb 2004
Posts: 33
Compyx: Care to elaborate on why making them available as modern font files is a bad idea?

I supposed 1x1 charsets could be detected relatively easy from a memory dump, but 1x2, 2x1 etc. would be considerably harder as you'd have to detect and piece together two different parts of the memory.

But all in all I see that offering the original charset would be a welcome addition. Noted!
2017-01-30 18:06

Registered: Apr 2004
Posts: 841
Speaking of modern fonts, does anybody know of a version of a ttf of the ROM font that doesn't need a mapping? Meaning, screencodes instead of PETSCII.
2017-01-31 01:38

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 470
@Lord Crucifier:

My reasoning is that they won't upscale nicely, I've seen websites that use the standard chargen extensively (as the default text font), and that doesn't work well.

But I'm all for collecting all the old (and new) fonts; personally I'm curious who created some of the really classic 1x1 and 2x2 fonts. There's one I've used a lot before I did my own fonts, I'll try to find it and post here, maybe some graphic dude older than I knows something.
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