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2020-04-24 21:42

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
Sid Wizard, how to do ... some things.. ?

Hi there,
i wonder why here are nearly no Sid Wizard posts. (Because the User manual is so good ? )

little Intro + Story:
A bit bout myself maybe ? I did several demos from 1985 to 1988 because i love the C64 and the Sid Sound. However i never could get into Sid producing, was too weird for me. All these numbers. Its not that im not creative but sid trackers, editors are for .... yes the hardcore...
Im started doing Music in 1989 on the Amiga / ProTracker where using samples made much more sense to me than creating sid sounds.

However, Rob Hubbard, my master on Sid was always in my head.Love(d) his sounds (and arrangements of course) So i always wanted to make Sid music like him. Since 1995 i release Music (Vinyl etc) so 25 years now but i still didnt do one sid track yet. i looked at goattracker, but man i dont know, who shot the designer and its uglier than c64 trackers, maybe thats why Jason Page give it a makeover now, Hope it will be done soon. Also i prefer to do music on a real C64 to get that oldskool vibe and most likely to have a real Sid under the hood. Therefore i have two C64 on with 6581 and one C64 C with a 8580R5.

Love the Sound of Future Composer V1(Charles Deenen Player) for me
it sounds the best. To bad there still no MON Sid Editor anywhere which would may be easier than Future Composer.
Also FAME have their own Editor which no one has and same goes to Lord of Sonics. When i look at the DeepSid online player by JCH you can see Thomas Detert & Markus Schneider uses their LordsOfSonics / MS Player so most likely their own Editor by Markus Schneider. Would like to see these Trackers. I mean its not 1989 anymore, These Editor could go out to the masses i think, i mean what masses ? some hunderd c64 fans. There can be no harm done with releasing a good software.

However. I came around Sid Wizard, i thought ok enough documentation in the manual, should maybe finally work to make a tune. Read about the Midi, so i created a simple Midi track on my Sequencer and exported the midi (so that i dont need to do everything from scratch in a for me new editor) converted it to SWM and could load it into sidwizard. Well one CH only. When i want to import the other CHannels there comes the Probs:
SO let go over to Sid WIzard ;)

My Track has a PatternLength of 30. I also saved that in the config file.
However when i load in another song its back to 20 when i create a new pattern (in the orderlist) i just enter a number like 22 for example which is empty/unused and ? the pattern is back to 20 long not 30. WTF ?
IS that a bug and still not fixed ?
So how do i change the length manually ? I thought there had so be an easy way, something like press shift and return and add another row, like 21,22,23 etc until i have my desired length of 30 but no cant find anything in the user manual.So stuck.
Also copiing a pattern, or a track, is using Commodore +C (start point) and Shift + C the only way to copy a whole pattern/channel ?

I#m sure here will come more from me if i continue using sid wizard. Im creative and i want to make some sid music but these weird trackers man, they turn me - of a bit.

Ok guys.
I also wanted to give a shout out to Groepaz and Sidwave for being long time Sid and C64 Heroes and being really helpful in a lot of forums. Respect ! Ihr habt die dicksten Eier!! :D
Also to Jason Page for bringing out new Software like Rob Tracker and redoing GoatTracker GUI (+more) i really hope this ugly 286 like looking tracker will be usable some day. Some made some real nice tunes with that. New Bomba Track by Flex is really fat..

Thanks for reading a Virtual Book :)
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2020-04-25 12:52

Registered: Feb 2002
Posts: 14
Hi, this might be a bit offtopic. Actually I remember to have similar problems getting started with SID music editors.
After working with Fasttracker2 on PC for some time back then, ~15 years ago, I found that Odintracker (Odin Tracker 1.13) was coming close most regarding the userinterface and finally managed to get some results.
There is no midi support tough, so far I remember.

I'm wondering if there is some more modern editor with a similar userinterface.
2020-04-25 13:18

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
So i found it out myself. The easiest thought are sometimes the right ones.
Lets say the pattern is 20 and should be 30, so one can simply go to END (end of pattern, here it would be 20) and use SHIFT inst/del to move the end down and make the pattern longer, and just with inst del it will move up, and make the pattern shorter ;)

btw Spider-J. The 20 isnt safed in the song itself because there are no 20 pattern in my song. It was just when i use an empty pattern Sid Wizard will just MAKE it 20. So this is def. an error. I mean even with 30 used and 30 written to the prefs file.

@ map
cheers for the tip with odin tracker. There are so many editors outthere so its hard to find the right one. I just went for Sid Wizard because it was the newest, best documented, lots of examples and kinda still supported. Also there are great Tracks out there done with SD for example Kompositkrut's "Amazing Horse" and "mid of ages"
I wish i could do something like he did, sooner or later. So i wanna give Sid Wizard a try.


Next question
When the tune is over with -F it goes back to 00 and start the song from the beginning. So what if i want to start at 03 instead of 00. How can one manage to do that ?? (besides rearranging the whole Orderlist)

Im sure there will be more to come from me ;)
Thanks so far guys.
2020-04-25 14:36

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 210
btw Spider-J. The 20 isnt safed in the song itself because there are no 20 pattern in my song. It was just when i use an empty pattern Sid Wizard will just MAKE it 20. So this is def. an error. I mean even with 30 used and 30 written to the prefs file.

Mh. That is weird. I can not reproduce this behaviour here.

I just checked this with a song which had patternlength 40 saved:

When I started up SW it says 20 and every new pattern is 20 as usual.
Then I load the song and the entry in menu switches to 40 and every new pattern is 40 then.
2020-04-25 15:29

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
Weird indeed J.
However, i found the fix as i wrote before.
also found the how to jump to a specific part instead of 00 after -F. Just enter a number after -F for example 03 and its jumps to 03 when the song is done. Good find, myself :D

Here some other Q i have:
YOu start the song with F1
it starts from the beginning (00).
With F2 ? its the same as F1 ?? Song starts from 00
WIth F3 you can start a pattern, F4 stops
HOW TF can i start a song from let say 10 and it continues ???
it cant be that i need to start from 00 all the time and use Left Attow to Fast Forward all the time or can it ??
2020-04-25 18:18

Registered: Oct 2017
Posts: 1
Press shift and space where you want to start the tune in the order list, this will then be highlghted and pressing f2 will play the tune from that position.
2020-04-26 05:14

Registered: Jul 2009
Posts: 262
GoatTracker GUI (+more) i really hope this ugly 286 like looking tracker will be usable some day

:D It's usable and well used within the c64 scene. how it looks has never been an issue for anyone, you just need to get good at goattracker! ;)

Thanks for reading a Virtual Book :) Cheers.

hah I've seen much larger walls of text! :)
2020-04-26 10:18

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
YES !!! Dam , thanks a lot man. Thats great. Imagine doing a tune and restarting every time from the beginning and using FF :D

@Adam, i looked at GT several time, i cant work with it. Aesthetical sid wizard is100% more pleasing. THe large pixel font let me think i do music in the 80s and i need some "optics" GT looks more boring than i dont know, its looks fucking boring. It doesnt even have a industrial technical look. THere are so many good graphicians out there and ... bla ok.
like i said i prefer having a read SID in my sequencer. Even if the emulation is good and people deliver good results with GT.
I dont know bout you guy but i remember positions etc based on colors, objects, etc. GT doesnt give me anything to orientate.

2020-04-28 02:38

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
SPEEEEED.. yep another Question ;)
I need to change the speed and i dont get it.
There are tables on Witchmasters Manual at the bottom of his manual which are very precise. Great Job he did, young Padawan..
However i dont get it as i said.

I want the tune in one speed. nothing special
So i chose 10 03 which is 188 bpm
10 04 is 250 bpm ? WTF ? No steps in between ?

So lets say i wanted to have 200bpm or 230 bpm, how would i do that ??
Not with the 10 Command i guess ??
any ideas ?
2020-05-03 12:21

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
btw the ones who helped me out, or the ones who are just curious, here is my first SID i was working on as i posted these Questions:
Song of Storms

Its based on Zelda - Ocarina of Time "Song of Storms aka Windmill Hut"
Take care Guys.
2020-05-12 18:07

Registered: Dec 2012
Posts: 17
Hi again guys,
i have another question.
How can i totally cut off a note ???

Mostly i use "Return" which is the rectangle bar but some notes just keep on playing. How can i "mute" them totally that they dont continue holding the Tone ???

Ok found the A0-AF Command by Accident ;)
Guess that solves it..
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