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The releases added to CSDb the last 7 days.
Sunday October 21 - 2018
DownloadFebruary Ranx by Warriors of the Wasteland (23/3-1991) (Charts)
DownloadGerhard (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe American Challenge by Apex (22/12-1988) (Crack)
DownloadAsterix and the Magic Cauldron (??) (Crack)
DownloadIndoor Sports by Flash Cracking Group, Bencor Brothers (1987) (Crack)
DownloadKnow your Enemy by Anti (1994) (One-File Demo)
DownloadDaley Thompson's Olympic Challenge by Software Organisation and Production, Gash (??) (Crack)
DownloadIt's a Joke by Clique (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadOter + by U-Turn (1996) (Crack)
DownloadContact Demo by Bronx (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadGloom Logo by Lore of Arts (1991) (Graphics)
DownloadTransporter [german] by Silicon (10-1990) (Crack)
DownloadEmerald-Sound by Micro Project (1990) (Music)
DownloadExtract's Ranx #05 by The Ancient Temple (??) (Charts)
DownloadSprite-Demo 1 by Micro Project (30/3-1990) (One-File Demo)
DownloadEffect Writer V1 by Effect (??) (Tool)
DownloadAbyss Connection Logo by Abyss Connection (??) (Graphics)
DownloadAbyss Connection Logo by Abyss Connection (??) (Graphics)
Social Disorder by Onslaught (1996) (Misc.)
DownloadEuphoria #1 by Justice (1992) (Diskmag)
DownloadJoy-Tester V1.0 by Dream (26/7-1991) (Tool)
Saturday October 20 - 2018
DownloadOil Imperium [german] by Viper Designs (??) (Crack)
DownloadLogo for X-OUT by Micro Project (4-1990) (Graphics)
DownloadGreet-Master V1.1 by Micro Project (5-1990) (Tool)
DownloadContact Pixbo (??) (Misc.)
DownloadProphet Ranx #002 by Bronx (23/2-1991) (Charts)
DownloadBarricade +2 by On Risky Ice (1996) (Crack)
DownloadT.D.U. Hires Macrosprite Designer V1.0 by The Digital Underground (1991) (Tool)
DownloadContact Albatros (??) (Misc.)
DownloadEurasia Logo by Fresh (??) (Graphics)
DownloadCall Iceland!! by Genetix, Excess, Trance (1992) (Misc.)
DownloadRun the Gauntlet by 2000 A.D. (2/4-1989) (Crack)
DownloadRevelation by Z-Circle (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNCC Message by Nacka Cracking Crew (??) (Misc.)
DownloadNCC Intro by Nacka Cracking Crew (??) (Intro)
DownloadA Bit Terror by Promise (8/5-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadUltimate Music Box (1991) (Music Collection)
DownloadHollywood Picture by Goffy Crackings (2/3-1987) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadLogo 4 Bonzai by Ocean Studios (??) (Graphics)
DownloadLogo 4 Atrix by Ocean Studios (??) (Graphics)
DownloadPrice's Rankings in April '90 by Megastyle (4-1990) (Charts)
DownloadDX-7 Sounddesign (20/10-2018) (Crack)
Boards by Elixir (19/7-1991) (Misc.)
DownloadCombat Crazy +7H (20/10-2018) (EasyFlash Release)
DownloadHunter's Moon Remastered EasyFlash Patcher V2.56 by Excess (20/10-2018) (Other Platform Tool)
DownloadBonustrack by Warriors of the Wasteland (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadAugust Ranx by The Ancient Temple (??) (Charts)
DownloadTAT Logo 2 by Air Design (??) (Graphics)
DownloadPara Academy + by Flash Inc. (??) (Crack)
DownloadWOW Logo by Sense Designs (1991) (Graphics)
DownloadTintin on the Moon by Chaos #1 (12-1989) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Penzance - Classes 45 To 91 (1986) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Penzance (??) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Penzance (1986) (Crack)
DownloadAddybook Logo by Sunrise, Extreme (??) (Graphics)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Penzance (1986) (Crack)
DownloadContact First Priority by First Priority (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHex-Men Party-Demo by Z-Circle (14/8-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadLaxity Intro #83 (THX Style) by Laxity (20/10-2018) (Crack intro)
DownloadRogue Burger One +5F by Laxity (20/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadThe Third Planet From Altair by Really Proud Lamers (19/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadBlack Hole 3D [seuck] (2017) (Game)
DownloadSoccer War [seuck] (2018) (Game)
DownloadLimbo by Chaos #1 (??) (Crack)
Friday October 19 - 2018
DownloadA Logo for Soho by Chaos #1 (12-1989) (Graphics)
DownloadContact Red Heat by Red Heat (20/12-1990) (One-File Demo)
DownloadMission Impossibubble + by Fresh (1990) (Crack)
DownloadIn the Mood III by X-Factor (1990) (Demo)
DownloadDetector Preview by Chromance (1995) (Crack)
DownloadTrix Ranx for May Month '90 by Atrix (1990) (Charts)
DownloadContax Demo (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadMoonfall by The Ancient Temple (1991) (Crack)
DownloadX-Line Logo by Maitec (1993) (Graphics)
DownloadOxyron Logo by Maitec (1993) (Graphics)
DownloadCryme Preview by Mayhem (1993) (Crack)
DownloadApril Rankinx by Hysteric (30/4-1991) (Charts)
DownloadFontastic by Concorde (??) (Tool)
DownloadNumberspeech by Aldi Industries (15/3-1995) (Crack)
DownloadOZ Copyparty '92 by The Force, The Digital Underground (1991) (Misc.)
DownloadContact Demo (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadTurbo Outrun Rip 1-5 by Warriors of the Wasteland (1990) (Music)
DownloadSuper Rally Cross Rip by Warriors of the Wasteland (13/8-1990) (Music)
DownloadBlack Tiger Rip by Warriors of the Wasteland (13/8-1990) (Music)
DownloadRankings #009 by Legend (1992) (Charts)
DownloadRanks by The Ancient Temple (1991) (Charts)
DownloadNumber One is Dead by Number One (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadJune Rankinx by Hysteric (30/6-1991) (Charts)
DownloadSwitchblade by NATO (1991) (Crack)
DownloadBouncing Heads +3 by NATO (1991) (Crack)
DownloadRolling Ronny Preview by Depredators (1991) (Crack)
DownloadThe Master of Magic by Agenten im Diskreten Sektor (??) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Buxton II (1988) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Reading II (3-1988) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Doncaster II (3-1988) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Crewe III (3-1988) (Crack)
DownloadKings Cross Control (4-1988) (Crack)
DownloadShedmaster Finsbury Park (1989) (Crack)
DownloadShedmaster Bounds Green (1987) (Crack)
DownloadMendip's Stone (??) (Crack)
DownloadPower Signal Box (1986) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Penzance (??) (Crack)
Download$4753 Master Mix! (??) (Music)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Buxton II (1987) (Crack)
DownloadThe Last Ninja [1581] (19/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Buxton I (1987) (Crack)
DownloadXama by Hotline (1989) (Crack)
DownloadLiving in a Maze by Hotline (1989) (Crack)
DownloadAraknifoe by Hotline (15/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadDartz by Hotline (15/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadBazair by Hotline (15/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadRunway Landing (??) (Game)
DownloadCyberblocks Preview by Avantgarde (??) (Crack)
DownloadNavy Seal by Crazy Cracking Crew (1989) (Crack)
DownloadDaten Agent 00X [german] by Peterbonds (??) (Crack)
DownloadPieces Preview by Triad (1995) (Crack)
DownloadMyth by GUO/TOM (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCubic Preview by Triad (1995) (Crack)
DownloadMarble Madness by The OUG-Team (1987) (Crack)
DownloadMini Putt by Magic Circle Projects (18/9-1988) (Crack)
Thursday October 18 - 2018
DownloadTowers of Loadstar by On Risky Ice (1996) (Crack)
DownloadGrand Monster Slam by Crazy Cracking Crew (1989) (Crack)
DownloadSergeant Slaughter's Mat Wars by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadThe Mars Saga by The Software Crew (1989) (Crack)
DownloadLucky Luke by The Hunting Tigers (1987) (Crack)
DownloadL.A. Crackdown by The OUG-Team (1988) (Crack)
DownloadKayden Garth by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadDeadline +2 by Motiv 8 (2-1995) (Crack)
DownloadMetal Lives by Electric Boyz (1991) (Music)
DownloadThe Jet V2.0 by The OUG-Team (1988) (Crack)
DownloadIster Preview by Starkids (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHexpert by Starkids (??) (Crack)
DownloadCandlelight #3 by Access (??) (Diskmag)
DownloadAnal Demo (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSuper Seymour + by Mayhem (??) (Crack)
DownloadMenu (1995) (Tool)
DownloadCrescendo + Sonic Anarchy II by Crescent (1995) (Music Collection)
DownloadCruncher Disk by Mayhem (28/2-1992) (Tool Collection)
DownloadFirst Samurai RIP by Cult (??) (Misc.)
DownloadTicket to Washington, DC by Eagle Soft Incorporated (9-1988) (Crack)
DownloadTechno Digis (1993) (Music Collection)
DownloadSWIV +1F by The Aussie Battlers, Talent, Ikari, The Shaolin Monastery (1991) (Crack)
SWIV + by Talent, Ikari (20/3-1991) (Crack)
DownloadFantasy Intro V1.1 by Fantasy Cracking Service (1986) (Crack intro)
For the New Ones by Fate (1992) (Misc.)
DownloadFantasy Intro I by Fantasy Cracking Service (1986) (Crack intro)
DownloadChampionship of Europe +3 [italian] by Fate (1992) (Crack)
DownloadHungaroring +2 by Fate (1992) (Crack)
DownloadMandragore +D by Omega (1986) (Crack)
DownloadExis +5 by Fate (1992) (Crack)
DownloadInternational Ice Hockey by Deadline (1992) (Crack)
DownloadSNCF Logo by Art Delight (??) (Graphics)
DownloadTerminator 2 by Art Delight (??) (Graphics)
DownloadProject X by Art Delight (??) (Graphics)
DownloadQuad by Weird Science (7-1989) (Crack)
DownloadJuly Rankings by The Scanners (1989) (Charts)
DownloadSpy Hunter by Computer Interested Agency (1985) (Crack)
DownloadWilliam Wobbler by Police (1985) (Crack)
DownloadAlligata Blagger 64 (??) (Crack)
DownloadSaboteur (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe Sentinel by Computerbrains Cracking Service (1986) (Crack)
DownloadJack the Nipper (7/10-1986) (Crack)
DownloadThe Death by Fashion (1-1991) (One-File Demo)
Wednesday October 17 - 2018
DownloadPower Puke #0001 by Starkids (??) (Diskmag)
DownloadImpact by W-Duo (2-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNastolatka (1996) (Music)
Kings of the Beach by Eagle Soft Incorporated (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCompotech by Extacy (1995) (Crack)
DownloadWhy not by Venom (17/7-1987) (Graphics)
DownloadDonald by Venom (17/7-1987) (Graphics)
DownloadPharaoh + by Sunrise (??) (Crack)
DownloadSpektra [seuck] (??) (Game)
DownloadZaxBox 30 V2 by Mayhem (10-1995) (Music Collection)
DownloadSpektra II [seuck] (??) (Game)
Download4 Swap with WOW by Warriors of the Wasteland (8-1996) (One-File Demo)
DownloadThe Tribune #31 by Warlords TMB Group (1/10-1992) (Diskmag)
DownloadTAT Logo (??) (Graphics)
DownloadIron Lord by The Exploded Guys, The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadHome Video Producer by The OUG-Team (1988) (Crack)
DownloadChoplifter by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadBlack Hawk by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadFlying Ace by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadHostages by The OUG-Team (1989) (Crack)
DownloadShogun by The OUG-Team (1986) (Crack)
DownloadContact Demo by Blaze (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHacker II by The OUG-Team (1986) (Crack)
DownloadGraffiti Man by The OUG-Team (1988) (Crack)
DownloadGrand Prix Circuit by The OUG-Team (1988) (Crack)
DownloadShoikan + by Accuracy (??) (Crack)
DownloadBoden Wurd-Demo (1992) (One-File Demo)
Might and Magic by Eagle Soft Incorporated (1987) (Crack)
DownloadHyperblob by The Darkness (29/9-1987) (Crack)
DownloadBiff + by X-Rated (5-1992) (Crack)
DownloadStardust by Fire-Eagle, Abyss, The Fourth Reich (13/12-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadLogo #2 by X-Rated (??) (Graphics)
DownloadThe Bod Squad Preview +2 by X-Rated (??) (Crack)
Reach for the Stars V3.0 by Eagle Soft Incorporated (28/6-1988) (Crack)
DownloadXiphoids by Austrian Swapping Group (??) (Crack)
DownloadROM-Copy by Italian Cracking Service (??) (Crack)
DownloadThe Third Planet From Altair by Hokuto Force (17/10-2018) (Game)
DownloadLogo 4 Fresh by Warrant (??) (Graphics)
DownloadLogo 4 Cross by Warrant (??) (Graphics)
DownloadMem-Scan V0.181017 by Raiders of the Lost Empire (17/10-2018) (Tool)
DownloadLogo 4 Choice by Warrant (??) (Graphics)
DownloadGreat Courts by Thundertronix (1990) (Crack)
DownloadGreat Courts by Paragon (3-1990) (Crack)
DownloadGreat Courts by Crest, Crash Cracker Group (3-1990) (Crack)
DownloadCop Shocker V1.1 by Crash Cracker Group (1990) (Crack)
DownloadLickey Route (??) (Crack)
DownloadGatwick Express (??) (Crack)
DownloadScotrail Express (??) (Crack)
DownloadTees-Tyne Pullman (??) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Buxton 1991 (1991) (Crack)
DownloadRail Traffic Control Leeds City (1989) (Crack)
DownloadCastle (??) (Graphics)
DownloadDouble Freestyle by Freestyle International (26/1) (One-File Demo)
DownloadA Simple Sample by Softrunner Group (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNichts (??) (Graphics)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.1 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.2 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.3 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.4 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.5 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.6 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.7 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.8 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadTFR-Rip No.10 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
Download2 Lazy Tunes by Newlook (1986) (One-File Demo)
Tuesday October 16 - 2018
DownloadForce Logo 2 by United Artists (??) (Graphics)
DownloadForce Logo 1 by United Artists (??) (Graphics)
Celtic's Music List (1996) (Misc.)
DownloadSound Rip by United Artists (??) (Music)
DownloadSPC Ranks April by Actual Trading Generation (??) (Charts)
DownloadCrests Demo List by Crest (1996) (Misc.)
DownloadThe Legend of Blacksilver by Eagle Soft Incorporated, Zenobits, The Force (15/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadJoytester II by Dream (12-1991) (Tool)
DownloadGlubsch by International Cracking Service (1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadEchelon by Magic Science (22/3-1989) (Crack)
DownloadThe Extra-Demo by Dynamic Projects (1990) (Demo)
DownloadOhhhhhh by Asphuxia (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNice Tune by Bassline (1992) (Music)
DownloadMulti Man 64 Preview by Excess (16/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadMessage Writer Pack by Bassline (1992) (Tool Collection)
DownloadMusic Rip No.5 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadMusic Rip No.4 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadMusic Rip No.3 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadMusic Rip No.2 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadMusic Rip No.1 by The Fighter (??) (Music)
DownloadFast Intro by The Fighter (5/11-1989) (Intro)
DownloadMessy !!! by The Fighter (??) (Misc.)
DownloadA New Demo ! by The Fighter (??) (One-File Demo)
A Contact Demo by Xentrix (1991) (One-File Demo)
DownloadRipp Zip #06 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadRipp Zip #05 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadRipp Zip #04 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadContact Us ! by The Fighter (8/12-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadRipp Zip #03 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadKings of the Beach by Thieve's Guild (25/12-1989) (Crack)
Mean Streets by Thieve's Guild (??) (Crack)
Curse of the Azure Bonds by Thieve's Guild (??) (Crack)
DownloadRipp Zip #02 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadRipp Zip #01 by Squadron (1989) (Music)
DownloadSprites Suchen by The Works (1986) (Tool)
DownloadThe Necris-Dome Docs by Squadron (1989) (Misc.)
DownloadColony Dox+Pic by Squadron (1989) (Misc.)
Test Drive II - The Duel by Thieve's Guild (??) (Crack)
DownloadHelikopter Jagd by The Works (??) (Crack)
F-18 Hornet by Thieve's Guild (??) (Crack)
DownloadDox Writer V1.0 by Mayhem (??) (Tool)
DownloadHot Girls by Mayhem (??) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadThe Music from Knight Games by Active Cracking Crew (7/8-1986) (Music Collection)
DownloadCodertest I by Chic Design (??) (Misc.)
H to C Changer by Paramount (??) (Tool)
DownloadThe Porsche V1.2 by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadMoebius-Tune by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (1986) (Music)
DownloadBriansoft Pic. 48 by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadBoring Demo by The Ancient Temple (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadOxxonian Sound by Brain (1989) (Music)
DownloadPiece of Art by The Fighter (17/11-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHires-Changer II by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (1986) (Tool)
DownloadGlamorous 1989 by Brain (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadContact Uz by Brain (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadFlexible Bit Distance by Trilogy (??) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSaturday Work by ICCS Crew (1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHoliday Remix '87 by ICCS Crew (16/7-1987) (One-File Demo)
DownloadPlanet X by Red Sector Incorporated (??) (Crack)
DownloadNam by Midnight Maniacs Incorporated (17/1-1989) (Crack)
DownloadDefcon 5 by Waste (27/1-1989) (Crack)
DownloadSprite-Changer V4 by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (??) (Tool)
DownloadTime Crystal Preview by BrianSoft Cracking Group Unltd. (1986) (Crack)
DownloadDemo Maker De Luxe by Powerpigs, Dr. Two (17/2-1989) (Crack)
DownloadRat Rage'n by Surf Soft (??) (Graphics)
DownloadImportant by Vision (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNew Intro by Vision (1989) (Intro)
DownloadMulti Term 6.0 (1988) (Tool)
DownloadMusic Ripp 7 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp 6 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadDenmark Demo by Triad (25/3-1989) (Demo)
Turn Up the Bass by Warriors of Darkness (2-1988) (One-File Demo)
Always in Our Minds by Warriors of Darkness (??) (Demo)
DownloadKikstart II - The Construction Set by The OUG-Team (1987) (Crack)
DownloadGame-G-Designer by The OUG-Team (1989) (Tool)
Monday October 15 - 2018
DownloadGame-Maker (1986) (Tool)
DownloadDragon's Lair by The OUG-Team (1986) (Crack)
DownloadMusic Ripp 5 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp 4 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp 3 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp 2 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadMusic Ripp 1 by Vision (1989) (Music)
DownloadUnderground 4 by The Criminal Connection (27/11-1988) (Misc.)
DownloadPenguin by Excess (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadLogo for Lazer by Paramount (15/4-1989) (Graphics)
DownloadRocket Launch by Beastie Boys (1989) (Crack)
DownloadBack To Basics by Hokuto Force (15/10-2018) (Music)
DownloadPartyseeker'TOW by Union, Black Mail, The Spench (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNewsweek 2 by Funtex (10/4-1988) (Misc.)
DownloadKangaroo Demo V2 by The Force (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadFamiliada 2018 [polish] by Tropyx (13/10-2018) (Game)
DownloadMy Inner Voice by Warriors of Darkness (7/2-1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadHobbit Music by Danish Elite (??) (Music)
DownloadStardust by Fire-Eagle, Abyss (11/12-1988) (One-File Demo)
DownloadNothing Part II by Network (1989) (One-File Demo)
DownloadSome News by Contex (15/2-1989) (Misc.)
DownloadMeanTeam Cruncher V3.1 by Entropy (15/10-1993) (Tool)
DownloadChar Editor by SHAPE (1988) (Tool)
DownloadKnight Lore by Excess (15/10-2018) (EasyFlash Release)
DownloadPZW's Compactor (1987) (Tool)
DownloadTiger Show by Varsity (6-1992) (Graphics Collection)
DownloadLevel-Squeezer Pro.1 (??) (Tool)
DownloadLevel-Squeezer V4.3+ by X-Ray (??) (Tool)
DownloadIntros by Varsity (1992) (Intro Collection)
DownloadLevel-Squeezer IFFL Depacker V5.0 by Rebels (10/4-1992) (Tool)
DownloadLevel-Squeezer V2.99 by Zenith (??) (Tool)
DownloadRockstar Tool Pack by X-Rated (??) (Tool Collection)
DownloadUntouched Stuff by Avantgarde (??) (Misc.)
DownloadBrush up your English [1581, CMD] (15/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadDiskmag Creator [german] (15/10-2018) (Crack)
DownloadMegablaster #003 by The Spench (1989) (Music)
DownloadMegablaster #002 by The Spench (1989) (Music)
DownloadVision Logo by World Wide Expressive (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadNE Logo by World Wide Expressive (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadFuck the Middle East by The Brothers, Blaze (1989) (Music)
DownloadThe Gag-Crack I by The Brothers, Blaze (1989) (Crack)
DownloadAstromania by Frantic, Hawksoft Inc. (??) (Crack)
DownloadDualis Logo by Viper Designs (1989) (Graphics)
DownloadIntro-Collection by Dualis (25/2-1989) (Intro Collection)
DownloadSpeed Packer V1.1+++ by Axion 1999, Crazy (28/2-1989) (Tool)
DownloadAxion Linker V1.0 by Crazy, Axion 1999 (1989) (Tool)
DownloadPyramidon [german] by Vicious Games Group (6/3-1989) (Crack)
DownloadAxion Disk Protector V1.0 by Axion 1999, Crazy (1989) (Tool)

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