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02:08 - Zyron:
... such a mess
02:07 - Zyron:
OMG! Please try to add things properly...
23:15 - Stinsen:
Releases overload!
21:51 - Magic:
21:51 - Magic:
Zoo demo compo now!!
11:40 - pmc64:
https://www.instagra m.com/c64persian/
10:07 - Digger:
Quiet b4 ZOO.
05:53 - anonym:
It's a Zoo out there.
17:05 - Flex:
World Wide ZOO! Tomorrow!!!
21:52 - Zyron:
Keep up the good work adding old stuff people!
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Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
You can help this database grow by submitting information about the productions/groups/sceners/events/bbs you know about.
In order to do that you first need to create an account.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Galaga +1DC64 Crack Excess(2021-09-25)
U Are the AnimalC64 Graphics Backspin(2021-09-25)
Purification (Preview)C64 Graphics Lethargy, Chorus, Resource, Singular(2021-09-25)
Lada 3000C64 Graphics L3nin666(2021-09-25)
KisseC64 Graphics Jmi(2021-09-25)
IltapalaC64 Graphics Anacron(2021-09-25)
Hooded GoblinC64 Graphics Ilbu(2021-09-25)
Departed TogetherC64 Graphics Extend(2021-09-25)
Zoo Run!C64 Graphics Samar Productions(2021-09-25)
YLE IsC64 Graphics Yleisradio(2021-09-25)
KalmoC64 Graphics Vilke(2021-09-25)
Chopped and StackedC64 Graphics Exotic Men(2021-09-25)
Self PortraitC64 Graphics juN3bula(2021-09-25)
90's DaydreamsC64 Graphics Hani(2021-09-25)
WattsonC64 Music Barik(2021-09-25)
Second BiteC64 Music Finnish Gold(2021-09-25)
OktoposeC64 Music Extend(2021-09-25)
Morphine RevisitedC64 Music MultiStyle Labs, Elysium(2021-09-25)
MajoneesiC64 Music Anacron(2021-09-25)
HelixC64 Music Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
Future LoverC64 Music Finnish Gold(2021-09-25)
ElectrostaticC64 Music Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
Big Gelatine ScamC64 Music Stabile Altbauten(2021-09-25)
BassonavajoC64 Music Agemixer(2021-09-25)
MachineC64 Basic Demo New Basic Group(2021-09-25)
A Warm PlaceC64 Music Extend(2021-09-25)
Arena XIIIC64 Demo Atlantis(2021-09-25)
MörkroomC64 One-File Demo Da Jormas(2021-09-25)
Pigs in SpaceC64 One-File Demo Mahna Mahna(2021-09-25)
Love Hate OrdnungsamtC64 One-File Demo Mayday!(2021-09-25)
My Name Is Soft, Mihail Gorbat S..C64 One-File Demo Gorbat Soft(2021-09-25)
DUGA3C64 One-File Demo Karjala!(2021-09-25)
CNCD at ZooC64 One-File Demo CNCD(2021-09-25)
C1X1C64 One-File Demo The Solution(2021-09-25)
VIYC64 Demo Pretzel Logic, Atlantis(2021-09-25)
You SufferC64 One-File Demo Bump and Grind(2021-09-25)
I'm a BananaC64 One-File Demo STARZ(2021-09-25)
World Wide LoadC64 One-File Demo Wide Load(2021-09-25)
Head or Tail OnelinerC64 512b Game Logiker(2021-09-25)
Green GlassesC64 Graphics BOOM!(2021-09-25)
Let's TwistingC64 Basic Demo Jupp3(2021-09-25)
True FaithC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-09-25)
Backward RideC64 Music Deetsay(2021-09-25)
MetsäretkelläC64 Graphics Supermonni(2021-09-25)
SofascenersC64 Graphics Vent(2021-09-25)
Best FriendsC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2021-09-25)
Parallel DreamC64 Graphics Samar Productions(2021-09-25)
Her Highness CompofilleriaC64 Graphics ptoing(2021-09-25)
ElectricifiedC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
SkullflowerC64 Graphics Extend(2021-09-25)
Galaga +1DC64 Crack Army of Darkness(2021-09-25)
FleshyC64 Graphics Electric, Extend(2021-09-25)
Dream MembraneC64 Graphics Elysium, Wrath Designs(2021-09-25)
The Darkness HourC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-09-25)
Blooden GutsC64 Graphics Dr. TerrorZ(2021-09-25)
The Great InventorC64 Graphics Logiker(2021-09-25)
Nelly Goes WestC64 Music Elysium, MultiStyle Labs(2021-09-25)
Gone AlreadyC64 Music Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
Banaanin AlleC64 Music Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
Prtzl+KolaC64 Music Pretzel Logic(2021-09-25)
Jungle PolkaC64 Music Pretzel Logic(2021-09-25)
SamuraiC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-09-25)
DedhorsC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
RhaalanisC64 Graphics Mayday!(2021-09-25)
WTF Is Happening??!C64 Graphics Vent(2021-09-25)
Tinder MatchC64 Graphics Vent(2021-09-25)
Rules of PETSCIIC64 Graphics Dr. TerrorZ(2021-09-25)
Catching KermitC64 Graphics Atlantis(2021-09-25)
Tukkajumala eteneeC64 Graphics Dekadence, Fit(2021-09-25)
Party ScenerC64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2021-09-25)
PoirobotC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
PonderingC64 Graphics christwoballs(2021-09-25)
Self PortraitC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2021-09-25)
Gianna Sisters +9HC64 Crack The Coop(2021-09-25)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
Bump and GrindSerlina Logo juN3bulaX'18 Holstein Racing Team Re..The Hidden Shrine
HiihtoliittoNew Intro JmiMega Mountain Meltdown XIIIThe Resort BBS
CNCDCAD's Magnificient Demo AnacronCrap Cola Demo CompoThe Rat's Nest
RTMPaperboy +4 WaldorfBruce the Boss CompoThe Graveyard
Hyper DuoThe Guild of Thieves StatlerPieces 2 Level Design CompoAnarkists Underground

Latest Forum Posts
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CSDb Entries: Event id #3065 : World Wide ZOO /Electric (2021-09-25 14:42)8 replies
CSDb Discussions: The Train by Beastie Boys /Mason (2021-09-25 11:12)3 replies
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CSDb Entries: Event id #3078 : Was that Rob Hubbard? Compo 2021 /Jammer (2021-09-22 19:51)8 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Banaanin Alle /rytone (2021-09-26 16:46)
(R) Review for Hooded Goblin /ptoing (2021-09-26 16:43)
(R) Review for Serlina Logo /TheRyk (2021-09-26 16:38)
(R) Review for Banaanin Alle /haschpipan (2021-09-26 16:37)
(R) Review for Fleshy /iAN CooG (2021-09-26 16:35)

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News & Comments
Sentinel:2021-09-05 14:51
The new issue of RapidNews was released this weekend. It contains reports from this events:

- Atwoods Summer Open-Air 2021
- Excess Summer Barbecue 2011
- Evoke online 2021 (short report in news)

and the next part of Back to... , this time we wrote about the year 2002.

Go and download: RapidNews #19

The RapidNews Staff

Machine:2021-08-08 17:37
AddyBook is back after 30 years.
For more information click here:

chuinho:2021-07-15 12:50
Andrzej Sielicki (ASL/Nipson) - according to his longtime friend MDW - "died in 2021", one minute of silence please.
iAN CooG:2021-07-12 00:10
High Voltage SID Collection: Update #75
Date: July 12, 2021

Resulting Version: 75
Previous Version: 74

After this update, the collection should contain 54,387 SID files!

This update features (all approximates):
729 new SIDs
31 fixed/better rips
11 repeats/bad rips eliminated
314 SID credit fixes
23 SID model/clock infos
6 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/ identified
3 tunes from /GAMES/ identified
28 tunes moved out of /DEMOS/ to their composers' directories
5 tunes moved out of /GAMES/ to their composers' directories

HVSC #1 was released today 25 years ago, on 12 July 1996. This is the 75th
update and we made it happen on the same day.
We have witnessed this collection grow exponentially in the years, from only
4,000 sids in the first release, now counts more than 54,000: practically 2,000
new sids were added each year!
Many people joined the C64 scene providing new tunes - sometimes wonderful,
sometimes strange, all special and creative on their own - and, sadly, we also
lost some people, who left us their inheritance before parting.
This release is dedicated to the memory of whose are not anymore with us,
you'll be remembered.

High Voltage SID Collection #75

Sentinel:2021-07-11 12:16
The new issue of RapidNews was released this weekend. It contains reports from this events:
- Transmission64
- Gubbdata 2021
- Forndata Summer 2021
- 11.LuheCon July 2021
- Outline online 2021
- Shadow Party 2021

and the next part of Back to... , this time we write about the year 2001.

We also have a new intro and a new menu logo.

Go and download: RapidNews #18

The RapidNews Staff

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