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2021-05-08 11:19

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
Converting SDI PRG to SID

Hi, I've finished an SDI tune, assembled it in s.sdi21-spd50 (it's an 8x speed tune). In the music player it plays as expected, but when converting it in Sidedit I can't get it to work. It sounds like a bunch of farts.

Tried everything for a couple of days, realC64, playSid, different start- + init adresses to no avail. All parameters are adjusted: flags, names etc.

I loaded an 6R6 multispeed to view the Sid data and it shows a TAX at 0fff. I tried running it through PRG2SID which places a TAX at 0fff, but this also didn't have any effect.

N.B. when converting a 1 speed song it works.

Does anyone have an idea what the solution is? There must be something I'm overlooking. Is the TAX preferable at 000f? is using PRG2SID the right way?

Thank you!
2021-05-08 11:49

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9913
for anything multispeed you'll need to code a little startup code that sets the cia timers accordingly, and then convert to a .sid that uses cia timer. there is no automatic way to doit.
2021-05-08 11:59

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
ok, sounds good. As I'm quite new to this and not a coder, is there anything you can point to? Would an assembly course be a good thing or would copy an pasting such a code from another SID be an option? Saw the coder of prg2sid talk about that, if I remember correctly.
2021-05-08 12:08
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2884
You can borrow code from another 8x SDI tune, for example
Filetype: PSID Offset: 0x7c
Init: $0fe5 Play: $0ff5
   TITLE: Sidastic
  AUTHOR: Glenn Rune Gallefoss
RELEASED: 1999 SHAPE/Blues Muz'
Filename: Sidastic.sid
Loading address: $0FE5

; this is the new init, sets CIA timers for ($4cc8/8)-1 cycles which is the time taken to trigger exactly 8 play calls in the same frame
0FE5  AA        TAX
0FE6  A9 98     LDA #$98
0FE8  8D 04 DC  STA $DC04
0FEB  A9 09     LDA #$09
0FED  8D 05 DC  STA $DC05
0FF0  8E F9 0F  STX $0FF9
0FF3  D0 0B     BNE $1000

; this is the new play address, it calls one time $1003 and 7 times $1009, then loops
0FF5  EE F9 0F  INC $0FF9
0FF8  A9 00     LDA #$00
0FFA  29 07     AND #$07
0FFC  F0 05     BEQ $1003

0FFE  D0 09     BNE $1009

; the actual tune code starts here
1000  4C 6A 20  JMP $206A

1003  4C D0 19  JMP $19D0

1006  4C CE 20  JMP $20CE

1009  AD D3 19  LDA $19D3
2021-05-08 12:14

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
Great, will give that a go!
2021-05-08 12:22
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2884
Also, remember to set the sid header speed field to 0x00000001 at offset 0x12, which means "subtune 1 play routine is called using CIA timers, instead of once per vertical blank"
00000000:  50 53 49 44-00 02 00 7C-00 00 0F E5-0F F5 00 01  PSID ☻ |  ☼Õ☼§ ☺
00000010:  00 01 00 00-00 01 53 69-64 61 73 74-69 63 00 00   ☺   ☺Sidastic
2021-05-08 13:02

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
ok thanks! will let know as soon as I've fixed it.
2021-05-10 12:18

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
Ok, so I've been flying around a lot but have not landed yet. I've downloaded Ultra-edit, read the Sid-file-format.txt and studied it with the Sidastic sid. (in the hex editor) Also I read Ripping for dummies on the HVSC site, there a couple of markers that are mentioned which relate to changes in the volume register. (cgkoty or aeinrw) I'll come back to that.

I tried to copy and paste the data in the editor from Sidastic and paste it in my file, Which didn't work. When I load it in Sidedit it doesn't look like something was added but messed up.

Also, When following the Sid-file-format.txt it says at a certain point "end of the header" (Offset 7d if I remember correctly) But in Sidastic there is a lot more information before the music data including the cgkoty code. (which my file doesn't contain)

So my questions would be:

1. Do I convert the prg to a sid file first in sidedit, or load the prg directly in Ultra-edit? and then load it in sidedit to save as a .sid?
2.Am I on the right track by trying to copy paste the data between files? and if so, until what exact location? Or is it only adjusting certain locations 1 by 1?
3. Also you mentioned setting the sid header speed field, but wouldn't that allready be the correct setting if I copied from Sidastic? This is a little bit confusing.
4. What things are done in sidedit and what things in Ultra-edit? The copying and pasting doesn't seem to work.
5. Do I have to use the padding in Sidedit to add extra code in front of the present code and then open it in Hex editor?

this is Sidastic

;0FE6 A9 98 LDA #$98
;0FE8 8D 04 DC STA $DC04
;0FEB A9 09 LDA #$09
;0FED 8D 05 DC STA $DC05
;0FF0 8E F9 0F STX $0FF9
;0FF3 D0 0B BNE $1000
;0FF5 EE F9 0F INC $0FF9
;0FF8 A9 00 LDA #$00
;0FFA 29 07 AND #$07
;0FFC F0 05 BEQ $1003
;0FFE D0 09 BNE $1009
;1000 4C 6A 20 JMP $206A
;1003 4C D0 19 JMP $19D0

My Sid after copy/paste (which is useless)

;4CE5 60 RTS
;4CE6 1A ***
;4CE7 4C 8C 13 JMP $138C
;4CEA 4C 17 1B JMP $1B17
;4CED 4C FC 10 JMP $10FC
;4CF0 2D 53 50 AND $5053
;4CF3 45 45 EOR $45
;4CF5 44 ***
;4CF6 50 4C BVC $4D44
;4CF8 41 59 EOR ($59,X)
;4CFA 45 52 EOR $52
;4CFC 20 56 32 JSR $3256
;4CFF 2E 31 20 ROL $2031
;4D02 42 ***
;4D03 59 20 47 EOR $4720,Y

Hope this all makes sense, as I said I'm not a coder. I hope I'm overcomplicating things and there is clear way to do it.

Thank you.
2021-05-10 13:02
iAN CooG

Registered: May 2002
Posts: 2884
ok you clearly have no clue where to even start, but don't worry, not everyone has coding experience.
Send the compiled SDI tune to me at hvsc@c64.org and I'll make a sid for you.
2021-05-10 13:56

Registered: May 2021
Posts: 6
thanks Ian, Sent!
2021-05-10 14:09

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9913
I srsly wonder why noone made a little tool for this yet :)
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