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2011 - A Press Space Odyssey [party version]   [2011]

2011 - A Press Space Odyssey [party version] Released by :
Offence [web]

Release Date :
7 August 2011

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :
LCP 2011

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at LCP 2011 :  #4

User rating:*********_  8.8/10 (15 votes)   See votestatistics

Credits :
No credits found

Download :

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User Comment
Submitted by Perplex on 22 December 2011
The officially released version of this demo is here: 2011 - A Press Space Odyssey

Paraphrasing HAL 9000:

"We know we've made some very poor decisions recently, but we can give you our complete assurance that our work will be back to normal. We've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission."

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 11 October 2011
We are working hard on this, it is very important for us.
User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 8 October 2011
Come on, guys! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 19 August 2011
Actually went out smoking when this was showed on LCP and have keept myself from watching the "leaked" parts.

We'll forgive you this time Offence, but only this time. ;) Looking forward to seeing this on the top 10 demos charts on CSDB, from what i've heard it's that good.
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 18 August 2011
Ok... had to post again even I said I would not do that...

We are working on the demo and we will release it soon... So please stay tune for a release version of the demo both graphic design music parts and finish... We wanted this to be another great release, so despite the youtube broken version and so on I can promise you that we will release this demo in a final state soon... We hope you all will look at the demo with new eyes and see the massive work behind it when we release it. No matter what, we will release it soon in a much better condition. For us it is about giving the best we can and we will do that...

The love is strong and the demo will also be strong... It is strange to work on things that so many have seen parts of but we pretend you never saw it and just do our thing.

It will not be that long before we release it so hope you all will think it was worth the wait!

Again sorry for that the demo got out, nobody but us to blame on that... we delayed the demo compo at LCP for hours and we could not say that we will not show anything... we just thought we would be polite and show what we had... we were lost in timeframe and thought we could do it, we thought we were supermen, but we were just silly jolly but stressed out nerds, so we had to show what we had at that time in our minds... we want the demo to be great! We have put so much work in it and we do finish it soon!
User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 18 August 2011
Can we at least have the music ? .sid files anyone ?
User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 18 August 2011
Wow! Offence forever!
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 18 August 2011
although I do hope for a 100% release soon, I'm also happy this didn't become another Too Drunk To Fuck. Especially cause its such a cool demo.

will post a real response when the final reaches us.

also, cheers for the greets guys! means a lot
User Comment
Submitted by Celtic on 17 August 2011
I am choosing not to go with youtube and be suprised when it is released. I was wondering, if the demo musicians would care to hold us over with little simple onefilers containing their music, the way you released the Another Beginning music.

Might make me more patient to watch for the result:)
User Comment
Submitted by celticdesign on 17 August 2011
This is so awesome... Impressive ideas, well designed, mighty gfx and msx. You really should do a cool game out of the tron endpart... :-)
User Comment
Submitted by booker on 17 August 2011
Yay :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MJ-xWWiINE
User Comment
Submitted by encore on 14 August 2011
I'd just like to mention that that the intro was breathtaking seeing it first time on LCP, enjoying the clear SID-rendition of 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'.

The 'homage'-part to different sceners is definatley my favourite part - just really nicely executed overall and the music for that part also stuck in my mind.
User Comment
Submitted by Shokray on 14 August 2011
Some great Ideas/Parts. esp. the 'The End' Part totally blowed me away! All in all one great Demo!
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 14 August 2011
@Frantic, It was barely possible to speak to eachother when showing this demo - so no wonder that a few communication mistakes were done.
@Offence, It was a magical moment; The joy in your faces when your long efforts got rolled over the big screen is my best memory from LCP, truely. I don't want to spill this memory with reading or writing another word, so I'll end my comment like that. :) Cheers!
User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 9 August 2011
seems i already downloaded this "non-release" as well by accident. to me it is very interesting to see a demo at this stage. gives me a lot of understanding what a hell of work linking might be. didn't watch all parts by now and since i read comments here, i guess i'll wait for the final demo. i already like the 2001/2010 theme stuff.
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 9 August 2011
i watched the demo without knowing i was breaking the law. ;) codewise there are only 2-3 parts which amazed me. but i can clearly see there is too much effort and time put on this project. without seeing the final version i will not make detailed comments or vote. but i guess it's ok to congratulate you guys. :)

about unfinished demo, demo compo, organization etc., it's easy to see that everyone was trying to do the good thing. authors wanted to share the demo with the crowd even if it's unfinished, organizers accepted this and tried to help, people voted for what they have seen (because of a little confusion), authors of other demos who ranked below this demo are defending their rights. so, i see nothing wrong here except a small mistake. just forget about it...

i'm looking forward to the final version.
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 9 August 2011
Yes.. The fuckup was mine. I certainly apologize for this. I copied all the files containing stuff that was shown during the compo to a temporary directory, then removed the offence d64's (or so I thought), zipped it, and uploaded to the LCP site. But somehow I did a mistake and those darn d64's from Offence were still there in the zip after all. As soon as someone pointed this out to me, I removed the d64's from the zip.

I think the problem here was that it was not clear, to me or anyone really, whether this was part of the compo or not. I sort of took for granted that it was not, since the parts were not linked to form a release'able demo, but then people voted for it, and then.. yeah.. the confusion was there. We're not going to change things (rules, results, whatever) retroactively, since that will only make things unnecessarily complex and people will continue to have different opinions anyway. I think Taper's attitude here is the more constructive one: How should we handle stuff like this in the future? As Taper points out, we try not to be anal about rules. That is how I would like to keep it... Situations may always arise, especially in the quite hectic and stressful hours before/during/after the compo. I think what we learned from this is not to add a lot of new and complicated rules, but rather to be sure that we agree beforehand (before showing it) whether something is to be considered part of the compo or not, and to make that very clear to the audience. In fact, maybe the offence guys said this clearly to me, only that I did not understand/hear this, or so. If so, I apologize once again.

Anyway.. a deal was made during the party. If the offence guys do not release their demo within one year, I will upload the non-finished d64's I got on LCP for public download, and they (representatives of Offence) accepted that with a hand shake. This means that people will actually get to see this in the end, some day. Let's keep it like that, as a gentlemen's agreement! The main reason for being in the scene is for fun, right? (Which is not to say that we shouldn't care, or such.)

To me, the offence drama just added some nice spice to the compo process. The tension, waiting, and hectic activity while the thunderstorm broke out outside.... Energy! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 9 August 2011
Looking forward to see the finished version as this looked awesome on the bigscreen! However, blaming Frantic or any of the organizers for anything is just bad form. Focus on the positive feedback and go finish what you started. :)
User Comment
Submitted by taper on 9 August 2011
Ah, so it was our fuck-up then. I'm glad there are no hard feelings! I guess we all were a bit sloppy then. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Perplex on 9 August 2011
There is no need to apologize - none of us who worked on the demo are angry with you for accidentally adding the disk images to the zip file. These things happen, and you were kind to remove them promptly at our request when we became aware of it.

The biggest screw-up in all this is that we didn't clearly state to you guys that the demo was not meant to compete - we just wanted to show it on the big screen at LCP.

It's us that should apologize for messing up the voting/results and delaying the competition needlessly. We will work hard to make sure we don't get ourselves and others into such a situation again.

One more thing: please hold your votes until the final version is released. Watch and vote for some finished releases with low numbers of votes instead.
User Comment
Submitted by taper on 9 August 2011
It was Offence decision to show their non-linked demo in the compo at LCP. Perhaps things were too hectic or information distorted, but there was to my recollection no information that the demo was showed out of compo. If this was the case, that should have been stated clearly.

Personally, I am fine with Offence being voted for, eventhough my decision would have been to withhold the production until it was fully finished if I had been in their shoes. I agree with Axis that I wish I had seen this great demo for the first time in a finished state instead of chopped up like that, but what I think is totally irrelevant in that regard.

However, what is more interesting to us organizers is wether public opinion want us to enforce a rule for future compos to bann non-finished productions. There is a long history on the scene of 80%, 90%, 95% versions competing in competitions. We organizers, with background from Floppy, BFP and LCP parties have always had a relaxed attitude towards compo entries, trying not to be too "anal" with rules.

This does not mean that we dont listen to opinions. Were we too relaxed in this case, and how do we draw the line in the future? Because we can't just make up rules then and there, we have to stick to the rules we have before the compo, or else it would be unfair.

However, it annoys me a bit that some implies that one of the organizers intentionally spread the demo while Offence clearly asked us not too. It was our honest intention to not let the demo slip out. I have no idea how it got out (I do not even have a copy myself), but as anyone know,
it's quite hectic at compos for the ones "flipping" the disks". If something was mixed up after the compos or if someone copied the compostuff afterwards without our knowledge, or indeed managed to get a copy from the Offence guys without them knowing it, I have no idea.

But I strongly object to the insinuations that we (the organizers) should have knowingly spread the demo against the wish of our friends in Offence. My guess is that it was an un-intentional fuck-up, and if we in any way was part of that fuck-up, Offence have our sincere apology.
User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 9 August 2011
Press space or load each part manually: Potato potata :)

Demo looked good, though.
User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 9 August 2011
Wow - yeah, calm down.

it should've been done - it wasn't, that sucked, we showed what we had anyways, it got voted on even though it was never presented as an entry, we'll release it when it's done. End of story

Do whatever you like with it - it doesn't really matter, does it?

Peace & Love, Ole Marius :)
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 9 August 2011
Hey, everybody calm down. I never meant to start a discussion like this. I accept that Offence never wanted to release it that way and didnt want to take part in the competition. That changes alot for me. I wont watch it again and wont vote for it in that state. Still interesting why people make so high votes on obvious unfinished stuff. But that is another topic.
@everybody: If you´ve got the chance to get your hands on this demo, dont download it, dont watch it in that state, wait for the final! It will just spoil your impression. I´ve seen it on LCP and I wish I wouldn´t.
@Offence Take the time you need to finish it. Don´t rush it together! Make it good and make it polished!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 9 August 2011
Very much so... major! Really bad that it went this way. The deal were to show something from our demo but not entering the compo... and not have a release! We did not have a demo working but people wanted to see so we wanted to show outside compo and without releasing it!

PS: do what you want to do, we really do not care anymore... we just work on our demo for now! And I will never comment in this thread again as this is not a offence release, see that as a free ride to do what ever you want to do dude...
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 9 August 2011
"It never were in the compo"
??? it obviously got 4th in the compo, so how wasnt it there? sounds like a major fuckup to me =P
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 9 August 2011
It never were in the compo, It were just something we showed to the lovely dudes that were partying on LCP and outside everything compo vise! Sorry for being nice and full of love to almost bursting point! We had to copy it over to their systems to show...
User Comment
Submitted by Fanta on 9 August 2011
just have to give some cents here. offence and prosonix - a winning team! we love to have you back including me. i totally understand you wanted to show what you have done during the last months but it would have been better to just hold it back, link it properly and release it at another party or just on csdb. it was a slap in the face to see it ranked #4, considering axis worked so hard to polish the ox... erhm arsenic demo which got #5. okay, of course the voters are to blame for that.

also, what were the party organizers thinking? isn't there a rule to not accept unfinished demos? and if so, without spreading and voting please? THAT would have been the best solution imho.

peace. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 9 August 2011
"That the files did go to the internet is something we really can not understand but also we do not want to blame anyone because the LCP party were so full of super nice people and we just want that to remain forever."
it may be hard to understand, but the reality seems to be: atleast one of these people wasnt so super nice afterall and released your demo anyway.

"PS: the other option is to add the so called party version after we release the final one, just because it would be cool to do it that way..."
seeing how this was handled in similar cases in the past... you better hurry up then :)

not that it would change anything, as ian already said. the link is valid and people are downloading anyway. shit happens.
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 9 August 2011
You know what... please just do what you want... This is not something that we want to use energy on because the demo were never released and it were just shown at the party outside the compo and were never handed over like a release.

That the files did go to the internet is something we really can not understand but also we do not want to blame anyone because the LCP party were so full of super nice people and we just want that to remain forever.The true and special ones will see the final version and love that one and just think of good times when offence did spread love again, so just do what you want to do. We can not use time or thoughts on issues like this, we must not darken the light red love colored minds of ours that try to create something every year now again for you all. We can just not go there.

We are so happy that we showed the demo parts for you that were at LCP... because we think you wanted us to do that and it were the right thing to do for us because of that!

Your PAL

PS: the other option is to add the so called party version after we release the final one, just because it would be cool to do it that way... a lot of releases on here have waited like 26 years to be online so I guess it would not matter that much?
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 8 August 2011
"This entry should stay because it has competed and even went #4 in the compo."
actually, no :) thats why it should have been *officially* released. but ofcourse every party may handle that as they like.

the entry stays simply because it was released, and is ofcourse now circulating. same for the download ofcourse. if you dont want that to be here, dont give your half finished demo to people who will turn around and give it to other people who then upload it to the internet. it's that simple =P
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 8 August 2011
" I really want to do this, please remove this as an entry as it were not released! "
This entry should stay because it has competed and even went #4 in the compo.
Not wanting to document the party version that has been downloaded by 100s people already (and still is, removing a link here doesn't mean is not being downloaded anymore ;) is plain wrong. It exists and many can restore this entry anytime.
User Comment
Submitted by ZZAP69 on 8 August 2011
Frantic is the man of logic.

Thank you guys for a preview of a possibly _lovely_ demo! I would have given this a straight 10, if only the loader worked. Now I'll just be sitting rolling my thumbs, waiting for the 100% version. :)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 8 August 2011
i agree with axis. some nice things, but mmmh. too much of the too easy for my taste =)

and, just to say it: this demo was released. if it wasnt, someone who didnt even attend the party surely couldnt upload it to the internet. (and this might be reflected by this entry eventually. and if so you shouldnt blame csdb, but the one who couldnt keep this for himself although he should have)

that said, half-finished demos always totally spoiled it for me. be it half finished and seen in the compo, or half finished and thought to be unreleased and seen afterwards. i'd prefer if everyone takes their time and finishes things before entering a compo, even if that means some stuff will get out later. you also dont gain anything by wasting your party time with linking, instead of meeting people =)
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 8 August 2011
If you:

A. wouldn't have shown it, we (the LCP visitors) would not have seen it, and I know that many people enjoyed seeing it at the party even if it was not yet linked. Its presence was in the air, so to speak, and I suppose it would have felt more like a failure (in some ways) if it was not shown at all, since it was supposed to be released at LCP.

...or, if you:
B. would have waited to realease/show it, people would have seen it in its final state first time they see it, which is of course nicer than seeing an unlinked demo. ...but then it would have been "lacking" at the LCP compo, from the point of view of the LCP visitors.

So.. A and B.. Two alternatives. None of them perfect. But also, none of them without its benefits. I wouldn't complain whichever of the alternatives you would have chosen. I am certainly looking forward to see the demo in its finished form in either case! I really (as in REALLY) don't think that there is anything for you guys to apologize about. Rather: Thanks for coming to LCP and bringing all that party energy. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 8 August 2011
what can i say. i really liked what i have seen from this demo at the lcp competition. very nice screens with good music... at some points i was waiting for a bit more code-pron, but the screen-layouts are outstanding. and i know you guys had a hard time with linking it, and that pal and all others put alot of love and effort into it. too bad you couldnt finalize it for the compo. now i am looking forward to the final demo. and... thanks for those personal greetings. that made my day :)
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 8 August 2011
We apologize for not getting the demo finished in time. To the partygoers of course, but mostly to PAL who has been working his ass off on this thing. We came to LCP to show you our demo, but we didn't quite make it. Were we wrong to show what we had? I really don't know. With the feedback we've gotten, at least we're very motivated to finish it. Of course we have to thank all the people who did their best to help us out at the party: Fairlight, iopop, radiantx, the compo organizers, I can't really remember because I was to stressed out to take notice. Apologies again.
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 8 August 2011
I actually kind of agree with Axis on this one: I was disappointed to get to see it so chopped-up in the compo. It would've made a much larger impression on me otherwise - you guys certainly know how to make good demos.
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 8 August 2011
First of all, dont get me wrong. I love you guys and its good to have you back. But I really was disappointed watching your demo at the party. I know you have gone through a very hard time spending the whole party getting everything to work. I have done that too often in the past and it was always horrible. But its really hard for me to enjoy a demo without any linking at all after spending 350 hours myself with linking, loading time optimizations, transitional work, music synching, hunting down and fixing every "switching an irq 5 cycles too early glitch" and "flickering pixel bug" just to squeeze the maximum out of the presentation. This part of the job is a hell of a work and if you want it done proper you should start with it months before the party. For the rest of the demo. Lots of nice graphics and music as expected but only 1 or 2 interesting effects which is far too less for me as a coder for a 3 diskside demo. I only remember that circle scroll which was pretty nice. So theres 2 things I want from you. First come to X12 with a finished demo, so we can better spend the time at the party sharing some drinks and having some nice talk instead of that "LDA, STA, hopefully I get this shit running until the deadline...begin of the compo...end of the compo..." thing. Believe me, its so much more fun that way. Second give us a little bit more pr0n for the coders. I want that good old feeling back. Watching an Offence demo for the first time and saying "Wooooh, this effect knocks my socks off" 5 times before even turning the disk. You know what I mean? You did it in the past and I´m sure you can do it in the future. Promised?
User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 8 August 2011
Is this torture... it gets 9.5 and I can't even see it... That is not fair!!! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 8 August 2011
Oh man... now I really want to see this demo! Please release it as soon as you can!!! :D
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 7 August 2011
Hello fellow sceners.

We did not quite make it in time for the compo, but because of the massive love shown to us and the insane good vibes you all had we wanted to show you what we had created. It were not to be released and were only ment to be cool for the ones at the party... but here the bugged and unfinished version lies on csdb as a download, well we can not do anything about that can we?

We want to get it linked and be more in the way it were ment to be for all of you to really enjoy it.

Thanx to fairlight, all of you, and magnar... thanx for being so calm and just supernice to us. That is the scene right there. We are so proud to be part of this thing, and want you to be proud of us too. So please let us link and finish the demo. I really want to do this, please remove this as an entry as it were not released!

PS: thanx for all the comments on here, we hope the demo will be great too, maybe even a bit greater...

Your PAL of Offence
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 7 August 2011
Gave you 10 and now hand over the finished demo! ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 7 August 2011
wow, the popcorn part seriously kicks ass :)
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 7 August 2011
Why is there a download link again?
this demo was not released, and a there is no such thing as a party version.
User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 7 August 2011
the best one from Lcp, but damn, you stole all our ideas :)
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 7 August 2011
What a smash hit this demo will become once finished! I mean... WOW... :D
User Comment
Submitted by itch on 7 August 2011
I was really Impressed! Specially with the snake-twister-scroller! Wow
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 7 August 2011
So much effort must have been put into this demo, a pity you could not make it for the compo. Looking forward to seing the 100% version, really hope you will finish it.
User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 7 August 2011
2011 - A Press Space Odyssey ..heh, good name :D
The green (tech-tech?) twister up scroller looks fantastic. The popcorn part is so well handled.
Looking forward to seeing the Linked production.


It’s difficult to decide which demo should have won LCP 2011.
The following 3 demos would have made my Top 3:

1991 - Booze Design
Pimp My Snail - Camelot
2011 A Press Space Odyssey  - Offence

If I was voting on one single effect that wowed me the most, then Pimp My Snail would be the winner with the many Bobs part. If I was voting on best mix of ideas and graphics, 2011 A Press Space Odyssey  would be winner. If I was voting on the best demo with the most amount of impressive parts, then 1991 would have been winner.
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 7 August 2011
Fantastic graphics (so much of it) and some very very good looking screens. I was especially flattered by the very nice greetings part and all the positive words from all of you.
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 7 August 2011
I love this demo, its a shame that they didnt get it finished in time. :/

lets remove the download, until the final demo is released ^^
User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 7 August 2011
Shown in the compo, but not released, since it was not linked. They said they wanted to finish it and I respect that.
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