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2017-08-12 20:45

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
The House of Ghouls

Yeah, I'm fairly new to CSDB.
Browsing stuff taught me loads of new stuff C64 related and other things. BBS? Hell! Thought they were extinct!
Well, since people seem to enjoy crude or no graphics at all, I have another one ready: The House of Ghouls.
It's a text-based multiplayer game, a MUD. This is standing for Multi User Dungeon or Multi User Dimension, but I guess
that the majority of the Oldtimers reading know that already :p
It's a modified SMAUG-based MUD, features an AD&D-like monster-bashing setting sporting some 6000+ rooms.
Playerkilling is optional but well adopted. We don't pk anymore though. Since WoW started the Playerbase has dwindled rapidly :p
Don't fuck WoW though. This is a great game. But this here too! I'm playing constantly since 2003. Don't be surprised if I summon
a breadbox into your hands. Or a dildo. Or a small kobold. :)
And yo, nothing on the loose there, we need players...make it a hangout for CSDB-members! Great chatlounge too!
Wouldn't it be cool if the Hokutos battle the Hitmen? Fairlight hanging out in the safe room because Triad is abroad? :)
Our Dark Mistress, Ashlyn, recently passed away, so the only important Admin is Pain, an US kid (some 27 or so:)
Positions are vacant now. Ashlyn was Head of the Scions Clan. Now every position is free. 4 Clans, Scions (neutral),
Mediators (good), The Fallen (guess what) and Carnage (no comment at all:)
But they can assemble new Clans on the fly. Like F4CG Clan or something.

Do you have to kill rats to advance? Yeah, you have. Unless the whole Excess-Crew groups together, kills the City Watch at Level 1
and gains massive XP together. Lucky them!
The MUD sports complete random equipment which is read and put together from a huge LUA-list and a lucky finder may experience
either trash or a *BIG* magical buff. Optional is Quest Gear. Which you may exchange for your Quest Points. These are powerful
and the points are gained by simple "kill this" or "get that". Not muy points for that though. More you get by being the MobMaster:
Kill a specified mob and gain increasing glory. It's recorded in Highscore lists. Most greedy person, best MobMaster, the Quest-Champion,
most wicked PlayerKiller, etc.
Yeah, we have an Arena. So, if Groepaz wishes to show bugjam where the hammer hangs, fire away!
Fuck! This sounds like an advertisment, neh? Ah, ok. Just wanted to clarify some things. Nevertheless, pretty cool game, that!

telnet: mudthemudhost.net 6767

Windows users better download an appropriate client like MUSHClient or WinTin, because Windows Telnet sucks.
*IX users are going to be okay. But MUSHClient via Wine is *strongly* recommended for PK!
*Do NOT use PuTTy!* Fine for playing NetHack online, but sucks badly here.

Anyway, have fun!

2017-08-12 20:59

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 288
I cannot connect. ya sure about that hostname? damn, I wanted to create the "F4CG clan or something" :)
2017-08-12 21:03

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
I'm currently online. Should be ok!
Your router perhaps? You have to open that port.
2017-08-12 21:07

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
Argh! mud.themudhost.net 6767
Just a typo! BUT...grrrrr....
Fuck! Apologies to everyone out there! I'm such an idiot...
2017-08-13 00:29

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 345
+100 for weird post of the week.
2017-08-14 09:14

Registered: May 2015
Posts: 28
Interesting... :-) I'm immo/admin of one of best MUDs in Poland since 1998, still alive and still has players, it's called Cygnus Divison. Also based on SMAUG, but it is heavily modified and is fully in Polish language, so not for English speakers. I do not have much time to update the code anymore and most of admin work is done by young coders ;-) anyway, fun is still there ;-)
2017-08-16 14:27

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
Yay! Weird post of the week! :)
Got a bit carried away...p

Slajerek, I'd *love* to have a look at your MUD, but I don't
speak polish at all...And yes, know about the time issue, I'm
only part-time Immortal there now and pretty rarely online.
But as you mentionend, the fun is still there...
How did you solve the unicode problem on the server/client?
Or do you not use unicode?
2017-08-16 19:25

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 288
I discovered those telnet games at university. the first one was an italian game with a huge amount of players, almost all students were playing it day and night. year = 1992 I think, when no WWW browser existed (perhaps Mosaic? can't remember).
2017-08-17 19:39

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
I had my first advantage on AMP, a clone of the original MUD.
That was via Datex-P in Germany when no internet existed. We
hacked a password and played and played until it was shut down. The password, not
Datex-P. :p
Some '87 or '88 or so. Can't quite remember.
It was very crude. Just like the old text-adventures. With many players around.
MUD came from the Uni of Essex, that's the Richard Bartle MUD. AMP? No clue, but
England for sure.
Later came AberMUD by Alan Cox, today of Linux fame.

By the way, the original MUD still exists: By the name of
British Legends. Just google.

We had 30+ players on peak times. Nowadays people get in by 5 or 6, because they
learned about it somewhere, level to 50, think they've all seen about it and leave. Braak!

ZeSmasher: Just ask Pain to create the "F4CG Clan or something." :) It's a start.
Claim the realms :)
2017-09-01 23:47

Registered: Jul 2017
Posts: 25
Well, this thread isn't too popular. Yep.

But to make it clear again, it *could* serve as a hangout
for you guys. No need to chop ogres. Nah.
What I offer you here is a platform aside of the social media
to meet, greet and chill.
If you want chop ogres, sure.
But for anyone else, have a nice chat, public, clan, or
personal. And some else.

No, I don't gain anything. It's open source.

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