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SID-Wizard V1.7   [2014]

SID-Wizard V1.7 Released by :

Release Date :
12 July 2014

Type :
C64 Tool

SIDwizard V1.7

Website :

User rating:**********  9.9/10 (15 votes)   See votestatistics

Credits :
Code .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
  Soci of Singular, The IDE64 project, VICE Team
Music .... Adam of Onslaught
  Cadaver of Covert Bitops
  Hein of Vision
  Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
  Jammer of 1mandivision, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions
  NecroPolo of Ancients Pledge Inc., Avatar, Level 64, SIDRIP Alliance
  Randall of Arise, MultiStyle Labs
  Richard of Blazon, People of Liberty, Psytronik Software, Scene World Magazine, The New Dimension
  Spider Jerusalem of Mayday!, svenonacid, Tristar & Red Sector Inc.
  Toggle of LüneArt
Graphics .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Design .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Idea .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Charset .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
NTSC-Fix .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Concept .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Bug-Fix .... Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
Docs .... Akaobi
  Hermit of Samar Productions, SIDRIP Alliance, Singular
  NecroPolo of Ancients Pledge Inc., Avatar, Level 64, SIDRIP Alliance
Test .... Spider Jerusalem of Mayday!, svenonacid, Tristar & Red Sector Inc.

SIDs used in this release :
Acting Up(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Acting_Up.sid)
Cloudless Rain(/MUSICIANS/R/Rousseau_Marcus/Cloudless_Rain.sid)
Conga Beat(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Conga_Beat.sid)
Covert Ops in 2D(/MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/Covert_Ops_in_2D.sid)
Deep Thought(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Deep_Thought.sid)
Egy Szippantas a jobol(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Egy_Szippantas_a_jobol.sid)
Everlasting Annoyance(/MUSICIANS/B/Bayliss_Richard/Everlasting_Annoyance.sid)
Flash It Back(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Flash_It_Back.sid)
Funck the Metal(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Funck_the_Metal.sid)
Garden Party(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Garden_Party.sid)
Happy 20th Samar Birthday(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Happy_20th_Samar_Birthday.sid)
I'll Be a Pimp in Cabrini Green(/MUSICIANS/H/Hoffmann_Michal/Ill_Be_a_Pimp_in_Cabrini_Green_when_I_grow_up.sid)
If I Only Had a Brain(/MUSICIANS/N/NecroPolo/If_I_Only_Had_a_Brain.sid)
Let's Be Creative(/MUSICIANS/V/Vincenzo/Lets_Be_Creative.sid)
Magyar Népzenék(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Magyar_Nepzenek.sid)
Most már mindegy(/MUSICIANS/V/Vincenzo/Most_mar_mindegy.sid)
My Own Hyperspace(/MUSICIANS/J/Jammer/My_Own_Hyperspace.sid)
Ninfa (main tune 1)(/MUSICIANS/N/NecroPolo/Ninfa_main_tune_1.sid)
Ocult Friend(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Ocult_Friend.sid)
On a Sanction from CIA(/MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/On_a_Sanction_from_CIA.sid)
Pimp My Commodore(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Pimp_My_Commodore.sid)
Pimp My Commodore (note)(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Pimp_My_Commodore_note.sid)
Quick Score Ballad(/MUSICIANS/S/Spider_Jerusalem/Quick_Score_Ballad.sid)
Rakoczy Indulo(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Rakoczy_Indulo.sid)
Samar Is 20(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Samar_Is_20.sid)
SIDrip Arok Invit 2017(/MUSICIANS/V/Vincenzo/SIDrip_Arok_Invit_2017.sid)
Sixpack of Cola(/MUSICIANS/N/No-XS/Sixpack_of_Cola.sid)
Te vagy az, akit a legjobban(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Te_vagy_az_akit_a_legjobban.sid)
The Consultant(/MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/Consultant.sid)
Thiz Iz Da Gizda(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Thiz_Iz_Da_Gizda_3SID.sid)
Transylvanian Whipping(/MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/Transylvanian_Whipping.sid)
Unleash the Fucking Fury(/MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/Unleash_the_Fucking_Fury.sid)
Verseny vagy mi a szosz(/MUSICIANS/H/Hermit/Verseny_vagy_mi_a_szosz.sid)
Watch My Balls in Action(/MUSICIANS/V/Vincenzo/Watch_My_Balls_in_Action.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 23 June 2018
Thanks for the friendly comments.
In case anyone missed it, a new version was released recently:
SID-Wizard V1.8
User Comment
Submitted by DivertigO on 11 August 2016
Incredible usability and layout. Even while so highly usable, the documentation on creating tunes is well done and a pleasure to digest. This alone adds up to 10.
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 21 January 2016
I've been busy for the last few months (I helped CodeKiller by totally recoding the sound of his new enhanced SwinSID version to high quality. I think it will be available soon and you'll hear about it...)
So I haven't made the MIDI-sync in SID-Wizard yet, nor the fixing, but I'll try to do it soon.
(Though I work on many other projects nowadays...)
About $DE00..$DF00: I'm not surprised if 3SID-playback with cartridge plugged in causes issues. In my 3SID machine I multiplexed the 2nd and 3rd SID addresses to $D500 and $D600 with my self-designed transistor logic (2SID version posted here at CSDB)...
So I think it's not a bug at all, just a non-preferred setup for 1541U. For example, in the past I had a cartridge, which tolerated $DE00 but not $DF00. Today's complex cartridges might clash with you extra SIDs at both IO regions...
User Comment
Submitted by Akira on 4 January 2016
Hey Hermit! Any news on teh MIDI implementation?
I found some sort of problem too. I have a setup with SID chips on DE00 and DF00 (can't change addresses yet, need to install an address changer). When you have a REU set up on 1541U-II (haven't tested with real REU, I don't have one), using the 3SID version, I can notice a bunch of lockups and other problems like slowdowns. I am thinking it might be because the SID at DF00 is conflicting with it, since these are stupid addresses for the chips because they conflict with cart port devices (these are the addresses of software like MSSIAH who has DE00 as second SID too).
Thought I'd mention it in case it is actually a bug. I can send you save files for you to test behavior if you need them.
Anyway happy 2016!
User Comment
Submitted by Karmic on 15 November 2015
Hermit: Actually, now that I pay more attention to just how many features the normal player has, I really can appreciate just how little memory/rastertime it takes :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 12 October 2015
Uh, sorry guys for the delayed answer...
The ADSR change is very small, no real noticeable differences to the original 1.7 except maybe a bit better timing.
I have the MIDI-play/stop improvement and MIDI-sync on my ToDo list, maybe I implement'em soon...
User Comment
Submitted by Nobody on 6 October 2015
Dear Hermit - this release is AWESOME!!!

I did not followed your latest (unreleased) changes exactly, I only read you changed something with ADSR...hopefully you´ll change not too much, but as said, I did not tried it.

But the reason I am writing is, I recognized some tiny bugs in Stereo-mode - sometimes right and left sound a bit different if I start my tracks. Not a real problem until now for me as I always found a way to prevent these tiny problems - but a unchanged and only bugfixed version of 1.7 would be....something I have no words for, more than awesome!

I hope you´ll be back working on it, what you have done here is a real masterpiece!
User Comment
Submitted by Akira on 17 September 2015
@Hermit, any chance that MIDI clock sync is possible with SID Wizard?
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 26 August 2015
Additional info for my previous comment:
Without the SID header it takes 4082 bytes (plus 2 byte load-address for the PRG...)
Of course the size of a tune depends heavily on how much you put into it (number of instruments, patterns), and how much extra (pattern-effects) you use. SID-Wizard instruments take a bit more place than instruments in other players might need (due to the individual instruments with 3rd detune/keyboard-track table and chord, individual hardrestart settings, vibrato-types,etc.). Unfortunately at the moment these details take place in the music data also for the player-types that doesn't support these...
Tip: Preferring usage of the note-column effects (vibrato/portamento) and small-effects (note-volume), using less 'big-effects' (though slides are essential many times) in patterns can have much reduction impact on the patterns' memory usage in the output-file...

About MIDI-support: of course HerMIDI is still the best for SID-Wizard, as it doesn't clash with raster-interrupts at all...
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 26 August 2015
@Karmic: Have you tried 'bare' and 'light' versions of the players? I created for example Arok2014 invitation tune called 'rastarok' (one of the demo songs) with 'bare' version of the player and it alltogether fits into $1000 bytes with efficient pattern-usage.
Sure the 'normal' and 'extra' players take some additional memory but they add a lot of sound-capabilities and convenience features that no other players might have (e.g. up to 3 effects per pattern-row, chords, keyboard-tracking of cutoff/PW, etc.,etc.), and surely they're targeted for maximal SID performance and utilization of standalone/nondemo music...
(You can still use my 1 rasterline tracker if rastertime/memory is so much of a concern, however that case is a challenge not only for the coder but the musician too. :)
Maybe one day I'll find a way with a macro-assembler not to compile features of the player into the output (taking them out afterwards). That's a trick that GoatTracker uses in PC-environment to reduce the size of output.

Pixelman: thanks for the nice comment...

I have one message to add about the MIDI-support: Despite the emulated Passport/Sequential/DatelJMS/NameSoft devices work fine in VICE for SID-Wizard, on traditional real-hardware MIDI-cartridges (Emulated by Kerberos I got from Frank Buss) seems to miss notes/events. There's something in the IRQ handling and the difference probably lies in the timing. My assumption is based on the fact that NameSoft device (selected in Kerberos) works fine, because it's based on NMI. Of course the arbitrarily occuring NMI events fukk up the raster-interrupts of SID-Wizard causing display-glitches, but the played notes are stable.)
I'll need to make the IRQ more strictly timed, but nowadays I have much less time to do fixes for SID-Wizard. I'll try to work that around soon, until that the NameSoft is the choice for SID-Wizard if not being used in VICE...
User Comment
Submitted by Pixman on 17 June 2015
I love this app. :)

Since I started doing tunes again, I've been on the lookout for an alternative to GoatTracker 2.

This is it. SID Duzz it was my previous choice.
I have high hopes for this, keep the good (and beautiful) work up. Thumbs up!
User Comment
Submitted by ThunderBlade on 28 May 2015
$1800 too much? LOL. Maybe it sounds good, for a change? ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Karmic on 17 May 2015
This editor is good for standalone tunes, but the memory usage is simply too much for a demo. (usually around $1800 bytes)
User Comment
Submitted by booker on 31 October 2014
Sorry what? GT .sng converter included? You sir, had my curiosity, now you have my full attention.
User Comment
Submitted by booker on 31 October 2014
Quoting Hermit
Btw, this is probably the last update for SW in a while. (If no existence of more problems turns out.)
Just you wait till I get it in my dirty fingers. I have a noticeable ability to find the issues where there are none.
User Comment
Submitted by booker on 31 October 2014
If it's with a hairy testicle I have to try it!
3SID? OK, how about 8SID? There's a card coming :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 22 July 2014
Based on the recent discussion at CSDB forum regarding ADSR-timing in players, I changed the AD-SR write-order to SR-AD order in player.asm of the non-ghost register 'normal/mid/light/bare' players (for Hard Restart and soundstart as well).
Indeed, some sounds (especially snare/claps sounds with very short 'sustain' in sidhack.swm subtune 2) seem to be more stable and crisp.
You can check at svn repository, whether you like the 'new sound' and I'll keep this little modification/improvement in upcoming SW versions:
User Comment
Submitted by WitchMaster on 14 July 2014
Yes! Thanks Hermit! :)
User Comment
Submitted by NecroPolo on 14 July 2014
Awwww I wasn't aware of this update. Checked it and - BANG! This one is a blast, again. Thanks for all the superb work! Much appreciated.
User Comment
Submitted by da Blondie on 14 July 2014
Hermit, you are my hero! :)
User Comment
Submitted by iLKke on 14 July 2014
Not many trackers have a hairy testicle for a splash image. Points for originality! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 13 July 2014
I managed to upload the full (6.4MByte) SW-1.7 zip file to sourceforge through sftp:
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 13 July 2014
Thanks guys for your kind words. Btw, this is probably the last update for SW in a while. (If no existence of more problems turns out.)
The 'smallpack' is an 1Mbyte version of the full pack to fit into CSDB limit. The link for the full SW-1.7 pack (containing all demotunes and SWP/SFX examples) will be presented here as soon I can get the buggy sourceforge web-surface to upload my fukkin full 6MB zip-file... (2 trials already...)
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 13 July 2014
I appreciate your Much Efforts !! to keep the tool up-to-date with always improvements and Maintenance for Sid Wizard users. hats off Hermit !!
User Comment
Submitted by Kompositkrut on 13 July 2014
Omg I know this is going to be god like even if I have not download it yet. To tired now but I will download this tomorrow, this thing guarantied... even before i get breakfast
Hermit 4 president!
BTW hermit you are one of my 3 gods along with Linus Åkessson and Matthias Wandel (Matthias not at all scene based at least what I'm aware of)
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 13 July 2014
Cool stuff!
User Comment
Submitted by BokanoiD on 12 July 2014
Has anyone ever told you lately that YOU ARE AWESOME?
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 12 July 2014
Hi Scene! A new version of SID-Wizard is coming...

News, addons:
-New 3SID version supports 3 SID chips
-Independent Orderlist-marks (C=+SPACE)
-Insert entire orderlist column (C=+DEL)
-SWP - relocatable musicdata and player
-Tape-slowdown effect support in player
-Fix: filelister,Sh+SPC-play,player,2SID
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