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Forums > C64 Pixeling > HCB - what is it and what can we do with it?
2008-10-30 10:11
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Registered: Jun 2006
Posts: 645
HCB - what is it and what can we do with it?

okay, so.. I was (and possibly others are) wondering what HCB is exactly? what are the possibilities and limitations of this new GFX mode? and where can I get an editor for it? :_)

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2008-11-03 12:21

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2391
As in, you update one half of the chars every 8 lines, and the other half 4 lines after the other half, if you get the drift. What exactly is unclear to you?
2008-11-03 21:58

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 450
@WVL: not exactly; I'm not planning to use 2 different displayers but rather a full_screen_d800_update in teh lower border. Ofcourse there are also only 7 x lda#col needed (not 8 as I wrote yesterday as the same trick like in the "normal" display rout applies)

@Krill: hmm, I do not really understand what you mean... HCB as it is now updates 40 chars every 4 rasterlines. It will surely be possible to only update 20 chars, but as soon as the new bl occurs the other 20 chars won't hold a new color. Maybe you're thinking about some interlace like stuff (toggling the gfx beginning by +/- 4 rasterlines every frame points into that direction;))
2008-11-04 05:09

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2391
No, i have to admit i had an error in reasoning... never mind :)
2008-11-04 08:43

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 868
Quote: Quote:

Maybe you can work around it if you have 2 different displayers, but I dont think so.. since the colors you write for the 2nd 'halfline' are now used for the first 'halfline'

But then you can at least toggle the start position +/- 4 scanlines each frame though, using a 2nd bitmap. Rastertime for fancy stuff again \o/

Yes, but that makes the picture 4 pixels smaller at the top, and 4 pixels at the bottom.. 8 pixels loss for 50% more rastertime free... (HOLD ON! maybe it's only 4 pixels loss if you make good use of the last bitmap lines.. since you only need bad-lines possible over 196 pixels of the picture, instead of 200 for fli -> you can move the picture 4 pixels down compared to a standard fli picture..)

So i guess you can do it with only 4 pixels loss at the top.
2008-11-04 09:01

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2391
Totally okay sacrifice.
2008-11-04 09:18

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 868
Quote: Totally okay sacrifice.

Dont forget you also need 2 bitmaps! and sadly, that means you also need 2 more screens.. because you cannot fit the 2 bitmaps+ 2 screens in the same vic bank.
2008-11-04 12:36

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2391
Oh noes /o\ But wth, easily deriveable from your original bitmap + screens, so only more runtime space.
2014-09-19 16:31

Registered: Aug 2004
Posts: 1225
Damn, I completely missed this discussion back when it occurred; just found it via http://www.atlantis-prophecy.org/recollection/?load=world_of_de..

I thought I invented HCB in 2013, and have been meaning to release a pic for the last year.

Apparently I was five years behind the curve lol*.

FWIW I got as far as grouping the STAs by colour, but didn't use SAX, so I still needed 16 LDAs per line. It still leaves enough cycles free to for a sprite overlay to cover the FLI bug in the lower halves of the chars in the first three columns.

I was doing 37 writes every four lines, so no time was required in the border.

*(my wife just corrected that to lolb - laugh out loud bitterly)
2014-09-19 18:37

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 421
HCB, I thought I would be famous forever as the only person in the world who managed to make not one but two(!) pictures in this format. ;)
2019-10-12 13:44

Registered: Mar 2005
Posts: 390
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