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Top Releases

Place Release NameWeighted Average# votes
1No More Secrets v0.9 by Groepaz10.009
Arcades Compilation #1 by Nostalgia10.005
Deja Vu & Uninvited +1DW by Nostalgia10.007
Sidplay64 V1.10 by SHAPE10.0017
Ultima IV Remastered V2.1 by Genesis Project10.0025
NUFLI Editor V1.11 by Crest10.0013
Clash of Wills &D by Genesis Project10.006
Saufzucht! by Oxyron10.0019
Prg2Sid 0.90 by Ian Coog10.005
Blackbird 1.2 by Lft10.005
Blackbird 1.0 by Lft10.008
Sam's Journey +9D by Excess10.007
C64 Scene 1.2 by Mr. SID10.0010
VSP Lab V1.0 by Lft10.0011
Krill's Loader, Repository Version 164 by Plush10.0025
CheeseCutter 0.4.0 by Abaddon10.005
Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set V3.1 by The Seven-A-Three10.008
EasyFlash by Skoe10.006
DirMaster V3.1.0 by Style10.008
CCGMS Ultimate by Alwyz10.009
Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade / Commando Arcade SE / Bruce Lee II [bugfixed] by Nostalgia10.008
K&A plus #05 [polish/english] by K&A plus10.006
SIDBlaster USB driver BETA by Stein Pedersen10.005
CharPad V2.3.0 (.NET4.0) by Subchrist Software10.009
Patchwork V1.0 by 4-Mat10.009
C64 Debugger V0.60 by Samar Productions10.0015
FMX V1.0 by Ate Bit10.005
FM-Sid V1.3 by Ate Bit10.009
Crack and Train Like a Pro by Sauhund10.006
SID-Wizard 1.6 by Hermit10.0014
Anbieren by Oxyron10.006
Petscii Editor v4 by fieserWolf10.006
K&A Plus #01 [polish/english] by K&A plus10.006
Ultima IV Remastered V2.2 by Genesis Project10.0013
No More Secrets by Groepaz10.0018
jsSID-0.9.1 by Hermit10.006
SID-Wizard V1.0 100% by Hermit10.0012
No More Secrets v0.91 by Groepaz10.0013
SID-Wizard 1.5 by Hermit10.0011
JaffyDOS V1.0 Kernal for SD2IEC by Sailor10.008
Shadow mask by Singular10.006
Locators Synd Preview &DT by Genesis Project10.005
Wolf3D by AmiDog10.009
Triangles All the Way Down [18b] by Lft10.007
Fileload V2.1.2 by Nostalgia10.0011
C64 Scene for iPad 1.1 by Mr. SID10.006
Bitfire V0.1 by Oxyron10.005
FunkPaint 0.40k by Singular10.005
Sam's Journey gmod2 to EasyFlash Conversion Tool by Excess10.007
L'Abbaye des Morts +2DS by Triad10.0010
C64 Debugger V0.64.2 by Samar Productions10.007
Project Firestart +6 by Nostalgia10.0014
Reset #10 by Reset Magazine Staff10.006
1 Raster-Tracker V1.0 by Hermit10.0013
LSR 64 V0.31 by Hermit10.006
Virtuoso 1.02 by Vision10.007
Virtuoso 1.01 by Vision10.005
The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown +2TD by Atlantis10.006
Station64 V2.2 by DJ Indikator10.009
C64 Debugger V0.64.56 by Samar Productions10.0011
C64 Debugger V0.62 by Samar Productions10.006
Zagor and the Fortress of Smirnoff +1GMTW by Hokuto Force10.005
Pentagram V1.30 by Rod & Emu10.009
64TASS V1.5x r349 by Breeze, Singular, Taboo10.005
K&A plus #06 [polish/english] by K&A plus10.007
HermIRES 1.28 by Hermit10.005
Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom V1.1 by Pond, SDW Developments10.005
K&A plus #08 [polish/english] by K&A plus10.005
Bruce Lee II V1.9 + by Genesis Project, Triad10.0010
Final Results of Intro Creation Competition Collection by Laxity10.009
Caren - Thank You Edition 2018 by PriorArt10.0022
The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown +2TD by Atlantis10.006
Krill's Loader, repository version 146 by Plush10.008
Spindle 2.1 by Lft10.005
Leaderboard Collection by Nostalgia10.008
Fast Sierpinski Rotator [253b] by Mixer10.0013
Official Camelot Case for 1541 UII+ Tape Adapter V3.4 by Camelot10.005
SID Duzz' It (V3.0) MIDI preview by SHAPE10.005
The Bear Essentials +2DP&Map by Genesis Project10.007
Yie Ar Kung Fu +4HD by Excess10.007
8-bit Civilizations - Demo by Fabian Hertel, Protovision10.0014
Pirates! +10D by Nostalgia10.0014
C*Base V3.3.7 by Tao10.005
Super Mario Bros 64 by ZeroPaige10.0032
Sidreloc 1.0 by Lft10.0015
DirMaster V2.2 [win32] by Style10.0015
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.2 by PriorArt10.007
High Voltage SID Collection v69 by HVSC Crew10.0022
PSID64 V1.2 by Roland Hermans10.008
K&A Plus #03 [polish/english] by K&A plus10.005
SID-Wizard 1.4 by Hermit, Singular10.0013
Defmon &D by Genesis Project10.008
Regenerator 1.7 Multi System by Nostalgia10.007
Regenerator 1.3 by Nostalgia10.006
No More Secrets V0.93 by The Solution10.0010
2018 'Craptastic' 4kb Compilation by Reset Magazine Staff, The New Dimension10.006
PSI 5 Trading Company +DF by Nostalgia10.008
One Rasterline Tracker V0.9 by Hermit10.0032
Slow Sierpinskiplot [86 bytes] by Mixer10.006
Exomizer V2.0.9 by Zagon10.008
SDBrowse V.697 by Samar Productions10.0016
Hit and Run Baseball +D by Genesis Project, Triad10.0010
Blitz/Austro Decompiler V3.2 by Hokuto Force10.005
Spindle 2.3 by Lft10.007
Unp64 2.31 by Ian Coog10.009
SIDprotector by Singular10.005
Scuttlebutt 64 +5 by Genesis Project10.009
Sidplay64 V1.21 by SHAPE10.008
Unp64 2.33 by Ian Coog10.007
Spindle 2.0 by Lft10.006
HermIRES 1.29 by Hermit10.006
Bitfire 0.6 by Oxyron10.006
Exomizer V3.0.2 by Zagon10.008
Donkey Kong by Oxyron10.0034
Wizard's Dominion &D by Genesis Project10.005
PSID64 V1.1 by Roland Hermans10.005
117Unp64 2.32 by Ian Coog9.988
118Excess Intro 07 Fix by TheRyk9.987
119Ultima IV Remastered by Genesis Project9.9630
120Bruce Lee - Return of Fury by Megastyle9.9523
121Hi Fi Sky by MultiStyle Labs9.95112
122Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade by Nostalgia9.9588
123Turbo 250 by Mr. Z9.9420
124SID-Wizard 1.7 by Hermit9.9419
Gunfright V1.00 by Rod & Emu9.9419
126High Voltage SID Collection v70 by HVSC Crew9.9418
127Donkey Kong + (X2016 Version) by Genesis Project9.9317
128Commando Arcade SE by Nostalgia9.9347
129Labyrinth of Crete &DS &Map by Genesis Project, Triad9.9214
130128b Font Compo 2018 Vote Tool by Lft9.9213
TEDzakker 1.0 by Hermit9.9213
Bionic Commando +7DFHIR by Nostalgia9.9213
133Stash Cruncher V1.0 by Insiders9.914
134Prince of Persia by Mr. SID9.9186
135ICC 2018 Results Collection by Laxity9.9124
DwCave by 9.9112
Virtuoso 0.96 by Vision9.9112
Digiloi by Dr. TerrorZ9.9159
139Disconnect by Hoaxers9.9183
140International Karate Ultimate V1.1 by JonEgg, Excess, Formby Cracking Group9.9011
Tusker +7DFIR [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.9011
Platoon +12DFHIR [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.9011
Song Pack #1 by Genesis Project9.9011
Last Ninja 2 +8D by Hokuto Force9.9011
C64 Scene for iPad by Mr. SID9.9011
146Commando Arcade by Nostalgia9.9073
147Robocop +8DFHIR by Nostalgia9.8921
148Tenebra Macabre +4D by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.898
149Time Crystal by Sachs Enterprises9.8910
Petscii Editor 4.6 by Abyss Connection9.899
Caveman Ugh-Lympics +DHR [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.899
Vandalism News #65 - LXV-files: Murder & Skully by Extend9.8910
Test Flight by Genesis Project, Vision9.8979
Sidplay64 V1.00 by SHAPE9.899
Knight Lore V1.10 by Rod & Emu9.899
Flappy Bird + by Dinasours9.899
Cinemaware Collection by Nostalgia9.899
Sidplay64 V0.9 by SHAPE9.899
3D Roam +2D by Genesis Project9.8910
Metal Dust +4D [scpu] by Genesis Project9.899
SID Duzz' It V2.1.6 by SHAPE9.899
Drag Race Eliminator V3.1 &D by Genesis Project9.899
Planet Golf +3 by Triad9.899
Virtuoso 0.99 by Vision9.8910
Zoompinski [512 bytes] by Krill9.8919
Sankara Stone +S by Triad9.899
167Nailed it by Genesis Project9.8938
168Vortex by MultiStyle Labs9.8845
169Heroes & Cowards +D [english/german] by Genesis Project, Triad9.888
Knight Lore by Rod & Emu9.8825
Crank Crank Revolution - Gubbdata Edition by Lft, redcrab9.888
CharPad V2.3.0 (.NET3.5) by Subchrist Software9.888
Krill's Loader, repository version 58 by Plush9.888
C64 Debugger V0.56 by Samar Productions9.888
Tacky by Megastyle, Protovision9.888
Toki +6DFHR by Nostalgia9.8818
Count Duckula +5D by Fairlight9.888
Black Gold +9DFIR [easyflash] [ide64] by Nostalgia9.888
Tink Tonk Castle Clobber + by Fairlight9.888
Cabal +8DFHIR by Nostalgia9.888
Hunters Moon Remastered Loader by Robin Levy9.8859
182Raindropsies [2sid] by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.8748
183Pirates! +10DR by Nostalgia9.8733
184Limbo Preview by Excess9.8717
Sam's Journey +9D by Triad9.8715
jsSID-0.9 by Hermit9.8716
SID-Wizard 1.8 by SIDRIP Alliance, Singular9.8715
188Maniac Mansion Mercury +1D by Onslaught9.875
189Crank Crank Revolution by Lft, redcrab9.8632
190Vandalism News #64 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.8640
191Disk Cipher V1.0 by Graham9.867
Dir Master V8.4 by Hitmen9.867
Independend Autofire-Plug by Mayday!9.867
DUBCRT +3D by Triad9.867
Cauldron II +4D GOLD by Fairlight9.867
Western Games +D by Excess9.867
Bruce Lee Trilogy by Excess9.867
M.U.L.E. [4-player] by Peiselulli9.867
Super Wonderboy in Monsterland +17DF [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.867
Reset #04 by Reset Magazine Staff9.867
C64 65XE Debugger V0.64.56.2 by Slajerek9.867
DirMaster V2.0 by Style9.868
21st Century Floppy Disk Formatter v0.2 by Singular9.867
No more Secrets v0.92 by The Solution9.867
Kobo64 (r221) +4D by Laxity9.867
Conga 4096 by Paulko649.8614
Polyanna V1.00 by Aleksi Eeben9.8615
Donkey Kong Junior +6HD by Triad9.8614
Cold War Generation by MultiStyle Labs9.8614
Gunfright V1.10 by Rod & Emu9.867
Exomizer V3.0.1 by Zagon9.867
Daffy Duck +3DS by Onslaught9.8629
213Modern Love Classics by MultiStyle Labs9.8557
214The Vice Squad OST by RGCD, Viruz9.857
Killer Bees by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.857
Sir Pimp Ski by Oxyron9.857
Lala Prologue +4DG by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.857
Exomizer V2.0.2 by Zagon9.857
Spindle 2.2 by Lft9.857
RasterBuster by Lubber9.857
221International Karate Ultimate by JonEgg, Excess, Formby Cracking Group9.8520
222October by Hoaxers9.8554
223Speedball Duology +4DF by Excess9.8513
Recollection #3 by Jazzcat9.8514
MUFLI Editor V1.0 by Crest9.8513
Slipstream by Bauknecht9.8512
Bomberland Preview by Samar Productions9.8513
228High Voltage SID Collection v60 by HVSC Crew9.8421
229K&A plus #04 [polish/english] by K&A plus9.846
FunkPaint 0.44a by Singular9.846
Wizard's Dominion &D by Genesis Project9.846
1k-Basic-Soft-Scroller by S.E.S.9.849
Rocky Memphis Preview 2 +1M by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.846
Sword of Honour +6DF by Nostalgia9.846
SpritePad V1.7 by Subchrist Software9.847
Nemesis - The Final Challenge +2DMFGH by Mayday!9.846
Maze of the Mummy V2.0 +6D by Genesis Project9.846
Multi-Player Soccer Manager +MD by Laxity9.846
Jack the Nipper +4DGFS [pal/90% ntsc] by Hokuto Force9.846
Let's Invade! +7D by Laxity9.846
241Amen, Bigbeat Brother! by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.8425
High Voltage SID Collection v59 by HVSC Crew9.8426
243Reset #03 by Reset Magazine Staff9.836
Battle Chess &D by Nostalgia9.836
Station64 V2.1 by DJ Indikator9.836
VICE 3.3 by VICE Team9.836
Quod Init Exit IIm +8D by Triad9.836
Yie Ar Kung Fu Re-Imagined by JonEgg9.8345
Hessian V1.2 by Covert Bitops9.836
Xenophobe +3DFR by Nostalgia9.836
Pentagram V1.20 by Rod & Emu9.8313
QWAK 1.3 +4CHD by Laxity9.836
RGCD 16k Cart Compo 2013 Collection by Genesis Project9.836
C64 Debugger V0.64 by Samar Productions9.836
Motor Massacre / Road Raiders +18DIR by Nostalgia9.836
NUFLI Editor V1.12 by Crest9.836
VChar64 V0.1.0 by riq9.836
Cybex Escape +1T by Laxity9.836
ICU64 V0.1 by Mathfigure9.837
Virtuoso 0.98 by Vision9.836
Bruce Lee II + by Genesis Project, Triad9.8312
Grand Prix Circuit +D by Hokuto Force9.836
263Pixcen V0.7.0.13 by Censor Design9.838
Snake-a-Space by Jiminy9.838
265Assembloids Basic V2.0 [compiled] by Genesis Project9.835
Contour [123 bytes] by Zirias9.835
Atlantian Preview by Achim9.835
Box Check "Type" by tlr9.835
JCH-editor 3.1 + NP22-25 by Booze Design9.835
Shinobi +5DGI by Hokuto Force9.835
SID Known V1.09 by Wilfred Bos9.835
Sir68byteski [68b] by Oxyron9.835
La Carretera +T [english] by Excess9.835
Sierpico [128b] by Lft9.835
Spindle 1.0 by Lft9.835
Smallest I Can [49 bytes] by Mahoney9.835
The Coffee Zone by Booze Design9.835
Super Bread Box +D by Genesis Project9.835
FunkPaint 0.45a by Singular9.835
Super Monaco Grand Prix +6DG by Hokuto Force9.835
CCGMS 2017 Beta by Alwyz9.835
282Belong by Mahoney9.8346
Ultima IV Remastered V2.2.1 by Genesis Project9.8325
284Hardsync 1st Mix by Lft9.8218
Epyx Games Collection by John649.8217
Plascii Petsma by Camelot9.8218
Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade & Commando Arcade SE by Nostalgia9.8218
288Goblin by Pond9.8228
289Hydrax &DS by Genesis Project9.827
C64 Debugger V0.54 by Samar Productions9.827
GFX Transformer 1.1 by Oxyron9.827
292Vandalism News #68 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.8234
Splatter [40 bytes] by Lft9.8211
SID-Wizard 1.0 RC by Hermit9.8212
Timanthes by Focus9.8212
Lemmings +15DF by Excess9.8211
Kobo64 (r221) by Singular9.8212
VICE 3.0 by VICE Team9.8212
John J. by STE'869.8211
High Voltage SID Collection v62 by HVSC Crew9.8225
High Voltage SID Collection v56 by HVSC Crew9.8212
Return of Heracles +M by Fairlight9.8211
Timanthes 3.0 Beta by Focus9.8213
River Raid +5DFH by Nostalgia9.8212
3052012 C64-Retroinvaders Calendar: Mermaid Graphic Artist by Nautilus9.8210
Mag Max +8DGH +Pic by Hokuto Force9.829
307Earth by Wrath Designs9.8154
308River Raid Re-Imagined by JonEgg9.8164
High Voltage SID Collection v67 by HVSC Crew9.8118
Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.1 by PriorArt9.8133
The Last Bus by Extend9.8116
High Voltage SID Collection v58 by HVSC Crew9.8118
DirMaster V3.0.0 by Style9.8116
314Caren and the Tangled Tentacles (compo version 1.0) by PriorArt9.8137
315High Voltage SID Collection v65 by HVSC Crew9.8123
Bruce Lee II V1.9 by Jonas Hultén9.8121
High Voltage SID Collection v61 by HVSC Crew9.8124
1bir (1 Block Interactive Raycaster) by Crescent9.8143
319Eye of the Storm by Arsenic, Oxyron9.8147
Hessian by Covert Bitops9.8147
321ReFuse by Hoaxers, Wrath Designs9.8129
Vandalism News #67 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.8128
323Barnsley Badger +5D by Onslaught9.816
324Reflected by Wrath Designs9.8157
325Goblin Towers by Genesis Project9.8131
Ernie by Genesis Project9.8131
327Katakis by JonEgg9.8136
Sovjet Sentrifug by Extend9.8136
329Vandalism News #65 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.8042
330Tenebra Macabre [16kb cartridge] by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.8012
Propaganda List #1 2019 by Atlantis, Genesis Project, Propaganda Magazine Staff9.805
Death in the Caribbean +DS +Map by Triad9.805
Kick Assembler 3.13 by Camelot9.8016
Bruce Lee II V1.8 by Jonas Hultén9.8036
Iceblox Plus +5HF by Laxity9.805
Slipstream +2 [sales version] by Genesis Project, Triad9.805
Nightshade +3DFH by Nostalgia9.8010
Mortal Kombat Preview by Hermit9.8012
Reset #05 by Reset Magazine Staff9.805
Vibrants FM by Xentax9.8015
Batman - The Caped Crusader +1D by The Unknown Patcher9.805
Samuel Beckett by Wrath Designs9.805
The Age Of Heroes +8D by Triad9.805
Avenger +5DG by Hokuto Force9.805
Firequest +6DGF by Hokuto Force9.805
Fort Django V1.1 by Dr. TerrorZ9.805
Abu Simbel Profanation +2 by Laxity9.805
Virtuoso 1.00 by Vision9.805
VDC-IHFLI by Akronyme Analogiker9.805
Tut Ench Amon by Bob Stevenson9.805
TRAZ +7DH by Nostalgia9.805
Deadlock Loader by Robin Levy9.8089
TapEx V1.0 by SLC9.805
All Border Noise by Kabuto9.805
Onslaught Shooter Collection by Onslaught9.8012
fUJi by Orb9.8011
International Karate Ultimate Preview by JonEgg, Excess, Formby Cracking Group9.805
Huhuu by Extend9.8032
Pengon +1HD by Triad9.805
High Voltage SID Collection v64 by HVSC Crew9.8022
Zeugma 1.1 by Lft9.805
D64 Writer Plugin V0.92 by 9.805
Shatter by Wrath Designs9.8025
Galencia V1.1 +5 by Genesis Project9.805
Tochi 1k by 9.805
Gradius +2DMFGH by Mayday!9.805
High Voltage SID Collection v68 by HVSC Crew9.8016
LuftrauserZ +5D by Excess9.805
Limbo Preview [easyflash] by Excess9.805
Rescuing Orc loader picture by Pond, usebox.net9.8015
SID Dualux [2sid] by Samar Productions9.8025
Athena +7DG by Hokuto Force9.805
High Voltage SID Collection v66 by HVSC Crew9.8017
Dice8 +FDT by Laxity9.805
Rottoprojo64 by Plush9.8016
376CheeseCutter 0.5.1 by Abaddon9.805
377No Country for Old Men by Elysium9.7934
Dino Eggs loader picture by Pond, Reset Magazine Staff9.7933
379Ultima IV Gold by MagerValp9.7925
Galencia Khaos Sphere : Galencia Fighter Bitmap by JonEgg9.7924
Pahanilmanlintu by Extend9.7947
Foregone Destruction by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.7925
Jamtland by Genesis Project9.7927
384IK meets IK+ In The Valley by JonEgg9.7944
385No-Skip Mix (2017 Edition) by Mayday!9.796
MD201704 by Cosine9.796
Fire-Drill +H by Genesis Project9.796
Spectacular Copy - Turbo to Disk V1.2 by Triad9.796
The Blue and the Gray by Genesis Project9.796
You Have to Win the Game +5MD by Genesis Project9.798
HermIRES 1.0 by Hermit9.796
Operation Omega Blast [demo] by M.J.9.796
Hermetic +6DT by Hokuto Force9.796
Blap 'n Bash by The New Dimension9.798
1541 Diagnostic Cartridge V1.0 [8kb cartridge] by Sailor9.796
396Donkey Kong Junior by Mr. SID9.7966
397Phantoms of the Asteroid Re-imagined by JonEgg9.7941
Maniac Mansion GOLD [neoram] by Onslaught9.7915
A Pac A Lips Now + by Moan Team9.7914
Ultimate Opus V0.2 by Lft9.7917
401Metal Frog by Genesis Project9.7846
Crest Slide Story 90% by Crest9.7846
Sam's Journey +6D by Genesis Project9.7824
404N00NEFUKWITEN0NE by EN0NE9.7895
405Spritemate by Awsm9.7810
Hawkeye 2 Teaser by Onslaught9.7812
The Duel : Test Drive II +3D by Nostalgia9.789
DirMaster V2.1 by Style9.7811
Batman the Movie +6FDHRI [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.789
Iceblox Plus by Eweguo9.7810
Space Moguls OST by Prosonix9.7811
Would You Love a Monsterman by Extend9.789
Bomberland +11PD by Onslaught9.7810
Burnin' Pen '64 by DaCapo9.789
Nostalgia Intro 51 by Nostalgia9.789
Cybertron [106 bytes] by Victory9.7812
Frogger Arcade Prv 2 by Hokuto Force9.7811
Nostalgia Intro [Still Alive] by Nostalgia9.789
Defender of the Crown +9D by Nostalgia9.789
420Dragonslayer by Genesis Project, Vision9.7754
421It Ain't Pretty! by Genesis Project9.7722
422Anima Et Animus by Booze Design9.7770
423Fist 2 Re-Imagined by JonEgg9.7753
High Voltage SID Collection v57 by HVSC Crew9.7714
S3C23TS by Hoaxers9.7739
Violent REM Statement of Truth by Camelot9.7714
ICC 2016 Results Collection by Laxity9.7713
428Night Walk by Arsenic, Oxyron9.7743
429Sail to the King, Baby by Arsenic9.7619
430Bold to be Left [68 bytes] by bubis9.767
Petscii Editor V4.5 by Abyss Connection9.767
432Must Ache the Moustache by Extend9.7639
433Golden Intro Memories by Artline Designs9.7622
High Voltage SID Collection v63 by HVSC Crew9.7622
A Mind Is Born by Lft9.7643
EVA by Hokuto Force9.7621
437Black Cathedral: The Wild Wood Level 3 by Hend9.7650
438Teapot Genie 64 by Carrion9.7625
439CheeseCutter 2.5.0 by Triad9.769
440SYS64738 Days by MultiStyle Labs9.7629
A Mature Amateur by Extend9.7629
442Penguin Holiday by Genesis Project9.7634
443You Have to Win the Game by Kabuto9.7638
444I'm Too Old for This Shit! by Genesis Project, Vision9.7641
445Ms. Pac Man by Focus9.7645
Commando by STE'869.7646
No One and Robin by Adam West Group9.7645
448Don't Mess Up with Mama by Oxyron9.7649
449Dynamic Duo Intro by Dynamic-Duo9.756
Garrison +11DFIJ by Nostalgia9.756
451SAFTS - Spin All Four Table Soccer (Compo) by PriorArt9.758
Zak McKracken & Maniac Mansion +1D by Onslaught9.758
453Mobile Art - Rodney Matthews 4 by Wrath Designs9.755
Shadow Switcher +5C by Laxity9.755
Enigma Intro by Enigma9.755
Rowman +2HT [english+spanish] by Laxity9.755
Psychokinetic Deathmetal Origami by Duce9.755
Exploding Fish +5HP by Genesis Project9.755
Defender +6GT by Avatar9.755
Kong Strikes Back +5MH +Pic by Alpha Flight9.755
Arachnophobia #21 Title by Wrath Designs9.755
Rock Star Ate My Hamster +2DG by Hokuto Force9.755
Modular Sounds 4 by Artstate9.755
Infernum +1DT by Atlantis9.755
465Pixcen V0.7.0.10 by Censor Design9.7513
Rise & Shine, Mr. Charset! by Fantastic Italian Research Enterprise9.7512
Multi Rock by Oxyron, The Imperium Arts9.7514
Tower of Rubble 64 by K&A plus9.7520
Commando - Take Me to the Bridge Mix by MultiStyle Labs9.7516
Planet Golf Preview by 9.7512
RAAT#05 Invitro by eins9.7517
P0 Snake [64kb cartridge] by RGCD9.7512
Counterclockwise to Psychosis by Extend9.7510
Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade / Commando Arcade SE / Bruce Lee II by Nostalgia9.758
Yie Ar Kung-Font [113 bytes] by Aleksi Eeben9.758
Metal Force #2 by Airwolf-Team9.758
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom +6DGH by Hokuto Force9.758
Age We Aceeed by MultiStyle Labs9.7519
Rotated [193 bytes] by bubis9.758
Gubbdata 2015 by Genesis Project9.7533
Soylent Green by Extend9.7528
Vandalism News #50 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.7516
Vandalism News #66 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.7514
CMD Reader by Genesis Project9.758
485Gary by Vision9.75102
486Twofaced by Prowler9.7439
487Moonspire +6HD+Maps by Laxity, Onslaught9.745
Sprcut - a BMP2ASM sprite converter by Granddaddy Coding Seniors9.745
489Space Invaders by Genesis Project9.7459
490TRIAD Front Intro by Triad9.747
Test Drive Compilation by Nostalgia9.747
Slut drop by Hokuto Force9.747
493Space Debris by Artline Designs9.7429
494Brain Dead Idea by Carrion9.7446
Return of Heracles ++MD+Map by Triad9.7423
Newcomer by Cinematic Intuitive Dynamix, Protovision9.7423
497Powerglove +4D [rgcd compo edition V1.2] by Laxity9.748
498IK The IK+ Lake At Night by JonEgg9.7442
499Galencia Khaos Sphere + by Smasher9.7419
Skypeople by Maniacs of Noise9.7457
Mufflon V1.0 by Crest, Metalvotze9.7420
502Micro Hexagon [16kb cartridge] by Paulko649.7434
Back to Neon by TempesT9.7434
504Tiger Claw +29D &Map by Hackersoft9.737
505Victor Charlie by Genesis Project9.7394
506WAT (interrobang) by ptoing9.7332
The Chars of Reflection [128 bytes] by Lft9.7315
Tenth by Jason Page9.7315
509Arcade Football &GD by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.736
510We Are All Ejected by SHAPE9.7327
511SID-Wizard 1.2 by Hermit, Singular9.7311
Mona64 by Graham, Ilmenit9.7314
Darkness +6DS by Triad9.7311
Slipstream +2 by Genesis Project, Triad9.7311
Genetic DNA by Shine9.7334
516Planet Golf Preview +1D by Laxity9.736
517Allfather by Genesis Project9.7229
518Yarr! by Genesis Project9.7248
519Artefacts by Plush9.7243
520Antipop [2sid] by Samar Productions9.7225
Geezer by ptoing9.7225
522I HAS FLOPPY!! by Genesis Project9.72124
523Screw it Santa! I'm gonna be Rudolfant anyway! by Carrion9.7248
524Empire 128 - Enhanced by Binary Legends9.729
4x4 font [128 bytes] by bubis9.726
526Akalabeth: World of Doom +4 by Genesis Project9.7115
You Can't Process This REM Statement with a Normal Brain by Camelot9.7114
Yogi's Big Clean Up +3DH by Onslaught9.717
Creating Chiptunes with SID-Wizard - Second Edition by WitchMaster9.717
DSH by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.7122
Prince of Persia 1.1 by Mr. SID9.7122
Happy Birthday Gary by Genesis Project, Vision9.7135
TKO Re-imagined by JonEgg9.7135
walkin' 'brella by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.7110
Awakening +1FDW by Laxity9.717
Steel Ranger +3CD by Laxity9.717
Carrera F1 +5H by Genesis Project9.717
Pentagram by Rod & Emu9.7122
Exomizer V2.0 Beta 7 by Zagon9.718
Reset #07 by Reset Magazine Staff9.717
Multicolor2Char V0.2 by Mayday!9.7110
Juckes Pollysample Collection by Judas9.717
543RobotLand +2MF [english+spanish] by Laxity9.714
544Super Mario Bros 64 +2 by Genesis Project9.718
545Cacciata dal Paradiso Terrestre by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.7134
546Uncensored by Booze Design9.71196
547Whiteout by Genesis Project9.7124
Monster Buster [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net9.7124
Eternity [2sid] by Artline Designs9.7126
550THI2T33N by Censor Design9.7134
Kolmiolääke by Extend9.7118
Fire to Jump by Software of Sweden9.7117
Minestorm by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.7117
Orbtraxx2-Pokeymania by Orb9.7118
555Wool on Her Mind by Cosine9.7054
556Hawkeye 2018 by Artline Designs9.7020
Out Run Europa +9D +BugFix by Hokuto Force9.7010
Mail Order Monsters +7DF [easyflash] by Nostalgia9.7011
Wolfling V1.3 by Lazycow9.7010
Vector Runner by Megastyle, Protovision9.7010
Psyboarfunk by iLKke9.7041
Misery 3 by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.7022
20 Years Samar by Samar Productions9.7022
Rubicon +4DGHF by Hokuto Force9.7011
Turbo Out Run +5 by Excess9.7011
Wave Hero by Geir Straume9.7014
567MUSC-Hires Converter by Algotech9.705
Prg2Sid 0.63 by Ian Coog9.705
NOROM by Camelot9.705
Secret Censor Tools by Censor Design9.705
571Unboxed by Bonzai9.70103
572Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe Soundtrack by Saul Cross9.706
573Dead Sun by Archmage9.7026
Water by Wrath Designs9.7024
808 Love by MultiStyle Labs9.7046
576Pinball Dreams C64 Preview by 9.6913
Game Player by Vision9.6926
Project One V0.6 by Resource9.6913
The Fall by Electric, Extend9.6913
580Burner by Extend9.6932
Top 50 of Crack Intro Music Competition 2013 by Laxity9.6917
Frogger Arcade by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.6916
Hessian +5 by Genesis Project, Triad9.6917
584Legacy of the Ancients/The Legend of Blacksilver +4D by Saxxon9.697
585Museum of Strange by Genesis Project9.6957
Frozen Floppy by Genesis Project9.6951
587Beelzebub by Extend9.6838
Cor Blimey ! by Arsenic, Crest, Oxyron9.6840
Demons of Dex by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.6819
590Modular Sounds 5 by Artstate9.687
Hell Yeah by MultiStyle Labs9.686
592Megatron +4D by Genesis Project9.688
593Walk in the Park by Debris9.6825
Countryside by Dr. TerrorZ9.6845
Dawn #1 by DMAgic9.6822
596Für Desire by Dr. TerrorZ9.6825
597X Party Demo Sneak Preview by Arsenic9.687
598No Shit by Genesis Project9.6857
599Panic Analogue Music+ by Goin' Sideways9.689
Bellatrix by Hokuto Force9.689
601QUOD INIT EXIT V1.8 by Retream9.686
602xklmychn! by Onslaught9.6844
Oh Noes, They Be Stealing My Bench by Focus9.6837
604He-Man & Friends by Genesis Project, Vision9.6840
605Bomberland +5PD by Triad9.679
Wowzer by MultiStyle Labs9.6720
LuftrauserZ +2 by Triad9.6712
1k-mini-bdash by S.E.S.9.6712
Twofaced+ by Smasher9.6713
Albert & Herbert by Genesis Project9.6717
Galencia Khaos Sphere ++ by Zeldin9.6712
Cat Barf by Extend9.6733
CRX Race +4F by Laxity9.676
SID Factory 0.5 (alpha 1) by 9.676
Tetris MP V1.2 +F by Laxity9.676
Crusade in Europe +D by Fairlight9.676
Ultima III Gold by MagerValp9.6712
Genesis Project "Hellfire Intro" by Genesis Project9.6715
Party Maker by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.6713
But we are never gonna survive unless we get a little by Mahoney9.6710
High Voltage SID Collection v48 by HVSC Crew9.676
Berzerk Redux Final V1.18 by Martin Piper, RGCD9.6710
Myth +4DHF [cartridge] by Nostalgia9.676
Blade Runner Main Titles by MultiStyle Labs9.6721
Oldskool Soundrips 2 [6581] by Artline Designs9.6715
Ed in his Lib [FM] by Xentax9.679
Silverrock Tribute by SNAQZ9.676
Machine D by Crest9.6742
Mezzoforte E.G. Blues Cover [2sid] by Hermit9.6718
Sid Fishes FM by Xentax9.679
C64 Debugger V0.5 by Samar Productions9.6715
International Karate Re-Imagined (updated) by JonEgg9.6717
Hang Drum by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.6733
The Sentinel by Artstate9.679
In Humppa We Trust by Delysid, Finnish Gold9.679
Boombox Alley by MultiStyle Labs9.6735
Vandalism News #55 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.6715
Sidplay64 V0.7 by SHAPE9.676
Commoduck by Vision9.6729
Reborn Intro by Onslaught9.6716
Instinct by Ate Bit9.6725
Eighth by Jason Page9.6728
Monofail by Maniacs of Noise, MultiStyle Labs9.6730
Immensity - Revision 2014 Edition by ImmensityDev9.6719
Psycho Soldier +7DFIR by Nostalgia9.6712
Steel Ranger Preview +C by Laxity9.676
647Edge of Disgrace by Booze Design9.66291
648Adam & Burt by Adam West Group9.6642
649Turtle on the Coast by Clique9.6533
650PrimaryStar by Reyn Ouwehand9.658
Goodmood by Artline Designs9.658
Rent-A-Cop Reloaded by Achim9.658
653The Bear Essentials by Pond9.6524
654Sierpetscii [50 bytes] by Lft9.657
655Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip +5DGH by Hokuto Force9.655
656Room with a View by 6R6, Stainless Steel, Veto9.6539
65764 Forever by Viruz9.6557
658Game Art Beyond by Bliss9.6537
Fire by Wrath Designs9.6537
660Lucy in the Sky with a Butterfly by Booze Design9.6523
FMSid Demosong by Ate Bit9.6519
Thimbleweed Park 64 - What If by PriorArt9.6517
663Aurum 100% +T by Onslaught9.658
664The Cave by Veto9.6548
665Little Circles of Life by Skate9.645
666Sheriff Font [123 bytes] by Aleksi Eeben9.6415
NESsivE ATtaCK by Mr. SID9.6414
Vandalism News #62 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.6415
2Bit Mess by Crossbow9.6417
670Under the Red Tree by Vision9.6465
671Bad Eggs (loader picture) by Genesis Project, Vision9.6426
Broken Vinyl for $11 by MultiStyle Labs9.6429
EMERGENCY!!!! by Genesis Project9.6454
674Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom V1.0 by Pond, SDW Developments9.6439
675Return of the Cube by Genesis Project9.6433
Attitude #16 by Triad9.6412
SIDrip ReLive by SIDRIP Alliance9.6412
Rymddisko by Genesis Project9.6412
Super Bread Box +5D by Nostalgia9.6412
Illusions by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.6412
Pieces of 8-bit by Genesis Project9.6422
Formula Overflow by The Dreams9.6411
Midnight Resistance +8DFHR by Nostalgia9.6412
VICE 2.2 by VICE Team9.6411
In a Loop by Ate Bit9.6411
Gary by Genesis Project9.64121
Vandalism News #57 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.6411
688Coma Light 13 by Oxyron9.64215
689Speeding on the A 81 + Bonus by Technische Maschinenfabrik9.639
Silly Invitation by Genesis Project, Hokuto Force, Mystic Bytes9.639
691Route 64 by Arsenic, Censor Design, Oxyron9.6342
Compleeto! by ATOO9.6319
Celestial Fantasia by Artline Designs9.6319
694Mister Owl by Genesis Project9.6346
695Onward Ride by Artline Designs9.6328
696Evolver by Viruz9.6335
697Lenore (cover) by Hermit9.639
Insidious Pleasures by Fatum9.639
699High Voltage SID Collection v55 by HVSC Crew9.638
CSAM Super by Algotech9.638
Planet Golf Beatbox by Antonio Savona9.638
Kerekes 64Band Music Selector by SIDRIP Alliance, Singular9.638
High Voltage SID Collection v53 by HVSC Crew9.638
Make Some Noise by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.6316
Maniac Mansion Demo Disk by Onslaught9.638
R-Type +9DMI by Hokuto Force9.638
Turrican Amiga to SID by Jason Page9.6339
Shaded [94 bytes] by EXclusive ON, Samar Productions9.638
Larger than Life by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.6316
Bongo Linking Engine by Samar Productions9.638
HermInactive by Hermit9.638
Rogue +6DGM by Hokuto Force9.638
Time of Silence V1.0 by Claus9.6317
714Donkey Kong -1LIFE/PAL by Focus9.6253
715The Faerie by Delysid, Genesis Project9.6240
716Datafresh by Darklite, Loonies9.6222
In the end of everything... by Chorus9.6221
718Petscii Tracing by Dr. TerrorZ9.6234
The Mill by Oxyron9.6239
Air by Wrath Designs9.6234
721Jars' Revenge [tape] by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.6215
Screw it! by Triad9.6216
Midsummer Melancholy by Artline Designs9.6214
Monobrow and Fishbreath by ilesj9.6215
Spooky Preview +2 by Onslaught9.6213
727I Am The Master Of My Universe by Jailbird9.6132
728Plaisir du Multiplex by Hoaxers, Wrath Designs9.6139
Comaland 100% by Censor Design, Oxyron9.6172
Where's My F-Secure by Duce9.6119
731Echofied 6581 by Maniacs of Noise9.6146
7324Krawall by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.6147
Rastermind by Extend9.6123
734Mr Marvellous by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.6128
735Ninth by Jason Page9.6134
736Modular Sounds 2 by Artstate9.618
Vandalism News #51 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.618
738Elsewhere by Genesis Project, Vision9.6140
739Mikulas vs. Krampusz by Hermit9.6043
740IK Competition Sample by 9.609
741Rock Maze +3P &Editor by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.605
Cookie by Andy Noble9.605
Jack the Ninja Preview by Hokuto Force9.605
Excess Intro 07 by Excess9.605
745Integrator [Ninja 3 Editor] by Onslaught9.605
Isterinvite 2011 by Genesis Project9.6023
Odie FM by Cosine, Xentax9.605
O-Pat-Ko-No +DF by Triad9.605
The Sonic Circle by Vision9.6010
Legacy Lost by Focus9.6036
Shaded [88 bytes] by EXclusive ON, Samar Productions9.6011
Solar Fox +3DGMH by Hokuto Force, Mad Hacker's Incorporated9.605
A Damsel Emerges by 9.6010
Thread Over by Wisdom9.605
IK+ Gold by The Dreams9.605
Spring Comes To Bingen by Booze Design9.6038
K&A plus #09 [polish/english] by K&A plus9.605
Test Drive Tape +3D by Nostalgia9.605
Srpnsk [16b] by Krill9.6011
Redshift Infinite by Padua9.6012
Linusz Sucks Hard! by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.6010
Katakis +6DFI by Hokuto Force9.6010
IK Waterfall by Prowler9.6034
Exile +7DF by Neophytes9.6016
Quad Core by Singular9.6020
Country for Old Man by Electric9.6018
Multicolor Font by Camelot9.6012
The Last Ninja by Dokk9.6010
Vandalism News #54 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.6013
Hell Yeah by MultiStyle Labs9.6015
Boabots by Dr. TerrorZ9.6035
Queen by Dr. TerrorZ9.6013
No Compromise Touch by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.605
Digiloi +2DS by Laxity9.605
GFX Transformer 1.0 by Oxyron9.605
OdDnB by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.6032
Aviator Arcade II Preview by RGCD9.6013
Dynamic Range by F.A.M.E.9.6010
HMFLI by Hitmen9.6020
C64ColQuiz by Pond, Privy Software, SDW Developments9.609
Vandalism News #56 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.6013
Face to Face by Samar Productions9.6020
My Club House by LMan9.6026
SDBrowse V.4ec by Skull9.6010
Madonna Music Collection 2017 by Delysid, Finnish Gold9.6012
Turbo Tape 64 by Stephan Senz9.605
Executable Image Release 3 by Genesis Project9.605
788Fairlight Intro (the Legendary one) by Fairlight9.607
789Escape From the Laundry -7 by Dinasours9.609
790Milk & Honey by MultiStyle Labs9.6042
791P0 Snake [16kb cartridge] by Antonio Savona9.5933
792Hatching No. 1 by Crest, Wrath Designs9.5932
793Strangers by Onslaught, Oxyron9.5940
794200 toppisar och en folkis by Genesis Project9.599
795Coltrane by Electric9.5918
Monophono by Mahoney9.5934
Daydreaming by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.5917
798Pixcen V0.6.1.11 by Censor Design9.5824
Zone of Darkness Preview by Avantgarde, Taboo9.5812
Goblin Towers (1983+1987) &DSM by Genesis Project9.5812
PumpkinG by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5824
Arcade Intro by Arcade9.5812
Technovikings by Funkentstört9.5836
The Final Territory by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5824
805Malaga by Artline Designs9.589
806Tripod by SIR9.586
High Voltage SID Collection v46 by HVSC Crew9.586
808Barbarian - He-Man Edition by Hend9.5821
10 Years HVSC by HVSC Crew9.5819
810Black Flag by Achim9.585
811Turrican +14HD by Anarchy9.589
812Sweet Chili O'Mine by Extend9.5830
813Candle Burner +2 by Dinasours9.585
814The Richard Joseph Tribute by Onslaught, Protovision, Samar Productions9.5717
Rounded 2 [114 bytes] by Victory9.577
Attitude #19 by Genesis Project, Triad9.5721
One on One +2GD by Alpha Flight, Hokuto Force9.576
LumberJack Basic by Steveboy9.577
Vandalism News #60 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.5721
Pixel Polizei by Fit9.577
Rear View by Triad9.5736
Peter Pack Rat +5DGHF by Hokuto Force9.577
P0 Snake [sales version 64k] +3PD by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.577
Stomp Intro by EXclusive ON9.57126
Prince of Persia Box Art by STE'869.577
826The Shores of Reflection by SHAPE9.5792
827Lunatico by Lft9.57143
828Monkey Island 6581 & 8580 by 6R69.577
HiColEdit release 1 by Genesis Project9.577
Emboss V2 by Resource9.577
831International Karate Ultimate Preview by JonEgg, Excess, Formby Cracking Group9.576
832Smile to the Sky by Offence9.5641
833Happea by Extend9.5617
Type Mismatch by Ate Bit9.5616
835Reset #06 by Reset Magazine Staff9.569
Full screen snake by Freshness9.569
Stamps Back!!! by Extend9.569
PulseSounds by andym009.569
Dodge by Megastyle, Protovision9.569
840Funkymonkey by Vent, Triad9.566
The Vitruvian Man by Wrath Designs9.566
842Terrain &DG by Genesis Project9.5610
Crossfire Canyon +D by Genesis Project9.569
The Sword of Fargoal +10DG by Hokuto Force9.569
Our Legacy by Hokuto Force9.569
Anim8.4 by Triad9.569
The Great Giana Sisters +9HD by Remember9.569
Zamzara +5HD by Fairlight9.569
T.P.C.T.S. by Bonzai9.5611
Target Renegade +7DG +Pic by Hokuto Force9.569
Attitude #17 by Triad9.5619
Rubicon +4DGH by Hokuto Force9.569
Floatee by MultiStyle Labs9.569
Hangman's Hazard +2DF by Triad9.5611
Just One Life [2sid] by Unreal9.5610
Melanoma Mood [2sid] by MultiStyle Labs9.5612
Snafu'64 by Megastyle, Protovision9.569
Metro-Cross +5MDHGF by Alpha Flight, Hokuto Force9.568
Love Fileosophy [2sid] by SHAPE9.5618
The Good, the Bad and the PETSCII by Dr. TerrorZ9.5611
Flute Fool Feel by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5618
Final Boss by Ate Bit9.5610
Humppa or Die by Delysid, Finnish Gold9.5618
Bloody 'brella by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5618
Guilty Pleasures by Genesis Project9.5618
Eagle Soft Incorporated Intro (Eagle 2x1) by Eagle Soft Incorporated9.569
Magic Voice Classics by GOODSHIT9.568
Multipaint Version 25.2.2016 by Dr. TerrorZ9.569
869I’ve Got My Eyes on You Post-Oldskool Experimentalists by Focus9.5540
870PETSCII by Fit9.5520
871The Pianokeys are Black and White by Focus9.5551
872International Karate Re-Imagined by JonEgg9.5514
Spaceship Cleopatra by Prosonix9.5513
Monty Always Keeps on Running by MultiStyle Labs9.5512
Hybris by Jason Page9.5523
Mellowhouse by MultiStyle Labs9.5533
877Glad Gubbe by Genesis Project, Vision9.5435
Them Apples by ptoing9.5435
879Ultraflash-Noter V3.0 Featuring Live-(De)Crunching by Bliss9.548
880RGCD 16k Cart Compo 2013 Collection by Genesis Project9.5413
Icicle Race [16kb cartridge] by John Christian Lønningdal, Saul Cross9.5413
Scramble V1.1 by Tomk9.5413
Space Knuckle Ride by Genesis Project9.5430
884Arcane by Vision9.5430
885Buttercup (R.I.P. Butch) by Hokuto Force9.5318
Hat Trick 4Krill by Plush9.5317
Anal'ogue by Camelot9.5319
Papukaija by Crest, React9.5317
As We Advance in Years by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.5322
890Voyage to Pandora by Hokuto Force9.5319
Vandalism News #58 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.5320
I Will Show That Stupid Bunny by Genesis Project9.5335
Heaven's Gate by Hokuto Force9.5319
Decrunch by DreamWeb, MultiStyle Labs9.5320
895Tamed by Booze Design9.5339
896Rush by Singular9.539
897Oldskool Soundrips [6581] by Artline Designs9.5319
898$11 Heaven by Maniacs of Noise9.5341
899Recollection #2 by Jazzcat9.5221
900Ze bramblebee by Genesis Project9.5249
90125 Years of Yie Ar Kung-Fu by Oxyron9.5247
Space Invaders by Focus9.5248
903Wanderer by Chorus, Singular9.5226
904Winter is Coming by Arsenic, Oxyron9.5232
905Sanxion Remix 2016 by Jason Page9.5231
Concubism by Archmage9.5237
The Sign, Forever! by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5233
Might and Magic by Lepsi De, Samar Productions9.5231
909Sierpimini [128b] by Skate9.517
Basic Barnsley Fern by Graham9.517
Blap 'n Bash +3HD by Genesis Project9.517
SID Hero by Zbych9.517
P0 snake +2DP by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.517
Die! Alien Slime +8D by Triad9.517
Sidplay/w 2.5 by Inge9.517
Speeding on the A 81 +7 by Genesis Project9.517
Unstable ROPster by Onslaught9.517
Asteroids Emulator (Build February 23, 2013) by Norbert Kehrer9.517
919Cosmic Ark +D by Genesis Project9.515
920X Marks the Spot by Genesis Project9.5164
92190s Still Within by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.519
Populous Preview by Onslaught9.519
Batman - The Caped Crusader +1D by Fairlight9.519
Hunt for Bubber's Bathtub 101% +3CFTD [english] by Laxity9.519
Star Trek by Wrath Designs9.519
Trapesoid font [114 bytes] by bubis9.519
927Treu Love by Booze Design9.5166
928What Did Didi Diddly-Do? by Cruzer9.5030
Star Commander V0.83 by Software Trading Association9.508
Cyber Core - Game Art '94 by Elysium9.5015
Aviator Arcade II by JonEgg9.5024
Old Men in Used Cars by Fossil9.5060
Untitled by Ate Bit, Hack n' Trade9.5011
Sachs Castle by J.D. Sachs9.5011
MixCol Hi-Fli Converter 06-11-06 by Algotech9.506
Eye of the Pirate by Genesis Project9.5016
Multipaint 2018 by Dr. TerrorZ9.506
Petunia Pickle's Pumpkin Preview by Pond9.508
Soldier of Fortune +9DGIHF by Hokuto Force9.506
BOSSE by Genesis Project9.5022
Echoes by Maniacs of Noise9.5019
I Got Stamina... by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5014
Moonshine Dragons Invitro by Bonzai9.5014
Killer Bees +2H V3 by Excess9.506
Burbujas by Rock, Zardax9.5010
Petch +8DGMH by Hokuto Force9.506
Freeganismo by Lepsi De9.5019
Reset #09 by Reset Magazine Staff9.508
Empty by 9.508
Don't Push It by STE'869.5030
Shhh! by Genesis Project9.5022
Tir Na Nog [jewel] by Hokuto Force9.508
Demoscene Logo by Focus9.5033
Missed Call (Final) by Artline Designs9.5011
Nocode-slide by tlr9.5012
Syntax Eruption by Scarzix, Ziphoid9.508
Sidplay64 V0.8 by SHAPE9.508
Sixth by Jason Page9.5027
VSP Lab V1.1 by Lft9.506
Made Measures Are Broken by Wrath Designs9.5010
White Rabbit by Mayday!9.5016
Iceblox Plus [update 2018-01-08] by Eweguo9.5011
Let's Rock! by Artline Designs9.5010
Drama \o/ by Performers9.5022
Intro 51 by Wrath Designs9.5012
Maniac Mansion Mercury by Onslaught9.5010
Lifework by Arise9.508
Platman +7H by Laxity9.506
Beneath the Skin by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5022
The Prowl by Archmage9.5022
Ohne Titel by Focus9.5015
One More Thing by Lars9.5046
Stay for a while... by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.5027
My Life by Maniacs of Noise, MultiStyle Labs9.5017
No More Bets? by Fairlight9.5030
L'Abbaye des Morts +6DW by Hokuto Force9.5017
Hires2 by Jok9.5011
P1P2 - Project One HiRes Converter by uka9.506
Icony [2sid] by Arkanix Labs, Viruz9.5014
Remembrance by Genesis Project9.5016
Night Falls over Amygdala by MultiStyle Labs9.5010
Akalabeth: World of Doom by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations9.508
Polly Tracker v1.2 by Aleksi Eeben9.508
Vandalism News #45 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.508
Grandma Was a Druglord by Viruz9.5021
1 rasterline music player for Comaland demo by Censor Design9.5010
Recollection #1 by Jazzcat9.5018
REAL Sierpinski Triangle Fractal [193b] by Volcano9.508
Penultimate Fantasy +3DF by Genesis Project9.508
Jumpman Senior by Extend9.5014
991Genesis Project "Classy & Clean Intro" by Genesis Project9.508
992Wonderland XII by Censor Design9.50133
993Two Fonts [103 bytes] by Jiminy9.508
Ei siis hai humppa by Finnish Gold9.508
Spherical Being by SIDWAVE9.508
996GULBdata by Camelot9.49128
997C=Rex Offline by Genesis Project9.497
Space Trip +24D [crazy hack] by Hackersoft9.497
999C=Bit 18 by Performers9.4961
1000Datazombies From Hell by Archmage, Andromeda, Instinct9.4941
1001Breath by Veto9.4943
1002Streetrunner by Vision9.4873
1003The Papillons Intro #1 by The Papillons Inc.9.489
Strindberg by Electric9.489
Galza-23: Propaganda (C64 Edition) by Galza, Hitmen9.489
First SW18 Song by Mayday!9.489
1007Comaland by Censor Design, Oxyron9.48181
1008Androgena by Wrath Designs9.4832
A Flock of Seagulls by Censor Design9.4862
1010Speedball 2 Re-Imagined by JonEgg9.4828
1011Nightshade Intro by Nostalgia9.486
1012Could Be Cool by Censor Design, MultiStyle Labs9.4826
1013Griffon by Brutal9.4828
MoN-ster Crackers by Bonzai9.4852
1015Daah, Those Acid Pills! by Censor Design9.48118
1016Pongish by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.4824
ZX Art by Hokuto Force9.4821
Another Flock of Seagulls by Arsenic, Oxyron9.4823
1019Mother by Maniacs of Noise9.4719
Nootka Sound is not for Sale by Elysium9.4721
TransFormers Re-imagined by JonEgg9.4724
Rambo II Loading Picture by Fairlight9.4721
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by SHAPE9.4739
Diminishing Returns by Genesis Project9.4720
Nightriders by Extend9.4719
1026Mad Crash Racing Preview by Genesis Project9.476
Jimi Hendrix by Bob Stevenson9.476
Ninfetta by Level 649.476
82 Ditties by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.476
Lincoln Memorial at Night by J.D. Sachs9.476
Kick Assembler 2.24 by Camelot9.476
Ilpo by Exotic Men9.476
Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview by The Seven-A-Three9.476
QUOD INIT EXIT V1.4 by Retream9.476
Scene World #26 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine9.476
Modular Sounds 3 by Artstate9.476
Call of DOTY 2014 by Arsenic, Onslaught9.476
CharPad V2.0 Beta (17-07-15) by Subchrist Software9.476
VDC Mode Mania V1.1 by Akronyme Analogiker9.476
1040Incoherent Nightmare by Arsenic9.4773
1041Haze by MultiStyle Labs9.4720
You. Here. Now. by Archmage9.4736
Out Run Memories by Triad9.4735
S*A Intro by 9.4718
1045MatrixUnloaded by Censor Design9.4735
1046Serene by 9.4715
Bottom (REU) by Bonzai9.4717
At Night by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4716
The West Is Not Too Wild by Arsenic, Censor Design9.4733
Rocket Smash EX [64kb cartridge] by RGCD9.4720
Obey the Machine by Archmage9.4730
X-98 tune by Reyn Ouwehand9.4715
1053Battle Cat Junior - Title Picture by Alakran9.477
1054We Come in Peace by Censor Design, Fairlight, Offence9.4774
1055Orbital Impaler by Triad9.4631
Lethargic by Genesis Project9.4631
Northern Star by Booze Design9.4630
1058Fakers Home Boobs Palace by Censor Design, Oxyron9.4641
1059Unleash the Cheese by Genesis Project9.4615
Donkey Kong Junior +3D by Genesis Project9.4614
Carrion's OLDSCHOOL Pixels 100% by Crest9.4616
Join the Cosmic Caravan by Triad9.4615
Raster Dream by Resource9.4613
As far as the eye can see by Tinnitus9.4613
Bombjack DX Loader by STE'869.4630
Second Moon Danger Zone by Genesis Project9.4614
No Points for Second Place by STE'869.4632
Fish by Wrath Designs9.4613
Skull'n'Head by Hokuto Force9.4615
Argentine Songbook Vol. 1 by PVM9.4614
1071Brixels don't hit back by Mase9.4639
OMG Got Balls! by OMG9.4638
1073Unconditional Lover by ptoing9.4625
The Forest Deep by Onslaught9.4628
1075Axe of Rage +10DMHF by Hokuto Force9.468
1076Wonderland XIII by Censor Design9.4682
1077Loner - RIP Mr Moore by Hermit9.4513
Gnuff by Genesis Project9.4515
Nuclear Nick Preview + by Triad9.4511
Christmas Day by The Postmoderns, Vision9.4516
Humppasauna by Finnish Gold9.4512
Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade Loader by STE'869.4511
Modular Sounds by Artstate9.4511
Shadow Switcher by Dr. Wuro Industries9.4513
The Kings of Humppa by Finnish Gold9.4512
Ridiculous Reality 64 (April Fools' Day) by hedning9.4515
Dreamtime 2K17 by Profik9.4513
Urban Canyon Cruising by MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters9.4513
Alka by Origo Dreamline9.4512
1090Stormtroopers by Debris9.4523
Zombie Calavera Prologue by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.4520
PigOnTheWing by Valsary9.4522
1093Party On, Fishbone by iLKke9.4539
1094SX64ual Healing by Archmage9.4539
1095Airwolf-Fixer V1.0 by Lamex, The Ones Who9.4410
Flappy Bird by Sos9.4423
Danse Macabre by Genesis Project9.4411
STR#2 by oys9.4424
Missing You by Vision9.4418
LSBHires by Arise9.4422
Unoptimixed by Vision9.4420
Zeebrannah by Hokuto Force9.4424
Digiloi + by Genesis Project9.4410
HermIRES 1.25 by Hermit9.4410
Legend Intro by Legend9.449
1106Warp Drive +3 by Genesis Project9.445
1107Breeze Crack Intro by Breeze9.447
Octoknights by Agenda9.447
Mod [126 bytes] by Victory9.447
Vandalism News #48 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.447
Scorched Earth Preview by Triad9.447
Psyboarfunk [party version] by iLKke9.447
Hessian Preview &D by Genesis Project9.448
1114I Can Has Roasted Marshmallow by Vision9.4437
1115Dawnfall V1.1 by Oxyron9.4428
Far From Home by STE'869.4427
Giana Sisters DS by LMan9.4425
Clash Savior by Focus9.4426
Nogard by Fairlight9.4427
1120Ice Metal - Still Shining (too many chars version) by Prowler9.4447
Undone by rexbeng9.4420
Platman [16kb cartridge] by Saul Cross, Wanax9.4418
The Last Girl in the Lost World by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4416
1124Landing in the Village by Carrion9.4460
1125Show Time by Wile Coyote9.4440
ReTriggered by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.4439
1127SNPFCT#4 by Svenska Narkotikapolisföreningen9.448
1128Rocco Siffredi Invades 1541-II by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.447
1129FMX Music Demo by Ate Bit9.4323
Wizball by STE'869.4327
Joe's 136 Colors LSD Trip by Booze Design9.4328
1132Just a girl in November by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4334
Rastaline Dub by MultiStyle Labs9.4334
Deep Sea by Oxyron9.4331
Exploding Fist by Extend9.4330
Eine Kleine $11 Musik by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.4330
1137Rocketry by Chorus9.4391
1138Introtune for Itch by Triad9.436
GPAC Dementia Defender Preview +3 by Genesis Project9.436
1140The Eye of Shlarm by ptoing9.4319
Retrospectful by Drax9.4336
Jim Slim +8H +ROTFL +PW by Success + The Ruling Company9.436
Smallest I Can [62 bytes] by Jiminy9.4310
Dungeon Blaster +8H by Laxity9.4311
Lighthouse in a Storm by Hokuto Force9.4314
My NIGHTMARE Calls by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4320
Orbs by thesuperfrog9.4316
Rescuing Orc V1.0.2 by usebox.net9.4310
Nine by Chorus9.4321
Song for the Dead by Extend9.4339
Club Style by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs9.437
1152Jed's Journey +2D by Genesis Project9.435
1153Party Horse by Booze Design9.4238
1154Miss Pixcen by Oxyron9.4229
MONument by Shine9.4229
1156Your Father's Nightmare +2 by Genesis Project9.426
Legacy of the Ancients +8DIR by Nostalgia9.426
1158Honey Bee [sales version] +3D by Genesis Project9.428
1159Return of the Boat by Cosine9.4226
1160Attitude #9 by Oxyron9.429
1161Arctic Circles by Dane9.4231
IK Imperial Court of the Dragon by Hend9.4234
1163Little Knight Arthur +6D by Kasettilamerit9.426
Judge Dredd +4DGF by Hokuto Force9.426
Paperboy [cartridge] by Undone9.426
Basic Battleships by Steveboy9.426
JCH Collection by Delysid9.426
MUCSU-FLI Converter by Algotech9.426
Night Racer +HDFM by Mayday!9.426
Split Personalities +7D by Nostalgia9.426
Sydney Hunter Preview + by Atlantis9.426
1172Space Beer by Fossil9.4237
Force Of Habit by Genesis Project9.4216
Technomancer by Almagest9.4216
Glass by Wrath Designs9.4215
Grand Prix Circuit +DFIR by Nostalgia9.4212
The Little Prince's Last Dream by Onslaught, Padua, TempesT9.4213
It's Winter, Winter in Kleve by MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters9.4214
1179Vandalism News #63 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff9.4119
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, magination by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4118
Bait & Switch by Genesis Project9.4117
Space Truckin' to Kozmos thru Psykoz by Vent9.4119
1183Cosmos +7MD by Laxity9.417
1184Singularity [2sid] by Scarzix9.4139
1185_​|​ ̄​|​○ by Goto809.4122
Nothing but PETSCII by Genesis Project9.4189
1187K&A Plus #02 [polish/english] by K&A plus9.416
1188The Star Wars Demo by Censor Design9.4183
1189You lose some by Extend9.417
International Karaoke + [extended party disk] by Success + The Ruling Company9.417
Dracula's Castle by MP Software9.417
Amaurote +6MDG by Alpha Flight9.417
The Blue Album by Artline Designs9.417
Cowboy Duel - Live Your Dream! by Technische Maschinenfabrik9.417
Battle Khaos II by Tinnitus9.417
Jump Ninja Preview + by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.417
Armalyte Revisited by Onslaught9.417
1198Bad Boy by EXclusive ON, Samar Productions9.4042
Tiki Nui by Genesis Project9.4042
The Origin of Pixels by Extend9.4045
1201The Impossible Game +1MF by Laxity9.407
1202Scroll It Shorter by Mixer9.405
1203Bridge [party version] by Samar Productions9.409
Selenopolis 2.0 by Padua9.409
1205GoatTracker V2.71 by Covert Bitops9.405
4 Emelet Preview by 9.405
Regenerator 1.0 by Nostalgia9.406
Barcoded People by Hokuto Force9.4012
Concert by Performers9.4066
PVG by LDX#409.405
Rent-A-Cop Reloaded +5PD by Mayday!9.405
Sidlove by Ancients Pledge Inc., Level 649.405
D64EIC by Triad9.405
Invert [Final Edition] by The New Dimension9.405
True Paint I [ntsc] by Fatum9.405
Bmp2pet by Algotech9.405
Self Portrait with Unicorns by Vision9.4032
Head Over Heels +6DF by Nostalgia9.405
Ultimate Audio MOD Player by Freshness9.405
Starblast Preview by Cascade9.405
Does Not Compute by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.405
CheeseCutter 2.6.1 by Triad9.405
Vinyl Headz by MultiStyle Labs9.4010
Kamil and Johan Home Alone by MultiStyle Labs9.4016
+H4K by Plush9.4012
Starfysh +6HD by Laxity9.405
Chinchilla by Artline Designs9.4016
Powerglove [rgcd compo edition V1.2] by Lazycow9.4013
Immensity Preview by ImmensityDev9.4012
Seventh by Jason Page9.4017
Totem by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4015
Mirrors, Mirrors in the Soul by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.4016
Super Stardust Preview by Jupp39.405
Title Needed by 6R69.4025
Pac-Mistress by Morganne9.405
Green Delicious Apple-1 Emulator by Aleksi Eeben9.405
Daddy, look what I can do! by Vent9.4010
Truck On by MultiStyle Labs9.4016
Reset #9.5 by Reset Magazine Staff9.405
MultiLace Picture by Valsary9.405
Forth by Jason Page9.4012
Ruins by Genesis Project9.4016
Electronic Transfer by SHAPE9.4010
Danger Dawg by Genesis Project9.4016
Kobo64 [16kb cartridge] by Singular9.4018
Hibernated 1: This Place is Death (R17) by Pond9.405
1247Yie Ar Kung-Fu II +6DH by Nostalgia9.408
Gigatron Assault by Fairlight9.408
Time Before Time by Abaddon9.408
1250IK Fighter Lab (38911 bytes free) by Hend9.3934
1251Inside Job by Dr. TerrorZ9.3939
Crystal Gazer by Chorus9.3929
1253Establishing Eye Contact with a Squirrel by MultiStyle Labs9.3925
Second Star to the Right... by STE'869.3930
Padua Logo (Style is Innate) by Jailbird9.3924
1256We Are Demo by Fairlight, Noice, Offence9.3993
1257IK The Great Wall by STE'869.3936
1258Supergeek to the Rescue by PVM9.399
1259Self-Portrait by HMC9.399
Stinger! +3D by Genesis Project9.399
Speed by Creators, Onslaught, SHAPE9.399
Gnome - Sharpened by Shine9.399
1263Project One V0.5 by Resource9.3816
Genesis Project "PETSCII Skull Intro" by Genesis Project9.3826
Megamix by Fairlight9.3815
Humpfonia! by Finnish Gold9.3814
1267Pinched by Insane9.388
Lullabies for Naughty Children by Tinnitus9.388
1269Deus Ex Machina by Crest, Oxyron9.38167
1270Rewind by TempesT9.3840
GoatLight by Fairlight, Noice, Offence9.3877
1272Party Train Incoming - Mind the GAP by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.3822
¡Arriba las manos! by PVM9.3823
1274CANABALT [unofficial] by Mr. SID9.3830
1275Triad/GP Intro 3 by Genesis Project, Triad9.385
Hot Style #3 [polish] by Draco, Tropyx9.385
War 70 +MD by Atlantis9.385
Diced-64 by Jiminy9.385
The Innuh's Pyramid &DSM by Genesis Project9.385
Blue Heli by J.O.L9.385
DMC Demo IV by Danish Music Company9.385
Bootsy's Club Tonic by Onslaught9.385
Rush [1541U2] by insane, Singular9.385
Zzap Zzaping! by Ash9.385
1285IK Fujiyama In The Snow by STE'869.3839
1286Rainbow Dragon +11DF by Avatar9.388
GoatTracker V2.0 by Covert Bitops9.388
TRD X2012 Preview by Success + The Ruling Company9.388
Club Revision by Fairlight9.3816
Confused? +D by Triad9.388
Neon by Triad9.3875
Gotcha 45° 2x2 [126 bytes] by bubis9.388
High Voltage SID Collection v54 by HVSC Crew9.388
Conga Beat Cover by Hermit9.3819
The First Album by Advanced Dynax SidRiders9.388
Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry by MP Software9.388
Genesis Project "Buccaneer Intro" by Genesis Project9.3818
Asteroid Lindgren by Genesis Project9.3816
1299NUFLI Editor V1.11 [broken] by Crest9.377
1300Pandemoniac Part 2 of 5 Swirler by Panoramic Designs, Prosonix9.3738
1301Song of Fall by Chorus, Singular9.3731
1302Gollum by SIT9.3746
1303X-SID by Viruz9.3720
3 Angry Owls by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3725
Super Bread Box [16kb Cartridge] by Paulko649.3722
1306Electric Jesus by Intensity9.3732
Space Invaders by Hokuto Force9.3731
1308Fiddle Faddle by Saul Cross9.377
1309Fantasmolytic by Censor Design, Oxyron9.3798
1310+H2K by Plush9.37118
1311Nekomata by Artline Designs9.3614
Return of Heracles +MD by Breeze9.3613
Best Friends Forever by Debris9.3623
Lawless of the West by Dr. TerrorZ9.3626
The Earth by eins9.3630
Test Drive +3DHIR by Nostalgia9.3611
Love by Awsm9.3615
Greed by Wrath Designs9.3613
1319Official X2018 Report by Vision9.3627
1320Snoopy Hires by Extend9.3639
1321Untitled by Chromance9.3617
She-Pilot - Solar Fox Story Pic by Hokuto Force9.3621
He-Man - Fighter Select by Hend9.3620
Les Odabas by Anarchy, Resource9.3616
Danmaku (Level 1) by Vision9.3616
1326Korvsatan by Genesis Project9.3533
1327Euro Spy by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.3517
Dolphins Can Fly by Arsenic, Oxyron9.3522
ABBA Gold - The Collection by Delysid, Finnish Gold9.3521
Disco Calculi by Wrath Designs9.3518
1331Breakpoint 06 c64 Graphics Seminar by Crest9.356
Simon + by Genesis Project9.356
Datapandan trippar by Panda Design9.356
Burnin' Pen '64 +3JF by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.356
Strings Test (Chinese Theme) by Saul Cross9.359
Lincoln +HD by Genesis Project9.356
MultiColor V0.2.1 by Skoe9.356
Zorro +5D &Map by Hokuto Force9.356
Galencia Preview + by Triad9.359
1340Your Time is Running Thin by MultiStyle Labs9.3537
1341Trojahn by STE'869.3523
Serotonin by Booze Design9.3523
Sanxion Replugged 2009 by Mirage9.3523
Datagubbe by Genesis Project9.3526
Bored Teenagers, Expensive Shoes by MultiStyle Labs9.3520
1346Cock McNuggets Wrap by ilesj, Triad9.3523
1347Warpzone + by Vision9.3578
1348Follow Your Childhood by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3528
SagitTaurus by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3527
Arok 20 Invitation by Singular9.3526
We Are All Connected by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.35117
1352Freaks of Nature in F minor by Focus9.3432
1353Future 1982 by Genesis Project9.3492
1354IK Feed the Gods by Hend9.3432
Duck It! by Offence9.3437
1356The Wild Wood by Hend9.3443
Weeee! by Vision9.3437
1358In Memory Of by Fairlight9.3437
1359HF Intro #20 Music by Hokuto Force9.347
Electrozombie Generation [2sid] by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz9.347
My Cup of Tea by Crest, React9.347
1362BluREU by Crest9.3483
1363True Love Fails by Dane9.348
Song in Lines by Busy, Noro9.348
1365Lighthouse by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3342
Calm Time by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3321
The Treasure Is All Mine by Bliss9.3316
Beertime Lite by Dekadence9.3310
Teh Disco by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.3312
Quarx V2 +2HFD by Genesis Project9.336
Shapeshifter by dEViLOCk9.3320
Argus Music Complete by Saul Cross9.336
Starball Effect by Mixer9.3315
Fatamorgana by Artline Designs9.3311
Hitmen (Graffiti) Logo by Hitmen9.3322
Monomania by Offence9.3318
Missing the Mark by Genesis Project9.3318
Alternative Fuel by Jeroen Tel9.3322
Dawnfall by Oxyron9.3383
RGCD 2014 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition Results by RGCD9.3310
The Magician's Hat by Genesis Project9.3339
Tengel - BFP Music Compo Version by Prosonix9.3311
Checkers Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.3317
Sidplay/w 2.6 by Inge9.3313
Newsoft II by Fairlight9.3314
Red Heat Re-imagined by JonEgg9.3318
Monogram Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.3311
Vampires? Oh I bake them in the oven! by Carrion9.3327
Frantic4BHF by Hoaxers9.3334
Eisvogel by Slayer Grafix9.3319
A Trip by Rock9.3310
Tiger Claw - C64 in Pixels Edition +7D by Laxity, Onslaught9.3317
Merry Xmas 2017 by Genesis Project9.3329
Evil Garden +4D by Laxity, Onslaught9.339
Jeff Minter by Extend9.3316
In Memoriam BHF by SHAPE9.3321
Batman - The Caped Crusader +1D by Fairlight9.3316
Giraffeeeeeeeeeee... X_) by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3316
Intro / CRD by Conrad9.3312
Zeit der Stille [german] by Claus9.3311
Melody Clara Färdiga Gå by Censor Design9.3310
2x2 font by Camelot9.339
Steep Up by TomoAlien9.3327
SixShots by Extend9.3311
Ikari Warriors 2015 by STE'869.3319
Jim Slim - The Music Demo by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.3310
Illsavior Loading Screen by Fou-Lu, Rail Slave9.3313
RADWAR Speech Synth Sourcecode by Radwar9.339
Zatacka by Rabenauge9.3310
Forever SID by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.3317
Foxy Duel by uka9.3311
Rastah psykoz by Extend9.3310
VChar64 V0.2.4 by riq9.336
Midnight Upon Us by MultiStyle Labs9.3312
OceanLove by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3312
Rubicon +2F by Genesis Project, North East Importers9.336
1417Impala Imposter by Genesis Project9.338
Galza-25 (C64 Edition) by Galza, Hitmen9.338
Heaven by Artline Designs9.338
1420The Age Of Heroes +7DP by Mayday!9.337
MAH V1.0 by Retream9.337
Rock'n Role #32 by Raiders of the Lost Empire, Rock'n Role Staff9.337
Alone by Padua9.337
1424Springtime Woman in Field by DocJM9.338
Happy Birthday Dr.J by Finnish Gold9.338
1426Knight Lore Loader by STE'869.339
1427PETSCII & Pilt by Offence9.3357
1428ES1RA by Arise9.3351
1429RGB by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.3286
1430Vaakataso by Abaddon, Triad9.327
1431Soyarama 2 by Wrath Designs9.327
1432Room 309 by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3225
1433Frogger Arcade +4 by Genesis Project9.328
1434Moonfall (early) Preview +D by Triad9.326
Crazy Dog Racing by Krissz, Rihardo9.326
Brahms by DocJM9.326
Aviator Arcade II Preview +2 by Genesis Project9.326
Odyssey [2sid] by EXclusive ON9.326
1439Fight Run Preview by Onslaught9.326
Levyraato by 9.326
1441Hortus Zoologicus by Artline Designs9.3222
Cocillana by Extend9.3221
Remote by Dr. TerrorZ9.3222
Ninja Enters the Battle by ilesj9.3219
Fortress of Narzod by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.3222
Scholar by Mayday!9.3223
Aguirre, Wrath of God by Mayday!9.3222
Stare by Singular9.3223
Gleis 9 3/4 by Oxyron9.3221
1450Easybananaflashrama by Algotech9.3118
Drinking Buddies by c0zmo, Dane, grip, HCL, JackAsser, Pernod9.3123
Moebius 1938-2012 by Genesis Project, Vision9.3117
Lameness Since 1991 by Oxyron9.3171
Ghost Story by Oxyron9.3122
1455I Dug Some Graves You Will Never Find by MultiStyle Labs9.3114
SidRok by SIDRIP Alliance9.3117
Funk Under the Trunk by MultiStyle Labs9.3115
Blend with Green by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.3114
Hawk Hard Corporated by Resource9.3115
Richard Parker by Chorus9.3156
Elvendance by Lft9.3115
Burkah Intro by Onslaught9.3113
Post Singularity by ptoing9.3117
Summer Witch by Samar Productions9.3115
1465Bomb Run 64 +2H by Laxity9.315
Amegas Titlemusic Amigaport by Alpha Flight9.314
Zorro in Wonderland 2 Preview by Hokuto Force9.315
1468Quintessence by Lft9.319
1469Shrill by Arsenic, Censor Design9.3027
Searching... by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.3029
1471K9 V Orange Main Sequence by Fairlight9.3039
Sandmonster by Genesis Project9.3010
Shining 8 Logo by Shining 89.3015
Coconut Conundrum by Genesis Project9.3013
Someren Groove by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.3012
Frogs by Dr. Wuro Industries9.3010
Selfmade Executable by Side B9.3011
Sabre Wulf Re-imagined by JonEgg9.3024
Hibernated 1 Loader by Rail Slave9.3013
Escape to Reality by Raven, Nuance9.3014
GRG in Cyberspace by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.3012
WTF by Extend9.3022
50 Bytes of Sylvia by Algotech9.3030
Makeshift by Logicoma9.3016
Xcusemo by Atlantis9.3040
Illmatic Intro Picture by Valsary9.3010
Everything is Octopusied by Crest, React9.3011
1488Delirious 11 by Genesis Project9.3052
1489Andromedalogo by Archmage, Andromeda9.3030
1490Scrollwars by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.3076
1491Picture 3 by Wrath Designs9.307
Back 2 Basic by Offence9.307
Mighty Wings by Jurbo9.307
Toy Rocket by Lft9.307
Tribute 2 TRIAD 2 by Alfatech9.307
We Are by Hokuto Force9.307
1497Foren Huren +D by Forunkel649.297
1498Radwar 2017 Logo by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.2925
Nappy Go Lucky by Padua9.2921
Bombs Over Dresden by Fanta9.2918
SWiRL by DnP9.2919
Crossing the Chinese Border by Fatzone9.2938
Hot Mommas by EXclusive ON9.2918
by Hoaxers9.2942
1505Assata's Song by MultiStyle Labs9.299
1506Szutyejev and the Left/Right Side by Singular9.2930
1507Monumentum by Hitmen9.2960
1508St. Joaquin by Triad9.2934
Transcendence by Booze Design9.2936
1510Tentacles by Genesis Project9.2942
1511Kickin' it Oldskool by Censor Design9.29100
1512Andropolis by Booze Design, Instinct9.29127
1513Back on the Route! by Arsenic, Oxyron9.2914
$50 Shades of Gradius by c0zmo9.2916
The Unusual Suspects by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.2915
Genesis Project "Big Swing Intro" by Genesis Project9.2911
I heard it through the Grapehein by Viruz9.2915
Perfectly Well Adjusted by Lft9.297
A Whirlwind of Blood by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2910
Rocket Smash EX +3DH by Genesis Project9.2916
P0 Snake [sales version 64k] +3PD by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.297
Dog by Pond, Privy Software9.2922
Pooptical Illusion by Smasher9.297
Risen from Oblivion VDC V2 by Crest, Oxyron9.2914
Introduction to Crack by Drax9.2967
Je suis Linus le salaud by MultiStyle Labs9.2915
The Long Journey by Scarzix, Steel9.2910
KAOS 64 by Algotech9.2922
Italian Garden by 9.2911
1530Rocky Memphis Preview +1F by Laxity9.287
1531Mahoneyfont [118 bytes] by Mahoney9.289
1532201: Kicz&Absurd by Genesis Project9.2824
Widescream by Extend9.2819
Lumberjack by Megastyle, Protovision9.2819
Anticipation by Toggle9.2821
1536Samar Logo #4 by Valsary9.285
Jagged Sword Preview + by Genesis Project9.285
1538Merry Hexmas by Camelot9.2840
1539Industrial Snow by Prosonix9.277
1540Scarabaeus +6DH by Onslaught9.275
Sierpunyski [26b] by Krill9.275
Hermetic +5DT by Hokuto Force9.275
Frogger II - Three Deep +4D by Hokuto Force9.275
TapeCart Slideshow by PriorArt9.275
Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe +6 by Atlantis9.275
Sid Story by Booze Design9.275
2016 C64-Retroinvaders Calendar: Commodore Manía Awards 2014-2015 by Nautilus9.275
Yeti Intro by Yeti Factories9.275
Rock Maze (Reset Edition) +4PH [fixed] by Laxity9.275
Feud +6DGF by Hokuto Force9.275
Swan Lake by DocJM9.275
Grace Endless Zoomer by Ray Manta9.275
Wer ist Paula? by Hitmen9.275
Captain Future Preview +3T by Laxity9.275
Wizball 2012 by Logikstate9.275
Dissolve [50 bytes] by Ruk9.275
1557Soft Machine by Triad9.2740
Redback Razorcrabs by Genesis Project9.2727
Beds of Green by Wrath Designs9.2724
Elysium Blot Logo by Valsary9.2715
Pterodactylman by Dinasours9.2711
Uuno Turhapuro Muuttaa Maalle by Vent9.2712
Field Sort by Lft9.2713
Star Flake by Maniacs of Noise9.2729
Monotonal by Archmage9.2725
I wins next X by Dinasours9.2722
1567The Mighty Skull Hunter by Genesis Project9.2729
1568The Infiltrator by Vision9.2722
Dragonbird by Hokuto Force, Lethargy9.2715
Composition for the 11th Finger by MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters9.2717
157180 Columns [125 bytes] by Aleksi Eeben9.278
1572One Hit Wonder by Fanta9.275
Border Letter I by 1001 Crew9.275
Caverns of Doom by Genesis Project9.275
1575Electric Toothbrush by Vibrants9.2638
1576Arcade Intro by Arcade9.266
Future Goat by Artline Designs9.266
Rox0r by fieserWolf9.266
Recollection #3 Cover by 9.266
Faster Than Light Preview +2 by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.266
Third by Jason Page9.266
Vandalism News #40 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.266
Jars' Revenge +3D by Excess9.266
Bytes-nerdig by Panda Design9.266
The Evil Dead +3DGMH by Hokuto Force9.266
Moonspire: The Draxx War - Preview +6M by Laxity9.266
Stranger Things C64 Mix by Saul Cross9.266
SIDrip Alliance Music Collection 2010 by SIDRIP Alliance9.266
Zoo 2017 Overdose intro by Finnish Gold9.266
1590Robot Sensuality by MultiStyle Labs, Oxyron9.2620
Mountain March by SHAPE9.2622
Above & Beyond #01 by Onslaught9.2622
1593Turbo Out Run Re-imagined by Excess9.2625
1594Look Twice by Offence9.2660
1595Pain In The Asm by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.2639
1596Revolved by Triad9.2691
1597Final Boss (final version) by Ate Bit9.2639
1598XXV by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.257
First by Jason Page9.257
1600Kobo64 V2 +2M by Triad9.255
1601Giger's St by Hitmen9.255
1602A New Beginning by Artline Designs9.2514
Swords and Sorcery by Dr. TerrorZ9.2513
Absolution #13 by Hokuto Force9.2510
Honey by Atlantis9.2533
Perfect Pixels by Chorus9.2515
Shume by Artline Designs9.2517
Pac Man Arcade Preview by Hokuto Force9.2514
Animal Medley by Funkentstört9.2520
Splinter Font by 4-Mat9.258
You Deserve Gold by Artline Designs9.2516
Pixels Wide Put by Booze Design9.2527
Play Silly Buggers by MultiStyle Labs9.258
Quad Core 100% by Singular9.2525
25 Years Krawall by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.2510
Scramble by Tomk9.2512
Tribute to Bob Wakelin by Megastyle9.2512
Dubstep's Passe [2sid] by Arise9.258
Lonely Tree by Hokuto Force9.2533
Tau Zeta by STE'869.2514
Intellectual Support by Resource9.2522
The King Lives! by Booze Design9.2535
Paper Plane by Reset Magazine Staff9.2517
Strange / Konami by Randall9.2512
Clavi-X by Fatum9.2512
Assembloids Basic V2.0 by Steveboy9.2513
One-Der by Oxyron9.25106
Redshift by Padua9.2522
Midnight Cruise [2sid] by Samar Productions9.2513
Schizarrion by Miracles9.2525
Venerable Moon by Genesis Project9.2519
SAAB 69 by Artline Designs9.2512
REAL Sierpimini [128b] by Skate9.258
Continuum by Triad9.2577
Days of Creation by Artline Designs9.2517
True Survivor by Genesis Project, Horizon, Oneway9.2517
Cosmonaut by Genesis Project, Vision9.2536
A Distant Sound by Funkentstört9.2535
Coop Intro 80% by Smasher9.2512
Dump Draxco by Viruz9.2512
Scarabaeus by Genesis Project9.2514
Orangii. by Extend9.258
Transforming by c0zmo9.2527
Nacreous by Shine9.2527
Helicoid by PVM9.2512
Glada Gubbar i Datadjungeln by Prosonix9.2510
Lich King by Hokuto Force9.2512
Gimmie Affisch by Genesis Project9.2510
Mentallic by Panoramic Designs9.2557
Lost in Paradise by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2521
Powerglove [16kb cartridge] by Lazycow9.2512
VVVVVV Demo by Paulko649.2525
Quaralline by Genesis Project9.2510
Big Beat by EXclusive ON9.2513
1655Honey Bee [real sales version] +6D by Laxity9.259
1656Wizard's Doom +3D by Genesis Project9.258
Garage Party Jam [2sid] by SHAPE9.258
1658Alla ackord är tagna by Genesis Project, Panda Design9.258
Hertzblut by Arsenic9.258
Audience Intro by Mayday!9.258
DOTY - Compo Invitation by Axis, Yazoo9.258
Sub Hunter Music by Maniacs of Noise9.258
Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom +2D by Genesis Project9.258
1664Angels Amongst Us by Oxyron9.2458
1665Soiled Legacy by Resource9.2471
Steampunk Evening by Genesis Project9.2439
1667The Phoenix Code by Bonzai9.2461
1668The Empire of Norway by Prosonix9.2426
1669Morswiny by Arise9.2422
1670Disqualified by Genesis Project9.2418
Do You Wanna be a Hero? by STE'869.2419
Synthesis by Mixer9.2417
Wind-Swing by Chorus, Singular9.2419
Night Finds You by MultiStyle Labs9.2419
1675Daft Robot by Wile Coyote9.2336
1676WaterMan by Hermit9.238
1677Angular by Camelot9.2342
Cosmic Fragility by Booze Design9.2320
Lord Vader by Debris9.2337
Behind the Leaves by Arsenic, Oxyron9.2313
Wolverine by Lepsi De, Samar Productions9.2314
Singel Snigel by Genesis Project, Vision9.2314
Confusion 2015 Remix by LMan9.2331
Luminous by Shine9.2332
SZ by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2314
Ho-Man Junior - Title Picture by Snabel9.2313
The Last Ninja by Wile Coyote9.2329
1688De-coder by tlr9.236
Monster Defense Basic by Steveboy9.236
1690Desert Dream by Chorus, Resource9.23138
1691Vicious Sid 2 by The Noisy Bunch9.2339
1692Stargazer by Genesis Project9.2325
Iaaku by Crest, React9.2328
1694Onkel Kånkel by Onkel Kånkel9.235
Game Preview by Dinasours9.235
1696Basic Sex by Steveboy9.2210
Breakfast of Champions by Funkentstört9.2220
Danse Macabre +TD by Nostalgia9.229
Zelda PETSCII by Awsm9.2222
In Soviet Party Picture Converts You by ilesj9.2211
Social Net by Arsenic, Oxyron9.2239
Mollusk by STE'869.2213
Reluge 101% by Padua9.2222
Mr. Fourex by Genesis Project9.2211
If you let her go, She will find the way back to You... by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2218
Madrid by Rulas International9.2225
The Courier Remix by Hokuto Force9.2210
Tasmanian Dummy's Hangover by Extend9.2231
Pinball Dreams 64 by 9.2210
1710Your Heptacular Eyes by Lft9.2239
1711Broadway font [124 bytes] by OMG9.227
1712Quod Init Exit IIm +3D by Triad9.229
1713CharPad V1.8.3 by Subchrist Software9.228
1714Lost In Space! by Hokuto Force9.215
90º [69 bytes] by Camelot9.215
1716Datastorm 2014 Invitation by Genesis Project9.2114
Eskimonika by Dane9.2128
Lomah by Hokuto Force9.2114
1719We Are New by Fairlight9.2195
1720Still Waiting by Crest9.2139
Little Sentient Hatchback vs. the Hordes of Tacgnol by Covert Bitops9.2138
1722Linnan Valtaus + by Dinasours9.216
Chill Pill by MultiStyle Labs9.219
Cred Breaks Out +3H by Genesis Project9.216
Little Knight Arthur +6HD by Laxity9.216
1726Sthaeirwayll by Focus9.2120
Miracle by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2121
Fallen Leaves by Finnish Gold9.2121
Countess of Boob by Oxyron9.2122
He-Man Junior - Backstage by Alakran9.2119
Blissed Out! by Bliss9.2119
Immerse by Onslaught9.2123
1733Flummi's World Music by The Imperium Arts9.216
Vandalism News #43 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.216
1735Cloud Nine by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2128
1736Safe VSP by Lft9.2153
1737Tower Power 100% by Camelot9.2162
1738Rat Racing by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.2137
1739The Game is Apaw! by iLKke9.2145
1740Old X-mas Joke Go Petscii by Megastyle9.205
Apache Pic by J.O.L9.205
Czizz by K29.205
1743SpritePad V1.8.1 by Subchrist Software9.207
Dancing Keith by Triad9.207
Joe Gunn Gold Edition by Endurion9.207
1746Sub Hunter by Cyber Systems, The New Dimension9.209
Quest for Peace by Genesis Project9.209
Armageddon by Artline Designs9.209
A New Beginning II by Syboxez9.209
17502Pack - First Contact by Elysium9.2020
Pushover64 Preview V5 by Magic Cap9.205
Abrakadabra Preview v0.33 by Creators, Electric Sheep9.205
Number 2 V ABC by James9.205
Turbo Tape Kernal Rom by Onslaught9.205
Cosmos V1.1 by Hultén Brothers9.205
LOBO X-2018 by Genesis Project9.2017
Meat Candy by SnugBoat9.2043
Code Me a Song by MultiStyle Labs9.2018
Pixel Perfect by Chorus9.205
The Greatest Pal by Offence9.2017
Electric Circus by Dr. TerrorZ9.2016
Sounds of the 80s by Triad9.2029
Unsound Minds by Byterapers9.2057
SidInspector by fieserWolf9.205
Norsu by Crest, React9.2015
2048 +2 by Triad9.2013
Nordic Scene Review by Genesis Project9.2023
Modular Sounds 8 by Artstate9.205
Lode Runner +6GD by Hokuto Force9.205
Spike by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.2017
Shades by Chris Huelsbeck9.2013
GoatTracker V2.59 Stereo by Covert Bitops9.205
Vandalism News #49 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.2017
Magyar Népzenék by Hermit9.2011
Yasashisa Ni Tsutsumareta Nara by PVM9.205
xD by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.2029
Reset #02 by Reset Magazine Staff9.205
Druid II by Dokk9.2010
Double Rainbow by Genesis Project9.2019
Heng - HiRes Engine by Onslaught9.205
Olatunji by Extend9.2013
C64 fourier by Singular9.2010
1783Raid over Germany by Genesis Project9.208
17842011 - A Press Space Odyssey by Offence9.20106
1785Respublika Kazantip [stereo] by MultiStyle Labs9.199
1786Scene World #27 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine9.196
1787Royal Arte 100% by Booze Design9.1992
1788Disco Apocalypso by SHAPE9.1986
1789Donkey Kong Junior +D by Genesis Project9.198
1790Smoke King by Extend9.1921
C64 48Khz HiFi Digi Player 2 by Antonio Savona9.1916
Just Now I Feel Fairly Light-headed by Fairlight, Triad9.1917
Journey to Pandora by Hitmen9.1923
IK Hidden Jungle Temple by Hend9.1937
Featuring Daft Punk by MultiStyle Labs9.1932
Innerpeace by Focus9.1923
1797Street Warriors +28D [crazy hack] by Hackersoft9.197
1798Delirious 10 by Genesis Project9.198
1799The Last Crack by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.1928
GLJSL by Isildur9.1929
1801Cosmos +7MD by Laxity9.186
1802New Year's Resolution by Genesis Project9.1864
1803Space Lords "Centaurus" by P1X3L-net9.1811
Traveller Moon by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1816
Retro by Elysium9.1816
Starfield by Mixer9.1811
Beetlephant by Genesis Project9.1825
Get 'Em DX +5HD by Laxity9.1816
Swislain by Extend9.1815
Caged by Artline Designs9.1814
Herb's Shot by Extend9.1812
Stoned Dragon by Fairlight9.1825
The Bitch and the Beast by Cascade9.1817
Fifth by Jason Page9.1812
Skramble +5HDF by The Walker Group9.1811
Infernal Runner +10DG by Hokuto Force9.1811
Still Floateeng by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.1811
Cyclone de l'interieur by Crest9.1814
We Must Not Touch Fathers Settings by Hokuto Force9.1817
1820Dieter und Gisela trinken Limonade und hören Beat [64 bytes] by Camelot9.185
1821The Sun by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.186
1822Timeless! by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1829
International Karate Fist Temple by STE'869.1838
1824Səʊʃəlɪz(ə)m by DataDoor9.1821
C64 48Khz HiFi Digi Player 1 by Antonio Savona9.1819
1826Goatbeard by Oneway9.1728
Lethal Weapon 2 by STE'869.1726
6581 Doped Cows by 9.1726
1829Silent by Alpha Flight9.177
1830Grey on the Inside by ptoing9.1734
1831Restfont by Copyfault9.175
1832NUVIEmaker v0.1e by Crest9.177
1833SNPFCT#2 by Svenska Narkotikapolisföreningen9.176
1834Beats by Atlantis9.1726
Oldschool Heaven by c0zmo9.1720
Gloria by Dane, Mitch9.1718
Moozpack 4 by Xenon9.1718
20 Years HVSC by HVSC Crew9.1716
Mutants Revisited by Jason Page9.1718
Super Ski by Pond, Privy Software9.1720
Pixel City Skater by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force9.1714
Scroll It by Mixer9.176
Archaic Groove by Genesis Project9.1714
Polyphonica by Shogoon9.1712
Iron Lady by Brutal9.1715
Bomberman C64 by Samar Productions9.1732
Waiting for Inspiration by Carrion9.1744
Genesis Project "Techno Hedning Intro" by Genesis Project9.1726
Redrunner by Aleksi Eeben9.1713
D64 Editor V0.028 by 9.176
The Eagle Has Landed by Censor Design, Oxyron9.1710
Alone in the Wind by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1712
1853Victorian Era VIC 20 Sound Chip Emulator by Aleksi Eeben9.178
QUOD INIT EXIT V1.2 by Retream9.179
Brilliant Maze V1.1 [16kb cartridge] by Geir Straume9.178
Cats by Art Huff9.178
QUOD INIT EXIT V1.6 by Retream9.178
1858Yet Bigger Beat [2sid] by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.167
1859Extend WHQ (Animated) by Extend9.165
Rasdumje +1D by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.165
Walliball +H by Genesis Project9.165
Rupert and the Toymaker's Party +3DG by Hokuto Force9.165
Power of 2 [2sid] by PVM9.165
A Lazy Year [8580] by Mayday!9.164
Faster than Light Preview by Faque9.165
Mobile Art - Rodney Matthews 3 by Wrath Designs9.165
1867Demo of the Year 2014 [102% final version] by CeriX, Arsenic, Atlantis, Chorus, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project, House Designs, Offence, Onslaught9.169
REU-Demo TMS-JCN [nuvie] by Tommes9.169
Vulture by Pardon9.169
1870The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Focus9.1623
Liberation by Triad9.1623
Running on Empty by Genesis Project9.1622
1873Fopcycle by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.1635
1874[U]se [N]eil [I]tem [T]rap by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.169
Low Battery by Gheymaid Inc.9.168
Someday by DustBin9.169
1877They Cut the Grass Again by MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters9.168
1878Te-Te-Te-TechTech It Out by Camelot9.1671
1879Forgotten Memories by Hokuto Force9.1516
The Getaway by Triad9.1514
Crimson Twilight Preview V1 by Arkanix Labs9.1516
IK Ultimate Competition Edition +D by Excess9.1513
1883Undo by rexbeng9.1562
18844K Game Collection 64K CRT by EDK, SAM9.156
1885Technotitlan by Funkentstört9.1535
1886Fleur de lys by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1525
Ramiel by Hokuto Force9.1523
SSDPCM2 V3 - 16khz by Algotech9.1522
1889TRSi - Digital Playground by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.1592
1890Whenever It Hails by MultiStyle Labs9.1534
1891Petaco´5 by Errazking9.156
1892QUOD INIT EXIT V1.5 by Retream9.158
1893Syntax by Crest, Wrath Designs9.1421
Nordlicht Logo by Desire9.1410
Endless Summer by Genesis Project9.1418
Counting Floors by Genesis Project9.1410
Middle Earth by 9.1411
Mermaid by Antic9.1410
Musik Run/Stop by Mahoney9.1456
Rekall Inc. by Shine9.1410
Brandon Walsh by Genesis Project9.1425
Cosmic Ark [16kb cartridge] by Max9.1416
Boosted by MultiStyle Labs9.1412
Barbarian Junior - Title Picture by Alakran9.1414
Bravocado by Panda Design9.1410
Her Web is the City at Night by MultiStyle Labs9.1415
I Just Had Hex on My Wavetable by Panda Design9.1411
Saiph by Hokuto Force9.1411
Propaganda or NEWS by Tommes9.1410
Untitled by Agony Design9.147
Sounds of the Amiga #4 by Triad9.1415
Demo Factory 2018 by Cosine9.1410
The Drift Intro by Steel9.1412
Mixer by Upfront9.1429
Premonition by Genesis Project9.1410
Stan Lee Tribute by Desire9.1417
Rock Goes 80's by Finnish Gold9.1416
Fawn of Creation by Prosonix9.1414
Joe at the age of 23 by Wrath Designs9.147
Edu-Intro by Triad9.147
Szalonna Csillag by Triad9.1410
Bernie by Genesis Project9.1414
Serpent by Censor Design9.1445
Leaf Dragon by 9.1412
1925Walking on the Moon by Genesis Project, Vision9.1447
1926Scott-Land by 9.149
Mission Prostol by PVM9.149
Calling by Genesis Project9.149
Mobile Art - Rodney Matthews 2 by Wrath Designs9.149
Pushover64 Preview V6 by Magic Cap9.149
Slipper by Saul Cross9.149
1932The Caves of Oberon +2D by Genesis Project9.149
Starion-Intro Remake by Booze Design9.149
A Trip Into E-V-Space by 20th Century Composers9.149
Fire Breath +3D by Genesis Project9.149
EXonisphere by EXclusive ON9.149
Legacy by Dane9.149
1938Directory Karate + by Antarctica9.1422
1939Hardware Accelerated Samples: My Humps by No Name9.1438
1940Came Over by Vibrants9.1318
Lovers by Lepsi De, Samar Productions9.1316
Genesis Project "Ghettoscene Ultras Intro" by Genesis Project9.1321
Sid*Nation XII - The Final Chapter by Genesis Project9.1317
Berzerk Redux by Martin Piper9.1318
1945Unsatisfied Love by Gheymaid Inc.9.139
4Kindness by PVM9.139
1947BB-Bobble by Carrion9.1331
Strikeforce by Prowler9.1330
1949Engage charmode, begin pursuit by Triad9.1335
64-2 Sekunden Cheesecrustro by Genesis Project9.1337
1951Another Beginning by Offence, Prosonix9.1387
1952Apparatus by Lepsi De, Miracles9.1358
1953Destination by Taboo9.135
Genesis Project Disk Cover by Genesis Project, Panda Design9.135
Highlander by STE'869.135
Space Invadaz Extra Preview by Triad9.135
Scene World #23 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine9.135
Ninjas on Surfboards by svenonacid9.135
Gozerian Society by Triad9.135
Yaemon's Tunebox 2 by Brutal9.135
Holst/Planet by DocJM9.135
Crack of Doom +D by Triad9.135
1963Retroversion by Toondichters9.1312
Pablo Toledo Tribute by Finnish Gold9.138
Krestage by Crest9.1328
Teltale by Prosonix9.138
Panda Gangster Gardener by Desire9.1316
Megaparts 2 by Fear9.1311
Rainy Day by Rock9.1311
Scissors by Extend9.1312
Mining +2D by Genesis Project9.138
Reluge by Padua9.1331
I'm Gonna Be Famous on C64 by Carrion9.1338
Let's go Chopping by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.1313
Portal V1 by Jiminy9.1313
Jaxxer by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.1314
Camel Park by Camelot9.1330
Pro Memoria 4 by Arise9.1319
Artphosis by Hitmen9.13110
Dishwasher Groove by Lft9.1313
Selenopolis by Toggle9.138
I'll Catch You! by Crest, React9.1316
High Roller by Artline Designs9.1318
1984Dutch Breeze by Black Mail9.12147
1985Grubz Preview by Singular9.129
Drunken Fallout by Genesis Project9.129
1987Ice Metal - Still Shining by Censor Design9.1278
1988PETSCII Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.1259
Veterans of Style by Digital Excess, X-Ample Architectures9.1232
Bitfellaslogo by Archmage, Andromeda9.1228
1991The UFO by DocJM9.129
1992Snapshot by Glance9.1273
Globe 2016 by CRT9.1217
Full Throttle by Artline Designs9.1221
We Love You Too, Vanja! by Focus, Vision9.1219
Crimson Blessing by Shinobi9.1222
Bitter Swede Symphony by Booze Design9.1221
Freak of Nature by Slayer Grafix9.1225
Intrinsic by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz9.1221
Game of Thrones [2sid] by Genesis Project9.1219
Wermland by Oxyron9.1220
Awakening by Endurion, Spider Jerusalem, The USER9.1220
2003MC God by Offence9.1234
2004$28 Slajerek by Samar Productions9.127
2005Att17ude by Triad9.116
2006Mathematica by Reflex9.1172
Holy Pilgrims by Piesiu9.1135
2008Wind Downs by Toondichters9.1111
Full Horizontal Directory Logo by Laxity9.1127
Space Diva by Wile Coyote9.1120
Ihana by Electric9.1118
Imjärvi UFO Incident by Dr. TerrorZ9.1116
WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1122
Short Poppy by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz9.1110
Super Silverfish [seuck] by Alf Yngve, The New Dimension9.1112
Kinda Sketchy by Istari9.1114
VF-SSDPCM1 Super Plus by Algotech9.1110
Summer BBQ Oppression Olympics by MultiStyle Labs, Toondichters9.1110
Veronica by Brutal9.1118
Lost Romantic by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1120
2021Vicious Sid by Mixer, SounDemoN, The Human Code Machine9.1155
2022Zly Pan by Elysium9.116
2023Red Storm by Triad9.1139
Desolate by Onslaught9.1144
The Human Race is Dying Out by MultiStyle Labs9.1120
2026Intercourse by Exotic Men9.106
Godspeed - A 8580 Music Album by Mayday!9.106
2028Unicorn, the Collectors Edition by Chorus9.1036
Tristar Red Sector Logoset by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated9.1017
Megapede +DG by Genesis Project9.1011
Reflections by Plush9.1022
Ahhh!!! by Chorus, Singular9.1012
Bomberland +3D by Genesis Project9.1012
Abstract Mutualism by Slayer Grafix9.1025
Edge of Nothing by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1017
Harden your Horns (Heavy Stylus Edition) by Viruz9.1014
Walk by Artline Designs9.1013
Captain Cloudberry - Episode IV: "Helium" by Megastyle9.1010
The Darkness Original Soundtrack by RGCD, Viruz9.1012
Introducing Audio VQ by Algotech9.1011
Go Easy On by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs9.1012
My Trans by Extend9.1011
Wonderland XI by Censor Design9.1061
Tenderized by Veto9.1016
Sid*Nation - The Music Collection by Genesis Project9.1011
Trainwreck by Genesis Project9.1014
Cloud City by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.1014
Svenzzon by Desire9.1025
Glide by !Cube9.1015
The Last Reader by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.1010
Human Hunting by Arise, MultiStyle Labs9.1014
Coma Light 12 by Oxyron9.1025
2053Amplifire by Horizon, Instinct9.1053
2054Ambient Work 1 by Wrath Designs9.106
Die drei Musketiere [german] by M.J.9.106
Open by Blocktronics9.106
Biggles by STE'869.106
Scooby Doo +3PD [special] by Hokuto Force9.106
Spiral Galaxy M51 by DocJM9.106
Genesis Project "Girl in Town Intro" by Genesis Project9.106
2061Natural Wonders 2 by Oxyron9.1061
2062Sheepoid by STE'869.1024
2063Pearls for Pigs by Xenon9.0981
2064China Miner +26D by Hackersoft9.097
2065Lda Stain by Chorus9.0912
Cats and Ravens by Shinobi9.0912
Obsession by Artline Designs9.0917
Tutti Frutti 64 by Mayday!9.0911
Loki by Crest, React9.0919
Hexadecimal [2sid] by Dane9.0913
Why 2 by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.0918
QWAK [16kb cartridge] by Oziphantom, Saul Cross9.0913
Ballistix (AMIGA REMIX) +4FGD by Hokuto Force9.0911
Freedom by svenonacid9.0913
Prince of Persia +9 by Nostalgia9.0913
2076Specular Highlight by Lft9.099
2077The Race Against Time by STE'869.097
Trance Sector CE +8HDF by Genesis Project9.097
2079Eggland Mystery Preview +2 by Genesis Project9.096
2080Altered States 50% by Taboo9.0973
2081I Love the Cube 100% by Samar Productions9.0834
Kevin in the Woods Beta by Bamse9.0813
Schmold Skool by Maniacs of Noise9.0814
Blitzzurueck wahlmoeglichkeiten1 by Viruz9.0813
Floored (uncut version) by Kristian Røstøen9.0813
Smo0oth Crimin4l by Samar Productions9.0814
#r3b1r7h: A. by Chorus9.0825
Picture 1 by Wrath Designs9.0813
Pärekori by Fit9.0814
Catch Me If U Can! by React9.0831
Nothing Wrong by Maniacs of Noise9.0828
2092Picture 2 by Wrath Designs9.086
Otherworld +4F by Onslaught, Triad9.086
Z-rasterbar by Street Tuff9.086
Starsigns by Hokuto Force9.086
2096Submission by Padua9.085
SPRedit by Hermit9.085
Mini Melodies by Cosine9.085
2099Bubble Dizzy +25D by Hackersoft9.085
2100Assvis by ptoing9.0817
F00king DMC by Artstate, MultiStyle Labs9.0817
High Voltage SID "Chip" by Shine9.0817
Valleys of Europe by MultiStyle Labs9.0815
Black Spark 100% by Black Sun9.0822
Aqualung, My Friend by Triad9.0818
Even Uneven by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.0815
Krestology 90% by Crest9.0814
Planetary logo by Archmage9.0817
2109Disco-Data by Censor Design9.088
2110Driven #31 by Driven Staff9.076
Breaking through by Fairlight9.076
Whistling Fred 2 by SigmaZeven9.076
2113Flowers and We Rock by oys9.0726
What Is This SHIT? by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.0717
Fanta in Space by Fanta9.0730
Sharp by Fairlight, Instinct9.0766
Mechanical Waves by MultiStyle Labs9.0718
In Another World - Frozen in Time by Slayer Grafix9.0715
2119Shine - Nuanced by Shine9.0717
5 A Dub by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.0715
Beezarro by Atlantis9.0720
2122Euskal Encounter 15 Invtro by Level 649.077
Roadrunner by Singular9.077
Crystal Waters by Scallop9.077
2125The Wild Bunch by Focus, Horizon, Instinct, Triad9.0673
Tunnel Vision by OMG9.0644
2127Igelkott by Genesis Project, Vision9.0619
Fugue on a theme by D. M. Hanlon by Lft9.0654
Swinth by 9.0616
1991 by Booze Design9.0649
F1 Evolution by EXclusive ON9.0620
2132$FF by Desire9.0634
2133X-posed by Drax9.0619
Spaghetti West by Dr. TerrorZ9.0623
Bouncing Dancer by Ciccioriccio9.0623
Separate Ways by Genesis Project9.0619
On the Road Once Again by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.0622
11 by Vision9.0622
2139Cat Skull by Arachne9.0624
2140C=64::ik_plus(ingame)++ by FIL9.0524
Alpha Bitch by Booze Design9.0522
Mermaid vs. BlackBeltJones by Vision9.0521
2143Snakepit by Delysid9.0524
Blown a Wish by Onslaught9.0529
Trippy Trappy by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.0524
2146Mekanix by Booze Design, Instinct9.0560
2147Digital Delight by Panoramic Designs9.0528
Still Ready by Resource, The Dreams9.0553
2149Animated Poopinski Triangle Crap by Smasher9.0528
2150Beats from the Abstract by MultiStyle Labs9.047
The Long Journey X16edit by Scarzix, Steel9.047
2152Ice Cream Castle by Crest9.0426
Assembloids [16kb cartridge] by Onslaught, RGCD9.0424
Tower Power 92% by Camelot9.0424
Across Tundras by MultiStyle Labs9.0425
2156Love Lisa by Extend9.046
Fantasy +D by Atlantis9.046
Stardancer II by Hitmen9.046
2159Toxyc Taste by Arsenic9.0433
Oxyron Logo "A Touch Of Glass" by Shine9.0436
2161Tiger Mission +12DFH by Nostalgia9.045
2162IK Taj Mahal by Desire9.0434
2163Koalaman by Offence9.0340
2164Natural Wonders by Oxyron9.0378
2165Santa Can Fly by Censor Design9.0340
2166Voteface by Biologinen Isae9.037
The Porsche by Creative Design9.037
2168Aase's Death by Hitmen9.026
Mini by Panda Design9.027
2170VVVVVV + by Laxity9.028
2171Biba 3 by Arise9.0259
2172Stardancer I by Hitmen9.029
Burkah Intro V2 by Onslaught9.029
Dethl00p by Mayday!9.029
2175Enforcer 2 Level 2 Preview by Protovision9.027
Shredz64 by Synthetic Dreams9.027
Hope - Part 4 of 4stori3s by Rock, Finnish Gold9.027
Supercart 60-in-1 by EDK, SAM9.027
Traffic by Wrath Designs9.027
2180The Doors of Perception by SHAPE9.0260
2181Invasor +2 by Genesis Project9.025
2182Abrakadabra Preview II by Creators, Electric Sheep9.017
Porro by PVM9.017
Epic SID Collection Image by Saul Cross9.017
2185Zak McKracken & Maniac Mansion +1D [german] by Onslaught9.016
2186I Have a Knot in my Superstring by Viruz9.019
2187Quad by Saul Cross9.019
2188Troll by Padua9.018
2189Predator (2018) by Wile Coyote9.009
2190ATV Simulator by STE'869.009
Euclid Was Here by Lft9.0031
Pompeii by LüneArt9.006
The Adventures of Dr. Sid by svenonacid9.0011
Break 64 +2 by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group9.009
Alien 8 Loader by STE'869.0012
STR by oys9.0019
Rocky Memphis Preview 2 by Wanax9.009
One More Time by Abaddon9.005
Infiltrator Disassembler V1.0 by Excess, Secret Lab Productions9.006
Convert-Studio by Padua9.006
Sidelined by Censor Design9.0023
Stress! by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions9.0036
Absence-Distance by Wrath Designs9.0026
Poor/Bias Crusher [fixed] by Mixer9.0017
Automatic Gentleman by Triad9.0025
Sanxion Sleeve by Funkentstört9.0014
Splatter V2 [39 bytes] by Lft9.005
A Computer in My Backpack by Lft9.0015
Lilith by Style9.0013
JANI 2 [seuck] by Oliver Orosz9.005
The Last Traktor III by Horizon9.0047
MUCSU-FLI Preview by Algotech9.008
Natural Cause of Life by Fanta9.005
Grey Angel by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.0019
Dice8 &DT by Genesis Project9.005
Raesaenen by Extend9.0013
ICSRTU-FM by Cosine9.008
Obey the Dragon by Panda Design9.005
Whiplash by Artline Designs9.0017
Star Wars: Episode VII by Oliver Orosz9.0011
Shaman Blues by Hokuto Force9.0019
Private Parts by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix9.0019
Robocop Demo by Fairlight9.006
Church of 64 by Church 649.0013
The Mollusk Redux Preview by Achim9.005
Mario Is Dead by MultiStyle Labs9.0011
Carrotus (C64 cover) by SIDRIP Alliance, Singular9.005
Charlie Chaplin Preview by Onslaught9.007
Orangi. by Extend9.0017
Slow & Cheesy [2sid] by SHAPE9.008
LiSUterine Taste [2sid] by Factor69.006
QWAK +3 by Mayday!9.006
Demo of the Year 2013 by Axis, Yazoo, Alpha Flight, Camelot, Censor Design, Chorus, Fossil, Hitmen, Laxity, Oxyron, Phantasy9.0031
Trainwrecking by Hitmen9.0013
Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal by Covert Bitops9.0011
Enforcer 2 Demo V1.01 by Protovision9.007
Game Corner Q1-Q4/2013 by Laxity9.0013
Match Buster [16kb cartridge] +D by Genesis Project9.005
Samples Not Included by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz9.0012
Wildfire by Coma9.009
Did You Say Sinusoidal? by Hokuto Force9.006
David Bowie Tribute by Delysid, Finnish Gold9.0010
Megatanoi Preview V2 +D by Triad9.005
Alien Trailer by Hokuto Force9.0025
Dragon Horse by Genesis Project9.0021
Rocky Memphis Preview + by Hokuto Force9.007
Ride the High Country by Triad, Viruz9.005
Trinket by Lft9.0039
Glacial Blues by Padua9.0013
Vermeer +1TD [english] by Laxity9.0013
Time Machine by Booze Design9.0065
Ja chem jedno velke pivo by Singular9.005
Get Up and JUMP! [2sid] by Unreal9.005
Ovamorph (Xeno-Dizzy) by Hokuto Force9.0014
Whispers of the Forest by Jok9.0032
Demon Stalkers +5MD by Mayday!9.008
Train '09 by Carrion, Crest9.009
Paint Me Blue by MultiStyle Labs9.0010
Space Lords - "Andromeda II" [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net9.005
Bear Bovver +3DGH by Hokuto Force9.005
Slinky +7MHD by Mayday!9.006
SSDPCM1-Super by Algorithm9.0012
Beautiful Oz Prisoner by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.0012
Fireflies by Toggle9.0020
Eleventh by Jason Page9.0011
Vaeinaemoeinen soittaa Lemmingin Zoohun! by Duce9.0013
Wilderness by Singular9.0012
20 Years Is Nothing by Hack n' Trade9.0038
Here Be Dragons by STE'869.0017
Lazy Bytes by SHAPE9.0015
Rocket Smash [16kb cartridge] by RGCD9.0015
Brute by Vision9.0032
Second by Jason Page9.005
Ächzzeit by Nuance9.0048
Immediate Launch by STE'869.0010
Carrier-Bourne Fighter Simulation &D by Genesis Project9.009
Effin Ol' Breeze Logo by Jailbird9.0011
The Last Ninja II +8DG by Hokuto Force9.008
Face Painter V1.0 by Faces9.006
Sleepless Work by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz9.0017
V&A 4087 by Tob9.005
PETSCII Max by Dinasours9.006
Athena by Tob9.007
Radio Napalm by Reflex9.0023
Club Eleven by MultiStyle Labs9.0026
Hodgepodge by Vision9.0014
Aerial Core by Extend9.0029
Transantarctica by Tinnitus9.005
Autumn Skies by Bliss9.0012
Super Bread Box + [16kb cartridge] by Genesis Project9.006
Destination II by Panoramic Designs, Prosonix9.0013
Hairy by Electric, Extend9.0011
Joe Gunn by Endurion9.0010
Super Turban Bros. by Vision9.0029
Rockit + by Fairlight9.007
Vandalism News #42 by Onslaught, Success + The Ruling Company, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.005
Onslaught Intro by Onslaught9.005
Clockwork Friend by Genesis Project, Vision9.0012
Frogger Arcade by Hokuto Force9.0011
Pantterin pantsut by Fit9.008
Joe Gunn +2DS 102% by Onslaught9.0011
Croll Ship +4D by Hokuto Force9.005
Wrath Designs Logo by Wrath Designs9.005
Fix My Radio! by Samar Productions9.0010
Two Years in G*P by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.009
Harvest by Viruz9.0026
AMB Petscii Portrait by Level 649.005
GangEd 1.01 by The Gang9.009
More Than Meets the Eye by T'Pau9.005
Rhabarberbar by Oxyron9.0040
Cycle by Booze Design9.00109
Last Ninja 3 + SCPU Ramdisk by DMAgic9.005
Bruce Lee - Return of Fury + by Genesis Project9.006
Watch It! by Scoop9.007
Wilde by Onslaught9.0011
Dream Travel 100% by Samar Productions9.0040
Rock Sid by Vision9.0012
Esgarraet by Artline Designs9.008
Legalise It by Vision9.005
Solskyddstraktor by Panda Design9.009
The Great Ballad of the Storm That Never Ends by Goto809.0017
Dirty 64 by 9.0013
BOFH:Servers Under Siege by Covert Bitops9.007
Attitude #13 by Oxyron, Triad9.0024
CRX Race by Mayday!9.005
Unnamed Art 2 by The Postmoderns, Triad, Vision9.0014
Genesis Project "Flying G*P Intro" by Genesis Project9.0015
MD201607 by Cosine9.0011
Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal V1.1 by Covert Bitops9.006
fuckyou.progressivedata.fuckme by Viruz9.0016
Drum Fool by EXclusive ON9.009
Seal of Focalor by Megastyle9.0020
Falling by Wrath Designs9.0011
Compopic by Therapy9.0021
Nightbird by Viruz9.005
Broken Ladder by Chorus, Resource, Singular9.0020
Sad Pillow + Cyber Prophecy by Fairlight9.0011
Enforcer 2 Demo by Protovision9.005
Stalin's Tesla by L3nin666, Karjala!9.009
Sheepish Tunes by Xentax9.0011
Girls'n Ghosts Ate Kleve by Viruz9.0010
The First Storm by Bliss9.0022
Night by Data9.0011
Nightanday [party version] by Helm9.0017
Caught in the Middle (Lightspeed Stillness Remix) by Shinobi9.007
Balcony Princess by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs9.0018
Once I Had a Friend by Vent, Triad9.0024
Mintaka by Hokuto Force9.008
Starting Over by Samar Productions9.0027
Gotcha 45° [117 bytes] by bubis9.007
Ritualistic Analogue by Panda Design9.009
Grandness of The Canaries - All Inclusive version by Prosonix9.0017
Royal Arte Logo by Valsary9.006
Merkelig by Prosonix9.007
Dragonfire +2DGMF by Hokuto Force9.005
Metal Warrior 4: Agents of Metal V1.2 by Covert Bitops9.006
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Re-imagined by JonEgg9.0020
Elysion - the Requiem by Origo Dreamline9.0049
Quadrant by Chorus9.0017
Attitude #18 by Genesis Project, Triad9.0016
The Catacombs of Cherubim +4 by Laxity9.008
Radwar Party 2017 Invitation by Radwar9.008
Frontier Logo by Hoaxers9.0015
Syntax Party 2009 by A Life in Hell9.0010
VChar64 V0.0.13 by riq9.005
The Tree Angel 3SID by Hermit, Yogibear9.0013
Manifold by Triad9.0011
Muse by AttentionWhore9.0010
M.U.L.E. by Peiselulli9.009
Natalie by 9.006
Legacy by Graffity9.008
VISIO 2018 by HiRMU9.008
Holy Gsus4 by Panda Design9.0011
Your Cup of Tea by Prosonix9.0011
Voyage sans Fin by K29.008
Into the Void by Extend9.0011
El Loco Challenge - Buggy Pre Alpha by 1mandivision9.0014
Mad Mans Dream by Blues Muz', SHAPE9.009
Fastlane by Artline Designs9.0012
SpritePad V1.5 by Subchrist Software9.005
Island of Monsters Preview +4PT [english] by Laxity9.006
AfD Kaputt Schlagen - TOT by Mayday!9.0012
Red Baron 3000 Preview by Onslaught9.005
Tutti Frutti by Extend9.0025
Brick Buster! [paddle/joystick] by Software of Sweden9.006
e5____ca by Onslaught9.008
Strzxgv Nuv Wvfld by Onslaught9.0026
Those Were the Days by Artline Designs9.009
Escape from London Loading Screen by Hend9.009
Aqua by Wrath Designs9.0012
Slime Deluxe by Mr. NOP9.005
Aviator Arcade +3 by Genesis Project9.0010
Ammonite by Fossil9.0037
Siberian Summer by Wile Coyote, Cosine9.0020
Drove my Chevy to the levy. . . (self-portrait) by 9.0017
Vandalism News #53 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs9.0014
He-Man Jr. Compopic by 9.0011
Congo Bongo +5DG by Hokuto Force9.005
4Kunden by Plush9.0011
Plarp! by Genesis Project, Vision9.0016
Wet by Wrath Designs9.0017
Who Rules the Universe? by 9.0013
Ona Tanczy Dla Mnie by Brownhole Antidesign9.005
Game Corner Q3/2014 by Laxity9.008
Gravitrix +2P by Triad9.009
FunkScientist by Vision9.0016
Squirm 2 Preview by Triad9.006
Shine Logo Show II - Petscii Edition by Arsenic, Delysid9.0013
Brazen by Style9.0016
QUOD INIT EXIT by saimo9.0010
Algo Dreams by Algotech9.0022
Koiruus by Extend9.0038
Parallax [108 bytes] by Offence9.005
Spasmolytic by Censor Design9.0030
Battle Cat Action Figure by Dr. TerrorZ9.0017
Zap Fight 2 - Special Edition [seuck] by Psytronik Software, Reset Magazine Staff9.0010
Hot Style #2 [polish] by Draco, Tropyx9.005
Future Sphere by Prowler9.0021
Spike's Peak +7DGM by Hokuto Force9.008
2420Skunk by Adam9.008
Stretch Marks by 9.008
2422Risperdal Dreams by Upstars8.998
Aliens by STE'868.998
SIDistic by Kruthers8.998
Cobra by STE'868.998
Nog Een by Onslaught8.998
2427Candle and Quill by 8.998
All (B)ears by People of Liberty8.998
Encore by Artline Designs8.998
Amundsen by Singular8.998
2431Cubase64 by Mahoney8.9865
2432Solar Ark for Nothing by MultiStyle Labs8.989
2433Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo [seuck] by Mase8.988
2434Lethal Weapon by STE'868.988
ZX Spectrum Art Collection by Komoda Team8.988
Powerflash by Onslaught8.988
2437Vandalism News #47 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs8.988
2438Boxing Manager 2 +2D by Onslaught8.985
Tales of the Arabian Nights +32D [crazy hack] by Hackersoft8.985
2440Pokemonitor by CRD8.989
2441Artillery 100% by SHAPE8.9851
2442Krestology 100% by Crest8.9742
2443El Amante by Padua8.975
Captain Fizz V1 +9 by Onslaught8.975
2445Spider vs Venom by Marmandamus, Samar Productions8.978
2446Mama Killa by PVM8.978
2447Swan In Pond At Sunset by DocJM8.979
2448Crackwhore by Artline Designs8.9732
2449Wonderland X by Censor Design8.9635
2450Black Magic by Chorus8.9632
Club Stylier by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.9630
2452Dance of the Technowitches by 8.969
Go Gray by Profik8.969
2454Trick and Treat by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.9673
Heeere's Johnny! by STE'868.9632
Evening at Home by Dr. TerrorZ8.9630
Void by Coma, Resource8.9624
2458Sample Blaster by Algotech8.9623
2459GOLC by Camelot8.9550
Cauldron II Sinus Milieu Studie by Viruz8.9524
XRAY by Veto8.9525
Tadam.Tadam. Tadamtadamtadamtadam... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9530
2463Insomnia V1.1 by 64ever8.9561
2464Rain by Adam8.9523
Unicorn by Chorus8.9526
2466Breakaway V1.0 by Genesis Project8.955
Pirati +2DT by Hokuto Force8.955
Mind the Mindgap by Xentax8.955
Violator by Singular8.955
2470Summer of 64 by Arsenic, Oxyron8.9524
Boba Fett by Debris8.9521
2472The Scarf by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9421
Forever Lost by Samar Productions8.9423
Blubb by Arsenic, Oxyron8.9418
2475The Truth by The Dreams8.949
2476Spiderman Pixx by Tempest8.9425
Chaos in Rio - The Chaotic Dithering by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9420
Wish... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9419
Secret of the Forbidden City by Poo-Brain, Rabenauge8.9425
VOA by Onslaught8.9417
2481Sunday the 15th by Flandertainment8.946
2482Watch My Balls in Action! by Singular8.9420
Visuality 3 by Visual Reality8.9419
Extremes by Byterapers8.9421
RapidFire Platoon by Laxity8.9418
2486La caja de pandora by Hack n' Trade8.9436
2487Guiding Light Amidst the Turbulent Waves by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9317
Collector by Wrath Designs8.9316
So-Phisticated III by 20th Century Composers, Black Mail, Inorix8.9318
What's Up, Doc? by Extend8.9321
Parts by Oxyron8.9317
Y-Lax-It by celticdesign8.9345
Match Buster [16kb cartridge] by S.E.S.8.9316
BossaNovaLoad by Prosonix8.9317
Violin by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9337
Fire and Fury by Bauknecht8.9322
2497Transastic by Offence8.9333
Graffiti by Genesis Project8.9332
2499Desum by Singular8.935
Tilt by Cupid8.934
2501UWOL - Quest for Money by The Mojon Twins8.9322
15th Island by Genesis Project8.9321
315: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There by Samar Productions8.9319
Nordic Scene Review #8 by Puterman, radiantx8.9317
Beatswax by Artline Designs8.9314
Cycle inspired... by Avatar8.9316
Boogie Factor V1.1 by Fairlight8.9315
Go Back to Oblivion by Panda Design8.9319
Raveloop14.xm by Deetsay8.9314
Halo J. by STE'868.9321
2511Ninja Commando +44D [crazy hack] by Hackersoft8.925
2512Howie Tee by Ian & Mic8.926
2513Retrotech Romance by DataDoor8.9214
Biggles Remix by Finnish Gold8.9216
I Like to Move It (Manually) by MultiStyle Labs8.9214
Sweet-Smoky Dreams by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9228
Nightanday by Helm8.9219
Radio 64 by Fanta8.9218
Retroselfie by Bimber8.9213
2520Funky (Fixed Version) by Nigaz8.926
2521Crest Avantgarde by Crest8.9229
Defunkt by Genesis Project8.9231
Risen from Oblivion by Crest, Oxyron8.9226
2524Blood Vanilla by Fairlight8.9218
Mi Amis Vice by Dr. TerrorZ8.9218
Frantic Freddy by Undone8.9216
The Ugly Arpling by Genesis Project8.9217
Sid Doing Paula by Arkanix Labs8.9220
VAZ-2101 by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9214
Prometheus Unbound by Flash Inc.8.9221
Crucified Fetus 2011 by Metalvotze8.9215
2532Nightcrawler by Almagest8.929
Ompo by Wrath Designs8.926
The Marlo Files by Binary Legends8.926
Mused 90% by Anarchy, Resource8.926
2536Pimp My Snail by Camelot8.9143
2537The Procurement of the Crimson Skull by iLKke8.9131
Close Your Eyes by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9124
Eric's Son by Veto8.9134
Daring Darling (unfinished) by Resource8.9130
2541Cineastica by Panda Design8.919
2542000-036 The Game of Life by MultiStyle Labs8.9114
Latika by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9117
Extend WHQ by Extend8.9114
BFP 2013 Invite by DUREX, Genesis Project, Hack n' Trade, Judas, Triad8.9112
My 4 Years Old Dream by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9115
Evolution by pROF8.9116
Kefrens Without For by No Name8.9113
Non Plus Ultra 64% by Singular8.9126
Road to Ranua by 8.9112
The Jazz Recital by Onslaught, Padua, TempesT8.9112
Space Cheddar by Genesis Project8.9112
Tango by PVM8.9124
We Are by Artline Designs8.9116
CrackSm0ker by Stainless Steel, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.9125
The Scarabeus Queen by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9122
Feliz Navidad by Fairlight8.9115
Pipe of Picard by Extend8.9114
255920 Years Onslaught by Onslaught8.9139
2560Misunderstandings by Fairlight8.918
2561Neverending... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9021
2562MD201606 - JSL Poop by Cosine8.909
2563Galaxy Police by Desire8.9013
Inside the Cube by Triad8.9050
Oakyard Memories by Padua8.9014
Black Whole In The Space by Dinasours8.9011
The Girl under the Time by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.9012
Self-Portrait by Extend8.9017
Winky Blinky by Pond, Privy Software8.9012
C64 Scene "Doodle" base by Shine8.9029
Dragon Wars by Genesis Project8.9010
Gremlinfunk by Genesis Project8.9014
2573Megadeath by The Eastgang8.905
2574Dropout by Aleksi Eeben8.907
2575Marble Machine by Saul Cross8.906
2576Ghost Mansion by Hokuto Force8.8926
Fundamentals of Icosahedral Symmetry by Focus8.8926
2578Vanity by Faque8.896
Untitled by Triumwyrat8.896
Get 'Em DX [one player version] by Psytronik Software, RGCD8.896
Mama by React8.896
PICO! by Dekadence8.896
Hindrance by PVM8.896
2584IK - Morocco - Casablanca by Wile Coyote8.8930
Krawall Deluxe by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.8937
Valravn by Metalvotze8.8929
2587Eldorado by Origo Dreamline8.8952
2588.TXT Convert PC<>C64 Text by Raiders of the Lost Empire8.894
2589Planet of the Juniors by The_WOZ8.8910
Muir oigh by Vision8.8921
Tales of Edoras by The Solution8.8913
Mr. Sandman by Arcane8.8912
F600 by Hokuto Force, PVM8.8910
Radioactive Tenderness by PVM8.899
RAPE by Chorus, Singular8.8912
Crockett's Theme (New Year's Eve Edition) by MultiStyle Labs8.8913
Irish Spring by 8.8910
Blaster by Fairlight8.8911
I Love My 64 by Fanta8.8919
Rose '09 by Carrion, Crest8.8911
Excess Returns by Excess8.8911
Generous by Shine8.8914
The Quilabot by Dr. TerrorZ8.8913
2604Smokish by SHAPE8.899
2605Noirman by HMC8.896
Christiansen by EXclusive ON8.896
Moonwalk by Warriors of Time8.896
Old Stuff by Albion Crew8.896
Avatar Cracktro by Avatar8.896
Back To The Tree by Singular8.896
2611Krestage 3 - More Weird Stuff by Crest8.8935
2612Lajong! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8821
Stars Are Us [stereo] by EXclusive ON8.8818
2614Rainy Days by Singular8.8830
Cosmic Girl by Genesis Project8.8831
2616Bondage 2 by Crest8.885
Mortal Kombat 2 by Oliver Orosz8.885
FLI Picture Collection by Tide8.885
Seven Days and One Week by Nata8.885
2620Vision Intro 12 by Vision8.887
2621Nibbler +3HFD by Laxity8.887
2622Bird Beak by Vision8.8819
Knock by rexbeng8.8821
Yes by Artline Designs8.8812
Road of Excess by Triangle8.8825
Are we there yet? by Genesis Project8.8848
Berzerk Redux V1.10 by Martin Piper8.888
Supernatural by Resource8.8820
Smack It [8580] by Hokuto Force8.8815
Assid by Instinct8.888
Smiley by Extend8.8812
ekkelt8580 by Offence8.8811
Starfysh by The New Dimension8.8812
Soul by Booze Design8.8810
Too Little, Too Late by Genesis Project8.8815
J is for Judge by STE'868.888
Secret Admirer by Apanbepan8.888
Space Spockdyssey by Dr. TerrorZ8.8814
The Legacy Part II by Flash Inc.8.8819
Announcetro by Mahoney, Prowler8.888
Charset Viewer by Civitas8.888
Alcools by Lobo8.8812
Crest Light by Crest8.8821
Old Farts Dream by Oxyron8.8810
Error 23 90% by Resource, The Dreams8.8843
Rock Goes 70's by Finnish Gold8.8811
Temptations by Genesis Project8.8816
Jakob's Lullaby by Prosonix8.888
FIST - First International Singalong Tournament by Mayday!8.889
Koka med Sven by Albion Crew8.8815
The Un-named Demo by Camelot8.8812
Jan on His Way to North Pole by MultiStyle Labs8.888
Spunk by Drax8.8817
Eye Candy by Booze Design8.8841
Robin of the Wood +12DG +Pic +Map by Hokuto Force8.888
Olympics 2004 Athens by CML Sports8.888
Realstream by Offence8.8821
Paedophilia for Beginners by MultiStyle Labs8.8812
Scramble 2010 Preview by Mirage8.8811
Completely in Command by dalezy8.8825
Jihad me at Hello by Panda Design8.8812
Sir Marmot Wombadger by iLKke8.8832
IK There Can Be Only One by Dr. TerrorZ8.8827
2664Nano GP Intro by Genesis Project8.876
2665Jars' Revenge [tape] +2D by Genesis Project8.879
2666Al-Dabh by Wrath Designs8.8725
Wonderland IX by Censor Design8.8725
2668Zootrope by Wrath Designs8.879
2669Too Old to Ror and Rol by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.8749
2670Krestage 2 by Crest8.8720
Cauldron 101% +++ by Exceed, Resource, The Dreams8.8716
2672Unleashed Truth by Wrath Designs8.875
2673Digital World by Samar Productions8.8624
2674Remember Me by Mayday!8.869
Lautschrift by Radwar8.869
Creatures of the Sea by Booze Design8.869
Slaepwerigne by Lft8.869
2678Frantic 2 by Hoaxers8.867
Edelin Tales Theme [3sid] by Samar Productions8.867
Leon by Therapy8.867
Funky Bravah by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.867
2682Compact by Desire8.868
2683Graphics Compo Winner by Tempest8.8616
Excursion by Genesis Project8.8622
Oldskool Cylon by Debris8.8624
Uncertainty by MultiStyle Labs8.8610
Magic Spraycan Tells the LSD Pirate about a Robot in the Garden Stealing His Plants by Desire, Genesis Project8.8614
Proud and Beautiful by Chorus, Singular8.8623
Critical Grid Voltage by DMAgic8.8616
Tiki Pahu! by Genesis Project8.8662
00000010-ufli by 8.8612
Suspended in DATA by SHAPE8.8624
Sweet Infection by Arise8.8640
Untitled by Resource, Therapy, XTC8.8611
Rogue! by STE'868.8624
Arsenic Logo "Electric Reactor" by Shine8.8626
My Windmill by Chorus, Singular8.8614
Oh, FU*K! Wrong screeeeen... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8626
Love Letter to Hexaspeed by Arise, MultiStyle Labs8.8616
Yus Bird by ptoing8.8618
Mech War by Shine8.8618
2702Razorsharp by Genesis Project8.8589
2703Hugohunt +5D by Genesis Project8.856
2704Bintris by Janne Hellsten8.857
Love... by Singular8.857
2706Balloon Flight +HF by Laxity8.856
2707A Kind of Magic by Arsenic, Oxyron8.8524
What's With All The Hate by Vision8.8523
2709Like Razors Thru Flesh by Arise8.8555
2710Tronscii Preview by Onslaught8.855
Code Hunter +17D by Hackersoft8.855
2712The Last Reactor III by React8.8517
Bild by Wrath Designs8.8519
Nasty 2 by Paragon8.8520
fREUd by Hoaxers8.8520
Floored by Kristian Røstøen8.8517
Mother Funk Signal by Dya8.8516
Captain Silver by Shine8.8521
P0 Snake Title Pic by ilesj8.8522
Luminator by Artline Designs8.8518
Justintime by Graffity8.8516
Rebirth by Valsary8.8515
2723No-XS-Man Junior - Title Picture by Smasher8.857
Chicken-Boy Jr. Title Picture by The_WOZ8.857
Club 69 by 8.857
2726Compopic by Extend8.857
Videogamer by Dane8.857
Pronta Entrega by Hokuto Force8.857
2729Funkamix by Hermit8.846
Fallen Angel by Singular8.846
Substral Hyperwaves V by Genesis Project, Hitmen8.846
2732FUCKIN' Single-Day is comin' by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8419
Jeroenimo by Genesis Project8.8424
Yolk by Booze Design8.8428
Fort Django by Dr. TerrorZ8.8421
2736FZero. U can't spell Fuck w/o F by Viruz8.849
2737Mixing Potions by Vision8.8439
One Million Lightyears from Earth by Fairlight8.8437
2739Tsunami by Booze Design8.8457
2740Digger by Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force8.838
2741Mega-Apocalypse by SIT8.836
Driven #30 by Driven Staff8.836
Roots by Pu-2398.836
Cyberdragon by Fairlight8.836
Lincoln Mount by J.D. Sachs8.836
White Box by Aleksi Eeben8.836
Fuzzball Preview V2 + by Triad8.836
Spritemania by Genesis Project8.836
Our Style 5 by Starion8.836
Der Computer Nr. 64 by Hokuto Force8.836
2751Top Priority by Contex8.8319
5-HT by uka8.8314
I Swore a Vow on My Dying Breath by Triad, Viruz8.8317
2008 - a DTV Odyssey by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.8320
Carrion's OLDSCHOOL Pixels 75% by Carrion, Crest8.8313
Montantenna by Artline Designs8.8316
The Great American Cross-Country Road Race +6D by Hokuto Force8.836
Xdressing Bruce Lee Since 2008 by Viruz8.8314
I'm Telling Ya by MultiStyle Labs8.8312
Don't Touch That Dial by iLKke8.8313
Let's Invade! by The New Dimension8.8312
Heraklion by Carrion, Crest8.8320
Desired Diamonds by Shine8.8318
M.O.O.D preview 2.5 dev by No Name8.836
Ferrari by Creative Design8.8310
Starfish by Triad8.8334
2768Mama, wo ist Papa? by Hokuto Force8.838
2769Single Extreme Freedom by Onslaught8.836
2770Mikrobi by 8.835
2771Scramble 2010 Preview V2 by Mirage8.837
Endless Trip by K28.837
2773Genesis Project "Asteroids Intro" by Genesis Project8.8350
2774PopCorn Remix by Alpha Flight8.839
2775Delusional by Drax8.8332
2776Nyanpetscii by Awsm8.8333
International Karate Sunset by STE'868.8330
IK Easter Island by STE'868.8327
Voodoo Love by Wile Coyote8.8336
2780Uppity by Genesis Project8.838
Mansion Kali Revisited by Errazking8.838
2782Storybook by Onslaught8.8218
Just Dance 64 by Algotech8.8221
Fuck the Temple by 8.8221
Endless... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8219
Jack Tramiel by SanderFocus8.8224
Sign o' Times by Weird Science8.8218
Arcanum by Xenon8.8226
2789Torture 3 by Padua8.829
The Wrld Is Awake by No-XS8.829
Professor X by Onslaught8.829
Keyed Up by Genesis Project8.829
2793Shampulse by Impulse, SHAPE8.827
Welan by Wrath Designs8.827
Facade by Wrath Designs8.827
2796Skier reMAX by Yogibear8.825
Druid by Bob Stevenson8.825
Genesis Project "Bluescroll Intro" by Genesis Project8.825
Clowns Insane by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Oxsid Planetary8.825
The Lost Ship by FIL8.825
Jazzpjazz by Hack n' Trade8.825
1k by K28.825
Dungeon Crawl +2JF by Laxity8.825
Pumpkin Skull by Hokuto Force8.825
Prophet64 by Dicke Eier Weihnachtsfeier8.825
28062 Days by Censor Design8.8215
Afro Boxer by Carrion8.8217
Nautilus Descending by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.8213
The Cyan Goddess by ptoing8.8214
Out-Space by Jason Tinkler8.8212
Dreaming High by Finnish Gold8.8214
XXXmas by Chorus8.8212
Odd Fellow by Camelot8.8229
Nothing Is Free by PVM8.8214
As Everything Becomes Hazy... by TomoAlien8.8217
Aurora Remix by Hitmen8.8210
The Seeker - Tormented Echoes by Slayer Grafix8.8214
Legoland 3 by Fairlight8.8213
You Make Me Confused by 8.8212
Starglider 2 Loading Screen by Bob Stevenson8.8214
2821Strumffaa by Electric, Extend8.827
Pair of Lies by PVM8.827
2823Eggland +4 by Genesis Project8.827
Scene World #25 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine8.827
Jane's Place by Rob8.827
Siddy Snacks by Artline Designs8.827
Stompbox by Vincenzo8.827
XXLarge by The Dreams8.827
2829Escape from Landscape by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8123
Mantis by Slayer Grafix8.8120
Ancients by Scarzix8.8119
A Concert by Stoat & Tim8.8118
2833The Sarge Collection by Nostalgia8.817
2834Crack Dealer by MultiStyle Labs8.8124
You aint my mom by Genesis Project8.8125
2836Oolong Preview by Triad8.819
2837"Eight Feet Under" Original by Rail Slave8.819
Taipan by JCB8.819
Catcher by B.U.D.S., NATO8.819
2840Rotzom01 by Busy, Noro8.819
2841Fantasia by Oxyron8.805
On the High Seas by Saul Cross8.805
I am 8bit by Greg8.805
2844Yokohama'87 by Factor68.806
2845Demo of the Year 2014 by CeriX, Arsenic, Atlantis, Chorus, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project, House Designs, Offence, Onslaught8.808
your intrusion is my illusion by Triad8.808
Ups and Downs by Genesis Project, Panda Design8.808
2848Butt Man Jr. - Title Picture by Haelmuth8.807
2849Animal Reign Part III by Made8.8010
Haavamaal by Offence8.8032
Der Gümmel - Cover (B/W) by Doom Patrol, Extend8.805
Cock Picture by Triad8.8030
Welcome Back, Mr Rambo by Malmix8.8012
Mobile Art by Wrath Designs8.805
Krestyron by Crest, Oxyron8.8014
Ghost Escapes Body by Blues Muz', SHAPE8.8010
Unfinished Business by Maniacs of Noise8.8012
Solar Fox Arcade GFX #004 by Arcadestation8.8014
Infestation by Dr. TerrorZ8.8017
BASIC Raster Bars by S.E.S.8.805
VChar64 V0.0.12 by riq8.805
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead by Onslaught8.8019
Irish Dream by Hermit8.805
da____e1 by Onslaught8.8012
Gopho by Goto808.804
Fallen by Mixer8.8011
Complex +2D by Genesis Project8.805
New Horizons [3sid] by Samar Productions8.8016
Indigenista by Alakran8.8012
Trans*Form by Focus8.8027
Concerto by 8.8021
Air on a Rasterline by Lft8.8017
Outrage by STE'868.8017
Lonely Howl by Hitmen8.8027
Eiffel by Wrath Designs8.8016
Sorayama 1 by Wrath Designs8.805
Äppelepsi Gubbjävel by Genesis Project8.8016
Attitude #12 by Oxyron, Triad8.8011
La Linea 85% by Breeze8.8027
Falling &MHS by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.805
Vega by Delysid8.8020
International Karaoke + by Digital Excess8.805
Tombstones - Retirement Day by Megastyle, Reset Magazine Staff8.8010
Pandora's Slate by Triad8.8012
Kind of Magic by Data8.8010
Smashed by Stainless Steel8.8015
Collapsed Dreams by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8012
Quietus by Padua8.8016
Kenzbo - First Blood Pt 2011 by Binary Zone8.8011
Relentless by rexbeng8.8015
Lazy Daisy by Saul Cross8.805
Untitled by Elysium8.805
Tribute to TRIAD by Offence8.805
Cellar Door by Atlantis8.8017
White Noise Kills The Scene by Focus8.8012
Monkey Island by Oliver Orosz8.8026
He-Man Senior - Title Picture by Alakran8.805
They'll Never Catch Me! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.8018
2899Polly's House Party by The New Dimension8.805
2900Rocky Memphis Preview by Wanax8.807
Doves Fly by Artline Designs8.807
A Train by Elysium8.807
Laxity Intro #63 (Jolly Modern) by Laxity8.807
2904Summer Cloud by Lft8.809
2905Imagination is Closed by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7928
Cracking the Old Way by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.7933
2907The Fight by Cascade8.796
Girl by Wrath Designs8.796
Helikopter Jagd Jewel V1.2 +7HDT 102% by CSixx, Mayday!8.796
John Zorn Ringtone by MultiStyle Labs8.796
Brilliant Maze V1.1 +5HD by Laxity8.796
Game Corner Q2/2014 by Laxity8.796
Invitro from AFL by Alpha Flight8.796
Un'Estate Italiana by Hokuto Force8.796
Laxity Intro #67 (Floating Window) by Laxity8.796
Rocket Smash +2H by Genesis Project8.796
Genesis Project "Skull Intro" by Genesis Project8.796
Reddest Baron by Bamse8.796
Fast Jaguar [2sid] by Samar Productions8.796
2920Intrigue by Taboo8.796
Blue Forest by SHAPE8.796
WdW Pictures by WdW8.796
Quad 3 by Saul Cross8.798
2924Oxy Rock by Oxyron8.7921
LoaderInjection by Genesis Project8.7919
2926Cucumber Juice by Hitmen8.796
2927RAMBO After Operation Part II by OhLi8.799
Squad 1 +6H by Fairlight8.799
2929Evil Knievel Skeletor by Ragnarok8.7914
Lemmings Loading Screen Re-Imagined by Excess8.7919
Donkey Kong Junior +5HD by Laxity8.7916
2932LCPpic by Wrath Designs8.787
2933Saṃsāra by Hokuto Force8.7812
True Love for Commodore 64 by Excess8.7810
Pimp My Commodore by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7834
Toca Off Alone by Hokuto Force8.7813
N'trans by Atlantis, Skalaria8.7813
MOS "Technologicism" 6510 by Shine8.7813
Savers by Zabutom8.7813
AFLI Girl 2 by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7813
Rex Regis by Panda Design8.7811
We Have to Go by Raphis8.7816
Achtung 5 Years Mayday! by Mayday!8.7810
Blended Pandas by Panda Design8.7811
Alice in Wonderland by SIDwave8.7813
Tie Me Kruegeroo down Sport by Hokuto Force8.7813
Psychopunks of Uproar! by Conrad8.7810
Tis the Season by Camelot8.7850
294990° [90 bytes] by Conrad8.789
2950ProjectArgon 3-Color-Logo by rexbeng8.7883
2951Phat Frog [2sid] by Xenon8.778
2952New Limits by The Supply Team8.7723
Odd Old Places by Atlantis8.7727
2954Blockheads by The Solution8.779
2955Voyage by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.7714
Permadeath by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.7715
SIDs of Faith and Devotion by The Solution8.7721
2011 - A Press Space Odyssey by Offence8.7715
Princess Disconnected by Arise8.7718
Spaceout by Offence8.7730
Syberia by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7713
1982 by Rail Slave8.7718
Worlds to Conquer by Keys8.7720
Naked-Land by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7715
Rebel Pilot by Debris8.7715
2966Join FAG by Senobmar8.776
2967Don't Fuck with Stevie Wonder by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.7735
2968Labyrinth &S by Genesis Project8.775
2969Rutig Banan by Fairlight8.7621
Wax on, Wax off by STE'868.7626
An Ugly, Single Color Female Face by Booze Design8.7626
Brutal Comeback by Light8.7621
Access Denied by Reflex8.7626
2974Torn by Bob Stevenson8.767
2975Harder Times by Hokuto Force8.769
2976My Personal Storm by Genesis Project8.766
Paradox2 by Singular8.766
2978Le Modular by Wrath Designs8.769
2979Lazy Afternoon by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.758
2980Bouncy Balls by 8.756
2981Take me Home by Chorus, Singular8.7526
Oeilaeae! by Vent8.7514
Manky the Toilet Warrior by SounDemoN8.7510
Propeller DYCP by Hokuto Force8.7511
Scrollex by Artline Designs8.7538
Sierpinski Triangle [184 bytes] by Volcano8.758
Think Twice by The Judges8.7521
We Are by Hokuto Force8.7510
Glance by Chorus, Singular8.7517
Championship Wrestling +3D DirArt by Excess8.758
Zak Is Back by Onslaught8.7515
Black Celebration by Twilight8.7510
Perstroikaraoke by Extend8.7513
Adriana by Artline Designs8.7511
..then I had a Boss by Vent, Triad8.7516
PETSCII logo [LMan] by Ksubi8.7525
Turrican 3 by Smash Designs8.7522
Demo by Electric, Extend8.7512
Crankshaft 3003 by Instinct8.7514
Game Corner Q1/2015 by Laxity8.7510
Petscii logo POC by Smasher8.758
Shareware by Dekadence8.7512
Leon's Dream by Grass8.7515
Mind Collapse by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.7511
They Say So Much by Mahoney8.7519
Just a 4Floors Fan by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7516
Spiritual Dreams by Spirit8.7517
Late for the Bus by Hoaxers8.7516
Illmatic by Elysium8.7513
Antimasterpiece by Arise8.7511
B-Side by Roberto8.7521
Sculpting the Data by Onslaught8.7512
8580 Doped Pigs by dalezy, Viruz8.7512
JT Style by Hermit8.7514
Night Ride by Artline Designs8.7515
Ice-Cream, Summer, Lemonade by Anarchy, Resource8.7516
El Corazon Segundo by Artline Designs8.7511
I Shall Not Be Afraid by PVM8.7512
Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle by Inside, The Mojon Twins8.7519
Led Board by Hokuto Force8.7518
Gaming Room by MotionRide8.7513
Aviator Arcade [16kb cartridge] by Hindsbosoft8.7515
We Miss You by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.7516
Cat III by The Sarge8.7517
Retro-Z by Extend8.7510
Hung Over by Vibrants8.7515
3027Fieser font by fieserWolf8.758
3028Game Over(view) #25 by Game Over(view) Staff8.757
FM-YAM Demo Casu Quo by Xentax8.757
3030SNPFCT#3 by Svenska Narkotikapolisföreningen8.745
Te vagy az, akit a legjobban... by Hermit8.745
3032Total by Extend8.7437
3033Oh My God, What Have I Done by Arise8.748
3034Pagoda by 8.748
Beach Vibes by Judas8.748
Vicious Sid by Ras Bolding, SIDWAVE8.748
3037Phantom of the Blasteroids by Genesis Project8.748
3038Song of the Ice by Chorus, Singular8.7420
Empirion by Bauknecht8.7431
Kraken versus Tripod by Elysium8.7430
3041Sardonic by Triad8.7434
3042Revision 2011 Invitation by Resource8.7319
Headache by Extend8.7319
Downtown by Vibrants8.7320
Sium by Wrath Designs8.7318
Zeros & Ones by 8.7319
Sheep by Vision8.7328
Not a Jazz by MultiStyle Labs8.7315
3049Crapitus Fun Demo Construction Kit V00.1337 RC1 by CRAP'D8.736
3050Nice Pantaloons by Fairlight8.739
Datastorm 2013 Invitation by Genesis Project8.739
Rider by Padua, TempesT8.739
3053Vampires Empire by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.739
A Liquor Store Anthem by MultiStyle Labs8.739
3055Dragoneye by Censor Design8.7322
Wallflower by Ate Bit8.7312
Cosine Logo by Wile Coyote8.7313
Waiting for the Reaper by Arcane8.7313
Red Herring Caught Red Handed by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.7313
Lorelei by Panic8.7311
We Rulez by Camelot8.7312
Heman and Fightingcat Title Picture by Dinasours8.7313
J(46) - SIDWAVE 30 Years Anniversary Music Disk by SIDWAVE8.7313
Wonderland XI Notes by Censor Design8.7313
City Noises by 8.7313
25 Scrollers by CRT8.7312
3067Gravitrix Preview by Nith8.735
Eagle Soft Incorporated Intro (Eagle 1x1) by Eagle Soft Incorporated8.735
Cambodia Cover by Alpha Flight8.735
Xyphus &DS &Map by Genesis Project8.735
3071Winterland Hades by Viruz8.739
3072Walter White (and grey) by Goat8.7231
3073Underwater logo by Archmage8.7219
Raster Blast by Triad8.7219
Warpzone by Vision8.7243
Fittasås by oys8.7224
Requiem by Vision8.7223
3078It-Man Junior - Title Picture by Smasher8.729
What's going on? by Triad8.729
3080Isterreport by Genesis Project8.7228
3081The Parallaxing Intro by Low Spirit8.7238
3082Stripescroll by Cascade8.729
3083H i g h by Singular, Xymox8.717
3084CBM Asteroids V0.9beta by Mr Wegi8.717
Incarnations by Triad8.7119
Space Lords - "Andromeda" [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net8.7110
Elegy by Hokuto Force8.7112
Game Corner Q1/2014 by Laxity8.7113
20 Years Oxyron by Oxyron8.7111
Aïe! Mon tentacule! by Vent, Triad8.7117
You by dEViLOCk8.7110
Sentry by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.7119
14 Years Later by Kristian Røstøen8.7112
Tree Dragon by Capt'n Obvious8.7112
Gubbplasma by Undone8.7124
It Seems My Time Is Growing Thin by Focus8.7121
Demonstrationsprogram för VIC=64 by Svenska ADB Gruppen8.7116
Higher Love by Graffity8.7111
Black Spark 90% by Black Sun8.7117
Prague by Carrion8.7119
Unreleased Pimps by Maniacs of Noise8.7110
Snalphabet by Snabel8.7110
The One Hour Koala by Offence8.7110
Opium 100% by Samar Productions8.7125
Adonis by Sebaloz, Lepsi De8.7112
Where is He-Man Jr Compopic by TheRyk8.717
Jeroen's Piece by Factor68.7110
1.21 Jiggawatts by Sentenced to Death8.7112
Hires by Jok8.7112
Oops by Chorus, Singular8.7119
Left Over by Vibrants8.7116
Genesis Project "SuperCPU Plasma Intro" by Genesis Project8.7111
Galaxy Bounce (Tomb Raider Mix) by MultiStyle Labs8.7123
Phantom (A Journey Into Sound) by SIDWAVE8.7111
Panda Design Disk Cover by Panda Design8.7111
Attitude #11 by Oxyron, Triad8.7114
Terrain by oys8.7116
Izanami by Archmage, Instinct8.7119
One Knight Stand by Vibrants8.7117
Montantenna (Remix) by Artline Designs8.7110
Mus1k by Orb8.7111
Self-Portrait by Wrath Designs8.717
Inspectør Knudsen by Triton8.7110
3124Lemmings Preview + [unofficial] by Triad8.719
3125Turrican by EDK, SAM8.717
3126Ting by Toondichters8.719
3127C64ColQuiz +1H by Really Proud Lamers8.715
3128Datastorm Leftovers by Fairlight, Offence, Prosonix8.7129
The Larch 3 by Bones8.7128
Bad Apple 64 by Onslaught8.7128
3131Energy Warrior +20D by Hackersoft8.719
3132Einhorn by DATA-LAND8.716
3133Lick it oldskool by Archmage, Andromeda, Instinct8.7124
Frog, Landscape and a Lot of Clouds by oys8.7129
TIE Fighter by Debris8.7121
One Quarter by Fairlight8.7127
C00L by Singular8.7120
FRODIGI by Onslaught8.7118
Nothing Compares 2 EU by Panda Design8.7119
314011th Wave by Samar Productions8.7031
Another Day, Another PETSCII by rexbeng8.7034
3142Gubbdata 2017 Invite by Genesis Project8.709
3143Something Squared by The Solution8.7013
Zoo Mania Preview by 8.7012
Better Call Saul by Genesis Project8.7013
Winter Girl by Desire8.7023
That's the Wave It Is by Panoramic Designs8.7014
Octet by Wrath Designs8.7013
Remember me by Singular8.7010
The Ticking Timebomb by Hein8.7014
MD201510 - Spoopiness by Cosine8.7013
MD201605 by Cosine8.7010
Bloodshet by Samar Productions8.7011
Hybrid Song (Funky Stars) by Genesis Project8.7013
Me, myself and ma booty by Creators8.7013
Holy Crap! by Genesis Project8.7025
Bonkey Kong by Pond, Privy Software8.7013
Attitude #15 by Triad8.7010
Yelaya by Agony Design8.7010
Tik Tok by Inversion8.7013
To Die For by Lft8.7013
Glenn Frey Tribute by Delysid, Finnish Gold8.7011
Arok 2014 Invitation by Singular8.7012
Laxity Intro Collection II by Laxity8.7013
Cool Cat by Hokuto Force8.7013
20+1 Years by Replay8.7015
Macro Sleep by Cosine8.7050
Sober Loader by Encore8.7014
3169Happy Teddy by Piesiu, Agenda8.7027
That's the Way It Is by Scoop8.7026
3171Stereo of '11 [2sid] by Viruz8.709
In a Rush by Genesis Project8.709
3173The Great Destroyer by Dane8.6913
Fogyish by Arise, Samar Productions8.6922
Electric Cafe by Ash & Dave8.6915
Bla Bla by Censor Design8.6915
Fade In by Bonzai8.6921
Retama (Compo Edit) by Artline Designs8.6914
Contest-Demo by Finnish Gold8.6915
Frodigi 6 by Algotech8.6915
Clearwater by Level 64, Onslaught8.6919
Galencia:KS (game over prototype 2) by Rail Slave8.6917
Cauldron by Exceed, Resource, The Dreams8.6934
Death Star by Debris8.6916
GraphixMania II by Modern Arts8.6932
3186Stroker by Bob Carr8.697
3187Chime by Artline Designs8.699
Darling Grease by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz8.699
Prepare or You'll Be Fodder! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.699
SpaceChem Nano +PD by Mayday!8.699
Pantaloonie_v4 by Prosonix8.699
DNA Negative by Padua, TempesT8.699
Party Anemals by Dinasours8.699
Eleven Sins by Artline Designs8.699
Oppa Roxx by Breeze, Cyberpunx8.699
3196Colony by Ancients Pledge Inc.8.6922
Ursa Minor by Padua8.6922
Genesis Project "Alien Intro" by Genesis Project8.6920
Enjoy the Silence by Arsenic8.6943
Lost by Onslaught8.6922
3201Genesis Project "Ballwave Intro" by Genesis Project8.6846
Eden C Sixty-Four by Prowler8.6825
Dead Cracker's Dial Tone by Vision8.6825
3204BluREU 3D by Crest8.689
Blind With Chrome by DMAgic8.689
T.H.E.A. [16kb cartridge] by Goat8.689
3207Genesis Project "Wave Scroll Intro" by Genesis Project8.686
3208C64anabalt [16kb Cartridge] by Paulko648.6825
Tales of Mystery by Spirit8.6831
3210Waves by Muh8.6836
3211Crystal Caves by Hokuto Force8.689
Flamboyant Flower Beetle by 8.689
Girls Love Lasers by Abyss Connection8.689
Soulless by Psytronik Software, RGCD8.689
Spikes by Megastyle, Protovision8.689
3216Zoo Mania Preview 3 by The Dreams8.678
Moonspire Preview by Victory8.678
3218Screaming Eagle by Genesis Project8.678
3219Basic Starfield Effect by Dr. TerrorZ8.676
3220Starhiker (Directors Cut) by Offence8.678
The Sexy Hardrestart by Vision8.678
3222Hellraiser by Drew Rodger8.676
3223Happy Birthday AC by Bitbreaker8.6716
Noisy Pillars by Scoop8.6710
Disconnected by Sebaloz, Lepsi De8.6714
Sockan och Honung by Genesis Project8.6720
Golden Moments by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs8.6712
The Real Party Is Down Under by Lft8.6712
IK Helsinki Cathedral by Dr. TerrorZ8.6733
Emotional Breakdown by Offence8.6718
Technocracy 100% by Crest8.6715
Splitter by Beyond Force8.6713
Portrait by Veto8.6716
Skaaneland by Fairlight8.6710
Vandalism News #59 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs8.6712
The First Ball by Fit8.6716
Break 64 by Wanax8.6716
Never Forget by Debris8.6715
Meet Linus by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.6712
new zombie-movie trailer screenshot by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.6718
Martha Stewart by Aquanauts8.676
Hidden Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.6710
Yogi's Big Clean Up Zax by Yogibear8.6711
Mind the oranges, Marlon!! by STE'868.6738
Siloze 1 by DataDoor8.6713
Rambo 2011 by Dane8.6715
Alien Bar by Entropy, Equinoxe8.6714
Why Think by Super Swap Sweden8.6713
Negative Karma V2 by Crest8.6711
Raster Plaster by Resource8.6786
Ulkomaalainen by Crest, React8.6714
Silphur Surphur by Mirage8.6718
Datakatt by Fairlight8.6719
Li2 by Crest8.6710
Bend Over by Vibrants8.6715
Jump by Abyss Connection8.6715
I'm Game... by Shine8.6714
The Little Mermaid by Rail Slave8.6718
Metamorphosis by Dane8.6712
Forgotten Dots by Chorus8.6730
Karaoke by Extend8.6710
Searching... (End of the world has begun) by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.6712
No Greets by Dinasours8.6714
Attitude #14 by Triad8.6712
Rambo First Blood Part 2.2 by Crest8.6710
8in1 by Miracles8.6711
U_z_t by Altair8.6713
Searching for the Three Laws by Singular8.6713
MD201512 - Humbug by Cosine8.6717
September-Summer by Wrath Designs8.6713
Eve and Her Multicoloured Bubblegum by Focus8.6716
Party Bit by Ate Bit, Hack n' Trade8.6711
Where the Wild Things Are by 8.6721
Ambigram Intro by Hokuto Force8.6712
Head Around You by Artline Designs8.6714
Silver Star by Chorus8.6718
Neon Haze by The Solution8.6715
Tangled Up by Delysid8.6714
Goblin Groove by Genesis Project, Vision8.6717
Bla-derunner by Wertstahl8.6710
Call The Hidden by Atlantis, Genesis Project8.6714
Protoplasm by Resource8.6714
Deep 90% by Chorus8.6714
Splish Splash by Padua8.6712
Place in the Space by Taboo8.6712
Untitled by Focus8.6712
Free Didi! by Mayday!8.6739
3288Rain of Castamere by Atlantis8.678
Fall is on its way by Mayday!8.678
Phoenix by SHAPE8.678
Voodoo People by No Name8.678
Auxillary Love [2sid] by Scarzix8.678
3293Early Midlife Crisis by Arise, MultiStyle Labs8.669
Madheader 2 by WiseGuy Industries 20158.669
3295Mystical Tree by Valsary8.667
Machina by Wrath Designs8.667
3297Caren 2 [[[h0t preview]]] by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.667
3298Yucatan +27D by Hackersoft8.666
3299Come at Me, Bro! by EXclusive ON8.6655
3300Crest Cat by Wile Coyote8.6690
3301Channels by Dane8.6637
3302Antarta [seuck] by Errazking8.667
3303C64MP3 by Mahoney8.6630
3304Arsenic BBQ 4.02 Final by Arsenic8.656
3305Party-Part by Atlantis8.655
Psycho Poetry V2 by Cupid8.655
Day of Sorrow by Hokuto Force8.655
Ice by Wrath Designs8.655
Space Action 2 Preview by Genesis Project8.655
Chrome Robot by Skuzz8.655
Shepherd by Saul Cross8.655
Kazmazin by Extend8.655
CRX Race by Atwoods Studios, Delysid8.655
dbwud by Hack n' Trade8.655
Convalescence by Arsenic8.655
Assembloids Basic by Steveboy8.655
3317You Will Be a Fossil Soon by Fossil8.6593
3318Dum Ikea 92% by Camelot8.6530
Crack it Up by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.6533
Demode by Chorus8.6534
3321Vuvuzelatro by 8.6524
Taste the Rainbow by Mayday!8.6528
3323Excess ESI Tribute Intro by Excess8.656
3324Barebones by Robin Levy8.6525
Lash by Fairlight8.6527
3326Zöpf by Oxyron8.6519
3327Megatron by Technische Maschinenfabrik8.658
3328Hyponoia by Genesis Project, Vision8.659
Pumpkin Joyness by Hokuto Force8.659
The Royal Scam by Pretzel Logic8.659
3331Exclusive No. 3 by EXclusive ON8.6538
33324k-3 by The Dreams8.647
3333x"jazz" by booker8.6416
Trail Mix by Fire-Eagle, Soedesoft8.6416
Disappear by M&M8.6416
You Did What? by Genesis Project8.6418
New Faces by Triad8.6415
Celtic Doodle by Style8.6419
3339Rambotux - First Fish II by Sabbi8.649
3340Lullaby for Violaine by 8.646
Warlock by Pegasus8.646
3342Entwined by Byterapers8.649
3343Bold [57 bytes] by Avatar8.646
3344Trance Sector CE +10HFD 100% by Laxity8.645
3345Lollipop by Delysid8.6413
Castle by Isildur, Samar Productions8.6416
Storebror by Mahoney8.6447
Final Fight by Arise, Lepsi De8.6412
Dots by DaCapo8.6414
Dan yr Ogof by Hokuto Force8.6419
PrRrkle! by Extend8.6415
Ex State of Mind by 8.6413
Sub Hunter Highscore Music (unused version) by Maniacs of Noise8.6415
The Mad Chase by React8.6411
Tough Guy at Breakpoint by Carrion8.6427
Cloudbusting by oys8.6415
C64, Hear 64 by Desire8.6417
Assyüs by ptoing8.6414
3359Beholder II by MP Software8.639
3360Amazing Horse by Kompositkrut8.6347
3361Super Marioahner Sisters by Atwoods Studios8.636
Reset #07 Intro by Reset Magazine Staff8.636
Harty by Wrath Designs8.636
Psycho Poetry by Cupid8.636
Life of Leif by Onslaught8.636
Inhumanity III by Resource8.636
Sounds of the Amiga #2 by Triad8.636
Skriket by Oneway8.636
Some Die Hung by Darklite, Hoaxers8.636
Random Stock-Photo Office-Worker Zoomer by Ray Manta8.636
3371Dinner by Chorus, Singular8.639
3372Litil Divil by The Syndrom8.639
3373Negative Karma by Crest8.6319
3374Stoned by Anarchy, Resource8.638
Domination #18 by Jazzcat8.638
3376Back to Future by Crest8.635
3377Alien Poster by Worrior18.636
Vandalism News #41 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs8.636
Galza-24 (C64 Edition) by Galza, Hitmen8.636
3380FLP Pic by Wrath Designs8.638
Pirates Gold by Hokuto Force8.6313
Boogie Factor by Fairlight8.6339
Sollentuna Shufflin' by Brandon Walsh8.6313
Max Headroom [blue] by Bob Stevenson8.638
Strip-a-Minute by Onslaught8.639
Dying Star by Toondichters8.638
Firestarter by Lepsi De8.638
Coma Job 2/3 by Crest, Oxyron8.638
CSSHC-VQ Slideshow by Onslaught8.6319
Bleep Bloop by Ate Bit8.6331
Like Blood through Highway Veins by Arise8.6312
A SID Case of Overbombing by The Solution8.6310
Determinism by Style8.6310
Dat Lollipop by EXclusive ON8.6315
3395Assembloids [16kb cartridge] +D by Genesis Project8.625
Contour [128 bytes] by Zirias8.625
Rasputin by PVM8.625
Hearty by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.625
Destination Berlin by Saul Cross8.625
Warrior of Darkness - BFG by Veto8.625
Optimum Fuck Up Preview by The Coders8.625
3402Röck Döts Böld by Offence8.627
3403C-2048 [16kb cartridge] by P1X3L-net8.6223
Classics by Booze Design8.6229
3405Mazinger Z Sing-Along by Atlantis8.6216
Dansa med Achmed by Judas8.6215
Just a Bunch of Wiggly Lines, Nothing More by Focus8.6225
Double Density by Double Density, X-Ample Architectures8.6219
Propaganda #28 by Genesis Project, Propaganda Magazine Staff8.6213
PETSCII logo [Ksubi] by Ksubi8.6217
Love by Chorus, Singular8.6216
I Love You Son by Genesis Project8.6217
Roboturbo by Bronx8.6220
Press Play by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.6214
Demodays2014 by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.6217
Galactic Rasterbar Power by Strate8.6221
Verzin maar iets Leuks by Focus8.6217
The Big Lebowski by Laxity8.6214
Big Wave by Abyss Connection8.6216
3420The Great War - 1914 &D by Genesis Project8.616
3421Getting Smurfed by ptoing8.6126
Desire - Cold Stoned by Desire8.6183
Gryzor by STE'868.6119
Psykolog by Panoramic Designs8.6118
3425Tac Ska Du Ha by Extend8.617
U Ro(bot) Dance by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.617
Sound of the 80's by Sidman8.617
3428Moonbase Alpha by Drew Rodger8.617
Another Excess by Ultimate8.617
3430Fairy Well +31D by Hackersoft8.615
3431Brutality by Light8.6129
3432Anarquía espacial by PVM8.615
3433Rust by Onslaught8.6141
Black Market by Arise8.6138
3435C&A Drivecalc preview by Mr Wegi, FanCA8.605
Pollytrax 1 by Xenon8.605
Ei siis hai(res) by Yleisradio8.605
Mindroll by Panoramic Designs8.605
A Blind Marathon by Topaz Beerline8.605
The Bubble Tale by Crest8.605
Nallukka by b8.605
3442One Year In The Monastery by Hokuto Force8.605
Decline of Kali V1.2 + Bonus by K2, Wrath Designs8.605
Paesaggio by Hokuto Force8.605
Come to Under Construction, bitch! by AttentionWhore8.605
Groove Machine by MCH8.605
Boom and Bust +2 by Dinasours8.605
Random Bed by Agemixer8.605
Sin(64) by Jaro8.605
Dark Force [seuck] by The New Dimension8.605
Jackie Chan by Oliver Orosz8.605
Sun,beach and beer by Gheymaid Inc.8.605
Burden of Grudge by Triad8.605
Keep it Simple Stupid by Saul Cross8.605
3455101 - A Tribute to Depeche Mode by Nostalgia8.6011
Demo with Bugs by Genesis Project8.6046
Starfish [extended version] by Triad8.605
Chicanery by Triad8.6020
Rushed Orb by Resource8.6013
One Second Demo by Jok8.6015
KROSEGHVN by oys8.6019
Meltdown 2011 by Offence8.6021
Think Twice V by The Judges8.6017
Twisting Machine by Wrath Designs8.6016
Take This Life Energy by SHAPE8.6021
Reflections - Lily Pond by DocJM8.605
Fairy Well [16kb cartridge] by Mix2568.6012
VQ-Mania by Algotech8.6013
Mist II by Vision8.6012
Semestertechno by Genesis Project, Panda Design8.6013
Honey Bee +6FD by Laxity8.605
Angels Are the First to Leave for War by Leon8.6013
3473Oldskool Won't Die by Hokuto Force8.609
3474Graphixmania by Modern Arts8.597
Signals+ by Onslaught8.597
Psychedelic Cowboy by Samar Productions8.597
3477Marlboro Man Jr. - Title Picture by Rudi8.597
3478Fungus Intro by Jeff, Viruz8.598
Alien Visitor by Graffity8.598
3480Chest Bump +MF by Laxity8.596
3481Down the Drain by Spider Jerusalem8.598
3482Voivod Attack [16kb cartridge] by RGCD8.5918
Floor & Blood by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5921
Song of the Moon by Chorus, Singular8.5919
All Valley Karate Championship by Soya8.5925
3486We Are Mature by Fairlight8.5936
3487Frodigi 2 by Onslaught8.5814
Area 64 by Offence, Prosonix8.5830
Elysion by Xenon8.5813
Pixel City Skater [16kb cartridge] by Med648.5814
Diskplosion by Logiker8.5812
Protogeo 80% by Glance8.5843
Horror Greetings I by AcidT*8.5813
Our Last Trip to Tabatoid Six by Genesis Project8.5814
Bon Voyage by Bonzai8.5816
Think Twice III by The Judges8.5816
Coma Job by Crest, Oxyron8.5816
Mietaa by Extend8.5816
3499Gravitrix Preview +2 by Triad8.586
Wild West Games Basic by Steveboy8.586
Cyberboard by Singular8.586
L'Encyclopédie Géométrique - Last Dance by Wrath Designs8.5810
Frodigi 3 by Onslaught8.589
Hermit Soundrips for GT by Hermit8.586
3505Hell Yeah by Genesis Project8.588
Resonance by Warlord, phObos team8.586
Wisdom by Triad8.586
Dropzone by STE'868.586
Fly by Cosine, Dekadence, Gheymaid Inc., Onslaught8.586
3510Fontje [108 bytes] by Focus8.587
3511Exotic Excitement by Camelot8.5824
Bozzanossa by Offence8.5826
3513Immaculate by Focus8.589
3514Sprint 1 by Norbert Kehrer8.588
3515Leaving Earth by Kobi8.5831
3516Elven Magic by Hitmen8.586
3517Pastel Coloured Nights by Viruz8.5841
3518There Was a Light That Went Out by MultiStyle Labs8.5711
TRIAD "Raster Revenge intro" by Triad8.5710
I1 by Albion Crew8.5712
Zeptotro by Cosine8.5712
Technic Intro by Hokuto Force8.5711
Paradrone by Dr. TerrorZ8.5711
Sounds of the Amiga #3 by Triad8.5711
Skycity by Jok8.5723
Frodigi 8 by Algotech8.5710
VSP&IK+ by The Mean Team8.577
Jars' Revenge [16kb cartridge] by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.5722
Magic Tales by Shine8.5710
Pirate Tape Intro by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.5713
Battle damage-Man Junior - Title Picture by Hokuto Force8.5710
Spaceover by Genesis Project8.5711
Alien Funk by Genesis Project, MultiStyle Labs8.5718
Nekenieh by Kasmo8.5710
Happy Colors by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5722
A Load of Old Shit by Horizon8.5718
Old Hippie by Ansichrist8.577
Favorites 2 by Paramount8.5712
I've got my eyes on you angry people by Focus, Vision8.5717
ecI eht fo gnoS by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5718
Die Donnernde Kataun by Cyclone8.5710
My Tourniquet by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5716
3543The Megademo by Higher Intelligence Company8.576
Onslaught Intro #01 by Onslaught8.576
Game Corner Q4/2014 by Laxity8.576
John, Paul, Ringo & Mushroom by MultiStyle Labs8.576
Halloween 2003 by Creators8.576
Awesome Elysium by Crest, React8.576
Simple Stencil [44 bytes] by ChristopherJam8.576
3550Irata - 50th Birthday by Alpha Flight8.5723
Frontier by Hoaxers, Wrath Designs8.5735
PseudoCode by Noice8.5736
3553Oxyron Party v2 Invitation by Oxyron8.578
3554Fascinating by Cream Design, Laxity8.568
3555Gammelfleisch by Arsenic8.5620
3556Frantic 3: Nightmare by Hoaxers8.5635
3557End of S. by Singular8.565
3558Sigismund Ninja by Fairlight8.567
From here to somewhere near by Odious8.567
Old Skool Appreciation by Magnar Harestad, Pad8.567
Odblesk by saehn8.567
30 Seconds Jingle by MultiStyle Labs8.567
3563The impossible Thing by Oxyron, Smash Designs8.569
Chris Huelsbeck 30th Business Anniversary Demo by SigmaZeven, void2568.569
Four Hand Superhero by Carrion, Crest8.569
Ignorance by Fairlight8.569
Forever Tune by Mayday!8.568
3568La Portrait by Resource8.5612
Vallation [16kb cartridge] by Cosine8.5613
Duelling Invaders by Genesis Project8.5618
Random Waveforms by Prowler8.5614
Vangelica by Extend8.5612
Leftover... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5613
On My Way to X by MultiStyle Labs8.5613
Spring Gate by Teo, Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5618
The Six-Pac Man by Maniacs of Noise8.5610
'scii-Man Junior - Title Picture by Lft8.5610
Outtakes by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.5611
Soulless +3D by Onslaught8.5618
Parapsykolog by Panoramic Designs8.5612
Dislocate by Onslaught8.5629
Yoshimi by Extend8.5613
Quad*Project by Genesis Project8.569
Fearless by Arsenic8.5623
Did you miss us? by Defame, Onslaught8.5613
Genesis Parrot by Genesis Project8.5611
Christmas Demo 2018 by Genesis Project8.5626
Low Serotonin by PVM8.5611
Onslaught Intro #02 by Onslaught8.5613
Graffiti Gangsta by Hokuto Force8.5611
Terminus by Drew Rodger8.5610
Arok 2013 invitation by Singular8.5611
Halloween the 40th Anniversary Celebration Demo by Hokuto Force8.5611
3594Automatas by Goto808.5520
3595Oxyron Logo - "A Touch of Glass II+" by Alpha Flight8.555
3596Sunset at Sea by DocJM8.555
Break 64 Preview by Wanax8.555
Do It Fast (Stary Piernik Mix) by Arise8.555
Fairy Well Preview +3 by Genesis Project8.555
Underland Preview by Laxity8.555
A(PI)MAZE by Ancients Pledge Inc.8.555
SloMoFo by Genesis Project8.555
Overdocean by Mayday!8.555
Stay Chill by Gheymaid Inc.8.555
Dual Demo by Flexman8.555
Two Girls by Oliver Orosz8.555
Archon Loading Screen by Worrior18.555
Moonlake by Genesis Project8.555
The Zounds! Demo by 4XC88.555
The Last Breakout + by Genesis Project8.555
Not Even Human by Onslaught8.555
Robotron 2084 +2DT by Avatar8.555
Electronic Fancy by Arsenic8.555
Wild West Seymour +2DPG +PIC +SOL +MAP by Hokuto Force8.555
3615Favorites 3 by Paramount8.5514
Hey Fish, be my Valentine! by Crest, React8.5517
Mage - MechTech by Shine8.5517
Roar by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5521
READY. 2012 by Sys58.5515
Intro without Intro by Vision8.5528
The Old Forest by Censor Design8.5511
Grandma Has Gone Fishing by Cosine8.5520
Peacemaker by Extend8.5514
Einstein IV by Cosmos8.5515
Week in Progress by Mayday!8.5518
Manorexic by Fairlight8.5513
My first FLI logo by Chorus, Singular8.5516
Dash My Boulder by Artline Designs8.5514
Critique by Reflex8.5516
Disc-Over by Vibrants8.5514
Brand New Intro by Sander, WVL8.5516
Galencia:KS (game over prototype 1) by Rail Slave8.5512
Good Xmas by Dinasours8.5511
Love by Commodore Is Awesome8.5514
Eternal Sentinel by Onslaught8.5511
3636Tron Bikes by Kinetic Design8.547
Solar Incantation by 8.547
40 by Padua8.547
Silence by Lepsi De8.547
Morbid Art 3 by Extend8.547
Soul Cemetery 3 by Singular8.547
Atilla 64 by Carrion8.547
Bat-Pup by Isildur8.547
Foggy Nights by Samar Productions8.547
Freeze by Fairlight8.547
Samhalls Finest by Panda Design8.547
3647Wot Da Funk by 8.549
3648Dansa in by Hack n' Trade8.5435
3649My Beauty by Fairlight8.5428
Biba 2 by Arise8.5433
3651Compopic by Fairlight8.549
3652Gruenschnabel by Flash Inc.8.549
3653Zombie Knife Fight by Genesis Project8.5421
Ring on a String [16kb cartridge] by Ruk8.5420
PETbench by Dr. TerrorZ8.5416
Somewhere Only We Know by Arsenic8.5418
Mirror by Oxyron8.5415
Lost in the Forest of Owls by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5418
Kapla Caves by Mahoney8.5414
Broken Totem by DataDoor8.5415
Waiting for the Storm by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5420
Special Tape by Artline Designs8.5416
Broken Hearts & Broken Speakers by Mayday!8.5416
Disgrace by Dane8.5413
Dinasours Luv by Dinasours8.5417
Rainshine by Booze Design8.5419
Ceci n'est pas une copie by Vision8.5416
Lunchtime by Unreal8.5416
3669Sentimentally Inspired Day (SID) by MultiStyle Labs8.5320
Def Vault by redback8.5319
Coma Light 11 by Oxyron8.5318
3672Smooth BASIC Scroll by Walt8.537
Stardust Music by Arkanix Labs8.537
Wasted Years by Jammic8.537
Inception by Unreal8.537
3676Sonic by Triumwyrat8.5318
Princess in the Kingdom of Subpixels by Mahoney8.5318
Shiver by Onslaught8.5321
Zookeeper by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.5324
3680Memory Lane by Dr.J, Rock, Sounx8.536
Mui Away by Singular8.536
Torture by Padua8.536
The Lean [117 bytes] by Zirias8.536
Summer Dream by Singular8.536
3685S7 by Elysium8.5327
Partysqueezer+ by Rawhead8.5320
3687Jacko by Singular8.536
3688Unreliable by Kristian Røstøen8.5225
Morze Dizko by Finnish Gold8.5226
Grey Wish by Helm8.5228
3691Barbaric by Hal8.5225
3692Woodo Intro 2017 by Fairlight8.525
3693A Dog in My Doorstep (short version) by PVM8.5231
3694Chessboard Intro by Atlantis8.5239
3695Slow and Chill by Kompositkrut8.529
3696Devoted Voting Engine 2013 by TheRyk8.525
Warriors +6 by Onslaught8.525
3698Marbles [94 bytes] by EXclusive ON, Samar Productions8.517
Dudelking Returns by Mayday!8.515
Laxity Intro #68 (Stripes) by Laxity8.515
Natural Constructor by Panda Design8.515
Four Seasons by Michael A. Eskin8.516
No Datafax Given by Genesis Project8.518
Planet 5200 by Desire8.519
Dekadence Loader by Dekadence8.515
Fatty Bom-Bom by Darklite8.515
Funky Nun Dance by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz8.517
Kate by Oliver Orosz8.515
Maze of the Mummy Preview +6 by Hokuto Force8.515
Back To Basics by Hokuto Force8.517
I Want to Fall by Arise8.515
Vegetables by Mike Richmond8.515
OXY Funboy by Crest, React8.515
Glow Path Basic by Steveboy8.516
Kim Pong + by Genesis Project8.516
Xmas 2011 by Dekadence8.516
Let's Be Creative by Singular8.518
Autobus de muerte by 8.516
Songs about Poland Sell Records [2sid] by MultiStyle Labs8.516
Wizball Pic by SIT8.516
Short with No Lead by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz8.517
Lethal Display 4 by Bonzai8.517
error 23 by Triad8.515
Alla helgons dag 2013 by Fredrik8.517
Border Opening in BASIC by Wil8.515
3726Kaleidoscope by Samar Productions8.5149
37273rd Stone from the Sun by Triad8.517
No Tobacco by Mayday!8.517
We are 64 by Fairlight, Panda Design8.517
SIDwave V2 by Artstate8.517
Awakening - Alien Opening Scene by Hokuto Force8.517
3732Kahviuni 13 by Extend8.519
3733Hachi Bitto Whirlwind by Lft8.518
Roller Scroller 2 by Defame8.518
Krush Groovin' by Fossil8.518
3736Notorious by Artline Designs8.517
Lifehack by Panda Design8.517
Dreamlights by Freedom8.518
Poopjuice by Extend8.517
Tigana by Boz8.517
3741Franz Craps by K28.517
Trickerty by Barracuda8.517
3743Brickout 95% by Prollcoder8.508
3744Paper Plane +1HFD by Laxity8.508
3745Macro Clone Cafe by C64CD8.506
3746Pac It Preview #2 by Jak T Rip, Protovision8.506
Misterouija by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.506
3748Really annoying, short angry birds cover... by Saul Cross8.505
Untitled by Idlers8.505
Fatal Attraction by Flash Inc.8.505
Dress Up! by Steveboy8.505
Pub Trivia by Triad8.505
Name That Tune No.1 by Prosonix8.505
Contribution by Super Swap Sweden8.505
Mergezo Anyag 3 by Profik8.505
3756Mr.Big Beat by Fanta8.509
3757..... by ptoing8.5020
Greenrunner by Aleksi Eeben8.5015
Visuality II by Visual Reality8.5011
The Airwolf-Theme of the 25.08.2018 by c0zmo8.5012
Logo Stomper by Genesis Project8.5020
End Game - The Boss Stag by ilesj8.5020
Late Night Flipflop by Psylicium8.5011
Dracula50 by AcidT*8.5013
Marc's Movements by Riffs8.5010
Foxylady by Extend8.5022
Genesis Project by Impure8.5011
Song of the Sunset by Vision8.5020
Concentration by Wrath Designs8.5012
Liten Sopp by svenonacid8.5017
Rebel by Creators8.5018
The Neon Airport by Wile Coyote8.5010
Space Fish by Zabutom8.5011
Harmony Pillars by MultiStyle Labs8.5017
3v0l by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5015
Stealing Styles by Vision8.5012
Crippled People, Crippled Music by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs8.5014
Monkey Island 2 by Hokuto Force8.508
GTA Intro by Desire8.5014
@ by Atlantis8.5017
Lord of Wild Things by Animal Bro, iLKke8.5010
Dust and Rust by Sidchip Scratchers8.5012
Halffacer by Hokuto Force8.5016
Partytrap by Beyond Force8.5015
Mini-bus and Us by Fairlight8.5012
Advection 1 by Artline Designs8.5011
Quantum of Funkyness by SIDwave8.5010
Cheesecat's Groove by Genesis Project8.5022
Dropzone update by STE'868.5016
XTC by Shinobi8.508
Attitude #10 by Oxyron8.5010
File Deleted by Censor Design8.5011
Datastorm 2012 Invitation by Genesis Project8.5012
T-800 by Anarchy8.5010
I [] PIXEL by 8.5020
Omega 2 by Future Concepts8.5011
Living Chips by Cosmos Designs8.5013
Croaker by Conrad8.5011
Legend - A Tribute by Shine8.5010
MonsterBuster Logo by P1X3L-net8.5016
Astronaut by Arachne8.5011
Everybody Everybody (Crest Avantgarde Mix) by Fanta, Mitch, MSK8.5011
Load Line by Artline Designs8.5025
Wormwood by EXclusive ON8.5012
Freeloader by Genesis Project8.5012
Laxity Intro #50 (Scroller Cage) by Laxity8.5011
Sparkle by Toggle8.5027
Final Frontier by STE'868.507
Our First FLI Demo!! by Dual Crew8.5012
Sonder Bar Redux (PRS) by Onslaught8.5015
Chill the Fuck out! NOW!!! by MultiStyle Labs8.5015
Guardians of the Wind by Censor Design8.5010
Dusk by Wile Coyote8.5025
Woolly Jumper by STE'868.5015
Connected by Genesis Project, Vision8.5012
Totally Stoned 2 by Booze Design8.5011
This World Is So Fucked, Let's End It Tonight by Panda Design8.5010
Alien Visitor fixed by 8.5010
Love by Censor Design8.5017
Gypsophila by Saul Cross8.5013
Sevenfold Obsolete Sadness by Booze Design8.5011
Disko by Vision8.5030
Mutations by Vision8.5022
Wisecrack by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.5026
Party Groove by Resource8.5017
Bound to Be Best #2 by XAKK8.5015
The Vice Squad Preview by Achim8.5010
Tallefjant by Genesis Project, Vision8.5024
Beyond Tellerrand 2017 by The Solution8.5010
00000010 by Onslaught8.5012
Industrial Dusk by MultiStyle Labs8.5011
SpongeBog Demo by Flat 3 Hackers8.5012
D.R. & Quinch by STE'868.5010
Shodan by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.5020
Pure Genius by Bob Stevenson, Doug Hare8.5010
Dignified by Density8.5010
Der Wahrsager by Poo-Brain, Rabenauge8.5011
Fly Agaric by Shine8.5011
The Social Demo by Panda Design8.5030
Oceans of Nibiru by Gheymaid Inc.8.5010
Agony Tears by Extend8.5012
GMSHC-VQ Test by Algotech8.5011
MerryXmas by Genesis Project8.5011
Box by Vision8.5011
The SIDward Spiral by The Solution8.5010
D's Silent 64 by Elysium8.5016
Ghost in the Machine by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.5019
Scarface! by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.5010
White by Dual Crew8.5012
Genesis Project "Blue Chrome Intro" by Genesis Project8.5011
1988 Pale Gold by Genesis Project8.5019
Hide and Seek by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.5012
Death Between the Stars by MultiStyle Labs8.5017
Starman by Elysium8.5019
Syntax Party Scroller by Onslaught8.5011
BASF by Vision8.5015
Man of Many Doorways by Helm8.5016
Wonderland [16kb cartridge] by RGCD8.5010
Tarandus by Lft8.5012
Royal Touch by The Dominators8.5012
Sami Hedberg -darra by Vent, Triad8.5011
Cracking All Night by MultiStyle Labs8.5020
The Short, the Mule and the Ugly by Vision8.5013
Absinth! by Extend8.5012
One Year Camelot 3 by Camelot8.5016
Welcome to The Hidden by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group, Genesis Project8.5020
Puddingstone by Randy, Fatum8.5010
Migraines Revenge by Hokuto Force8.5011
Hallows Eve by Hokuto Force8.5010
The Masque by Oxyron8.5010
Batman Brät Fische by Cyclone8.508
Bad Scene Poets Are Back by Ate Bit8.5014
Playing God: Exhibit A by Onslaught8.5017
Dead Scene? by Dane8.5019
SevenEleven by WiseGuy Industries 20158.5010
Everlasting Star by Genesis Project8.5010
Art of Dragon by Unreal8.5013
Easy Flow by MultiStyle Labs8.5014
Heatwave by 8.5010
Funcadelicaz by Finnish Gold8.5010
Geldiver by Hokuto Force8.5010
Elin & I by Genesis Project8.5013
8-bit Seas of Love by Scarzix8.5011
Minimalmo by dalezy, Krill8.5010
Running out of Breath by Crest, React8.5020
Nordlicht 2013 Invitation by Arsenic8.5011
High-score Ballad by Kristian Røstøen8.5049
Beaver Show by Electric8.5011
Random Waveforms 101% by Prowler8.5011
Das Humppawerk by Finnish Gold8.5011
It's Fun to Pixel on C64 by F*A*I*C8.5012
Angst by Vision8.5014
SNN by Padua8.5013
Tesla Party by Extend, Hack n' Trade8.506
Larch by Breeze, Resource8.5017
We/Shades by Fairlight8.5013
Razor by Wrath Designs8.5010
Simple Yet Effective [68 bytes] by Shadow8.5011
When the Winged Hussars Arrived by Poo-Brain, Rabenauge8.5012
Rage by Chorus, Singular8.5016
Unichorn with horn in the head of a woman (Yazoo killer) by Dinasours8.5011
Attack of the Mutant Cabbages by Anthony Stiller8.5010
Bumpmania by Arise8.5019
Corazon by Artline Designs8.5014
Specksternchen by SIDRIP Alliance, Singular8.5010
Girlface2015 by Oliver Orosz8.5017
Genie by Debris8.5015
Cadmium by SIDwave8.5012
Hyperdrive by Genesis Project, Vision8.5029
Truckstop Tanzen by Genesis Project8.5011
Day and Night by Chorus, Xymox8.5010
Freezer by Upfront8.5011
Fantasyland by Dr. TerrorZ8.5010
3914Onslaught Intro [Hellfire] by Onslaught8.508
Lost in Paris by Chorus, Singular8.508
3916Mrs Blinky #Pacdrama by Hokuto Force8.508
Green, Pink, Red, Die... by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.508
We Can Do on Our Own by Vision8.508
Dustin' by Privy Software8.508
WinACookie by Viruz8.508
Dubious by Fairlight8.508
5 Foo Foonkaz by Genesis Project8.508
3923Phasor Soundtrack HiFi by Mr. SID8.506
3924Water 90% by Aesrude8.507
PMS by Vision8.508
Toprock Time by Hokuto Force8.508
Candy by Triad8.508
3928Flash It Back by Hermit8.496
Come to Fastline by Mayday!8.496
The Princess by Saul Cross8.496
Lethal Display by Bonzai8.496
Rushed Zak by Onslaught, Samar Productions, Viruz8.496
Space Invaders Medley by Hokuto Force8.496
Insanity by Beyond Force8.496
LCPpic by Wrath Designs8.496
Whom Are You Going to Call? by Fit8.496
Halloween 1k by 4-Mat8.496
Handjob Lotion by Contex8.496
3939Crystal Structure by MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.497
Glorious Glare by Panda Design8.497
Vampire Victim by Vision8.497
Nostalgia Intro by Chorus8.497
The Quark Preview by Breeze8.497
Double Density by Ash & Dave8.497
Tour De Force by Origo Dreamline8.497
Micro Vibes by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.497
Last Hires on Earth by Dream, Vulture Design8.497
3948Traffic Jam by Stainless Steel8.498
Blueberry Muffin Pie by svenonacid8.498
Horizon by Triad, Viruz8.498
Dragonworld by STE'868.498
3952No Meeting Scroller by Jeverhut8.498
3953Vivid by Debris8.499
DamnYouCruzer ;) by Focus8.499
Tentacle 2016 by Abyss Connection8.499
3956Xmas Alpha Flight on Delysid by Alpha Flight, Delysid8.498
Mech War 3D by The Solution8.498
NTTT by 8.498
Tribute to Laxity by 8.498
Blow the Bass by Hokuto Force8.498
3961Unfinished Creators cover by Vision8.497
Storm by Fairlight8.497
Zootoyoo by Triad8.497
Lady Kakerlak + Editor by DATA-LAND8.497
Back to the Future +3PDF+Solution by Hokuto Force8.497
3966TAG3D by Martin Piper8.496
Oksen by Starion8.496
Corey's Coin Dash Music by Saul Cross8.496
LSR 64 - The Loner by Hermit, Viti8.496
Standby to Fire by STE'868.496
BARNEY [seuck] by Wile Coyote8.496
3972That Demo with the New Hubbard Tune by Genesis Project8.4945
3973MD201511 by Cosine8.496
Lemans Loading Screen by Worrior18.496
M45 Preview by Triad8.496
Edge of Time [seuck] by Alf Yngve8.498
Last Place by Coine8.496
Altered States Logo by Elysium8.496
Petscii-Poker 2016 by Software of Sweden8.495
Album of the Year by Onslaught8.495
Mars Lander 2048 by Mikko Miettinen8.496
EasyFlash SID Collection by Mactron8.495
TEST 23 by 8.495
Full Moon by Focus8.496
Avatar Intro - Veto FLD by Avatar8.496
Untitled by Lepsi De8.495
Ptoing Challenge by Hokuto Force8.495
The Lutanist by DocJM8.496
Miomodo by Mayday!8.495
Blaster Twins Preview by Triad8.495
Two Week Memories by Software of Sweden8.496
Crow Boy Preview &D by Genesis Project8.496
Clock Four by LDX#408.495
It Was Love At First Byte! by Worrior18.497
Hallo'wayne by 8.497
Wire Frame Demo by Color Bar8.495
C64hq header graphics Samurai Theme by 8.499
39981k Demo by Jak T Rip, DMAgic8.489
Triskelion by 8.489
4000Crowd Pleaser by Hitmen8.4840
4001Baum Paar by daimansion8.487
4002Blue Warrior by Samar Productions8.488
4003The Dolphin by Sunrise8.485
4004Panta Rhei by Instinct, Oxyron, Plush8.4842
4005Ice Queen by Hokuto Force8.487
4006Water Is Fun by EXclusive ON8.486
4007Piccolo Mouso by Sperm-A-Soft8.4831
4008Running Wild by Panda Design8.4829
Industrial Revolution by Smash Designs8.4828
Pimp My Commodore 100% by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4828
4011Swingers by Artline Designs, Offence8.4727
The Twister by Arsenic, Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.4725
4013Vectormania II by Masters' Design Group8.476
Mayday! Batro by Mayday!8.476
Act Now! by 8.476
Krieg im Weltraum + Bonus by Technische Maschinenfabrik8.476
Chronomorph by SIDwave8.476
XESS 2 - Rewind by XESS8.476
Sham Glam by Saul Cross8.476
The Car by J.O.L8.476
4021Eldorado by Lobo8.476
Press Space, Release Power by Hokuto Force8.476
Earth by Trivial8.476
Kraut54147 by Mayday!8.476
Kick Assembler Easter Egg by Camelot8.476
Valkyrie 3 - The Night Witch [seuck] by The New Dimension8.476
Plain PETSCII Compo 2017 Results Slide Show by Mayday!8.476
Zoo Cover by Extend8.476
Gypsy Moth by Saul Cross8.476
Barcode by Panda Design8.476
Flatley Dance Group by React8.476
Deimos by Cydonia8.476
4033Warrior's Face by Warriors of the Wasteland8.476
4034I don't want your money baby by Viruz8.4738
4035Charlatan by Beyond Force8.4718
Oh no! More Invaders by Genesis Project8.4738
On A Sausage Roll by Camelot8.4723
4038United Sids of ALD by Artline Designs8.479
4039S-man Trying 2 Score in Space by svenonacid8.478
4040The Last Ninja +11D &Maps by Hokuto Force8.477
Dunamode by Avatar8.477
4042Upshift! by Triad8.4719
Fortress of Narzod [16kb cartridge] by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.4715
Future Blind by Prowler8.4717
Borderbild by Fatzone8.4718
Unloader by Genesis Project8.4721
4047Bug Hunt [16kb cartridge] by Majikeyric8.4615
Danny ja Armi by Triad8.4615
Obstacles by Focus8.4615
Zeropol by Hokuto Force8.4616
The Amsterdam Trip by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4616
Searching for Green-Truth by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4616
4053Fragments by Triad8.466
Delusions of Grandeur by 8.466
4055Golem by Arise8.469
4056AD&D Mixture by Camelot8.468
Hardcore Petting (C64 port) by Noice8.468
El Quip Nut by Offence8.468
4059$2000-$3fff &D by Genesis Project8.4513
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here by Extend8.4515
Attack of the Mudmen by Hokuto Force8.4514
Mcaahny by Hitmen8.4513
Centipede Arcade GFX #002 by Arcadestation8.4514
Knight'n'Grail Preview V1 by Mix2568.4516
Gloves On! by Fatzone8.4518
4066Ooh Crikey by MultiStyle Labs8.455
Vandalism News #36 Editorial 1 by Wrath Designs8.455
Sleepwalking Backwards &D by Genesis Project8.455
X Arrival by Sidman8.455
Cube Revisited Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.455
You did .... WHAT? by Extend8.455
Neutronen anno 1991 by Exile8.455
Silver by Style8.455
C64 Charset Minion V0.7 beta by Skid Row8.455
Bewitched Preview 2 +2 by Triad8.455
Meurtre a grande vitesse by Vision8.455
Arpeggio Is Underrated by Vincenzo8.455
Pothole Percy +3D by Laxity8.455
MD201705 by Cosine8.455
Stripbeetz by Genesis Project8.455
Jump Ninja +3HF by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.455
ButterBuddhaBoogie by Darklite, Hoaxers8.455
Kim Pong - the Fair and Democratic Tele-Football by Technische Maschinenfabrik8.455
The Yellow King by MisBug8.455
Everywhere I Go (final) by Hokuto Force8.455
Mystic Mansion +3DG by Hokuto Force8.455
3 Hours Battle by Artline Designs8.455
4088Macaroons by Cupid8.458
4089Shards of Fancy by Lft8.4530
HELP by Slayer Grafix8.4520
Summer of 64 by Offence8.4533
4092Hessian V2 Preview +2 by Laxity8.457
4093Unsigned by Byterapers8.4544
4094La chèvre by Glafouk8.4413
Aliens by Scoop8.4411
Depression, Angst, Misery by MultiStyle Labs8.4412
Alter/Ego by Jailbird, Shine8.4429
Pez in My Brain by Panoramic Designs8.4411
Puddles by Hokuto Force8.4411
Love Can't Fly by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4420
Youthquake by Contex8.449
eLEONora by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4421
Machiromanticarium by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4410
Setä by Jammu8.4410
FB Compo Intro by Noice8.4410
His Pearl by Viruz8.4412
Dslnoskcirb by Hitmen8.4425
20 years on the C64 Demoscene!!! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4413
Mariska by Vision8.4413
Dirty Cheater by Spider Jerusalem8.4421
Scene World #20 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine8.449
Pieces of Light by Cheyens8.4411
Visuality by Visual Reality8.449
Speak up! by ptoing8.4412
Lounge Lizard by Arsenic8.4410
Dreamland'09 by Artstate, MultiStyle Labs8.4412
4117Octavarium by Arise8.449
Danger Zone by Onslaught, Samar Productions8.449
4119Bozo's Night Out +7HDG by Hokuto Force8.446
RAAT #2 Party Report by Skate8.446
4121Make-up by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4419
Servus Gustav by ptoing8.4421
4123Silversurfer by Mayday!8.447
4124Stupid Bitmap and Scroll [party version] by Duck and Chicken8.448
4125Bee Together by Mahoney8.4329
4126Laxity Intro #58 (Sky Scroller) by Laxity8.439
4127Contraposte II by Helm8.439
Ice by 8.439
Club Bizarre by Artline Designs8.439
Salute! by Resource, The Dreams8.439
4131Collection - Cut 1 by Wrath Designs8.436
4132Vector-Victory by Sidchip Scratchers, The Force, Twisted Designs8.4310
Mortalis Arisen 100% by 64ever8.4338
Zeropage Gravity by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.4313
Censor Design Logo "Fluid Mechanics" by Shine8.4322
John Motherfuckin' Rambo by EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.4317
We Got Signal by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.4317
Avatar Intro (Mangrove) by Avatar8.4310
Skipping Stones by Shinobi8.4313
Gee, When Did They Release This One? by Romppainen8.4310
Unreal by Samar Productions8.4316
Crazy Ghettoblaster by Albion Crew8.4311
It's Movin' by Super Swap Sweden8.439
Teen Dreams by Noice8.4316
CiA Radio Awesome Logo 4 by Commodore Is Awesome8.4315
Demo of the Year '87 by 2000 A.D., AEK Crackware, Beastie Boys, Boys from Dizzyland, Commando Frontier, Dexion, Fairlight, New Life, The Fanatic Duo, The Gamebusters 1541, Triad, Triangle, Zargon, Zetrex 20058.4314
No Fate by Mayday!8.4311
10 Orbyte by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.4310
Genesis Project "GubbSoft Intro" by Genesis Project8.4314
Vivat Finlandia by Crest, React8.4311
Brief Bursts of Happiness by Creators, The Dreams8.4320
Girlface 2 by Oliver Orosz8.4318
Ratio 80 by X-Rated8.437
All I want for my birthday is a copy of Lilian Taublib by MultiStyle Labs8.4311
4155City Waltz by 8.435
World Map by Wrath Designs8.435
Spaceman (A Spaceman Came Travelling) by Saul Cross8.435
Dark Force - Redux by The New Dimension8.434
4159Tanz in den Mai by Hitmen8.429
4160F4CG 8k intro by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.4235
Hello:FRIEND by Fairlight8.4230
A Moaning Dirge in $11-minor by Hitmen, SHAPE8.4229
4163For Yazoo - Offence Logo by Offence8.4281
4164Jam Pron by Genesis Project8.429
Introducing MUCSU-FLI by Algotech8.429
Plan B by Desire8.429
4167One Little Wish by Fairlight8.4228
4168Dance by Chorus, Singular8.427
4169Outbreak by Smash Designs8.429
Space Defence +D by Genesis Project8.426
4171Camelot Logo by Tempest8.4216
Don't Turn by Ooz8.4217
Lejdi by Arise8.4219
Cherry Cherry Boom Boom by Mirage8.4215
TDK by Vision8.4217
Intertwined by Dane, Lft8.4214
Rock't Speed RE by Crest, React8.4220
Slice by Onslaught8.4215
Nautilus by Level 648.4235
Rambo PETSCII by enthusi8.4215
4181Genesis Project "MagerValp's Intro" by Genesis Project8.417
Grönsaksmördaren by Fatzone8.417
4183Tiger Claw [16kb cartridge] by Lazycow, Saul Cross8.4119
Scarecrow by Hokuto Force8.4118
Let Roses Speak by Arsenic8.4124
Notemaker Demo II by Poison8.4119
And her name is... Inspiration! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.4121
4188These Greys by Dane8.4136
4189DespaSIDo by Genesis Project8.418
One on One by Censor Design8.418
Behind the Sun by 8.418
Bonanza by Microsystems Digital Technologies8.418
Marble Logic by Unreal8.418
Herbatka u doktora Paj-Chi-Wo by Arise8.418
Multiverse by Fairlight8.418
Distort by Angels8.418
4197Scrapped, Recycled, Reincarnated by Covert Bitops8.409
Lost Beyond Recall by Genesis Project8.409
Datastorm 2017 Invite 100% by Fairlight8.409
4200Elite by Robin Levy8.407
Coma Light 9 by Oxyron8.407
There Can Be Only One by Romppainen8.407
Kim by Triad8.407
9999 Enemy Ships and 1 life left by Uneksija8.407
Shape of a Man by Helm8.407
4206Consume by Offence8.4016
We Party Heart by Mayday!8.405
Oldschool 4 by Tronix8.4014
Uflipic by Booze Design8.4012
Getoutofmybrain! by Genesis Project8.4011
Hein ? Un clin d'œil ? by Vision8.4012
Breeze of Diogenes by X-Ample Architectures8.405
Hi Five by Siesta8.4012
Silent Water by Xenon8.405
Double Trouble by Siesta8.4015
Bring Me Edelgas by Masters' Design Group8.4013
Mein Verlies by Mayday!8.4014
Resurgence by Triton8.4012
Fishy Overdose by oys8.4020
Psylocke by Lepsi De8.405
Astral Travel by CODE78.4016
Ökensand i Kalsongen by Genesis Project, Vision8.4018
Generation 64 by Generation 648.4013
Storm by Lepsi De8.405
Mechfight 64 by Grass8.4020
Stefan Scheike from the movie In the Name of the Birch by Panda Design8.4012
Crystalized by Offence8.4022
There can be only One by STE'868.4018
Deshaping of the Essence by Panda Design8.4024
Wrath Designs Logo "Three Gates of Wisdom" by Shine8.4013
Normal People by Darklite8.405
4232Ciphoid 9 +6DIH by Hokuto Force8.405
English Rose by The Solution8.405
Fastline by Desire8.405
Miles Away by Mayday!8.405
After 39 Chars Wide Scroller by ChristopherJam8.405
Channel 4 by Ian & Mic8.405
Thrice by Onslaught8.405
Filtration Concoction by Hokuto Force8.405
4240Deathrophy by Nightlord8.408
The Amazing Past of Fish by Atlantis8.408
4242Raster Attack Intro by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.3942
4243The Emperor's High by Prosonix8.3932
4244The Do-It-Yourself Rambo Revisited GFX Compo Entry Kit +Docs by Vendetta8.396
4245Noname by Pudva8.397
4246Skullbot by Dr. TerrorZ8.3931
4247Pretzels 4 Xmas by Pretzel Logic8.397
In Ruhe 1 Abseilen by Mayday!8.397
Only Beerdrops by Darklite, Hoaxers8.397
4250Am Zahnarzt by Extend8.3924
Pissholes in the Snow +D by MultiStyle Labs8.3923
4252Drunken R2D2 by Randy8.399
4253Let's Scroll It! by C64.COM8.3947
4254Curtis Newton Junior by TheRyk8.397
4255Why a Duck by 8.399
4256Plants by Oxyron8.3817
Valentine by Censor Design8.3814
Yus Chunk by ptoing8.3822
Darkening by 8.3814
Green Falcon by PVM8.3815
4261Helping Hand by Singular8.388
Crazy Sample II by The Judges8.388
Fjellaporna by Afrika8.388
AFL-Intro 2014 #02 by Alpha Flight8.388
4265PiccyPiccy by Warriors of the Wasteland8.387
4266Look Sharp by Contex8.389
4267Kujz by Singular8.385
4268Jazzy Fogy Funky by Fatum8.389
4269Diaperash by Prosonix8.385
Color Flood +2 by Genesis Project8.385
I'm the Boss by Kík8.385
Mandelbrot Madness by Samar Productions8.385
4273Anderson, PSI Division by STE'868.3812
Monochrome by Triad8.3823
Shit Olympics +2DG Crackintro (compo edit) by MultiStyle Labs8.3813
Crackmo by Fairlight8.3841
Butch and the Gang by ptoing8.3810
Jazzed Tobacco by Genesis Project, Jolt8.3812
Ural by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3810
Zoo 2017 Invitation by Artline Designs, Extend, Triad8.3817
Fever by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.388
Dark Ocean [Loader] by Genesis Project8.3810
Disco by Domspitze8.3814
Egy Szippantas a jobol by Hermit8.3811
Enchanted Forest [3sid] by Samar Productions8.3810
Sir Ababol by The Mojon Twins8.3815
She will wait for you on the 4th Floor by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3818
Sally's Garden Preview +2 by Genesis Project8.388
Toaster by Upfront8.389
Bared Fangs by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3811
Where is the Wind? by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3819
A tune by Vision8.3811
Walk into the Green by Kraze8.3827
Spread Eagle Idaho by Encore8.3817
Atlantic Reloaded Italo Disco by MultiStyle Labs8.388
4296Blank Page, Part 3 [2sid] by Samar Productions8.376
4297Summer Preview by Wrath Designs8.379
4298Last Ninja 2 by FIL8.376
4299Raster Attack Intro 2 by Atlantis8.3736
4300Ditch by Resource8.3730
Digital Acid! by Ash & Dave8.3721
Frighthof by Arsenic8.3731
4303The Last Christmas Ever by Megastyle8.378
4304The Dynamic-Duo International Intro by Dynamic-Duo8.375
4305Dream Travel 90% by Samar Productions8.3617
TIS by Bonzai8.3622
Unfinished Business by Genesis Project8.3612
Grass-Elephant by Grass, Lethargy8.3617
Oldschool Story by Carrion8.3615
Daydreamer by Booze Design8.3617
Moonlight by ptoing8.3614
Trafolta by Mayday!8.3618
Flowers by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3617
Cannon Fodder by Samar Productions8.3616
Toward New Adventures! C64 Edition by ptoing8.3619
Alice in Wonderland by Censor Design8.3615
Four Years by Origo Dreamline8.3617
The Hunter by Level 648.3617
Service Stop Guests by Hokuto Force8.3617
You Know the Routine by Camelot8.3629
The Phone by ptoing8.3614
Fortune Teller by Hokuto Force8.3620
Summer Greetings by Genesis Project8.3615
Wild Intro by Megastyle8.3632
Drinking Leroy by Fairlight8.3616
Variable Medusa by rexbeng8.3618
Crackers Quest by Kristian Røstøen8.3631
4328Hydrogen's C64 by Arcane8.367
4329Alley Cat +18D by Hackersoft8.365
4330Genesis Project "Moving Forward Intro" by Genesis Project8.366
Kiddy by Pudva8.366
Bellringer III [16kb cartridge] by Geir Straume8.366
Into the Chambers of Dracula by Panda Design8.366
IlogicAll Logo by Inside8.366
Dein Zycrex by Antic8.366
Twisting Twistor Is Twisting 3 by Camelot8.366
4337Charset and Logos by Desire8.3616
4338The Clue by Level 648.365
Odysseus - Trojan Warrior +25D by Hackersoft8.365
4340Circlesque by Stoat & Tim8.359
Datordemens by Onslaught8.359
Free Bleeding Carnival by Camelot8.359
4343Real OG by Lobo8.359
Boys Without Dicks Unite by MultiStyle Labs8.359
4345Pretending to See the Light by Fairlight8.3519
ReDiscovered by Samar Productions8.3524
4347RACE Gamemusic by SIDWAVE8.356
YM-64 by Norbert Kehrer8.356
4349Epitaph 4 A Liver by Elysium8.357
4350The Super Larsson Bros by Horizon, Instinct8.3536
Trap by We Music8.3521
4352Got Stuck Looking for Food on Mars by Pievspie8.357
Quak Attak +18D by Hackersoft8.357
4354Cubiic by Offence8.3531
4355Cosmic Bakery by Fit8.348
Ode to Crest by Crest, React8.348
4357Flott-O-Mat by Mayday!8.347
Latischa by Lepsi De8.347
4359Granny's Teeth by The New Dimension8.348
Hook by Singular8.348
Hope in March by Onslaught8.348
4362Crime City by Artline Designs8.3314
Triage 3 by Smash Designs8.3312
Dungeon Blaster +3D by Genesis Project8.339
America by Extend8.3314
Scene Spirit by Lft8.3316
Jimage on Modafinil [party version] by Chrome8.336
A Chipful of Love For You by Lft8.3312
Speedtro Tune by Spider Jerusalem8.3327
Evil Dead Logo by Worrior18.3310
Soulless by STE'868.3314
Flickerless flickor by Nuance8.3321
Christmas18 by Censor Design8.3315
Vandalism News #52 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs8.3312
Girl-Car-Vyvern C64 by Avatar8.3319
Who Arted?!? by Booze Design8.3318
Architect by Hokuto Force8.3312
Game Art '94 by Carrion8.3310
QUOD INIT EXIT V1.1 by saimo8.3310
RGCD Logo by iLKke, RGCD8.3316
Darkness by Fairlight8.3311
Christm-ass by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3315
20 Years Replay 70% by Replay8.3310
Shaddup Already by Abaddon8.3317
Du gemeiner Mörder - Du bist Böse by Cyclone, Rayden8.336
Frost Point by dEViLOCk8.3312
64 Seconds by Houbba, Ruk8.3322
Iskender by Extend8.3312
13.01.2018. - She will Return... .... on the Wall! by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3310
Evokefeile by Hitmen8.3322
Revolution by Chorus8.3316
Flashback zero-thirteen by Genesis Project8.3311
0111001101110000011000010110001101100101 (aka space) by Hack n' Trade8.3316
ToonS-O-matic by Double A Team8.3310
Artillery 85% by SHAPE8.3324
Gubbdata 2016 Invite by Genesis Project, Triad8.339
Dr Analban by Artstate, EXclusive ON, MultiStyle Labs, Samar Productions8.3322
Pixels by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.3318
Foncused by Hokuto Force8.336
Ballroom Dancing by Hokuto Force8.336
mopsit ovat outoja by dalezy8.3321
Pollution2045 by Level 648.3315
First Contact by Golara8.3316
Jazz-man by Albion Crew8.3318
Gumimaci by Singular8.336
Zilltunna by Genesis Project8.3310
Mince Pies For Single Colour Nipples (O_o) by Focus8.3322
Virginie by 8.3311
Retired Clown by Carrion8.3314
7180 by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3311
Happy Flappy &H by Genesis Project8.3310
Beertime IVA by Dekadence8.3319
Irrational by Chorus8.3321
Saturn Boots by Viruz8.3311
Early Morning Kata by Hokuto Force8.3313
Channels - spadpcm1 by Onslaught8.339
Open Your Eyes by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3315
New Ray Of Light by Singular8.336
Party Crasher by Censor Design8.3311
Fist of Trade by Hack n' Trade8.3322
Nihil by AttentionWhore8.3313
Sonder Bar 4k by Onslaught8.3312
Dungeons Deep by Viruz8.3311
4424Vibrator by Tempest8.338
4425Rulen by Anonymous Downvote Cowards8.338
4426Antz by Delysid8.338
Cloud Castles by Panda Design8.338
Wonderful Life by Saul Cross8.338
Attitude #8 by Oxyron8.338
Xmas Spirit by 8.338
Push-Up by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.338
Celtic Eagle by 8.338
Homoousios by EXclusive ON8.338
Alien by Atlantis, Onslaught, Protovision8.338
4435Another Evil Man by Choke8.337
4436Single Core by Singular8.338
Lario by Lobo8.338
44382015 C64-Retroinvaders Calendar: C64 Girls by Nautilus8.337
The Last Ninja +11DM 2.0 by Hokuto Force8.337
Amor Punga by PVM8.337
Västergötland by Fredrik8.337
Green Beret by STE'868.337
Gergamygg III by Groovy Bits8.337
4444Chubby Bunny by TomoAlien8.329
4445In Vino Veritas by Panda Design8.327
4446Zwartennerd by Excess8.329
Crazy Painter +4HD by Genesis Project8.329
4448M30W by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3237
4449A simple day by PVM8.328
4450Crispy Crushing Crackers by Drax8.3228
4451Digital Monastery Mini Intro 2 by Hokuto Force8.327
4452Saturday the 14th by Vision8.3221
Suicide Wings by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.3222
Cheese & Crackers by Offence8.3225
Voima Laulaa by Crest, React8.3225
4456Goatland by Noice8.316
4457Arsenic Logo 3CLC-2013 by Arsenic8.3166
4458Talotoo [2sid] by Hack n' Trade8.316
4459Son of a Hoarder by Panda Design8.3124
It's Green! by Censor Design8.3169
African Night by Arsenic, Oxyron8.3124
4462Fairy King by Hokuto Force8.3118
Genesis Project "Plasma Intro" by Genesis Project8.3118
Ay CaRAMBO! by The_WOZ8.3114
The Mob by Carrion8.3115
Darwin by The Dreams8.3117
Digital Excess by Digital Excess8.3114
4468Upgrade by 8.318
4469Rock It 2 by Vaudeville Crew8.309
Meanwhile in Ulan Bator by Nigaz8.309
4471Bullet in the Head by TRS8.307
4472Kalle Kloakk Looking for Toilet Paper by Megastyle8.3024
Victrip by Offence8.3027
4474Sidviken Highscore by Genesis Project8.3038
4475Reflections by Triad8.308
4476Leguan by Hitmen8.309
4477Batmale and Robin and The Roohling Animal! by Dinasours8.309
Petscii Choir by Lft8.309
Purple Turtles +2HDG by Alpha Flight, Hokuto Force8.308
4480The Evil 40 by Arsenic, Oxyron8.3014
Air Power by Samar Productions8.3013
The Sweet Odour Of Jesus Christ by 8.3010
Rose by Singular8.3010
Statue C4 by Carrion8.3016
Your heavy weight blues beard in the morning by MultiStyle Labs8.3026
Alien vs. Petscii by Shine8.3018
Wizard by Latex8.3018
Crystal Sheep 3 by Charged8.3013
Jungle Drums Intro by Genesis Project, Triad8.3013
25th Interstellar by Hitmen8.3023
Shine Logo Show by Delysid8.3013
Frodigi 4 by Onslaught8.3011
Analoque Monster by Desire, Toondichters8.3014
Nothing But Code by Beyond Force8.3016
Machina by Wrath Designs8.3011
plattenbauknecht by Triad8.3015
Midnight Tryst by Lft8.3014
4498Obelisks by Pet.Corp8.306
4499Crack the Frequency by 6R68.3032
4500Just a MC bitch at the Hi-Res corner by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2919
To the Batcave! by Genesis Project8.2919
4502Zombie Massacre by Saul Cross, Wanax8.299
4503Slime Deluxe +3 by Triad8.297
4504Lost & Found by Triad8.295
4505Moon by Awsm8.2910
Fastline '19 by Desire8.2914
Heeeere's the MeanTeaM by Lars8.2944
mans not hot-man by Hokuto Force8.297
Liliana by Artstate, MultiStyle Labs8.2910
Future Transportation Methods by Panda Design8.2910
Bonzieed! by Bonzai8.2911
Mr. T by Hokuto Force8.2911
Disco Inferno by Artline Designs8.2910
ResurreXXXion by Steel8.2910
M-arquero by Fit8.2911
Not Owler by Fedja8.2912
Realtime Intro by Elysium8.2910
Recycle by Focus8.2918
Doctor help me! I'm sick. by Mayday!8.2912
Li by Onslaught8.2911
Fingers of Doom by AcidT*8.2910
Vortex Crystals [16kb cartridge] by The New Dimension8.2912
HolyHarrows by Hokuto Force8.2911
Pantherpants by Extend8.2911
Sky Captain by Genesis Project8.2911
Naked Grinder 2 by Hoaxers8.2911
I Beg u Pardon? by Aki8.2910
I Just Can't Stop Loving You Cover by Hermit8.2911
SNPFCT#1 by Svenska Narkotikapolisföreningen8.297
Legion by Onslaught8.2911
Golden Beauty by Isildur, Samar Productions8.2910
Emulated by Upstars8.2911
Sleepwalker Music by Yogibear8.2911
7 Minutes from Eternity by SIDwave8.2910
Eagle by The Mysterious Art, Abyss Connection, Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.2912
Blue Slide by Prowler8.2911
Speedball 2 Match Drawn by STE'868.2911
RSI CA 1994 8580 by Viruz8.2910
No Mans Land by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2911
Punched Monkey by Crest, React8.2918
Compopic by Pretzel Logic8.2911
Captain Blackbeard by Creators8.2912
Until It Sleeps by Chorus, Singular8.2912
Midnight Flow by React8.2912
The Beat Bizarre by Randy, Fatum8.2911
Karate Kid II by STE'868.2911
Floppy 2003 Picture by Wrath Designs8.2911
Intro One by Phase8.2915
Snow Trilogy by JSL8.2912
Xena by Fredrik8.2912
Buddha Music Disk #1 by Hokuto Force8.2910
Produkthandler Kom Her by Camelot8.2912
Recharger by Upstars8.2912
Gi-Ana Sisters - Title Picture by Alakran8.297
Virginia's Sweet Face by EXclusive ON8.2911
4556Manga by Graffity8.297
4557MEM64! by Atlantis8.286
4558Gfave Tunes by CODE78.286
4559Bokl0v by Hack n' Trade8.285
4560Revolution Intro by Triad8.2874
4561Genesis Project "5x5 FLD Scroller Intro" by Genesis Project8.289
Metrograd Station (part 2) by Panda Design8.289
4563Listen Twice by Maniacs of Noise8.2818
Dolores pt. 2 by Duck LaRock8.2826
Crimson Rose by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2821
4566Micro Sleep by XAKK8.289
Lunar Avatar by Reo8.289
Al Gore Rythm by 8.289
4569MechaPanda from Outah Spees by Genesis Project8.2832
4570Lawless Legends Preview by Genesis Project8.275
4571Tequila Sunrise by Black Mail, Inorix8.275
Hatework by Arise8.275
Ohnesorg by Triad8.275
Workman +5H by Laxity8.275
Trap Them 64 Preview by Laxity8.275
Spyders + by Hokuto Force8.275
Mothafucka [2sid] by Surgeon8.275
The Last Ninja +2 by Triad8.275
Welcome Mythus! by Delysid8.275
4580Old Blood by Hitmen8.2712
Kollo by Extend8.2718
25 Years Cascade by Cascade8.2720
We haz ze powa by Censor Design8.2713
Arthrobob by Fossil8.2734
Summer by Creators8.2715
P by BotX8.2714
Alle Im Sack by Oxyron8.2730
Machinb by Wrath Designs8.2711
The Final Toke by Panda Design8.2715
Mechanical Council by DataDoor8.2713
That's Design by Crazy8.2713
Dream Land by Chorus, Singular8.2713
Waiting at Dusk by Helm8.2715
Monroe 6569 by Digger8.2723
TRIAD "Disco intro" by Triad8.2739
Kobra Khan by Genesis Project8.2713
Space Monster by Hokuto Force8.2714
Goudi Gumdrops by Monk8.2715
Oldstyle by Cosine8.2741
4600Rubicon by Master8.275
4601Absintti by Extend8.278
Trump Man Jr. - Title Picture by Rudi8.278
4603This Is Not the End by Prosonix8.2717
Industrial Breakdown by Booze Design8.2716
Portal by Lepsi De, Miracles8.2723
Song of Fall - Broad Edition by Chorus8.2723
Move Me Like a Movie by Ald8.2723
4608Fear by Therapy8.278
4609Who Cares by Pers' Wastaiset Produktiot8.268
4610Masters by Triad8.266
Girl by Drew Rodger8.266
Sommer unseres Lebens by Crypt8.266
4613Hokutopus Force by Hokuto Force8.2619
4614Das Camp [german] by TUGCS8.269
Party Pig by Booze Design8.269
4616Piece of Cake 3 by Megastyle8.269
4617I Sail at Midnight / Can Only Lose by Viruz8.2648
Megapetscii by Hackers8.2628
4619Hellraiser by Resource8.267
4620SF [party version] by 8.255
4621Elder Dragon by Anarchy8.257
4622Nibbles by Fanta, Mitch8.258
Coma Light '87 by Oxyron8.258
4624Lunari by STE'868.256
Warriors of the Night by Arise, Lepsi De8.256
Sounds of the Amiga #1 by Triad8.256
4627Familiegudstjeneste by Radbrekkjers8.258
Jonesymorph by Hokuto Force8.2510
The Last Hope by Atlantis8.2513
Bouncy Bouncy by Desire8.2548
Bullets over Vegas by The Solution8.2511
Tac2sintolerant by Panda Design8.2513
Kreator by Genesis Project8.2516
Fading Memory by Wrath Designs8.2521
Han som reiste by 8R0TK4$T3N8.2521
At Doom's Gate by Panda Design8.2513
No Limits by The Supply Team8.258
Anal Intruder by Beyond Force8.2511
Fart Escape by Picaro Games8.258
Cause of Death by Arsenic8.2534
ZAGOR Is Gone... by Hokuto Force8.2513
Future Comets by Triton8.2512
Probing the Crack with a Hook by Vision8.2522
Hell It's about Time by Arcane8.2520
Rise of a New Shah by rexbeng8.2523
Punk a chiens by Dentifrice8.2513
The Little Things by The Solution8.2516
Peer by Onslaught8.2511
Slendy by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2511
4f promo pic by Leon8.259
Befriend a Cyberstalker by Arise8.2510
4652Ripleys Story by Onslaught8.256
4653Basketball Final Demo by 8.255
4654Grotto Robotto by DataDoor8.259
Okkie's Moustache by Fairlight8.259
4656Digital Madness by Elite8.258
4657Ultimate Guide for Downvoting by Anonymous Downvote Cowards, The Master Crew8.258
4658Veleone Mews by Artline Designs8.258
4659Khaos Sphere - Commander Marc Bell V2.0 by Jay Aldred8.258
Purple Intro [atl+f4cg] by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group8.258
Stunt Plane by Arcane8.258
Ghoul by Reo8.258
4663Tiger [pal/ntsc] by Electric8.2425
Eclectic by Onslaught8.2439
4665atomic pretzel by Triad8.247
4666Wriggler by B.U.D.S., NATO8.247
4667Hey let's play! by ilesj8.2421
Snuggery by Arsenic, Oxyron8.2421
System 3 montage by Mase8.2425
Spacefacelift by Triad8.2427
Courtesy of Soviet by Wrath Designs8.2418
4672Pipsqueak 3D by Shaun C8.2370
4673$777 by Razor 19118.2324
Unreal-istic by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2317
Tear by Slayer Grafix8.2317
Return of Heracles +M V0.9.1 by Fairlight8.2314
Subtlety is not my Business by Triad8.2315
Drowning - A Progstep Adventure by Viruz8.2317
Cosmo-bear by Genesis Project8.2315
4680I Am the Flashing C64 Cursor by Pond, Privy Software8.238
4681XRay64 V0.1 beta 3 by 8.238
4682Boobsvinoambient by Genesis Project8.2213
Jam Ball 2 by ChristopherJam8.2210
RapidReflections by Excess8.2210
Float by Censor Design8.2212
Remember, Remember by Artstate8.2212
Dude - Got Your Dosage? by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated8.2217
Oso by Hack n' Trade8.2220
Vandalism News #61 by Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff, Wrath Designs8.2212
A Sign of Life by Alpha Flight8.2210
Joe Tribute by JSL8.2215
Busodore by Singular8.2210
We Raw Music by Xentax8.2210
House Party by House Designs8.2215
Disastrous Load Error by MultiStyle Labs8.2210
Back2_V_arsity by Viruz8.2212
Tittelbild by Metalvotze8.2211
Outpost [fixed] by dEViLOCk8.2210
It's All in Your Head by Twoflower, Triad8.2211
Paper Plane [16kb cartridge] by Reset Magazine Staff8.2210
Stereophonik by Mahoney8.2211
Scene World #22 by People of Liberty, Scene World Magazine8.2211
No FREE Dinner by Chorus, Resource, Singular8.2213
So You Died. Man Up! by Tempest8.2212
Lord Of The Ages by Worrior18.2212
Molly 2 by Carrion8.2211
Berggreen I Am by Scarzix8.2212
The Last Cruise by Hokuto Force8.2211
Attack of Stubidos 3 by Beyond Force8.2214
Poledancer by Hokuto Force8.2210
HT Gold by Dinasours8.2213
Zenfeuter by K28.2212
Qué hago en Manila? by PVM8.22<