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2022-09-17 15:10

Registered: Apr 2011
Posts: 45
Commodore 64 EmuXtras 3.0 LITE released

Commodore 64 EmuXtras 3.0 LITE released.

Per request: this pack is the same as The Emuxtras 3.0 pack, but WITHOUT all the Preview movies for those who want to save space on HDD (10G instead of 35).

Also some Configuration fixes for: Portal (Valve), Elite, Thanatos. Added: Elite (new flicker free version), Manganoid (fix), Duell der Piraten (seas of Blood; English), Sub Chase 64 (HS saver). Also some general clean up and fixes.




FULL pack info below:

New in v3.0:

- 1418 New and replaced titles (again with their own unique controller configurations)
- 170 Additional Game-previews of never- or soon-to-be released games (also with configs.)
- 214 Newly added Scene-Demos
- 7110 Newly made preview-videos for all Games, game-previews and Scene-demos! (To make everything uniform,
ALL former vids in the 2.1 pack were replaced with freshly made ones; lot less ugly too..)
- New additional screen- and title shots for all the new added titles and Game-previews
- Heavily updated game synopsis/ info
- Heavily updated Box-Art
- Updated to ViceX V13 (Thanks Madmab!)

* Be sure to check out brilliant new releases like Zetawing, Soul Force, Sonic the Hedgehog (!) or Lykia - the Lost Island, but also check out upcoming releases like Limbo (yes, that one), SNK vs Capcom, Red Serpent Invasion (FPS!) and Stoker in the PREVIEWS folder!


This 3.0 pack consists of :

- 5828 Commodore 64 Titles; 'Handpicked' & tested, including the best and/ or latest versions from groups like Genesis Project, Hokuto Force, Laxity, Nostalgia, and Triad
All Unzipped (except multi-disk) so highscores will work, & renamed.
When needed Game Images were changed to include extras (pics for example), or extra versions of a game.

- 475 game previews (From gamesthatwerent.com and upcoming releases)
- Scene-Demo Selection (561)
- 7110 Preview-Videos (XMV)
- Game-info / synopsis
- Unique controller configurations for (almost) every game and preview

- Vice64X v13

- Boxart in High quality! (Much Higher HD resolution versions,for faster systems (C64 mini,PC), are also available but not included in Xbox pack);
REMASTERED / RETOUCHED! (A huge amount of work has gone into this; quite some Boxart is (was!) very old/ obscure and ugly.

I used the ORIGINAL release box-art as much as possible. So no budget or re-releases by other companies

- Newly made Action and Title shots. (Existing ones were often in the wrong colours, missing borders or simply very boring).
- Newly made Preview-Vids (7120!)
- Manuals & Maps
- Game Info (press right thumb-stick on a Game-title)


- GAME CONFIGURATIONS! All games will load out-of-the-(X)box; no messing around with drive settings or Joy-port settings etc.!

So, for example, a game like 'Cybernoid' will have weapons (F1, F2 etc) mapped under the controller, 'Renegade' won't need the keyboard anymore!

Exceptions are heavy RPG's and text heavy adventures which will need the virtual Keyboard (or xbox keyboard).
However, certain RPGs or Arcade-FlightSims like 'Ace 2' or 'Infiltrator' DO have mappings!

- Easy navigate 'trainer' menu's : besides in-game keyboard options being mapped under the controller,
the various 'trainer' menu's can also be navigated easily this way. (For example answering Y(es) is right-thumb UP, N(o) is Right-tumb Down)

================================================================================ ======================================================== =============================================


There's one DEFAULT setting for the XBOX-CONTROLLER:

- Left stick or Dpad for control.

- Back: 1 / start (So this could also be F7 for example to start depending on the game)

- Start-button: F1 / start (Could also be another key to start; depends on game)

- White: CBM key / other (depends on game)

- Black: RUN/STOP key /Escape /other (QUITING a TRAINER-Menu, for example, is most of the time 'BLACK'

Y : Space
X : Return / enter
B : Jump / Up
A : Fire

Right thumb stick :
Left : H (for Highscore select)
Right : L (for Load Highscore)
Down : N (for No)
Up : Y (for Yes)

UP or DOWN can also mean: CURSOR up/ down in (trainer) Menus; it depends on the game.

Most games have their own UNIQUE configurations though!

For example : 'Nemesis - Gradius' the M (for Music) has been mapped under 'B' , and weapon select under 'X' ,
'International Karate' has a choice of scenery (A or B) , chosen by X button or B button,
F3 is mapped under 'back'(2 player game), pinball games use the shoulderbuttons etc.
So when not sure (for example the game asks: "use fast loader? press F on keyboard"..): just press WHITE on the controller,
or try some random buttons (right stick, or Dpad (!).

Left & right stick up / down simultaneously : Sound Volume

Left & Right shoulder buttons: Pinball flippers

Left and right shoulder buttons are still joystick switch (not often needed anymore though) & fast forward (unless it's a pinball game).

================================================================================ ======================================================== =================================================

This is a complete Out-of-the-Box Commodore 64 experience on Xbox!
With all the unique configurations etc, there is nothing like this on ANY system as far as I know. Something I always wanted to have myself.
A lot of work , but enjoyed making it.
Future updates will follow as new games still come out on the old Breadbox! (it's life spans from 1982 to roughly 1994 and beyond as it seems!).
Also updates on Xtras like Media, Boxart backs, Gameplay Movies.


For questions and updates on the latest Emu's and Xtras go to https://www.emuxtras.net/


2022-09-18 20:59

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 56
I do not have access to repository in that site, is there any chance for mediafire link for lite verstion?
2022-09-19 00:06

Registered: Apr 2011
Posts: 45
There will be a link later. Meanwhile it's up on some torrents (Backups , R.W.)
2022-09-19 14:38

Registered: Apr 2011
Posts: 45
Link for 'LITE' version up now too
2022-09-20 05:57

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 56
Thanks, I downloaded it!
2022-09-20 15:02

Registered: Apr 2011
Posts: 45
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