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 Welcome to our latest new user Seppo Heavy ! (Registered 2022-12-04) You are not logged in - nap


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13:45 - Joe:
Online parties still work :D
12:54 - PiCiJi:
00:19 - Shocker:
00:18 - Shocker:
what a great c64 party night!!
23:40 - TheRyk:
hbd rustlin!
22:26 - hedning:
Happy Birthday, Raistlin! The God of DYPPs!
15:15 - theK:
Woooh! T64! <3
13:29 - Joe:
T64 in 2 hours, 30 minutes.
17:08 - anonym:
Hurry, T64 deadline is... almost past ;-)
11:37 - Rock:
Welcome JLD!
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Latest Releases
Name Type Released by Release Date
Yeux levésC64 Graphics (2022-12-04)
Keepers Of The Krypt +2DGC64 Crack Hokuto Force(2022-12-04)
Dancing with the BasicC64 Basic Demo MAT64(2022-12-04)
Solar FlareC64 Music Lethargy(2022-12-04)
Let There Be SilenceC64 Music MoonShine(2022-12-04)
Duck Hunt +2C64 Crack Laxity(2022-12-04)
AutomatonC64 Graphics Genesis Project, Bonzai(2022-12-04)
Gordian LightsBBS Graphics Skleptoid(2022-12-03)
Night BeatBBS Graphics Lobo(2022-12-03)
Normal MusicC64 Music Mayday!(2022-12-03)
CarpetC64 Graphics Excess(2022-12-03)
4k Transmission IntroC64 4K Intro Excess(2022-12-03)
Yuletide at BoarC64 One-File Demo Macx(2022-12-03)
UFOC64 Graphics 3MM4(2022-12-03)
Friends Stay FriendsC64 Graphics Con Artists(2022-12-03)
CinqueC64 Demo Padua(2022-12-03)
MoaiC64 Graphics Hokuto Force(2022-12-03)
ApparitionC64 Music MultiStyle Labs, Atlantis(2022-12-03)
Blood on the CPUC64 One-File Demo LDX#40(2022-12-03)
AlphavilleC64 Graphics Collection Triad(2022-12-03)
Duck HuntC64 Game Mahna Mahna(2022-12-03)
It's A SINC64 Basic Demo Padua(2022-12-03)
TrinityC64 4K Intro Arise(2022-12-03)
Theft and LoveC64 Graphics Genius, Xenon(2022-12-03)
Onscreen 5kC64 One-File Demo Xenon(2022-12-03)
EffectsC64 4K Intro Lethargy(2022-12-03)
RemissionC64 Demo Triad(2022-12-03)
GR3Y+BLAC8+WH1TEC64 One-File Demo Onslaught(2022-12-03)
Transmission RingsC64 Basic Demo Logiker(2022-12-03)
Castillo de MurciélagosC64 Graphics Excess(2022-12-03)
Hands Watch YouC64 One-File Demo Vintage Computing Carinthia(2022-12-03)
Urine CorpsC64 Music MultiStyle Labs(2022-12-03)
Alien FinaleC64 Demo Proxima(2022-12-03)
Bass InferenceC64 One-File Demo Warp 8, Samar Productions(2022-12-03)
BallscreenerC64 4K Intro Fairlight(2022-12-03)
Raistlin 50C64 One-File Demo Genesis Project(2022-12-03)
BCC1701EC64 4K Intro C64 Club Berlin(2022-12-03)
CroppedC64 Graphics acrouzet(2022-12-03)
A Basic GrooveC64 Basic Demo MAT64(2022-12-03)
HavukkaC64 4K Intro Seppo Heavy(2022-12-03)
A JellyfishC64 4K Intro Vision(2022-12-03)
Uncertainty RoadC64 Graphics Wrath Designs, Elysium(2022-12-03)
DepartureC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2022-12-03)
BoimyboiC64 Graphics Virtual Dreams, Extend(2022-12-03)
Love from SwedenC64 Graphics Bonzai, Fairlight(2022-12-03)
AscentC64 Graphics Atlantis(2022-12-03)
lxft3dzncC64 Graphics Onslaught(2022-12-03)
Unmasked SingerC64 Graphics Pretzel Logic(2022-12-03)
A Casual Hangout in the OceansC64 Graphics MoonShine(2022-12-03)
Mask 4C64 Graphics Lepsi De(2022-12-03)
OrdosC64 Graphics Onslaught(2022-12-03)
Artemis at MoonC64 Graphics Blazon(2022-12-03)
The Usurped Lord LeapsC64 Music Padua(2022-12-03)
Broken SignalC64 Music Mayday!(2022-12-03)
TurricanoC64 Graphics Artline Designs(2022-12-03)
FractureC64 Intro Triad(2022-12-03)
Long Liveth DemocracyC64 Graphics Mayday!(2022-12-03)
King of CurrumpawC64 Graphics Atlantis(2022-12-03)
November SunC64 Music Artline Designs(2022-12-03)
Early PotatoC64 Music Artline Designs(2022-12-03)
Staring at the SeaC64 Music Pretzel Logic(2022-12-03)
Journey to the North StarC64 Music Vision(2022-12-03)
The Perishable Vega BloomC64 Music Pretzel Logic(2022-12-03)
Story in the StoreC64 Music MoonShine(2022-12-03)
Debbie does AtlantisC64 Music Atlantis(2022-12-03)
Fekete FémC64 Music Triad(2022-12-03)
Press the Button and PlayC64 Music Lepsi De(2022-12-03)
The Sweet Shoppe +DC64 Crack Excess(2022-12-03)

Latest Additions
Groups Releases Sceners Events BBS
Abuser GroupGordian Lights Mr. PepBCC Party #17Fria Bad BBS
Crystalsoft Cracking GroupNight Beat Swiss-Army-KnifeNarcisound does OffenbachShadowrunnerz HQ
United Crackers Of PecelYeux levés OSAOld Fart 8 Bit SummitAccess 1
Professional Software GroupKeepers Of The Krypt +2DG Dandy SoftInterface XXXIIGamma Ray
Tolkien-ClupNormal Music Rough SeaSnake Fun CompetitionBlack Magic

Latest Forum Posts
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CSDb Entries: Release id #3687 : Kakpapper /bugjam (2022-11-28 22:48)7 replies

Latest User Comments
(R) Review for Keepers Of The Krypt +2DG /Yogibear (2022-12-04 18:36)
(R) Review for Night Beat /Shine (2022-12-04 18:32)
(R) Review for Automaton /Yogibear (2022-12-04 18:32)
(R) Review for Duck Hunt /Yogibear (2022-12-04 18:26)
(R) Review for Gordian Lights /ChristopherJam (2022-12-04 18:15)

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News & Comments
Sentinel:2022-11-20 11:11
After a 6 1/2 months break we are back.
Excess returns with RapidNews #24. This issue contains:

- EXAC 2022 Partyreport
- LuheCon 16 Partyreport
- Nordlicht 2022 Partyreport
- Miner 2019er Gamereview
- Back to 2007

and a lot of News

Enjoy RapidNews #24

Brush:2022-11-14 16:29
YTM/Elysium just ported GEOS to Atari8.
You can check it here: https://github.com/ytmytm/geos-atari
And there is an interview (in polish) video that shows it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp6pfCC2-P4

Not sure if adding it to csdb as other platform release would not create a hell on earth... :)

Magic:2022-11-13 12:01
Vandalism News #73 has been released!
The Eyes of the Scene is back at:
Vandalism News #73

You Make It! You Read It!

ThunderBlade:2022-10-15 09:57
This is to let you know that my beloved brother, Milo aka MacGyver, has died. He was only 43 years old. Cause of death probably a heart attack. R.I.P. :(
Richard:2022-08-13 13:02
Regarding: looking for 4 exclusive logos for issue 32 of the magsys (Koalapaint multicolour, width 40 chars x height 11 chars).

I just realized that logo size is supposed to be 40x8, not 40x11. Sorry!

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