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2018-01-22 15:03
Heavy Stylus

Registered: Apr 2007
Posts: 60
Revive the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Game Compo for 2018?

Hello all, James from RGCD here :)

After vanishing from the scene for over a year, I've been thinking about reviving the 16KB cartridge game compo I used to hold on an annual basis.

RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2011
RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2012
RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013
RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2014
RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2015

However, not quite sure how to approach it this time around. I'd really appreciate any suggestions from you guys here.

* Should I even bother? With PTV/Forum64 and Reset already annual gamedev compos, is there room for another?

* Prizes? In the past I've worked with Gideon to buy Ultimate1541-II's at a discounted rate (as well as other people), but TBH I'm not sure if a prize is even a deciding factor for many people entering a compo like this (other than the 'free cart with your game on'). Should I simply try and raise the funds for a monetary prize (which doesn't seem very scene-like to me anyway)? Ask for donations? Get actual trophies made? Any ideas?

* Theme? In the past I've never enforced any sort of theme (other than the size limitation itself). Is it worth introducing a theme?

* Voting? Should I introduce some method of public voting system in addition to the judges? Maybe use the CSDB rating as a weighting alongside the judges scores?

* Any other suggestions...?
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2018-01-23 09:04

Registered: May 2004
Posts: 656
I agree :)
Yes, please do another one.
Keep the jury-approach with written opinions on each game.
I also agree: no huge prizes. Instead go for fame which a unique trophy would really represent here (does not have to be expensive at all).
Stay with 16KB, this is really a motivating factor and helps polishing a game in time.
Hm, just copy groepaz' points for me here.
2018-01-24 04:24

Registered: Oct 2014
Posts: 240

The other compos are like 'side-shows' to the 'main festival' they are nice, they add spice, but they are not 'Wacken open air'

I think most people who are at the level to be able to win said compo already have all the gizmos and gadgets. Cash is always nice though ;)

No Theme, this is the big one that gets all types which is what makes it interesting, themed compos limit the selection and creativity a bit.

Stick to judges, it stops it from becoming a Popularity Contest.

Maybe go for something unique, a 32K 128 compo. So we have more ROM, more RAM and 40/80 col choice, and see what we can extract and push the 128 to do. Now that there is an emulator that is "not too bad" for the 128 it shouldn't be too limiting. A new Challenge before all of us.
2018-01-24 09:31
Heavy Stylus

Registered: Apr 2007
Posts: 60
Hello all, thanks for all the positive replies. Here's an update:

Competition will remain 16kb cartridge format, and will launch after the reset 4kb compo ends. It will end after 6 months, as with the original event. I will endeavour to post more regular updates this time(!)

99% certain that I'll be teaming up with Psytronik as a joint compo host for this one to maximise publicity.

I've had some ideas for creating trophies. I think all the comments about prizes are fair. Maybe a nice few 'sponsored' items like suggested, a trophy and a cartridge is sufficient?

Judges/Public - still not decided here. I will certainly mix up the judges this year - involving a few people from magazines/fanzines and youtube rather than the 'same old faces'. As for 'public vote', I am toying with the idea of a 75% judge vote vs 25% public google form weighting. To avoid 'popularity contest' issues, the public 'vote sheet' will require every game to be ranked and an email address/identifier (and valid handle/forum name?). I suspect this will keep it more 'reasonable' than someone simply getting all their friends and family to vote them FTW.

However, not 100% convinced that involving the public is worthwhile. As we have seen in recent times in real-life... having the public vote on 'important issues' is not always wise. This is why we have 'experts' ;)

Finally, the 32kb/128 idea is interesting, but I never really considered expanding the compo outside of the original restriction. I think I would rather keep it 'vanilla' - but hey, people are always welcome to use 128 enhancements, and doing so would certainly score additional points. It's not easy IIRC tho - the C128 defaults to '64' mode when a cartridge is inserted... Although Skull succeeded to use the 128's memory and faster speed on the Bomberland cartridge (I think?)

Anyway, keep 'em coming peeps :) - this is motivating.
2018-01-29 18:45

Registered: Jan 2014
Posts: 2
Excellent! I'm looking forward to participating!
2018-07-18 13:46
Heavy Stylus

Registered: Apr 2007
Posts: 60
It's been a while, but all the other big game compos are over, so this will be launched soon :)
2018-07-18 14:00

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 353
Can't wait, looking forward to a great compo!
2018-07-18 19:15

Registered: Dec 2013
Posts: 13
Nice to see you back, James.

I think there's probably still quite an appetite for this compo. I've noticed there's seemingly an upsurge of interest for c64 coding too. So, yes, I would say it was certainly worth bothering.

Prizes are irrelevant from my point of view, but as someone else suggested, a nice trophy would be a lovely prize. I find the idea of getting one's own game on a cartridge is enough of an incentive to enter. I still treasure mine from the comp I entered. A monetary prize is not the way to go, I don't think.

I don't think themes need to be stipulated, although it could add something new. Ludum Dare does quite well with themes. Maybe if the comp ended around Christmas, a festive theme could be adopted. I've no preference either way.

Voting. A panel of judges is my preferred, preferably avoiding CSDB voting.

I think it is important still to stipulate entries are not released until the deadline has passed, but I guess that might not sit well with everyone.
2018-10-14 10:47

Registered: Jan 2014
Posts: 2
Any news regarding this?
2018-10-16 21:02

Registered: Dec 2002
Posts: 139
Yes to another 16K competition. It gives a good balance between difficulty of coding and expectation of what is possible (but then many entries have stretched those restrictions and surprised us anyway!)

Prizes would be good, at the least a cartridge of the game for the entrants and the best 1/2/3 published through RGCD.

Theme - I don't think it is necessary.

Voting - a panel of judges would be my preferred option, but a weighted public vote component could work (at the 75/25 level suggested).
2018-10-17 21:52

Registered: Dec 2011
Posts: 19
Yes, keep it 16kb. I always thought that was the best compo as most of the games that came out of it had a very classic feel to them, being 16kb. It's a perfect balance of game concept depth and coding time restraints that most people have.

So, YES! Keep it as it was. Do it again!
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