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2018-05-26 00:43

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 26
Help/advice on fixing a TAP file

I have found a turbotape copy of Mission Impossible cracked by "HUTRONIC CRACKING SOFT" (according to the sys line), however, even the best dump I can manage fails the checkbyte test ("108DE0A5" loader).

Comparing this 'good' dump with the bad dump (with 1 read error) and the file "imp" found here: Impossible Mission
If seems that everything is scrambled after offset $262D of the 'good' dump. Including what I assume is an intro starting at offset $BDD2 (sys 50500)

Is there anyway to fix this?
Im new to tape dumping, Im using audiotap for wav->tap conversion and TAPclean for analysis/cleanup
2018-05-26 02:16

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 8920
you should really do this on a c2n, where you can at least align the head properly.... using an audio tapedeck and then wav conversion is really hit and miss. you can play with the volume a bit, and you can try to invert the phase of the audio. and dont bother with tapclean unless your dump works :)
2018-05-26 08:28

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 26
Will try with a c2n later today. So far I've been using a General Electric Compu-Mate to transfer to pc without much problems, only this particular game refuses to load properly
2018-05-26 23:07

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 26
Managed to retrieve it after a couple of tries with a c2n, turns out is a shitty onefiled version of this Impossible Mission and randomly crashes when returning to the elevator
2018-05-28 16:25

Registered: Feb 2004
Posts: 56
First you need to align the datassette's head, to get a most accurate signal as possible. Then you can dump as .tap file or .dmp it's all about what kind of hardware you have. If you have a dc2n interface, I'd recommend using the .dmp format. Because it saves more data and you can with tapclean/tapEX clean and fix the signal properly.

If you chose to use a standard tapedeck, you should make sure the head is initialized, so it can read the signal okay. Also make sure the volume is not too high. I've found around 95% input accordingly to the level of the signal is a good start point. When recording do in 48KhZ@16bit stereo. Then you have the option to use the left channel to compensate for signal failure on the opposite channel, and vice versa.

Then you can play around with the signal till you get a good result, like to apply a 200hz high-pass filter, to get rid of background noises and other artifacts.

Once done you can then tweak around inside "Digital Tape Enhancer", to get the signal as good as possible, before exploring to .tap.

"Digital Tape Enhancer" : http://dte.zymcox.com/
"TAPClean" : http://www.luigidifraia.com/c64/index.htm#TCFE

Good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions.
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