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2011-05-08 15:10

Registered: Feb 2005
Posts: 139
Double Screen Compo Voting

Okay - all entries are in and it is time for voting.

Take your time and check the pictures properly. If you like to check it on a C64, I'd recommend to turn off the volume, because music tends to alter atmosphere. Now here come the rules:


Deadline for voting is June 7th 2011 (know it is a long term but c64pixels-visitors are watching random)

Good luck to all contestants !

Looking Outward by Celtic, code by Zielok
Additional content according compo rules: Music
Format: MultiColor

Monroe 6569 by Diggr
Format: Charmode

Asteroidmine by Grass, code by Cruzer
Format: MultiColor

The Raven by Dane
Additional content according compo rules: Dark red and dark grey are laced
Format: MultiColor

CARGO by Twoflower, code by Cruzer
Additional content according compo rules: Music
Picture format: MultiColor, 4-colors, Colorscheme is matching Charmode

A Kind of Magic by Yazoo, code by Axis
Additional content according compo rules: Music, scrolltext (can be disabled by pressing spacebar)
Picture format: MultiColor
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2011-05-16 12:44
Account closed

Registered: Feb 2009
Posts: 6
I agree with Mermais in 120%.


This is a Double Screen Compo thread so let us consider this example. When Veto publish all works after first couple hours votes looks like:

First place Monroe 6569 by Digger 9.3 average votes and two digit "ten vote" - votes

Last place takes Asteroidmine by Grass with avg about 6

After Mermaid and JCB found orginal images and become clear so many pictures from this compo is only a convert or retouch convert votes "magically" turns upside down.
Now Monroe 6569 even after additional votes has only a one digit "ten vote" votes. And only 7.8

Why? - because some sceners cares.

New voters had in mind examples - gif-transitions from Mermaid, those who voted earlier - changes their votes, downvote.

Why? - because they cares. They appreciate the work of man, not computer programs.

As i see sceners are sometimes afraid to judge or highly vote realistic picture because they suspect that it might be a conversion. It hits at those graphicans who can draw.

So my suggestion (such as deviantart) create new category: photomanipluation graphicans for those designers who use the techniques of conversion, coping, retouch or raytracing.
Without this, without Mermaid and JCB work in this compo, results would be different. In that situation for sure Grass would take last place. Now when users know about conversions - Grass move up.Because when we throwing everything (converted, retouch google images, raytraced models) - and normal pixelart work into one is like compete in the marathon, but instead run from the beginning - join up to 2 miles before the finish line. Unfair.

I bet if Grass - instead painting - convert/retouch some google images - and no Mermaid and JCB actions - he takes much higher place.

Is this what we want? Conversions?
2011-05-16 13:05

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 270
actually Irwin, it was neither Mermaid nor JCB who started the ball rolling with "Raven".

why don't you ask them who found it in the first place?

I just don't like to jump the gun and "out" people before they have time to admit it. and i don't like "witchhunts".

2011-05-16 13:23

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 323
Quoting Saint STE'86

Quoting Saint STE'86
i do SO love to see these "outed"

Quoting Saint STE'86
Mermaid is a big fat meanie!

Ok, I might have made that last one up.

I did actually credit JCB for detective work when I posted the originals for each entry, as he's the guy I got them from.

Yours truly,

Mermaid Hopkins (Witchfinder General)
2011-05-16 13:30
Account closed

Registered: Feb 2009
Posts: 6
Doesn't matter who starts, who founds - could be even a Ghandi or Pope or Martians - important is why and what, read my post.
2011-05-16 13:38

Registered: Oct 2009
Posts: 43
"Repaints" have generally not been allowed in compos on parties since the mid-nineties at least.
This does not mean those can't be cool. He/she who hasn't "repainted" anything for the past 6 months should 'throw the first stone' :) (thinking of a certain Yuri Gagarin pic which imho might be the coolest pic this year so far...O:-)
2011-05-16 13:39

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 270
@Irwin yes and read MY post.

I was the one who initially found the raven source image and I would have posted it as soon as Dane had posted his first post on the thread and not acknowledged it.

but Veto had only just finished uploading the entries when Mermaid posted that pic.

quote me:
"I just don't like to jump the gun and "out" people before they have time to admit it. and i don't like "witchhunts"."

2011-05-16 13:48

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 323
"but Veto had only just finished uploading the entries when Mermaid posted that pic."

STE, all those entries were added to CSDb long before I posted the originals, there was plenty of time for the organisers or the authors to add the originals to production notes, so stop trying to make me look like a monster, please.
2011-05-16 13:57

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 270
I am not trying to paint you as a monster.

Veto was online updating those entries. i was watching him on the users list at the time. I don't think he was even aware that was a convert...

BUT Dane had NOT posted any comment on there and until he did i didnt intend to "out" him because he may not have even seen it.

"benefit of the doubt" and all that

Twoflower tho was fair game because he had posted.


2011-05-16 14:02

Registered: Jul 2003
Posts: 470
There is nothing wrong about wiring unless you are ok to handle these kind of topics. If you can't handle, pixel your own shit. It's that simple to me.
2011-05-16 14:18

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 323
"but Veto had only just finished uploading the entries when Mermaid posted that pic."

Actually those entries were added here 10-12 hours before I even saw the original pics via Pete.

As a famous graphics guy once said to me: "nicely timed after all the votes are in on it i would say. shouldnt refs be posted AT THE TIME of uploading?"
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