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17:13 - Raistlin:
Knackered! What a compo!! Stunning.
14:26 - Higgie:
TODO: go to X (check) ... what a blast! :)
13:48 - spider-j:
Last Night with Stinsen :-* <3
11:46 - Zarch:
Insane quality releases at X2023! WOW!
11:46 - Cruzer:
11:12 - Jazzcat:
10:26 - WVL:
This is how it feels to get get double fisted.
09:19 - Peacemaker:
We are down with Censor Design and Shit!
06:31 - pastoelio:
wow xparty was amazing
03:13 - Raistlin:
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A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Evil PrincessC64 Graphics Neyvivi(2023-06-04)
Flappy Trappy +C64 Crack Genesis Project, Triad(2023-06-04)
HOL2001 Becomes 50C64 Intro Excess(2023-06-04)
Wonderland XIVC64 Demo Censor Design(2023-06-04)
RBS Preview +C64 Crack Laxity(2023-06-04)
Skully and His PalC64 Graphics Censor Design(2023-06-03)
Nice GuyC64 Graphics BOOM!(2023-06-03)
A Bright FutureC64 Graphics Triad(2023-06-03)
Fresh HorsesC64 Graphics Mayday!(2023-06-03)
The End Is 2023C64 4K Intro Cycleburner(2023-06-03)
TrashC64 Graphics Fantastic 4 Cracking Group(2023-06-03)
IronyC64 Graphics Amid(2023-06-03)
I Love ReynC64 Graphics Genesis Project, Bonzai(2023-06-03)
No-Skip Mix (2022 Edition)C64 Music Collection Mayday!(2023-06-03)
No Bounds DiskcoverC64 Disk Cover (2023-06-03)
Alpha-MechaBBS Graphics Triad(2023-06-03)
Nous Etions LaC64 Demo Fantastic 4 Cracking Group(2023-06-03)
PartyholC64 Demo Silicon Limited(2023-06-03)
We Love PETSCIIC64 Demo Low Spirit, Nordischsound(2023-06-03)
Cosmodrome TeaserC64 One-File Demo Gorbat Soft(2023-06-03)
Deep Space 64C64 Demo Abyss Connection(2023-06-03)
TapedriveC64 Graphics (2023-06-03)
White LinesC64 One-File Demo Plush(2023-06-03)
Event Zero TrailerC64 Demo Lethargy(2023-06-03)
Operation EindhovenC64 Demo The Dreams, Resource(2023-06-03)
Spray PaintC64 One-File Demo 8 Bits High(2023-06-03)
Staying AliveC64 One-File Demo Youth(2023-06-03)
Onslaught On TourC64 One-File Demo Onslaught(2023-06-03)
Next LevelC64 Demo Performers(2023-06-03)
4kefrenzyC64 4K Intro Onslaught(2023-06-03)
MultiverseC64 Demo Nah-Kolor(2023-06-03)
HiraethC64 Demo Xenon(2023-06-03)
rremixOther Platform C64 Tool dyme(2023-06-03)
Tears in RunesC64 One-File Demo Macx, Martinland(2023-06-03)
Wise & FatC64 Graphics Atlantis, Pretzel Logic(2023-06-03)
Best BuddyC64 Graphics Atlantis(2023-06-03)
MojoC64 Demo Bonzai, Pretzel Logic(2023-06-03)
Splash!C64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2023-06-03)
X-Copy - The IntroC64 One-File Demo Hoaxers(2023-06-03)
KineticsC64 Demo Triad(2023-06-03)
HuesC64 Demo Fairlight(2023-06-03)
Raster Fun X2023 4kb IntroC64 4K Intro TREX(2023-06-03)
No BoundsC64 Demo Genesis Project(2023-06-03)
Montagues & Capulets (remix)C64 Music Hokuto Force(2023-06-03)
Party Animal X2023C64 Graphics Exile(2023-06-03)
PhutureC64 4K Intro Arise(2023-06-03)
Boo!C64 4K Intro Reflex(2023-06-03)
Looking for XC64 Graphics Lepsi De(2023-06-03)
Seven Ghosts of RämenevalettoC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2023-06-03)
Someren är KortC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2023-06-03)
Sore LoserC64 Graphics Gorbat Soft(2023-06-03)
Flat FloaterC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2023-06-03)
Me Love You LongtimeC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
Dopamine GirlC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
FaunC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
BrokenC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
SmokeC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
The Man of Many HoursC64 Graphics Extend(2023-06-03)
WTF Am I Looking at Here?C64 Graphics Mayday!(2023-06-03)
Flying Saucers Extended +3DC64 Crack Excess(2023-06-03)
LevitatingC64 Music Artline Designs(2023-06-03)
Hans Kloss +5DTF [jewel]C64 Crack Demonix, Excess(2023-06-03)
SPACEX Preview +C64 Crack Laxity(2023-06-03)
Retro Debugger V0.64.64Other Platform C64 Tool Slajerek(2023-06-03)
Brothers in OscillatorsC64 Music MultiStyle Labs, Atlantis(2023-06-03)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
ChocotrophySkully and His Pal NTSCATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2023Over the Rainbow
Low SpiritEvil Princess TudorPixel Heaven 2023Yakuza's Basement
NordischsoundNice Guy PellicusPre-X 2023 Limo Ride to XThe Unbored BBS
Software Theft AssociationA Bright Future Pr*Evoke 2023The Citadel
Mad CrackersFlappy Trappy + MagnumVintage Computing Carinthia ..Enchantica

Latest Forum Posts
C64 Coding: Profiler support in the VICE monitor /DanPhillips (2023-06-04 22:32)17 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #3187 : X'2023 /TheRyk (2023-06-04 21:00)136 replies
C64 Composing: Tracker for tiny tunes /dyme (2023-06-04 08:58)9 replies
CSDb Discussions: x-2023 /Drees (2023-06-03 16:56)6 replies
C64 Composing: GoatTracker 2.75 MacOS 64bit /Drees (2023-06-02 20:08)28 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #232862 : BitPickler 1.0.0 /Frostbyte (2023-06-02 17:44)4 replies
C64 Composing: straight from YOUR playlist /Shine (2023-06-02 17:21)581 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for White Lines /wacek (2023-06-04 23:32)
(R) Review for The End Is 2023 /wacek (2023-06-04 23:30)
(R) Review for No Bounds /Krill (2023-06-04 23:20)
(R) Review for HOL2001 Becomes 50 /6R6 (2023-06-04 23:19)
(R) Production note for Operation Eindhoven /Ninja (2023-06-04 23:10)

News & Comments
Tim:2023-02-06 08:29
Due to the staggering amount of reservations the entrance tickets for X-2023 will be sold online to registered people only. Sale is expected to start mid March. More info soon!
iAN CooG:2022-12-23 13:02
High Voltage SID Collection: Update #78
Date: December 23, 2022

Resulting Version: 78
Previous Version: 77

Hello fellow lover of SID music!
Nice you found some time to read through this script, to see what has been
changed in the HVSC and for what reason.

After this update, the collection should contain 56,665 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
890 new SIDs
26 fixed/better rips
0 repeats/bad rips eliminated
217 SID credit fixes
25 SID model/clock infos
4 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
0 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
26 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers' directories
5 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers' directories

High Voltage SID Collection #78

Brush:2022-11-14 16:29
YTM/Elysium just ported GEOS to Atari8.
You can check it here: https://github.com/ytmytm/geos-atari
And there is an interview (in polish) video that shows it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp6pfCC2-P4

Not sure if adding it to csdb as other platform release would not create a hell on earth... :)

Magic:2022-11-13 12:01
Vandalism News #73 has been released!
The Eyes of the Scene is back at:
Vandalism News #73

You Make It! You Read It!

ThunderBlade:2022-10-15 09:57
This is to let you know that my beloved brother, Milo aka MacGyver, has died. He was only 43 years old. Cause of death probably a heart attack. R.I.P. :(
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