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16:35 - Mibri:
christmas demoshow stream, 22/12/21!
01:25 - Mibri:
thanks for partying with us <3
00:17 - Higgie:
in the middle of t64 glory comes aod ;)
00:15 - Shocker:
00:01 - anonym:
Thank you all!
23:16 - TheRyk:
LOL good luck [S]
23:12 - Shine:
22:58 - Frostbyte:
superb set from The Hoff!
21:08 - spider-j:
But I missed some nice sounds by Stinsen :( <3
20:59 - spider-j:
So much great music again!
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
KickbackC64 Graphics Firelord(2021-12-05)
Briley Witch Chronicles #1 +2EC64 Crack Arcade(2021-12-05)
ACID 64 Player Pro V4.1.0Other Platform C64 Tool Wilfred Bos(2021-12-05)
FirelordC64 Graphics Firelord(2021-12-05)
Xmas64BBS Graphics STARZ(2021-12-05)
Kaneda (Akira OST)C64 Music Hokuto Force(2021-12-05)
Delysid 2047C64 Graphics Delysid(2021-12-05)
VäinämöinenC64 Graphics π-man(2021-12-04)
Dawn of FreedomC64 Graphics Aki(2021-12-04)
PacvenomC64 Graphics Gamora(2021-12-04)
Working From HomeC64 Graphics Backspin(2021-12-04)
Every Droid Has Its DayC64 Graphics BaseMesh(2021-12-04)
Gold Is The Metal With The Broad..C64 Music Onslaught(2021-12-04)
Classical ChickenC64 4K Intro Mahna Mahna(2021-12-04)
Aura 2C64 4K Intro Fairlight(2021-12-04)
Neko 4kC64 4K Intro 4gentE(2021-12-04)
BoiyeaboiC64 Graphics Virtual Dreams(2021-12-04)
Sidmachine 3003C64 Demo Pretzel Logic(2021-12-04)
1st picC64 Graphics Sarge Jr.(2021-12-04)
Voodoo ClubC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-12-04)
OhiruC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-12-04)
Howdy Hackers!C64 One-File Demo (2021-12-04)
Racing SkeletonC64 Graphics Triumwyrat(2021-12-04)
Mycoschedel CavesC64 Graphics The Solution(2021-12-04)
King of the ForestC64 Graphics Extend(2021-12-04)
SUPER 16C64 Demo Triad(2021-12-04)
Univaders +3DC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Spell Maze +2DC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Budbrain Megademo Loader TributeC64 One-File Demo Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
Lydia on Speed DialC64 Music MultiStyle Labs, Atlantis(2021-12-04)
BASIC Geese FaderC64 Basic Demo Vintage Computing Carinthia(2021-12-04)
Qewb &DJC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Monolith +2DC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Constant RepetitionC64 4K Intro Hexhog(2021-12-04)
Last Minute All Inclusive +3G (B..C64 One-File Demo Mayday!(2021-12-04)
Winter AbstractionC64 Graphics The 7th Division(2021-12-04)
Jericho +1DC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Megaman-X - Storm EagleC64 Music Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
SubmergedC64 Demo Hoaxers, Wrath Designs(2021-12-04)
Winter ImpressionC64 Graphics The 7th Division(2021-12-04)
Energy +1DTC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
RAGTAGC64 One-File Demo Onslaught(2021-12-04)
Explorer - The Quest for the Jew..C64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
SynthmeldC64 One-File Demo The Solution(2021-12-04)
Deluxe-Quadromania &DTC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
The Geese are GoneC64 Demo Vintage Computing Carinthia(2021-12-04)
Merry Christmas 2021C64 One-File Demo Lepsi De(2021-12-04)
Crazy Balls +1DTC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Autumn HarvestC64 Demo Atlantis(2021-12-04)
Bump! &DTC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-12-04)
Pirate's Blade IIC64 Music The Solution(2021-12-04)
CatWishC64 Graphics Lethargy, Singular, Resource, Chorus(2021-12-04)
Porco RossoC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
In the CityC64 Graphics Soya(2021-12-04)
ConscienceC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-12-04)
InfernoC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
IgelhaarfrisurC64 Music Stabile Altbauten(2021-12-04)
Do U Know Where You Are Coming F..C64 Graphics Genesis Project(2021-12-04)
The PassengersC64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2021-12-04)
Time OutC64 Graphics Fairlight(2021-12-04)
SlimersC64 Graphics Logiker(2021-12-04)
Mask 2C64 Graphics Lepsi De(2021-12-04)
TwisterC64 Graphics Extend(2021-12-04)
338:th dayC64 Graphics Elysium, Wrath Designs(2021-12-04)
COP26C64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-12-04)
Storm EagleC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
BabesC64 Graphics Extend(2021-12-04)
SignalityC64 Music Mayday!(2021-12-04)
Viking ShipC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2021-12-04)
Bad GirlC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2021-12-04)
ConstellationsC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2021-12-04)
Fader MastermindC64 One-File Demo Artline Designs(2021-12-04)
AtlantisBBS Graphics Atlantis(2021-12-04)
BollocksC64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2021-12-04)
Weird BiscuitC64 Music Atlantis(2021-12-04)
Polonaise of DestructionC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2021-12-04)
Destination: FunktownC64 Music Lethargy, Singular(2021-12-04)
Pointless PatternsC64 Music Mayday!(2021-12-04)
Simon & MotherfunkelC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2021-12-04)
Jammar AkhbarC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2021-12-04)
Tooting My Own HornC64 Music Artline Designs(2021-12-04)
Chase OnC64 Music Finnish Gold(2021-12-04)
Augmented ArgumentsC64 Music Genesis Project(2021-12-04)
Epic FailC64 Music Genesis Project(2021-12-04)

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Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Winter Abstraction /Shine (2021-12-05 17:15)
(R) Review for Winter Abstraction /ptoing (2021-12-05 17:10)
(R) Review for Babes /ptoing (2021-12-05 17:09)
(R) Review for Kickback /Firelord (2021-12-05 17:09)
(R) Review for The Passengers /ptoing (2021-12-05 17:08)

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News & Comments
anonym:2021-12-05 16:10
Thank you all for having a party with us and making Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition such a great event.
anonym:2021-11-29 23:20
You can now register and upload your entries for Transmission64 2021 Fall Edition at https://t64.to/register . The deadline for competition entries is Friday, December 3rd, 16:00 CET.
Raistlin:2021-11-26 09:39
26th Nov - 10th Dec

To fill the gap till Transmission64, we’re here with a great little compo!

Skull Animation Compo 2021

Jazzcat:2021-11-19 20:50


7 days to go!

Remote entries accepted. Music, graphics, demo, wild. All platforms. Email compos@syntaxparty.org

or register to get a vote key and upload portal (sent out on Thursday 25th November). Let's party!

hedning:2021-11-16 09:54
We are back! We know you have missed us! Propaganda Magazine #30 is out: Propaganda #30.

Scene News, Interviews, Articles, Party Reports, and more! Enjoy!

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