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Forever 10 - The Bonus Level

Forever 10 - The Bonus Level

- Forever NeXt - The Bonus Level

Event Type :
8 bit Party

Forever X

Dates :
13 - 15 March 2009

Place :
Merina Club

Website :

Organizers :
CreaMD, Jak T Rip, Wotnau

Organizer Groups :

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Manx by FatzoneDownload6.9
24KB Wannabe by Black SunDownload
3Lamerush Glue by Vulture DesignDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Sleepless Work by ConradDownload8.8
2Popyjava Pyjakoof by bookerDownload
3Quickly Made on Place by PCHDownload
4Welcome Santa by SurgeonDownload
5For Visac by SadDownload
6Edge of Space by RichardDownload
790 Seconds by psych858oDownload8.0
8Devil Made Me Do It by RandallDownload
9Bit Jammer by RambonesDownload
10Variation by RamosDownload
11Sex w Radiu Maryja by Raf/MCHDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Cica by PoisonDownload8.39.3
2Latika by LeonDownload8.78.8
3Sunshine by SplashDownload
4Eye Control by Almighty GodDownload7.5
5CBM Guardian Angel by IsildurDownload8.3
6Sunrise by KozycaDownload7.2
7Organic by Alias MedronDownload7.7
8X.64 exe by OdynDownload
9City Face by MirasDownload
10Black Hole 2 by LemingDownload
11Night by CobraDownload6.0

WiLD Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Pieces II Preview Party Version by OxyronDownload
3Hit Mix 4 by BlazonDownload

C64 1K Intro
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Microture by Cult, Padua, UnrealDownload
2Intro 2009 vte by Vulture DesignDownload

Productions released outside compos :
CFSfdisk 10b by Singular (IDE64 Release)
CFSfsck 5a by Singular (IDE64 Release)
Forever and Ever (Music)
MP3 Plugin V3 by Singular (IDE64 Release)
Pixel Perfekt Plugin V0 by Singular (IDE64 Release)

Attendants : (27)
booker, DJ Gruby, Factor6, Killer, Leming, Leon, LHS, LiSU, Miras, MrMat, Nitro, nula, Odyn, PCH, Poison, Raf, Ramos, Sad, Sebaloz, Sigi, Soci, Splatterpunk, SUDi, ThunderBlade, Visac, Womana, Wotnau

External links :
Video by Odyn/VD (part 1)  (http://www.odyn.art.pl/vulture/videos/Forever_NeXt_Party_%202009%20-%20part_1.mp4)
Photos by Mikez  (http://www.zeroteam.sk/tmp/foreverX.zip)
Photos by Raf (lo-fi)  (http://www.speedyshare.com/196312902.html)
Photos by Krupkaj  (http://krupkaj.ic.cz/ForeverNeXt)
Photos by FLQ  (http://members.chello.at/wachenroeder/)
Video by Odyn/VD (part 2)  (http://www.vulture.c64.org/videos/Forever%20NeXt%202009%20-%20part%202.avi)
Photos by SUDi  (http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/kontonafoty/ForeverXBySUDi#)
Photos by Mr.Mat  (http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/kontonafoty/ForeverXByMrMat#)
Photos by Killer and Miras  (http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/kontonafoty/ForeverXByKillerAndMiras#)

Releases containing information on this event :
Attitude #10  Party Report
C&A Fan #04 [polish]   (polish language)

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 1 October 2009
Added photos by SUDi, Mr.Mat, Killer and Miras :)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 19 March 2009
A.M.: these cups (when we came to the printing company) was plastic crap. It looked nice on the website but it was made from plastic. It's only useful in bathroom I suppose. As far as t-shirt is concerned. Just send e-mail to that dude whom you have sen't the wallpaper and ask him if you are getting a prize ;-) if yes I'm sure they will send the one if you give them the address (question of course is, if there are any t-shirt left ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Alias Medron on 19 March 2009
oh.. and while we're at complaining ...

where's my damn t-shirt and cup from the wallpaper compo??? huh??? :D :D :D

(no.. don't think about sending them by snail mail.. i compete only for the sake of competition.. thank you :) )

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 18 March 2009
Leming, ok then let me repeat the details about prize-giving again. There is up to 20 t-shirts made every year. There are 4*3 compos every year (GFX,MSX,1k,DEMO for every plattform) + WILD + Realtime compo. The people who win 1st place receive that t-shirt. Second and third place receive only the diploma (usually thematically designed with the poster). For exaple this year's winners of demo compo were from Sweden and winner of music compo was from UK. They weren't on the place so we coulnd't give them the prize. (Mikezt will send them by snail mail though). As for graphic compo. Poison got the prize at night (I woke him up and gave him the T-shirt) because hugarian guys are leaving early in the sunday every year. 1k intro dudes received T-shirt. And Dj.Gruby should have also received the T-shirt. I think it's best to ask him. Thanx for attention.

User Comment
Submitted by Leming on 18 March 2009
ok ok sorry CreaMD I am not going to say a word :) I just like to spam a little bit sometimes... It was a great party I want to go to the next one so will talk to you then :) No more comments from me till VN :)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 18 March 2009
If Dj.Gruby didn't receive the prize there must have been some mistake. He should have received one too. And Leming, please stop repeating this bullshit, every plattform had the same prizes for 1st place (t-shirt and diploma, plus some crap stuff which is not 8-bit related)

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 18 March 2009
Quoting Leming

@Alias Medron there was no prizes to c64 people anyway :)

Roman already said there were T-shirts for #1 places, but I dont remeber DJ Gruby getting one for winning the wild compo.

User Comment
Submitted by Leming on 18 March 2009
@Alias Medron there was no prizes to c64 people anyway :)

User Comment
Submitted by Alias Medron on 18 March 2009
here's a comment of a "non present at the party compo contributor" (nice title .. eh?? :)

whouldn't it be fair to give the prizes of the non present winners to the next ones that are present?
i mean if 1st place isn't there and 2nd and 3rd are than all prizes should be moves a place back..
so the 4th one gets the prize for 3rd place etc..

just my 2 cents..

User Comment
Submitted by Linus on 17 March 2009
Rambones: Yeah, I do see your point - of course you should have won with that particular tune! :P

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2009
Jammer I agree with your first point. And as far as I'm concerned. I'm more interested in the audial pleasures that audience experiences than into the places that tunes achieve in results. As for too many entries in the compo. At forever it's mostly problem of having 3 music compos in a row. I we had more tunes the other scenes would suffer from lack of concentration in their compos. Therefore I've stopped heavily promoting the compo. In past we had a lot of tunes. That was really selfish from me ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2009
Rambones. I adressed your anxiety about not being voted fairly. The version of SID doesn't have so big influence on that. I've listened to a lot of great tunes on new SID and got used to that sound only to realize later that they were made on the old one. But this or that, I'm really sorry for not being able to solve that problem operationally and play it on old sid (e.g. by switching tv for monitor quickly or something like that). I don't try to slip out of the responsibility.

User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 17 March 2009
rambones >> i think that order in the competition doesn't have to do with final result. i remember north 9 probably when hein was played first and won over my entry. it's all about quality and audience dude, don't find evidences in space :P what is more, the last tunes are more likely to get lower score as people are a bit tired with competition. at least, it happened during polish parties.

User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 17 March 2009
Creamd: on X 2008 i suggested they mixed the sids, 6581/8580, so they switched constantly.
this is to avoid feeling that sid compo becomes actually 2 different compos, and it worked really well at X!

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2009
Stainless Steel: very true.

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 17 March 2009
I think we're all are a bunch of tossers. Especially conrad for downplaying his talent.

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2009
Conrad, I can recognise a TOP ten musician. So SHUT UP and learn to live with the fact that you rule, man! ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 17 March 2009
Rambones. That's impossible, because compo is anonymous and only name of the tune is announced. Howver, there was completely different problem. I had to place you first in the music list because you were the only one to submit 6581 tune (as far as I know), and since I was using new vic most of the time and only wanted to swap machines once for your tunes, the tv + old machine were not tested to work together. I had problem to connect the old vic machine to TV so I couldn't see what I'm doing and I had to switch back to new machine. Thus your tune was played on new SID. Of course, most of the time that's also not problem, because different bass still sound interesting. The most influencing thing is imho, being played first. People can't compare with other tunes so they usually vote average. If I played Conrad first, who knows if he had scored so high ;-). I apologise for the logistic problem, but as usual. Starting with last minute change of place (which we could from 15:00 friday) ending with me nellecting of testing of tv cable with the old sid c64 machine.

User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 17 March 2009
As usual my tune gets total unfair placing in the compo.. and sending by email is obviously a big mistake since all will hate you because you are not there, so they downvote, and dont even listen the tune properly. So im not gonna do this again.. yikes!

User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 17 March 2009
hahahahahaha! Leming, I don't think you're a tosser! :) Dude, I haven't even met you yet!....well, I haven't really met ANYONE yet anyway... I guess that's my problem... I'm too much of a homeboy at the moment... gee, when will I grow up? I'm 22 for fuck's sake!.... Jammer's right... I need a fucking blowjob! :D

Seriously though, that would be very nice if I can come down to silesia 3.0 with you... but maybe we should talk more often on IRC perhaps? I'm surprised because we're both in the same group as well as the same country! heheh. No hard feelings, I wasn't trying to upset you or anything.

You know, I've always been aware of the consequences when submitting something over the god forsaken internet. Remember the times when nata was around? well, for a person who hasn't spread his skills around for a long time, i.e. yours truly, one can get affected by people's reactions over some winging bastardo (i.e. nata) who kept demanding satisfaction (and challenges to a DUEL!!) of winning a straight forward music/gfx/demo compo by an electronically submitted entry and being too pussy to be there. I could see clearly why people got pissed off with that... and so I take caution of that. But wtf, I'm still ending up first?!?! Leming, I am bloody GLAD that you are standing up to tell that it is kind of wrong to win some party compo when you not even there... I was hoping to end around the middle... there are much more better composers than me, e.g. DRAX, Randall, Jammer... they would have been there since they live nearer to the place theoretically...


okay, time for bed I think... ...

User Comment
Submitted by Leming on 16 March 2009
Defence. To all uptight people.
Rules were set clear - if you allowed to enter the compo and you want to, then you do it whether mr leming likes it or not. I absolutely agree. Being horrible towards my person, calling me horrible names because of me having an OPINION will result in me taking legal action against all those who do :)
Conrad's submiting a winning tune was given as AN EXAMPLE of me being annoyed at people who do not go to parties. Particularly englaise people. 50 british pounds it costs to go to a party once in a year is that such an effort? Its a disgrace. DEEV I aim it at you now :) You submit, you win, and dont ever bother to show your face. What Im pissed off with is that I dont have anyone to go to parties with and we're in the same group but you dont ever bother to show your ass. Well I suppose I just have to get used to it and live with it. Blame it on credit crunch and weather conditions(it snowed in the UK for two days in February :)) Your trophy is too expensive to send, its credit crunch now I had to choose between sending it back to you and going to Forever party :) I think I chose wisely, Sorry mate :)
Conrad, I suggest you come with me to Silesia Party in September and name your tune 'Leming is a tosser' or something like that it will make you feel better. I just picked on you when now I realize I shouldnt have as I dont even know you and dont know whats going on in your life to judge it. If you really enjoy making tunes and giving pleasure to all of SID addicts you should have no doubts in submitting your tunes via emails. End of.

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 16 March 2009
Quoting Conrad

Leming, I understand how much it pisses you and others off... it's made me wonder if I should continue doing this shit or not.

It doesn't piss me. And Conrad - yes you should do it!

Quoting Conrad

You're right, contributing without attending is lame (...)

No, it's not lame, it's cool, especially if there's such a valuable piece of a compotune as you did, Conrad.

Don't listen to Leming, he's just jealous he can't - an mostlikely will never - do tunes like you can do :-)


User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 March 2009
Conrad: I said it elsewhere (and also on the party) and I'll repeat it again and again. I'm fucking glad that I directly asked you (as only one person actually) to make tune for the compo, because (I don't want to insult anyone particular) generally majority of the tunes in the compo were really bad. When your one came, it felt like balsam on our ears.. unfortunately radio Maryja played after you.. I was so stupid that I haven't checked it properly. If I knew it was so disharmonic I would put it as first one in the playlist ;-(.

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 March 2009
Raf: (About prizes). Standard Forever Prize for 10 years is a party T-Shirt for a winner of each category (with unique logo every year) printed in limited edition (20 pieces every year). About 3 yrs ago or so I also started with diplomas for all 3 places. Then there are some more or less fill-in prices like bottle of Fernet, usb keys and some mp3 players for winners of coding categories this year. I don't like such prizes coz they don't have anything to do with 8-bit scene, so it's very probable that next year we'll finally come up with a solid piece (in a form of abstract statue art) styled in unique Forever style (no crappy cups mounted from spare parts and such).

If you haven't seen prizes given to C64 people, it must have been caused by the fact that winners of the categories weren't present. If they give me the address I will hand them over to Mike/Zeroteam and he might send them to you even when I stated that there won't be prizes for non-visiting competitors.

As far as money prizes are concerned. It's kinda funny to have EUR 2000 prizes with 13 EUR entrance fee collected from about +85 visitors. ;-). It's especially funny that some of the complaints about the increase of entrance fee came from some polish dude, if I remember right ;-)

P.S.: I woke up Poison at night and gave him his T-shirt (and diplomas for him, leon and splash,) right after we counted the votes, because he won the GFX compo and I knew that every year the hungarian guys (Leon, Poison etc.) are leaving the place before the prize giving ceremony because their train is leaving so early. It was quite satisfying to see his surprised face when I woke him up and congratulated him ;-))

User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 16 March 2009
Damn why is the order of comments reverted on comment pages? It makes me dizzy.

User Comment
Submitted by Deev on 16 March 2009
Conrad, relax man, if anyone is pissed off about you winning the compo, they simply have to write a better tune that yours next year. If they can't do that, their problem is still with the organisers, you have nothing to say sorry for. Oh...and Leming already has the trophy awarded to the winner of the x2004 gfx compo (whoever that might've been !), surely that's a nicer piece of scene memorabilia than a vodka bottle? ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat on 16 March 2009
In my position, being in Australia, I can see the need to email an entry. I also see the point Leming is making too.

For me, if there is more releases at a party because some of them are emailed, that is what is exciting. Whether the person is there or not doesn't matter to me.

Just my 2 cents.

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 16 March 2009
@LEMING : Rather than getting all in conrads face, you should have made your case with the party organizers. Instead, you chose to make an ass out of yourself. Congratulations.


User Comment
Submitted by Ninja on 16 March 2009
Wasn't it stated before that email entries are allowed? So, why the fuzz? Of course, you can debate this issue with the organizers of a party if this is a good idea. But finger-pointing to someone who just used his option makes it really look like it is all about a bottle of vodka :)

User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 16 March 2009
Leming, I understand how much it pisses you and others off... it's made me wonder if I should continue doing this shit or not. You're right, contributing without attending is lame, but what can you do without no proper contacts, no car, little money, and no mood in going anywhere during the depression of affair problems with the recession?

On the other hand, by mid-2009 I should be finished from extremely fucking hard uni work (which I have admitted numerous times to my colleagues that I'm pissed off with everything they shove down my throat and how much freedom I want from there right now!) ...and by then there will be the chance of me at parties. I have been to at least one event though (albeit not very scene-related) so I guess I do have an okay physical condition. :)

I'm hoping to go to X'10 because of this. If you're going too, I'll get you the biggest hardest strongest vodka mankind can find... I mean after all, england is a land of pissheads these days so I'm sure it won't be difficult to find decent booze. :) This should be my apology to you in person.

User Comment
Submitted by Raf on 16 March 2009
@Leming: generally there were no prizes for Commodore scene this time, except Grubi winning a tshirt in wild compo. that was stragne to the extent that prizes were given even in crazy compos (for the winners only which is obvious). has winners in other c64 categories received anything (just asking coz I really don't know about it)?

User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 16 March 2009
aaah, so that's why you are so pissed off - gotcha!

User Comment
Submitted by Leming on 16 March 2009
@Jammer I see your point, but I don't see it fair. Don't c'mon me :) CRD won the compo (fab tune btw, well deserved first place), if he didnt get a chance to email it, Booker would have won and I would have got a free bottle of vodka.

User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 16 March 2009
leming >> i don't agree at all. crd is perfectly entitled to take part in competitions and he contributes very well. i'm proud of being c-64 scener when i listen to such entries. he just shouldn't be awarded with any formal prize e.g. money, as it used to be at numerous parties. would you like to watch/see only shit entries because their authors are present? c'mon :P but, in fact, owen - you should visit X at least ;) no party, no blowjob! - sorry :P

User Comment
Submitted by Leming on 16 March 2009
yeah it was da party. My full commentary and review on this you will read in the next issue of Vandalism News. Thanks to those who came it was nice to meet everyone, SHAME on those who didnt show up.
@CreamD to increase the amount of demos into competition make sure you advertise prizes, Im pretty sure you will get at least 10 good demos from Poland if you say the winner gets 2000 euros :) It will boost the amount of visitors and also their production :)
But seriously I'd say: not enough people - too many parties. If there was one c64 party a year then you should expect more, now there is at least 5 parties a europe a year then what do we expect. Demos go to parties like X where amount of visitors is big enough to show off. Honestly if I had a choice of releasing a big demo I would definately not show it at Forever simply because 20 c64 guys is not as exciting as showing it to 200.
Regarding the 'through email' entries, it is really annoying to see that and really piss me off when CRD enters the competition without ever going to parties. Finding the excuse: sorry Im a student, didnt have time to go to your party, but here's my tune. Unless there is something physically wrong with him I cannot accept this sort of behaviour. Nothing personal. I just see it annoys a few but nobody sais it loud. I understand email entering if he couldnt go coz he got ill or something.

Anyways, great party, looking forward to the next one - I really enjoyed myself, and also Slovakia is a fantastic country which I am seriously considering moving to - never seen so many hawt girls in my life :)

User Comment
Submitted by jailbird on 16 March 2009
@CreaMD: out of curiosity, how much major events the other 8bit scenes have?
Anyhow, organizing a party shortly before Breakpoint is kinda unfortunate :(

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 March 2009
Frantic, about half. Also some of the people sent stuff by e-mail and also come to the place (like dudes who sent the 1k intro and some polish or hungarian guys). Some others sent the stuff by other people and didn't come to the place etc. As usual.

E-mail contributions
WILD: 2 GFX: 6x MSX: 5x 1k Intro: 1x DEMO: 1

Total contributions:
Wild: 3x (game, stereo music, cover music collection) GFX: 11x MSX: 12x 1k Intro: 2x DEMO: 3x (actually one was 1 filer with scroller and another was 4kB intro wannabe, so the only "full blown" demo was sent by swedish group Fatzone.)

And when we are at it, I must admit that I'm always quite embarassed in front of ZX Spectrum and Atari sceners who take this party (more or less) seriously (depending on year of course ;-). Where we have max 1 more-or-less cool demo at the party, they bring at least 3. One of this years Atari demos has shown a really greatly executed atempt to get close to the C64 style of "design demos". It was really great experience. While major part of active C64 scene is giving a flying fuck about Forever other two scenes are coming with the best their current scene can bring on. This is a bit disappointing. I can assure you that any group which would release a major C64 demo at Forever would get more attention from the audience than on any other multiplattform party. Actually, there isn't any other major multiplattform 8-bit party expect Forever that I know of.

Yes.. by releasing on 8-bit multiplattform party you wouldn't have any impact on PC scene ;-) (which doesn't care that much anyway...). Yes you wouldn't probably kick some ass of your fellow major demo group when releasing on forever, but at least you would have some inluence / impact on the other 8 bit audiences, and I don't think it is neglectable. After 10 years of doing Forever we have proven that we can provide a stable plattform, but it seems that having a big screen, laughably low entrance fee, and ~100 curioys people on place watching your demo is not enough ;-).

...yes yes... I admit that Forever 2 sucked a lot ;-/

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 March 2009
Nooly, it will be distributed on official release disk. I just have to complete it tonight.

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 16 March 2009
Good points Booker! ;-) It was really nice to meet you in person. Respect.

According to front page. Official ammount of visitors is 101. It looked quite stuffed in the artelnative partyplace ;-). In the original place we would feel like half empty (half full ;-).

The stickers is really great idea. I wonder why we are so stupid that after 10 years we didn't come up with this simple idea. I was on X once and it was quite cool to run around the place with CreaMD / DMAgic (...you know.. the dude who does the best c64 news page..) on my chest. (at least until the next day when I learned that I was so pissed (beer+motion sickness pills to be exact) that I pissed from the stairs at the place.. ;-)

We'll implement the name stickers next year for sure!

"...the idea to throw out everyone out of the party place before compos... ...weird."

this is the standard on every Forever party, but not always people to wait outside of the building. On the original place they had to wait in the vestibule of the building. This or that, this is caused by the fact that people are coming anytime and party place is open, so we can't be sure that someone slips in without paying. Everyone wants to see the compos and this solves 2 things. 1st when we collect and get people in, everyone has his mind ready and concentrated for the main event ;-). 2nd. we don't have to count the sheeps all the time, we don't have to have 1 person sitting by the door guarding people going in and out (as this is all done for our enjoynment, can you imagine anyone of organiser willing to spend ~48 hours sitting next to door? We won't do it for any money. ;-) The problem will be partially solved by the "visitor bracelets" but that was not sure this year and was only implemented experimentally.

"Also, the results can really be told like saturday mignight..."

If we announced the results on sunday night, the party would not have to last 3 days. We rather think about giving people reason to come early in the friday and leave late in sunday by extending of the party program. Of course it's not easy to do so, but we are working on that every year. Also, the pricegiving ceremony is better done on calm and sleepy sunday mornings rather than exhausting saturday evenings ;-)

"Besides - nice :)) Gotta come next year too."

I look forward to meet you again then. ;-) Thanx for valuable feedback.

User Comment
Submitted by nooly on 16 March 2009
what a great party!

btw. will you include here my disqualified music entry or not? =)

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 16 March 2009
How many of the compo contributions come from people who attended the party? (No criticism or so, I am just curious).

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 16 March 2009
Good party. About 100 people from mixed C-64,Atari,ZX spectrum scenes. Quite interesting experience.

I'm missing the fact organizers did not give the stickers to people (like it's at X-Party), so you never know to whom do you speak, unless you ask...

Also the idea to throw out everyone out of the party place before compos, and make them wait about 1h to collect the entry fees is quite weird.

Also, the results can really be told like saturday mignight, coz many people are drunk dead on sunday or already left the partyplace.

Besides - nice :)) Gotta come next year too.

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 4 March 2009
Jammer: don't count on that ;-) He is specialising on mastering of the party ceremony, party schedule (organising of forever specialities like fun compos and quizzes) and such stuff. And his job is quite demanding too. Coders are rare article nowadays ;-). Leon: great to hear!

User Comment
Submitted by leonofsgr on 4 March 2009
my compo picture (pixel perfect/ifli) is ready!

User Comment
Submitted by Jammer on 4 March 2009
Wotnau is ;)

User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 4 March 2009
Who would do it? I'm not a coder ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Akira on 4 March 2009
Where's the invtro! ;D
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