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2018-05-12 17:49

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96

I have made my own online SID player. It uses Jürgen Wothke's WebSid emulator and can also play digi tunes. You can browse all of HVSC #68 with it.

Check out my blog post for more information:

Direct link:
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2018-08-08 13:38

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96
By URL box, you mean the browser with folders and files? I'm a little wary about adding multiple clicks to SID rows. I like to keep clicking a row to opening a folder or playing a tune, and then only clicking stars apart from that. Remember, this also has to work on a mobile device.

Also, I think the "permalink" sits nicely in the top info box. It's where the title and author of the tune is displayed so it makes sense to have it there.
2018-08-08 16:14

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4290
no, I mean the web browser's box where you type in the url you want to go to. one copyes urls usually from there and not from within the web page.
2018-08-08 19:37

Registered: Mar 2005
Posts: 285
Like Oswald said, updating browser's address bar (window.location.href) with a deeplink without reloading the page would be superb! You can do it with history.pushState() AFAIR
2018-08-08 21:24

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96
Yes, I know how it's done. I'll add it to my ToDo.
2018-08-11 16:27

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96
The address line is now dynamically updated.
2018-08-11 16:32

Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 4290
hurray, thank you :)
2018-08-16 19:30

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96
DeepSID now uses the CSDb web service for a new CSDb tab.
2018-08-16 19:42

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 396
What is that supposed to do? When I play Chordian I get "QCF Music Ripp 24", while I'm pretty sure Chordian is older and most likely first used in a Bones demo or so.
2018-08-16 19:47

Registered: Aug 2008
Posts: 96
It shows a list of releases (using the "sid" type) or a page (using the "release" type).

While gathering ID numbers for the database, I had this idea that I would store the "sid" type and ID unless there's a dedicated "C64 Music" page, in which case I would store that instead. Showing music pages works well for newer releases where the composer himself made the entry, added a nice screenshot, there's a lot of user comments and maybe even achievements.

What I didn't quite count on was that older tunes would get links to "C64 Music" pages that are often just odd rips. ><

I'll see if I can do something about that later.
2018-08-16 19:53

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 396
Sorry about that, I just tested with "Old_Level_2.sid" by Link and that does indeed produce "The Larch III", the first demo I heard that song in.
So I misunderstood the CSDb web service.

Out of curiosity, which demo first used "Chordian", if any. I love that song :)
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