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Forums > Requests > Looking for ALL versions of Turbo Assembler
2021-02-20 11:13
Angel of Death

Registered: Apr 2008
Posts: 197
Looking for ALL versions of Turbo Assembler

Yes, you read that right...
For an essay/book/Youtube video(series), depending how much info I can get, I am looking for any version of the Turbo Assembler.
I don't care if it is an untouched original or a duplicate of a rename of a recrack of a clone or whatever.
However shoddy, obscure or professional, I want it.
I can imagine that some people have versions that they or their group made for themselves and don't want to share.
Then please provide me with as much info as you can about who made it, when it was made, added/removed features, bugfixes, etc.
And, ofcourse, any additional info about the Original Timer 555 protection is also welcome.

Just to be clear. I am talking about the stand-alone 8 bit microcomputer version, c64, c128 (any versions for Plus4, c16?) and not about the PC cross-development versions.

Thanks very much in advance!
2021-02-20 13:34

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 401
Talk to these guys? http://turbo.style64.org/version-archive
2021-02-21 09:26
Angel of Death

Registered: Apr 2008
Posts: 197
I have seen their site and still the links are not working...
Maybe I should give them a call and say they're frustrating my serious journalistic work! ;)

Because I want the files themselves to actually compare the code.

Thanks for the link anyway.
2021-02-21 13:25

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 281
It seems you may face a lot of work considering the number of versions available not to mention all lost ones.

Many years ago I took a peek at some of those different versions and found out that:

- most were based on two of original cracks (Antitrack I think I can't remember the other one)
- most differ in version number and screen color + some additional string at the bottom of the screen and/or assembly screen
- most (if not all) have issue with $01 setting due to improper cracking
- most (if not all, expect those that were released after the bug has been documented) have bug in encoding numbers in the editor

The main variations are:

- normal vs macro version
- +60kb ram extension mod
- REU mod
- VDC ram mod
- compilation to second c64

There is also C128 Turbo Assembler ROM floating around but this is c64 version.

I don't know the full strony behind Sputnick Virtual Assembler nor I ever had the time to peek into its code so I can only guess it may be somehow based on TA code. On the other hand it could be work from scratch even if its interface is similar to TA.

There are also other assemblers that target different cpu acceleration boards and maybe some were based on TA code too - I don't know.

Hopes this will help you a bit.
2021-02-21 17:17
Count Zero

Registered: Jan 2003
Posts: 1251
I don't know the full strony behind Sputnick Virtual Assembler nor I ever had the time to peek into its code so I can only guess it may be somehow based on TA code. On the other hand it could be work from scratch even if its interface is similar to TA.

Virtual Ass is definately based on Turbo Ass. They both share a good deal of routines and can be compared on that.
2021-02-21 19:47
Angel of Death

Registered: Apr 2008
Posts: 197
Thanks for the info, guys!
And ,@AlexC, I understand that there are a lot of versions out there and I have to say that I was not planning to write a complete encyclopedia about it.
But how this program has been (mis)treated is telling for how it worked in those days and that is what I want to focus on.
I want to have 'all' versions as files to check the code and make sure that when I say some version is a copy of another version I am correct about it, etc.

And what I also would like to pay attention to, is the remarkable parrallel between the history of T-ass and Soundtracker on the Amiga.

I am going to check out all of your tips and see where it goes. :)
2021-02-21 22:08

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 281
Well if anyone could find pictures of original TA and TAM including dongle it would be definitively part of preserving history of this brilliant software package.

People who did TMP have complete disassembly probably with comments of TA/TAM which could be helpful in your research.

Oh, and original disk contains some utility programs not just the assembler. It would be worth to peek into those too IMHO.
2021-02-22 17:11

Registered: Feb 2003
Posts: 243
@AlexC the other crack where most versions are based on was the one from Logos which can be found here:

Turbo Assembler

E.g. all the versions of Turbo Assembler from The Supersonics and Prime were based on this crack, like:

Turbo Assembler V3
Turbo Assembler V3.3
Turbo-Assembler V4.1
Turbo-Assembler V5

All done by Hans Siemons.

Many other versions of Turbo Assembler that were released by the scene were based on the above V5.

I have an early version of Turbo Assembler done by Hans Siemons that still mentions "cracked 1985 by logos".

I can share the original V1 version of Turbo Assembler with you as well that has no crack signs.

You might be interested in reading other forum posts:

Turbo Assembler with blue background

Original Turbo Assembler

Turbo Assembler
2021-02-22 18:00

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 281
Fred you are right. The other one was from Logos :)

The Turbo Assembler with blue background is just a color mod of TA if I remember correctly but it has nice colors scheme implemented.

If I recall correctly there were also mods enabling to encrypt (using EOR probably) source code. Can't remember which version had it and if it was TA/TAM in the first place.
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