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2010-02-22 17:20
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Registered: Apr 2002
Posts: 2238

What exactly did this man do as a lawyer ?
Any clue why he shot himself ?
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2010-02-23 07:00
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Registered: Jul 2006
Posts: 224
ha, never saw this Kill Guenni before... must be 90's or?
guess he was faster then...
2010-02-23 07:09
The MeatBall

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 305
There's also the group Gravenreuth Abolishing Youth (Gravenreuth Abolishing Youth), that released Kill Gravenreuth back in 1989, so I gather Günni wasn't too popular in the scene :D
2010-02-24 23:46

Registered: Jan 2002
Posts: 136
Eternal Fame for whoever puts English subtitles on the MWS-video! I wanna knoooow. Or. Eternal Glory for whoever dubs it :)
2010-02-24 23:59

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 10068
its really not that interisting as it looks like. basically its

mws: "crackers are cracking for fun and fame"


günni: "crackers are the source for warez and therefor evil"

2010-02-27 18:26

Registered: Jul 2007
Posts: 90
Listen to the audience when Günni talks about having busted German Cracking Service. They are REALLY impressed ... haha
2010-02-27 21:13

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 10068
wasnt even one of them in the audience?
2010-02-28 14:25

Registered: Oct 2006
Posts: 146
Thanks for the info in this thread, guys. I thought it curious that a man's suicide was applauded to such a degree. I tried looking around the 'net but my school-german is a lot rustier than I thought ;-)
2021-08-14 23:16

Registered: Aug 2021
Posts: 8
I also know a very talented coder/cracker who was punished hard by Günni and some smaller swappers in our town. He nearly destroyed a family with this act. He did not seem to have a soul being more like a demon than human.

At the old Radwar parties he was often invited and I also drank 1-2 times a beer chatting with him. He did not appear to be trustful or honest to me and was only driven by easy money without much work. A single letter without any "approval" usually led to at least 2000DM punishment with a signed "Unterlassungserklärung" adressed to the parents of those swappers. So he was especially aiming at <18 years old children.

He often gathered adresses by catching them with the help of a swapper hunter who himself called "Syndicus" (perhaps he was it personally? I´m not sure) contacting potential money sources for swapping requests. A positive feedback to be willing to swap alone was enough reason for him to send the mails. Sometimes he did not even had a personal contact.

On the other hand we (I and a friend) got in contact with some parents of swappers who were not willing to pay because of the "Jugendschutz" and he gave up rather quickly without any hard evidence. So the only thing you had to do to get out of it was usually not to pay and to insist on (often non-existant) approval.

Later he lost all of his mandats from the companies and was trying to get money from online companies who have some missing information or using special "expressions or trademarks" on their webpage where he claimed to get the rights on. This was the beginning of his end. In the end he was sued by several companies, lost and also had to go to jail for a while as I heard.

As much as I know he kept his promise not to collect adresses there to catch the people. At least I didn´t hear from my contacts that they became bigger problems with him afterwards. He also had my adress and he never showed up. On the other hand I heard everywhere that he has been very active throughout germany.

He also was near a heart attack after the football game and overall I don´t think he never was in a good healthy state - physical and mentally. It´s a wonder he still lived that long with this strain.

He was the most hated person in the scene and country wide known as a moneymaker without the right on his side. Perhaps he did not stand this anymore, he had more expenses than income and this led to his suicide? I don´t know. But I also noticed that he didn´t really felt well at the cracker meetings.
2021-09-19 11:58

Registered: Mar 2009
Posts: 3456

(From Pirates #13.).
2021-09-19 13:00

Registered: Dec 2001
Posts: 2880
We had dude in Slovakia using similar tactics. Ľudovít Wittek. He was founder of Ultra soft mostly producing for ZX Spectrum but also distributing for Ocean. Currently Louis Wittek.
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