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23:16 - Jazzcat:
atlantis-prophecy.or g/Syntax_2020_Result s.nfo
21:01 - Chico:
WOW! So many releases !
13:41 - Raistlin:
Hokuto Force members only petscii compo happening!
08:17 - Magic:
VN#71 out now!
07:45 - Wertstahl:
anonymous voting kills c64
18:44 - Mibri:
Humppa? I don't even know 'er!
15:43 - Thunder.Bird:
Syntax2020 partyfeeling /w beamer and HiFi
08:45 - TheRyk:
not the bees!
07:58 - The Sarge:
00:54 - Rock:
its always wknd
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CodeBase 64

Welcome to the C-64 Scene Database

A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners, the events and bbs's in the Commodore 64 scene.
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
To NorahC64 One-File Demo Wrath Designs, Elysium(2020-11-30)
Return to the CastleC64 Crack Lame Idiot Does Link(2020-11-30)
Super Street Fighter 2 Ryu ThemeC64 Music Onslaught(2020-11-30)
Solvalla 1.1C64 Crack Fairlight(2020-11-30)
Hunt4GemsDX PreviewC64 Crack The Seventh Sector(2020-11-29)
MountainC64 Graphics C&I(2020-11-29)
Hello TrooperC64 Graphics luNix(2020-11-29)
Terror of The DeepC64 Graphics Onslaught(2020-11-29)
Bass SampleC64 Music Eric Dobek(2020-11-29)
Back to the ECM RootsC64 One-File Demo Bonzai(2020-11-29)
CPU EP TeaserC64 One-File Demo DataDoor(2020-11-29)
OptaxC64 Graphics Ray Manta(2020-11-29)
The Girl with the Double Dragon ..C64 Graphics (2020-11-29)
The WallC64 Crack The Seventh Sector(2020-11-29)
Pacman Preview +2C64 Crack The Seventh Sector(2020-11-29)
Fold'em +4C64 Crack Laxity(2020-11-29)
Tristam IslandC64 Crack Lame Idiot Does Link(2020-11-29)
Behind Closed Doors 9C64 Crack Lame Idiot Does Link(2020-11-29)
Alien Research Centre 3C64 Crack Lame Idiot Does Link(2020-11-29)
Snake BoozeC64 One-File Demo Booze Design(2020-11-29)
The Red Comet Is Upon YouC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
HF Coat of ArmsC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Fight for Zeon!C64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Save the KoalaC64 Graphics Excess(2020-11-29)
ECM Waves 2KC64 4K Intro ChristopherJam(2020-11-29)
Aureole Is LavaC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
ElephantC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Jaws 2C64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Scooby DooC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
AlienC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
WomanC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Terminator 3C64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
PikachuC64 Graphics Logiker(2020-11-29)
BottoxC64 Graphics Atlantis(2020-11-29)
AdaDelBosqueC64 Graphics Level 64(2020-11-29)
Square ExcessC64 Graphics Excess(2020-11-29)
Dodge ThisC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
HF TurbochargedC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
Hose It Out Music CollectionC64 Music Collection Onslaught(2020-11-29)
BeelzebubC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
You try to Scream, but...C64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2020-11-29)
SNTX2O2OC64 Graphics Arise(2020-11-29)
The Girl with the Double Dragon ..C64 Graphics Dr. TerrorZ(2020-11-29)
A Waste of Good SufferingC64 Graphics Arise(2020-11-29)
DAT CAT HATC64 Graphics Fairlight(2020-11-29)
Made My DayC64 Graphics Genesis Project(2020-11-29)
Blinded by the LightC64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2020-11-29)
It Has to Halt HereC64 Graphics Wrenchotron(2020-11-29)
ChimbanksyC64 Graphics Onslaught(2020-11-29)
GatekeeperC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2020-11-29)
EVHC64 Graphics Censor Design(2020-11-29)
Pal sine hønerC64 Demo Offence(2020-11-29)
M0n0melvinC64 Music Warp 8(2020-11-29)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
| the lost underground |To Norah koltiainenDemosplash 2020Pirates Cove
Santiago Cracking ServiceReturn to the Castle C&IVintage Computing Carinthia ..Phantom Ware US BBS 1
Electra Force IndustriesHunt4GemsDX Preview keyj freelyVirtual ExCeSs Pub-Meeting N..Phantom Ware BBS 7
Z.C.C.Super Street Fighter 2 Ryu T.. imjustpickleOnly Sprites CompoThe Twilight Zone
April Seventh SoftwareMountain aZtOcKdOgFilterless Single Channel Co..PW + Empire HQ

Latest Forum Posts
C64 Coding: COMPO: ECM Demoeffect Comp /Oswald (2020-11-30 13:08)116 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #3002 : Filterless Single Channel Compo.. /CreaMD (2020-11-30 11:18)14 replies
CSDb Entries: Event id #3003 : Only Sprites Compo /Raistlin (2020-11-30 07:13)51 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #197870 : Vandalism News #71 /Raistlin (2020-11-30 07:11)5 replies
C64 Coding: Shortest code for stable raster timer setup /Rastah Bar (2020-11-29 15:46)88 replies
CSDb Entries: Release id #197619 : PETSCII November 2020 Edition /Marq (2020-11-29 11:37)
CSDb Entries: Release id #197710 : Transwarp v0.64 /BiGFooT (2020-11-29 01:23)59 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Production note for Snake Booze /HCL (2020-11-30 14:00)
(R) Review for The Girl with the Double Dragon Tattoo Fixed /ZeSmasher (2020-11-30 13:57)
(R) Review for Solvalla 1.1 /iAN CooG (2020-11-30 13:52)
(R) Review for The Girl with the Double Dragon Tattoo Fixed /hedning (2020-11-30 13:39)
(R) Review for Solvalla 1.1 /hedning (2020-11-30 13:22)

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News & Comments
Jazzcat:2020-11-17 22:43
Syntax 2020 - 10 days to go. Remote entries (all platforms) accepted via: compos@syntaxparty.org - register for a votekey or wait until the live stream where we'll hand them out. http://syntaxparty.org

Come join the party! :)

Morpheus:2020-11-04 16:29
Me and four others have left Censor Design. I now look forward to sinking my teeth into new exciting projects!
Cupid:2020-11-02 18:44
Bookmarklet V2 in the making with release table filtering. https://imgur.com/hobzjeH
Compyx:2020-10-24 17:48
I was informed today that X-Byte/Focus died 07-10-2020. He was a good friend and we did a lot of scene and non-scene stuff.
All I ask that the 8bit legends page (if created, but it certianly should) strictly uses my fonts. X-Byte was always a fan of my fonts.

Sentinel:2020-10-23 21:56
Excess is back with RapidNews#14, which contains the next part of our "Back to... " series. This time we
travel back to 1997. Next there are 2 Partyreports from our internal meeting and the VCC $0A Meeting.
Filled with a lot of news,too.

Enjoy RapidNews #14

The RapidNews-Staff wishes you a happy weekend!

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