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2018-05-10 12:17

Registered: Nov 2011
Posts: 280
24h rules for First Releases & board list extension

Moved this topic to the forum because it does not only belong to a special release.

In this topic the 3 lists are different:

The rules for Jazzcats list (Vandalism News) is not very precise on that topic.
"The group uploading to the majority of official sites within 24 hours of the initial first release or NTSC/PAL import will receive the points."

The rule in Game Corner (even not released for a while) is very precise here:
"If more than one group uploads a first release or PAL/NTSC import of the same game within 24 hours, the group which has its release available for download as first on the majority of official sites will get the points."
That's why we have an uneven amount of release boards.

The Propaganda List (lately published in Attitude #18) is precise as well, but different:
"You need to be first on all three boards to win the race. In other words: Make sure you spread your warez."

As an example the current release of "Hyperzap". The Facts:
* Uploaded first on Reflections by Laxity. Half hour later for Fairlight (by hedning/GP on behalf).
* Uploaded first ot Antidote by Laxity. Half hour later for Fairlight (by hedning/GP on behalf).
* The Hidden was unreachable. 15 hours later The Hidden was back. Uploaded first for Fairlight (by hedning/GP on behalf). 2 hours later by Laxity. Both within 24 hours to first upload by Laxity on Reflections.

Winner by list (by my understanding):
Vandalism News: Laxity. After Fairlight upload on The Hidden: Fairlight.
Game Corner: Laxity. First on 2 of 3 boards = majority. Point.
Proapaganda List: Laxity. After Fairlight upload on The Hidden: Fairlight.

This is a special situation. It is not uncommon that one or more boards is unreachable. But it is uncommon that it is back within the 24 timeframe and someone takes the chance to win the race ca. 20 hours after the first upload.

Best interpretation in terms of "winning a race" is in my opinion the rule of Game Corner (not just because it is mine).

And I would like to extend the list of counted boards by RapidFire which proved to be very reliable. To get an un uneven amount we would need a 5th one. My eye is on Raveolution or Frozen Floppy but none of them has proved the needed stability and availability yet. Until they do, I would opt for RapidFire as a fallback to count if situation is not clear due to unreachability of others.

This is my point to be discussed. Let's start...
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2018-05-11 22:21

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 514
Bacchus: Full ack, IF(!) any firstie list makes sense, it's a list where being fastest just means being fastest here or on whatever site - not having the suffering capacity to bring it on so-and-so-many BBSes first. I just don't care enough to create such a list myself, but I fully support your view :) So a mag or just some guy willing to create the list would be all you need - as Jazzcat made his point clear enough, we cannot expect mags controlled by him/ONS or the other traditonalists to create such a "real firstie" list.
2018-05-12 13:59

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 96
Ryk: we are building. Ready any year now :p

Jazzcat: new rule of restricted to own member uploading. It's your rules so it's your call, but when was that ever mentioned? Just to ensure that noone outsife the modem trading biz can get firstie?

What is the point with the obligation that the uploader is member of the same group? I never did that shit. Most had american import groups doing that. Honestly, how much favor should rules give to the people caring about BBSes? That you can't even outsource it. That is beyond silly...

Also; introducing rules that applies retroactively. Really? In any structures, rules can only have forward acting effect. The history must always be judged by the rules in place when an event happened.
2018-05-14 00:29

Registered: Mar 2002
Posts: 459
I personally do not have an issue with non-members uploading.

Exclude those, and you'll need to exclude (co)sysop's uploading too, as they are not always a member of the groups they are supporting.

Looking at 2017 releases, there were multiple sysop uploads from several teams.
2018-05-14 05:38

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 1695
I agree with Tim and Bacchus here. I have helped fellow sceners spread their firsties and that should not be a problem. What is important is to be first on the counted boards, not who uploaded the files in question. Having rules about who should and shouldn’t upload is just silly.

Who talked about retroactive rules? Of course rules can’t be effective retroactively.
2018-05-14 10:17

Registered: Nov 2011
Posts: 280
It is helpful to post and upload to the right sub and drive. Some people ignore that and are usually ignored.
2018-05-14 12:52

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8677
doesnt everyone have a small script that uploads a file to all BBSs at the same time? no? >_<
2018-05-14 18:25

Registered: Aug 2006
Posts: 48
Quote: doesnt everyone have a small script that uploads a file to all BBSs at the same time? no? >_<

That's obviously would be against any rules ;)
2018-05-14 19:38

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8677
how and why? it'd be the first thing i'd do when i'd still be into that stuff.
2018-05-14 20:18

Registered: Jan 2005
Posts: 358
Don't forget to also update CSDb with the 'intro used' stuff.
2018-05-14 20:23

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 299
scripts killed couriering on 0day scene 1.5 decades ago
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