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2009-05-13 09:56

Registered: Apr 2009
Posts: 196
Vice or CCS64

Witch of them two programs do you use, if you want to play demos on you pc?
I have tried them both and the sound is more accurate in Vice than in CCS64.
Do you think the same?
Do Vice have another "sidgenerator" that the CCS64?

(And of couse, the real 64 is the best way to look at demos)

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2009-05-18 10:58

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 952
Quote: I remember I've read somewhere Vice's true drive emulation will keep its configuration based on the extension in the next version. so, if true drive emulation is on and you load a prg, true drive emulation may go off (if prg is configured like that) but when you load a d64 again, emulation setting will be on again unless you set it to off manually.

There are currently a couple of different branches being worked on, all promising. In particular:

* When autostarting, TDE is still enabled, and Warp mode is automatically switched on. Normal mode is automatically switched back after kernal loading is done.

* When starting a .PRG, the file is not mounted over the virtual drive (which is what disables TDE now), but the data is just DMA:d into ram.

Both work a lot better than the virtual devices that are automatically used for autostarting today.
2009-05-18 12:57

Registered: Jul 2003
Posts: 473
Nice approaches.

Automatic warp speed switching would be quite useful. I always do this manually and sometimes if I miss the execution point, I reload the program. If it is not too much to ask, I'd like to have auto warp mode switching on autostart optional.

See, Vice is the best ;)
2009-05-21 18:36
The Phantom

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 354
I've used Vice since v1.15. I find it mediocre at best, since it seems with each upgrade, you lose something else. There once was a time when I could have a couple "vice" windows open, work on a cset, test it where I needed it, etc. Can't do that anymore as the "vice" windows close when they want, forcing me to save far more often than I used to.

And don't move the "vice window" outside your desktop, that forces an error, and you lose everything.

I've tried other emulations, and RA forbid, I still like vice better than the others. I can attach my cart (snapshot v5) image and have it set up as I had my real c64. It's really user friendly, easy to use/learn and does what I need it to do as far as my demo coding (Phantazm was entirely coded using Vice)..

2009-05-21 19:03
Account closed

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9100
I'd like to have auto warp mode switching on autostart optional.

it will be, no worries =)

2009-05-21 19:12
Stainless Steel

Registered: Mar 2003
Posts: 961
I've been using vice (sometimes up to 5 instances at a time)in all different kinds of monitor configurations
and screenmodes under windows and linux for years. Never had a problem with it crashing on me nor closing itself (ok, fullscreen mode is a little bitchy).

What pisses me of though is that the windows version wont render on the secondary monitor, while the linux version will.

Also a "stretch to fit windowsize" would be cool (fuck aspect ratio, i want SDI all over the screen)

2009-05-21 19:27
Account closed

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 9100
the first is beeing addressed right now :) and the other should already work by enabling hardware scaling and then maximizing the window (in linux anyways, dont know about windows)
2009-07-07 16:07

Registered: Jun 2009
Posts: 228
I use VICE because it seems to be more accurate for me than CCSC64. It was a great tool to test my old SIDs and find the reason for occassional bugs.
2009-07-07 16:17

Registered: Dec 2002
Posts: 139
I tend to use VICE most of the time.

One thing I would like to see is a "recent files" option in the File menu.
2009-07-07 17:09

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 65
Quote: Witch of them two programs do you use, if you want to play demos on you pc?
I have tried them both and the sound is more accurate in Vice than in CCS64.
Do you think the same?
Do Vice have another "sidgenerator" that the CCS64?

(And of couse, the real 64 is the best way to look at demos)

Vice 2.1 uses sidplay-residfp which is in fact the best sound emulation of the SID 6581 available as open source.
In earlier versions it used the resid engine of sidplay2.

I dont know what CCS use, because it is closed source.
If you wanna know more about theory or to download, go to this homepage:

As an alternative there is a java version available ;-)

Searching for a SID player, that fits your needs?
2009-07-07 17:16

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 212
I tend to use VICE as well, and mostly because of its monitor. No doubt it's got its fair share of bugs and inconveniences, zeropage watchpoints still aren't enabled by default for one thing and the drivecode debugging is severely limited, and I'll be the first to admit that the interface itself is clumsy at best (thought you get used to it, I suppose.)
Nevertheless with a bug fix or two it's still light-years ahead of anything else, all thing considered.

Sure, I'll buy that data entry is easier in CCS/AR, but just the existence of symbolic labels in VICE to help figure out what address to actually change ought to make up for that five times over. Not to mention the other invaluable debugging features such as data breakpoints, backtracking and replays.
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