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06:35 - Logiker:
Some statistics: Around 5% of the year passed. We already have 438 releases which is 20% of 2019 or 2018. And around 50% compared to 2000, 2005.. Without Tiny PETSCII Compo it are 107 releaeses. Around 5% of 2019. Who'ld have thought?
04:53 - Fungus:
Is it over now?
01:17 - Jammer:
00:03 - ZeSmasher:
Tiny Petscii Compo 2 starts today! :)
19:26 - Logiker:
19:10 - Joe:
Hopefully not like yesterday night XD
19:10 - Joe:
Just a few hours. No drama ;D
19:04 - Fungus:
Please let it end soon
16:23 - Zyron:
Last day, so expect a lot!
16:21 - Stainless Steel:
is this petscii spamfest not over yet ffs
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Panic at Reynholm IndustriesC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-01-20)
Rudi's Best of Tiny PETSCII Comp..C64 Graphics Rudi(2020-01-20)
Look at My Big Eyes AnimatedC64 Graphics Blazon(2020-01-20)
Kong - Caught on FilmC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2020-01-19)
Micro-phoneC64 Graphics Narky(2020-01-19)
Breaking the BoundariesC64 Graphics psych858o(2020-01-19)
DESTROY HIM, MY PETSCII!C64 Graphics Hoaxers(2020-01-19)
ParrotC64 Graphics Joe(2020-01-19)
enregnigdagC64 Graphics aprikos(2020-01-19)
Tiny FlowerC64 Graphics Joe(2020-01-19)
8x8 CompilationC64 Graphics Logiker(2020-01-19)
Grand PaC64 Graphics Logiker(2020-01-19)
8x8 FPS PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Starship PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Black&White PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Nuclear PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 DOOM PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
Down Vote MeC64 Graphics Blazon(2020-01-19)
8x8 Charlie PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Tank PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Homer PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
8x8 Skull PETSCIIC64 Graphics XTRO(2020-01-19)
IsaacC64 Graphics Epic Typhlosion(2020-01-19)
Attitude #20C64 Diskmag Genesis Project, Triad(2020-01-19)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
HBO Ltd.Panic at Reynholm Industries Don FultonATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2020Data-Tech HQ
The UnknownsRudi's Best of Tiny PETSCII .. John H. KohlerBEE #1PFI 1
The Chipsi-CrewMagnus Uggla Rex R. CollinsMAGFest Demoparty 2020PFI HQ
Rowdy Programming ManiacsTSS Turbo V2.0 Charles GauthierVintage Computing Carinthia ..Under the Rainbow
Ufo Cracking DivisionThe Amazing Spider-Man + SteinisoftsTiny PETSCII Compo 2020Extension #1

Latest Forum Posts
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Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Attitude #20 /Raistlin (2020-01-20 03:50)
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News & Comments
hedning:2020-01-19 23:02
Attitude #20 is released, celebrating 20 years of diskmag glory! Enjoy! /TRIAD + G*P
Dr.j:2020-01-19 13:38
A memorial page was established in the honor of Chuck Peddle the father of 6502 microchip. you are invited to come and read

Flex:2020-01-12 14:55
Artline Designs welcomes 2 new members. Welcome ilesj and Flotsam!
Zyron:2020-01-09 13:11
Due to an unfortunate bug, the comment function on https://intros.c64.org/ has been broken for some time without us being aware of it. But now it has been fixed!

So why not jump in, check some old intros and share your thoughts.

Right now the site holds 10730 intros from 2370 groups!

TheTom:2020-01-03 17:25
Tiny Petscii Compo 2020!

Can you make a nice Petscii with just 8x8 chars?

See for details:
Tiny PETSCII Compo 2020

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