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2015-12-20 13:29

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 138
Project SIDFX (formerly known as SIDFIXER)

Sorry for spamming you all, but regarding the DUAL SID hardware module SIDFX:

I mailed all PRE-ORDER contacts tuesday and I still miss a reply from 33% of you... please check your spam folder/email if there is any mail from sidfx-preorder@kick-ass.dk (16th december)

Thanks in advance.

There will be a registration site up shortly... so if you didnt pre-order/registrate already, you can also just mail me directly on the sidfx-preorder@kick-ass.dk mail address.

Cheers and merry X-mas to everyone!
2015-12-20 13:37

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 2511
Any chance to get the rough estimates of price depending on number of ordered/produced units. over X - price1 over xx, price 2.. ?

Also is there any video showing how it would be installed and used on C64? That might help a lot to promote the project and get more orders. I will share that on c64.sk FB ( 2000 users (it won't get spread to all 2000, unless FB get's paid for post boost thoug ;-( but it's still worth try). Of course C64.sk and CSDB forums can also be used as channel, and maybe even 1541 ultimate group admins might be asked to help promote (around 900 users)

2015-12-20 14:32
Account closed

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 353
Maybe something has changed since X14, dunno.

2015-12-20 17:15

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 138
I am currently building the website.

It will contain the latest news (where we are in the process, features explained etc, progress with production etc.)

It will contain the latest specs for the product, I will take both pictures and try to do some videos of the product in action as I have a prototype of the final version in a breadbin here - with a 6581 and a 8580, so I can demonstrate the hotswap feature, that allows me to switch while the game is running. :-)

I expect to make a FAQ as I get a lot of the same questions.

Ofcause there will be a registration/preorder form too.

When we close the preorder periode spring next year, we will ask people to prepay and based on the amount of units, we have the final cost.

The problem is that euro has gone slightly up since 2013 and that has move the unit price from 70 to 80 euro. We had hoped for less.

If we can get the total batch much higher, like 300-400 sold items, the price pr. unit will lower - and that will be divided on all units ofcause.

So calculate your interest based on 80 euro per unit. I have already and I need two. One with a 6581 and 8580 and then one unit with 2x8580 for my stereo SIDs which are composed for 8580 - eg. Singularity


It's SOOOO awesome to be able to compose with 6 SID channels.
2015-12-20 18:36

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 138
As the initial costs pr. batch is "unrealistic high" we are aming for a "one shot only". So this production will - as it looks now - be a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME. No further batches as they will cost way too much with too few extra orders.

So rethink, please - lets get the best price for everyone. Do you want one? if you do, can you imagine you would want two within a year? then preorder 2 units from the start.

There is not going to be a second chance as production costs looks for each batch start.
2015-12-21 02:17

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8544
70 to 80 euro

including a second SID?
2015-12-21 08:44
Account closed

Registered: Jan 2004
Posts: 353
Quite expensive, indeed. But good luck with the orders!
2015-12-24 16:39

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 138
Project SIDFX, dual SID any model in any C64/SX/128


Preorder on sidfx-preorder@kick-ass.dk (and yes, I have received all your other mails, but I am not done replying, so dont worry if you already mailed me on that address)
2015-12-24 22:30

Registered: Aug 2010
Posts: 138
Quote: Quite expensive, indeed. But good luck with the orders!

no second SID as you can use this for any SID model combination you like.

But what you do get is a product that gives you as noiseless SID output as possible, hotswap between any two SID models you place in the sockets... and you can also use them for dual/stereo mode for 6 channels joy.

The unit also comes with solderfree connection to the machines mainboard, so everybody should be able connect the 3 clamps themself.

Same with the two hardware switches that enables you to hotswap modes.

Ofcause the unit has its own internal bootloader that checks CSC of current firmware.. it has a default stealth mode so no demo or game will see the unit. its only when you trigger the right addresses that it activates itself...

the unit also detects the installed SID models, it also gives you a configurable digi fix and you can choose from three memory mappings for the 2nd SID .... again jumperless configurations...

but yes, it was supposed to land around 70 euro but the start cost pr batch this small is rather high + the euro went up through the past three years...

but ofcause, just like the Cameleon and the Ultimate... or the Reloaded board... its a matter of need / comfort / deluxe feeling.

besides that, the protocol also enables software to swap the primary chip automatically if the SIDplayer or demo utilizes it.

its not build to be cheap, its build to be the deluxe model of all dual sid solutions.

I can fully understand if 80 euro is too much for some of you in here, but for party organizors this is a really cool tool for playing the right SID model.
2015-12-24 22:50

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 2511
I like it. Price doesn't matter. We are enthusiasts. The video shows that this piece is well thought out.
2015-12-26 02:05

Registered: Oct 2009
Posts: 34
C64 Reloaded compatible?
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