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Onslaught   ([O])

- The pirates of the seven seas!
- We will dominate and make ourselves known!

Onslaught Design

Founded by :
Jazzcat, Vengeance & Majesty on 1 February 1995

Group Types :
Demo Group, Cracker Group

Base Country :

Website :

Trivia :

Jazzcat here to tell a tale, to sing a song of unsung heroes in the land of 8-bit...

It all started in late 1994. I (Jazzcat) was at that time a member of Legend, the successful and well-known cracking group. During these adventurous days I was having some fun with fellow members Powerplant and Westbam and the nice people in Legend's USA importing counterpart The Shaolin Monastery (in particular Stealth, Aycee and Zaldron). During this time, Legend decided to try its luck on the PC. The PC-scene was the next-big-thing and the C64 commercial scene had expired a year or two earlier. With Powerplant and Westbam creating Legend-PC, I was left as the only active member on C64. Legend-C64 then lost its BBS in Nebraska, USA - The Shaolin Temple due to lack of support.

My friend Vengeance (Matt) was a member of Success. He lived only a few hours drive from me and we were close friends and in the same scene groups on more than one occasion. Like myself he was a member of a European-based group, which was unusual for a scener from Australia, as we tended to have our own segregated group-scene with very few people venturing outside. His group membership was to the cooperation of Success + The Ruling Company which had become inactive during the final days towards of 1994.

One afternoon Vengeance and I had a discussion about creating our own group, we were both incredibly bored by the inactivity of our crews and were willing to take a risk and do something bold. Ideas were exchange on how we could do this and whom we would include on our venture. The first person we wanted to involve at management-level was Majesty of Talent. We were good friends with Marco and knew that Talent had fallen into a long coma. We gave him a call and he was quite excited about the whole idea as Bod (Darren) had disappeared from the active scene and he was bored by having no competition to "discuss" on the boards.

With the three of us conferencing about the idea, things moved along very quickly. We wanted a group that was active in all parts of the scene, something that was very competitive, controversial and hard-hitting. There was to be three main organisers, myself for the cracking section, Vengeance for the demo section and Majesty as a European counterpart for both. We had several possible members in mind; what needed to be discussed was the name of the group and when to launch it. Several names were thought of, but Vengeance's idea of ONSLAUGHT sounded the best and most fitting. Not only that, we followed it with our legal title (demo and game creation) Onslaught Design (adding 'Design' onto the end of your group name was quite popular at the time). After much discussion and careful planning, the group was officially announced on February 1st, 1995.

Original members:

Jazzcat (ex-LEGEND), Vengeance (ex-SUCCESS & THE RULING COMPANY), Majesty (ex-TALENT), DeeKay (CREST), Chrysagon (ex-TALENT), The Ignorance (ex-DYTEC), Bizarre (ex-TRANCE), Chotaire (ex-CHROMANCE), Promethus (ex- Phreedom), Xentor (ex-Phreedom), Shades (ex-SHAZAM), Morbid (ex-SUCCESS & THE RULING COMPANY), Insane (ex-SHAZAM), Upbeat (EX-SHAZAM), Heavy Head (CAMELOT), SMD (ex-ATLANTIS), The Eliminator (ex-DOD), Insomniac, Morrissey (ex-TALENT) and Deathlok (ex-PADUA).

The group was launched with a disk-note called Violent Birth and a preview of the full price game Misfortune (which was made by our own members). These two releases were uploaded onto our three boards (Bulletin Board Systems) which were Down By Law (our World HQ in the USA, formerly under the Talent banner amongst others), The Pirate Island (our European HQ, formerly under the Chromance banner) and Westpoint (our Scandinavian HQ, formerly under the Motiv8 banner).

There was no turning back now, the flame was alive and we wanted to stir the pond as much as possible. The reactions were mixed, as no one knew what to expect. We wanted to become a production powerhouse; one of the ways to do this was to take advantage of our existing resources. One of these was Vengeance's famous disk magazine 'Vandalism News' which automatically departed from Success+The Ruling Company and fell under the Onslaught Design flag (issue #19 was the first one we released under the new group). The magazine was already quite successful and when Onslaught was born it seemed that its name became even more widely discussed.

The group's first year 1995 was an explosion of first release cracks and also quality 'mail versions' done mainly by The Ignorance but also by new members such as Homeboy (ex-Roadkill/Chromance). Other highlights in the first year of Onslaught reign were Majesty going to jail for drug related charges and subsequently, Bizarre taking over the German leadership and a very talented Tasmanian coder by the name of Jolz who joined us some weeks after the group was founded. In this year we really made our presence known. We had such a strong attitude that was supported by a flood of wares, some older groups were caught by surprise, yet they cannot deny the activity we created for the scene at this time.

In this same year we went into a "cracking cooperation" with a new German group called Hardcore. This group was promising and because our group was also new on the scene we were both walking the same path so why not join up and have some fun? The cooperation was quite successful, at times it felt like Onslaught was doing most of the work and after 7 months or so we broke the ties on a positive note (eventually Hardcore folded and most of its promising members joined us anyhow). Our cracking section was focused on the boards, it must have been daunting for some other groups who had 2-3 members calling out when our group had 10+ members calling out regularly. The focus on the board calling was so evident that some people perceived us as having an 'elitist'-attitude, particularly the Tribune magazine and its main editor. Of course this was false, as the boards were just a medium of communication/distribution and we were active here just as much as the mail scene and eventually the internet. The Tribune even went as far to say that Vandalism News as a publication was used as an 'elitist-weapon'. Putting aside these trivial accusations our group moved on and continued releasing.

During this time we had several boards, our world headquarters in Connecticut called Down By Law (system operator: Morrissey), our European headquarters in Germany called The Pirate Island (system operator: Chotaire) and Westpoint in Denmark (system operator: Heavyhead). Later that year we also signed on Swedish BBS The Highway (system operator: Joyride). Four boards under the Onslaught banner helped us stamp our feet quite loudly! Also I should mention Domination, my own magazine, this did not carry over as an Onslaught production officially but many people associated the magazine with the group. The Domination magazine was my own contribution to this media fist fight in the scene streets. The mag was born out of frustration; at the time I was in the group Legend and I wanted to continue with their magazine called Shock, the main editor Skater was too lazy and I did not want to release it again unless it was with him. Because this did not happen I thought of my own production, released independently it debuted in 1994 surprising a lot of people, particularly because there was only one editor for the entire magazine. The magazine started as an elite BBS style publication (The Tribute had fun with that also!), but very soon became a super magazine with demo and game producing sections as well as a very competent coverage of the 'first release' world. The mag was known as a huge competitor delivering BBS and mail scene material sourced by someone involved in both scenes first hand. It was also known for huge delays as I struggled to work for several magazines at the same time, which brings me to... Vandalism News. Vengeance started this one way back in 1991 and it is still going strong today! The magazine went through more changes than any other magazine in the history of the disk mag concept. Firstly it started as a small mail based magazine reporting primarily on the Australasian scene. It ventured further into the European/American markets when I joined the staff during the 8th issue. The mag then changed direction to the BBS scene almost exclusively before it took on all scene subjects, making it a super mag. It was one of those that took off the boxing gloves and showed bare knuckles during the peak of the disk mag scene against the Propaganda and Relax magazines (who could forget the animated anti-Crossfire intro from issue #18?!). We made a bold move and went with Wrath Designs to release it as a cooperation. This event took place in 2001 and has continued strongly ever since. Vengeance, Macx and myself have a background in the cracking/hack phreak/BBS scenes and Ed and Joe from Wrath Designs have a background in the demo scene - this creates an interesting mixture of ingredients and allows the production to firmly inform on a variety of topics. Anyway, I am moving too far ahead. Let's continue...

1995 was a big year for 'Vandalism News' - we managed 7 editions and haven't equalled it since. This was mainly due to an increased staff, particularly Bizarre (former editor of the A-Head magazine), also because we had to keep up with publications like The Pulse magazine. On the cracking front we released some big titles, notably Walkerz, Fred's in Trouble (I still remember Marc and Deff's reaction to this), The House, The Evil Prince and Long Life. A strong competitive nature was bound to attract trouble, which is typical of any successful cracking group. Our main disagreements were with the guys in Avantgarde, who were our closest competitor. I have to admit that it was mainly my fault that we had disagreements, at least that is what I believe today. I had problems with them when I was in Alpha Flight 1970, Deff had called me and asked if I wanted to join a new group (AVT), I said no as I had just received an offer from Westbam/Legend to join 'The Will of God' just before. He didn't like this too much as he had his own history with the guys in Legend, so when Onslaught was created I had dragged this bitterness between us into a group confrontation (mainly having debates with Deff and his sidekick Peter/ex-Enigma). Deff was the main instrument behind the federation against Onslaught, a small band disgruntled semi-retired radicals who didn't like the 'new kid on the block' despite us being old farts in the first place, e.g. AVT (who I refused membership), AFL1970 (my ex-group!), Hitmen and RRR (really a member of AFL)). This didn't last long as we kept releasing big title fixes that other groups couldn't (for example, Fred's In Trouble). After several more weeks of BBS ragging and disputes in magazines the playing field became level, the groups could see that we were not going anywhere, we were here to stay. The remnants of this federation still live on today, with various negative elements still biting our heels.

After our big debut year had ended and a new year had begun we had really established ourselves. 1996 saw the group parting company with Chotaire and his BBS The Pirate Island, so we needed a new European HQ. We discovered Holy Moses and his BBS Sanitarium, both at that time signed up to Excess, which weren't doing much so we approached him with an offer, which he accepted. The same offer was also extended to the USA BBS The Deadzone and sysop Trouble, also under the Excess label. Not only did we expand board-wise but we also signed up the 'Gangsta's Paradise' FTP in cooperation with our Hungarian friends in Chromance. The internet was just starting to blossom as a C64 medium so we needed to the FTP as a doorway to a different audience of C64 enthusiasts. Also joining in early 1996 was Macx from Chromance. He joined in as modem trader, megaswapper and reporter for Vandalism News!

Avantgarde and Alpha Flight 1970 stepped up their releases during this year, as did Motiv8. Most groups were using all the tricks in the book to try get points in "the list" and become number one in the chart (see the home of the list at thelist.c64.org for more information). Point hunting seemed to be the big thing this year, with some guys even using demo parts as game previews. Onslaught released some more big titles including the NTSC version of Sword of Honour (released as PAL only by AFL). Also we released NTSC-fixed versions of Centric (PAL only by AFL) and Speedy Slug (PAL only by Success+The Ruling Company). Our very own game also made it out this year called Misfortune and was largely inspired by Steve & John Rowlands' Creatures 1 & 2 and Mayhem in Monsterland.

Up until now Onslaught was mainly a cracking group, even though our original intention was to be a group that had both legal and illegal factors, we were mainly involved in first releasing games and the hack/phreak scene. This changed a bit when we released our first demo (coded by Carlos with graphics by B-Wyze) called Party-Demo at The Party 1996. Vandalism News also had some changes with a brilliant new outfit. The 27th edition was the first issue featuring an outfit that set us on a different level from all other publications, the main reason was the graphic-display ability (single colour hires and 16 colour hires bitmap). It was coded by Jolz and designed by Vengeance.

1997 started pretty much like the year before. At the start of the year we finally launched our first group webpage, which had been long-delayed, it was given the lovely title "The Slaughterhouse". A lot of groups were starting to get their pages organised around 1995 and 1996, so we were a bit late (we were focused on the BBS scene). The internet opened up other opportunities, I got in contact with quite a few guys I would normally have never spoken to, and one of these was Metal/Vibrants who composed some music for my own magazine Domination. We got talking about doing a big collection of music, a cooperation between Vibrants & Onslaught, a package containing all the music composed by Metal on C64. Sure enough, a few months later, Past and Present became a reality and was released as a 2-sided production coded by Jolz. The collection inspired our own musicians to release an Onslaught production headed by Morbid (DJB) called Eardrum Massacre which contained tracks by all of our musicians. Despite having released these legal productions we were still focusing on our cracking. The biggest release of the year for us was probably The Castle. This was reduced from a 6-sided Hungarian-language PAL original to 2-sided-translated to English NTSC/PAL fixed crack. At the time some crackers regarded it as a fake NTSC fix from Donar, as people doubted he had the ability to fix a game as big as this (also comments from our old buddy RRR in the Relax magazine, you might remember his editing style, that of a Russian communistic journalist).

During this year Onslaught founded its own fake label for "pissing" on other groups (common at the time and still common now even), it was called Urine. The main motivation for the group creation was that Alpha Flight 1970 together with RRR (who was also a group member who lived close to Marc/AFL in Gelsenkirchen) were ragging Onslaught and claiming that absolutely none of their releases had bugs. Derbyshire Ram, then a member of Alpha Flight, noticed this statement and sent me the original of the AFL first release called Samber with a nice disk note explaining some things. Some hours after receiving it, Samber +5 100% was uploaded onto the boards, much to the discontent of some of the AFL members, ahhh good times, and fond memories! Urine still exists today and has released quite a few fixes and first releases. During this year we lost our World HQ BBS 'Down By Law' as the sysop went inactive, so we used our other USA BBS 'The Deadzone' as our new world headquarters.

We moved into 1998 with some membership changes however it was a much slower year compared to the first three, at least in the cracking department (despite a great NTSC fix by Donar of It's Magic). Our German BBS 'Sanitarium' went offline (the longest running C64 German BBS) so we relied on 'The Deadzone' as our remaining BBS. We had more success on the demo-front thanks to the signing on of Polish member Naphalm who joined as a coder. He proved his good intentions by releasing Velocity, a one-file demo (called a "dentro" by the new generation) at the Scenery'98 party and then later in the year released a one-sided demo called Rage at the Satellite'98 event where it earned first place! This was a great time for us legally as the focus seemed to shift a bit for the first time. This was further boosted with signing up 6R6 who joined us as musician. He worked quite well with DJB (ex-Morbid) and they did several cooperation tunes together.

1998 also meant the engine of Vandalism News was starting to wind down. We only released one edition (issue 30). Vandalism had experienced a huge slump in quality during issues 28 and 29 but with issue 30 we again picked up the standard expected of us. I was happy to see the back of this year and try turn around this lack of activity.

1999 was a bit better, some more cracks than the previous year but for the entire year Vandalism News never made it once. On a positive note we continued our movement in the legal circles with the release of Dope, a dentro coded by Naphalm, which earned the number one place at the demo competition at North Party 5 in Poland. One of my personal projects was release this year, this was Album of the Year, a mammoth music collection independently released. Despite it being independent it was largely affiliated with Onslaught due to the heavy involvement from our members. The collection contained 76 exclusive and unreleased SID compositions and was inspired by the Demo of the Year almost a decade earlier. Apart from 'AOTY' I also released the Domination Paper Edition. The magazine was over 60 pages, some of which were colour and contained exclusive artwork by Finnish legends Duce and Junkie.

Towards the end of the year we decided to take down our old webpage 'The Slaughterhouse' because we wanted something fresh, Morbid and I started working on the new site. Despite some setbacks this year it was an improvement upon the year before, some good first releases were made, Cyberwing and Blitz 3000 come to mind.

It is amazing that the C64 scene entered the year 2000 , no millennium bug, no viruses, just the good old breadbox and the only limit was your imagination (and a good a lot of rastertime). Morbid and I had worked on our new website for quite a while and launched it at the start of the year, it was called 'Forbidden Depths' and has been online ever since. Finally we could present all of our releases, photos and much more, something which we hadn't done on our previous website.

Jolz was still around but was working exclusively on the SuperCPU, which was kind of my fault as when I sold his game Twin Terrors he was supplied with a SuperCPU as payment. Nonetheless, he did some great things for that scene, including his own operating system called JOS (Jolse Operating System) that later became integrated into WiNGS.

Some more collections were just around the corner, Vodka had joined us the year before and now it was time to release his graphic collection in cooperation with our good friends in Fairlight. It was called VodkART. Morbid and I were chatting one day and came up with the concept of Speed, a new Onslaught music package featuring only multispeed and digi music. This was in the organisational-stages and was to come out much later (we hoped). During the year Holy Moses (ex-Sanitarium sysop) released several BBS-style demos (lores graphics). One of these was entered at the Starcompo and it placed number one! Other competition entries that year were quite well placed at the North Party 6 and Mekka Symposium parties (thanks to Deev, Jailbird, 6R6 and DJB (ex-Morbid)).

Vandalism News had regained its standard, improving upon it in fact. Two issues were released in 2000, these were Vandalism News #31 (it came out 21 months since issue 30 - the biggest delay between issues) and #32, the latter being the Olympic Special Edition released in September. Vandalism News #32 was our biggest to date, spanning over three disk sides with some nice touches by Jolz. I fondly remember this release as we had put quite some work into it and Vengeance was really inspired. During this year we were visiting each other quite a lot. Boozing and sceneing to all hours of the morning, calling Europeans and discussing old times and motivating each other with tag team sessions inside Vandalism's editor. During one of these nights we managed to get Bizarre to return to the staff and write some text for our editorial, Jose had been in the wilderness for around three years so it was good to have the "budgie-fucker", as he was fondly called due to having pet birds, back.

Something else happened in 2000 that I didn't think would, we signed on a new member from Tasmania called Stryyker, who joined as coder! Now you have to understand Vengeance, Jolz, Insane and myself lived during this time on a small isolated island below Australia's main land. So finding someone here is even more difficult than the rest of the country. We also had gained Slator who was formerly from Depredators. He joined in as cracker and replacement of Bizarre for the German leadership.

First releases were more abundant this year, with an improvement over the last two years. Some nice titles I remember were Action Biker '99 and All Terrain Gardener (both released by our new Tasmanian member Stryyker).

The group hadn't had scandal for some years so I guess we were due for something to happen. This time round it was the fake membership of Jetan. Supposably Jetan had joined us (a good graphician from Poland) but it ended up being one of Jetan's friends using Jetan's account to email us and because he knew all the personal details of Jetan we had no way of knowing! This caused some temporary confusion but it was soon sorted out.

Inspired by the recent releases of Vandalism News we moved into 2001 with some high expectations. Despite the fact that the C64 scene was ageing we were undeterred. Something special happened when we started work on Vandalism News #33 - we were interviewing Ed/Wrath Designs and the communication between us for this interview was the start of something bigger than what we first imagined. The interview was done and not only that, Ed and Joe supplied us with an intro for the magazine and an exclusive music. In late February we got the mag out to the waiting public with another three sides (that means within 4 months we had released two issues with 6 disk sides of packed text - who needs a social life outside of the scene anyway?) of juicy scene gossip. Things worked well, so much so that by Vandalism News #34, Onslaught and Wrath Designs had decided to release Vandalism as a cooperative-effort! Vengeance was so happy with issue #33 that he approached the guys in Wrath with the idea of releasing a magazine, they accepted the proposal as it was something they really wanted to do and it gave them an opportunity to express themselves in a way that demonstrations could not. The relationship rewarded the magazine also, as we had an increased 'legal' representation allowing us to deliver a more balanced package (of demo and crack scene information).

During 2001 we released four issues with my favourites being issue #34 and #36. On the cracking front we were still going strong. Some of the memorable releases were ZZZZ Uncut, Reaxion Extended and Armalyte 2 Preview.

Towards the end of the year we signed up another BBS. Chromance had gone to the "mp3 scene" so we decided to share their BBS The Bass Planet to create some more activity. Scratcher was the sysop and the board was ran quite smoothly. It may seem strange to some that the BBS scene was still alive in 2001, with the internet usage at fever pitch, but just like the C64 itself, we were holding on to old times and making them a living memory.

2002 was knocking on our door. This year we participated in the Singles Collection Volume 1, which was a multi-group effort similar to "Demo Of The Year". We also participated at three competitions this year and had some good placing's at North Party 7, Role Party, Mekka Symposium and Forever 3. Another three issues of Vandalism were released, all still under the strong cooperation of Wrath and Onslaught Designs. The combined effort was magic and we were enjoying a new lease of life through the magazine and its readership.

A slight slump in our cracking section but memorable first releases for 2002 were The R-Type Preview (earlier version of the famous coin-op conversion) and Sceptre of Baghdad Uncut.

In 2003 we released Vandalism News #40 - The Ruby Edition. It was our biggest issue yet and the largest 'scene' publication ever released. It was a mammoth 45 chapters and 15 exclusive sids (4 packed disk sides) and also included 2 disk covers (by Duce and Junkie of Extend) and 2 disk sides of bonus exclusive goodies. We wanted something special for this issue and I think we achieved it. Issue #25 was the 'Silver'-special, issue #40 was the 'Ruby'-special and issue 50 was the 'Gold'-special. On the topic of magazines, I managed to release the Ultimate Scene Mag Archive this year (I remember having two weeks annual leave from work, of which I spent most of that time finalising the archive - http://mags.c64.org). This was a project discovered by Vengeance and myself some years earlier and finally realised in 2003. It is the most extensive online archive of C64 magazines, containing over 3000 entries (disk and paper) wrapped in a lovely outfit by Cupid/Padua.

Other webpage developments were the second redesigning of the Onslaught webpage by DJB and myself. I had known DJB for around 12 years and had swapped and spoken to him frequently the whole time, I decided to visit him for the very first time. We launched the website redesign live at his house in New South Wales. During the visit I also caught up with TBH/Onslaught and Patto/ex-Bodycount. This was not the only scener visit this year, Goto80/Hack'n'Trade came down and stayed at my house, he was the first European scener I had met. Vengeance came and stayed as well and we had some barbeques and boozing. We made a pact to meet again! These were great times that were a preview of things to come in 2004.

Our largely delayed music collection Speed was finally released this year (in cooperation with Creators and Shape). The collection was our best yet, containing amazing graphics by Mermaid, code by Stryyker and theme-design by myself. The unique thing about Speed was that it was the first music collection containing 46 mostly-exclusive music that was either multi-speed or digi. It also contained some bonus material such as Creators 5 year Demo and some unreleased music demo by Geoff Follin. Other legal releases this year that we were involved with this year were the Singles Collection Volume 2.

On the cracking front we only released a few games, one of these was quite a biggie, the long lost and unreleased Deadlock Preview which was destined to be released by Cyberdyne Systems via English software power-house System 3.

The next year for Onslaught was another big one, especially on a personal note for Vengeance and myself. In 2004 the cracking activity had increased dramatically, in fact our best in the last few years due to the drop of available originals. The more memorable of our first releases was our big cooperation release together with Triad called Tyger Tyger. The author of Armalyte made that game and we had to basically re-code the whole lot from a cross-development PDS source. We also cooperated with Triad in another venture - the telnet C*Base C64 BBS Antidote, which resurrected the BBS scene of old (people could connect to the BBS via telnet and emulate the old experience!). Hein Design joined the crew in June sometime as musician, graphician and coder.

My magazine Domination had reached the end of its life on C64, I decided to end it in August, quite proud of the fact that 20 strong issues had been released. Inspiration was gone for it and I felt like I was repeating things twice in both it and Vandalism News. After it died I felt like there was a lot of room made available for other things. Maybe even a different type of magazine?

Now I mentioned earlier that visiting DJB, TBH and Patto was a preview of things to come. Since that visit I really got "itchy feet" and wanted to visit other sceners. I've wanted to travel to Europe for some years now and I thought this is possible, I'm not a teenager with low-income anymore, why not do it?! But when, that was the big question, a question that was fortunately answered quite easily by the perfect scene party occurring in October called X'2004 (held by Success+The Ruling Company and Xenon in the countryside of Holland). So I decided to plan the trip around the party, that way I could meet a large group of people at once. I rang Vengeance and told him that we were going to Europe, he was quite surprised and became further elated when he realised how serious I was. The trip eventuated and we visited Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, England and Singapore (making scener visits at every point possible). The holiday was like a normal one but with scene nostalgia mixed in. This event really moved the group closer together, as we met up with many members of the group as well as the guys in Wrath Designs. We also fulfilled our pact to meet Goto80 again, this time we stayed at his place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

At the X'2004 party we had a blast - meeting people we had known for up to 15 years for the first time. We managed to release some productions at the party, such as the live 42nd edition of Vandalism News, Creepshow 2 (cooperation graphic collection with Dual Crew), By the Way (graphic collection by Shapie), ‘utumn Clouds by Macx and Ed as well as the general compo entries. We did well at the competition, Deev achieved number one place in graphics (also during the year Deev placed number one at Primary Star for his graphics and Hein Design gained number one with his music at North Party 9). Anyway, you can read more about our adventure in Vandalism News #42 and Vandalism News #43 - "On-Tour" Special Edition.

What a year for the group that was with heaps of releases and meeting each other (finally crossing those international boundaries that have kept us from partying together for so long now). We felt more a part of the scene that we had ever felt before.

During the tour of Europe was got in contact with Duke, former editor of The Pulse and Scene+, he joined Onslaught as editor for Vandalism after a 7 year hiatus. He has quite a large profile in the mag-business and together with Macx and Wrath Designs it would create an interest menu for the readership.

We moved into 2005 on a very high note, fully inspired and buzzing from the year before. Three issues of Vandalism News were released; the tempo lifted by the support of our best staff ever: Wrath Designs, Macx, Duke and other guests. Macx released a cool little demo at the Little Computer People party in Sweden called Tropical Fever.

Unfortunately we lost Fade, Style and Slartibartfast who left the group to focus on the Australian-only crew called Chrome. I was particularly disappointed when we lost Fade, who had been a member for some years already and who I had swapped with for some time. On a more positive note we again released a lot of cracks this year - our tenth year - some of the more memorable releases were Troddlers Preview, Starsat, Wilberforce, Liberation Preview and Turrican 3 Preview V2.

2006 was another decent year. Membership movement was minimal now, as with most other scene-groups; things seemed to be frozen in time. We were as active this year as the year before, again releasing some fine first releases (marking our 300th first release this year also!). Some of the big titles we released were Devious Designs Preview, Bugs Bunny and Fungus II. Another three issues of Vandalism News made it out and we participated in some of the scene parties like Maximum Overdose 7 where we ranked number one in the graphic and music compos. The X'2006 event in Holland was the biggest of the year and sadly neither Vengeance or myself could make it this time in person, but we made up for it by releasing some productions there including our cool new demo coded by SounDemoN called TENse Years. This demo contained some world records and had been in the making for a few years (originally it was our ten year birth demo, hence the name TENse Years). We wanted to expand our demo section for some time and finally had some breakthrough with the signing of coders enthusi and Honesty.

After a couple of years of focusing only on Vandalism News, I decided it was time to do something independently again. After getting a kick of inspiration on IRC from Deadbeat/The Sharks I released my new magazine, Recollection, which is kind of a follow-up to my old magazine Domination. Two issues were released in 2006. The magazine focuses on the old days and tries to show the glory of the past to the faces of the present (scene newbies appear lost when it comes to our roots and oldies want to revel in their past mischief - Recollection is born). Check the online and original disk issues in all their glory at http://recollection.c64.org

2007 kicked off with plenty of releases including the magnificent first release of Armalyte Competition Edition together with special intro made by Hein Design. Another of our great releases was the long lost game Bobby Bounceback and also worth mentioning is Electric Death, Bomberman and Joe Gunn. Another important event this year was when our Swedish and long-time member Macx travelled from Sweden to Australia to stay at my house for around 5 weeks and work at our local hospital. Together we launched the Jazzmacx Tas Takeover - this event launched unreleased productions (old unreleased things, rotting on your disks, don't let them die, they have feelings too!), this little brainchild generated 46 releases! We really pushed hard with a lot of demos for the event such as Final Ram coded by Honesty and dedicated to Barry Joynes, AKA Derbyshire Ram (who sadly passed away in 2007). In the Mood coded by B.A. with music by Conrad. Six Years Later coded by Conrad. Digi Demo coded by Jolz and Conrad, graphics by TMM, do check out the killer scroll-text by Macx and I. Van Diemen's Complex coded by Jolz. We also released N2C4Oxy07 at the 15 Years Oxyron Party, this was coded by enthusi with music by AMB. Also this year, Deev performed a lovely revamp of our homepage with some cute graphics/new outfit and enhanced content.

The following year witnessed our group releasing an IRQ tape loading demo - a genius concept by enthusi called A load of Tap contain graphic by ptoing and music by Conrad. He also followed up in 2008 with another game by Onslaught called Not Even Human, released on both tape and cartridge and released at the Dutch mega event X2008! Unfortunately the organisers somehow "lost" the disk with a demo entry from our very own SounDemoN which is a production in cooperation between Mixer and THCM and features some graphic magic by Hein Design. The demo contains some of the best samples ever heard on C64 and also plays with producing sound from the VIC chip rather than the SID chip. The experience is called oscillator digi, be amazed at Vicious Sid. To wrap up the year, ZZAP69, ex-member of groups like No Name, Wrath Designs and Noice, joined Onslaught as mag editor and musician.

In 2009 we celebrated the 50th edition of Vandalism News. Also known as The Gold Edition, the issue celebrated with 33 chapters, 11 exclusive soundtracks, on 4 disk sides, with two bonus disk sides of exclusive content and two disk covers by Duce and Junkie of Extend! On the game-front we also released the game of the year (as first) which was the highly anticipated Knight'n'Grail. Another highlight was Maniac Mansion Gold for the NeoRAM cartridge, the first bug free version ever released of this classic game. Sadly, 6R6 (Glenn Rune Gallefoss) left the group after 10 years of membership. He also left Nostalgia and is staying in his local Norwegian group SHAPE only. He left on great terms, but now he has a child and studies and wants to put his limited C64 time back into his domestic group. We did however gain another Australian member this year with Adam joining us as musician, graphician and coder.

An important highlight was our demo release of Syntax Party Scroller, released at the Syntax Party in Melbourne, Australia. This quality released together with other releases at Syntax, marked the renaissance of the Australia scene as well as the beginning of the group's general shift towards the demo scene. In late December, our UK graphician Deev returned to the pixel world again and gave us Playing God: Exhibit A. The picture is the first that he has produced using all 16 colours and is in FLI mode. Deev recalls "This was originally intended for release at Syntax, but missed that deadline by some way. I spent a lot of time these past few weeks tweaking things again and again, and whilst I still might not be 100% happy with everything, there comes a time to push the baby out of the pixel nest! Besides, 2009 is my tenth year active in the scene and it would be a shame if I didn't celebrate by releasing at least one thing before the year is out!"

In 2010 , our crew were present at the Breakpoint party in the Rheinland and came in 4th place with their April Fool's day demo called Zak Is Back. This modern take on the original game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders was so realistically performed that many people still considered our parody a serious release and are asking when our version of the game will be finished. This was followed up with Maniac Mansion Mercury for the rising EasyFlash cartridge and the long sought after Last Ninja 3 Editor called Integrator. We also showed we were still making games with Heartlight on C64. Yes! enthusi of Onslaught makes it possible! The game was originally on Atari (6502) and then later ported to the PC. Now it receives an honour to walk the red carpet in C64 land. Our version will feature cute graphics by Ptoing and enthusi, digi samples and 70 levels! The preview version released of the game contains a cool intro by Honesty and is limited to 12 levels.

psycho8580 joins Onslaught as a musician. He has found a home for his productive creativity with Vandalism News giving some demand for new music as well as various legal productions in and out of the group. We also gained Doctor Detroit/The Force, who renamed to Conjuror and joined us as coder and graphician. He really assisted us in demo direction and leadership which I struggled with on my own for many years.

Also this year, I travelled to Europe once again, this time with my good friend ALiH (from WOW and Unreal). Our primary mission was to attend the X2010 event in Someren, The Netherlands. We flew 21 hours from Australia to attend the X-2010 event and also to party in Amsterdam (pre-X madness with Alih, Conjuror, Jazzcat, Macx, ZZAP69, White Flame, SounDemoN, Devia/Ancients, Sander/Focus, Twoflower/Triad and the guys from Offence). At the party, Onslaught showed off our next game that we were working on, Hawkeye 2 Teaser. This is the sequel to the famous Boys Without Brains game, it also contained the original unreleased sequel to the game that was never finished. The teaser shows off the game engine, title picture and a mock-up of the main menu. Coded by White Flame, the game will feature 25 lines of parallax scrolling. It contains graphic design by Deev, Hein Design and Joe/Wrath Designs. Other releases at X’2010 was a music collection called 'The Richard Joseph Tribute', finally released after a delay of a few years, made together with Samar and Protovision. The collection is of course dedicated to the memory of Richard Joseph through remixes of his music. It contains over 20 remixes which are mostly exclusive to the production! Conrad, Scout and the rest of the team have really made a nice monument to a C64 legend! In the competitions the group came in 7th with a powerful one-file demo called The Year We Make Contact. Coded by enthusi with music by Conrad, the party hall never sounded better with the great acoustics amplifying the demo's music even further. Silence for 4 long years and then finally the biggest issue ever of the Recollection magazine was handed out on real disks at the party. The third coming contained the spectacular complete history of the legendary Fairlight, interviews with Rockstar, Flex, Falco Paul and others, the history of phreaking, disk mags, NTSC fixing and much more, all wrapped in a gorgeous disk cover by Mermaid!

2011 brought some sad news with the death of one of members. Intensity, aka Arman, died this year. I still remember him making me a coffee on the final day of the X2010 party only several months earlier. Also long time member Hein Design decided it was time to leave the group. This really saddened me as our group is like family, it really is a downer when something happens like this, but I have to accept it is the way the scene works sometimes and we just have to move on. enthusi took two old titles to the next level by combining them on a single cartridge, both Zak McKracken & Maniac Mansion in both English and German were released for the EasyFlash format. Another crack worth mentioned was our release of Blok Copy, it was the first ever scene crack on the DTV format and it made possible by Scout. Further on the cracking front our group was still the most active in the 'first release' scene, we demonstrated that fact with a Christmas 'System 3/Cyberdyne Systems' explosion with titles like Deadlock Preview V2 and Silly Putty Tech Demo. This also marked the return of Slator through the splendid Pulse Preview. Conrad joined the fun with Undead Preview also, a heavily bug-fixed title that was released in cooperation with their Swedish friends in Triad. Onslaught is mainly known for first releases, stuff like Space Trip, however, from time to time the crew also shows off its skill with oldie releases too, titles like The Detective Game +5D and Maniac Mansion Mercury for EasyFlash (this version can be flashed to cartridge or operated in the Vice emulator. Some of its features include added mouse support (port2) including verb action on right button, two save game slots, both directly written to flash (no limit in the number of writes), docs, room viewer, house map, title pic, game poster map, tribute intro and hidden parts!) performed by enthusi.

On the legal front, through Macx, Conjuror and ZZAP69, Onslaught released FLT loves G*P at the Isterparty. This fun little demo focuses on the differences of the two groups and whether a problem still festers. Really oldschool and well received by all parties involved. Other releases include Conjuror's participation in the Facebook Oldskool Cracktro Compo with a crack intro called New Face -4- Old Face. I asked Steve what his inspiration was behind the release: "Well originally the competition on Facebook was for Amiga only. So I suggested to make it C64 too. And I thought considering it started as an Amiga compo, I wanted to make an Amiga style intro." Elder0010 joined our family as a coder. He is from Italy and is welcomed not only into our crew but also to the scene. Conjuror released the Syntax 2011 Invite at the LCP 2011 event in Sweden. At Syntax in November, we released Vandalism News #58, also Conjuror came first place in the graphic compo and Adam placed first in the mixed music compo.

The next year saw another game made and released by Onslaught, this was Assembloids made for RGCD. In the first release scene we released the best games of 2012 which were Soulless and C64anabalt. On the demo-front we released a one-sider by our new member Algorithm called 8-bit Passion and enthusi released the new Onslaught disk magazine called Above & Beyond which features the same capability as Vandalism News but with a different approach to journalism not yet seen in the scene. The group has expanded their legal activities this year again with CONS placing second at the Nordlicht 2012 with his first ever hires entry called Moment of Truth. Conrad has been mixing it up with some nice music entries, most recently placing quite highly at the Silesia 6 party. Earlier in the year Onslaught placed first in the local entries at Flashback 2012 with our demo Better, coded by Algorithm and Conjuror with music by SoNiC and graphics by CONS. Also at Flashback, Adam entered music and enthusi and CONS participated in the graphic competitions. Also to mention, Vandalism News #59 was released; a three sided adventured, live at the party! Our Italian coders Elder0010 and Freshness helped the group come in second place at the Gubbdata 0.9 mini party. They released a single file demo called Spires which contained music by psycho8580 and graphics by Almighty God.

2013 was one of the big years in the group's history, marking many releases in terms of cracks, demos and disk magazines. Onslaught is known to be a well-rounded group, not satisfied with just doing one particular thing, this year was further evidence of that. Firstly, the cracking scene was quite busy with the resurgence of groups like Laxity and Genesis Project. We released the best of the bunch with titles like The Vice Squad, Micro Hexagon’, Monster Buster, Power Glove, Vallation, Star of Africa, Elidon’, Warriors, Guns 'n' Ghosts and Berzerk Redux with a plan to release less but try focus on the better games available as first release candidates. These were all made possible by members such as Pugsy (who had worked for Onslaught previously but officially joined in September as cracker), Slator, The Ignorance and our newest addition Fix. These and our other 320+ first releases can be found on the revived online version of The List. Bepp/Triad and I worked extremely hard on making the right place to pay homage and record the world of first releases. Make sure to pay it a visit at http://recollection.c64.org.

In the legal scene, we conquered NorthCon 2013 in Neumünster, Germany with our winning demo Rust. This demo was made by Elder0010 together with Freshness and contains graphics by Adam, Almighty God and CONS with a killer soundtrack by psycho8580. The demo has the right flow, effects, all in sync with good transitions and soundtrack! Not only content with winning the demo compo, CONS placed second in the mixed graphic compo with his multi-screen hires effort called The Forest Deep.

New demos from Algorithm such as Channels and Demolicious (the latter demonstration at Datastorm showed raw coding power as Algorithm went into overdrive in a 30+ hour period to produce a demo very quickly containing two new graphic modes and a new method of speech compression) burst onto the scene whilst Conjuror coded up a storm and won the Syntax 2013 demo party with our themed demo Soy un Delincuente together with CONS and Adam. We also triumphed in the graphic compo taking out number one with CONS' Hideout. The first Australian cooperation in a while saw us joining the guys in Defame for their hilarious first venture on the Commie called Roller Scroller. This year Vandalism News passed another milestone with the 60th issue called The Diamond Edition. As in previous milestone issues of the scene's longest running disk magazine, we did it in style with 43 chapters, 11 exclusive soundtracks and again, exclusive disk covers presented once again by Duce and Junkie of Extend. CCHC-VQ Slideshow by Algorithm was also released; quick demo brought to you to demonstrate the quality that is produced via the single image encoding using his Chaos Selection and Heuristic local minima avoiding tool. Also to mention, in 2013 we warmly welcomed the addition of Grip to the family as C64 and Amiga graphician and editor for Vandalism.

Also, Onslaught joined forces with Defame to cooperate in organising the highly successful Flashback Demo Event! This party is held in Sydney and generated a lot of noise, polished performances, seminars, demo event/compos, oldschool machine museum it was so good to officially become a part of this! Check out the full releases on http://auscene.org

In 2014 we released some of the better cracks for the year such as Onslaught Shooter Collection for EasyFlash which is a compilation of classic games X-Out, Enforcer, R-Type, Crush, Denaris and Katakis packed with a wonderful game menu selection and over 220 files into an IFFL like file system. The heavy lifting required for this compilation was performed by our German members enthusi and Slator. In the first release scene we released the only 101% bug free version of the great Bomberland, Pluff, Single Extreme Freedom, Aurum and the rather tasty Graham Gooch All Star Cricket Preview amongst others. Towards the end of the year we released one of the best games of the RGCD compo called Tiger Claw. Further membership changes with Bieno64 from Spain being recruited as a tester in March and with Scout leaving in April due to real life activities taking up his spare time.

On the 22nd of August 1994, the very first issue of the disk magazine Domination was released. To celebrate this great magazine on its 20th anniversary Domination Online was launched at http://atlantis-prophecy.org/domination. Created and content maintained by myself and adapted for the web by Se7en.

At the Flashback 2014 demo event, our group won first place in the Oldschool Demo Comp with their two sided feat Eclectic. The demo features insane algos by Algorithm, oldschool and clean by Conjuror moody soundtrack by SoNiC with pixels by CONS, Shine, Cupid and more. Algorithm has also been busy with other demos released under the Onslaught flag like Bad Apple 64, Frodigi 2, 3, 4, and VOA (Variable Offset Amplitude). Also at Flashback 2014, Vandalism News #62 was released to a live audience. It was the first issue released by the group without their usual partners Wrath Designs (the cooperation last 13 years releasing 28 issues together). Ed and Joe are both very busy people and regularly releasing the magazine as well as having other commitments did not make things fun anymore for them (on top of the usual deadline nagging by yours truly). Ed explains: I guess I got fed up, needed to put all energy on work and life in general. I have no time left for the scene as of the current and will have to deal with my life instead. Not a usual act, but the magazine was released in the WiLD category at the event and gained first place (the Aussie based crowd were bopping along to the Aussie song cover by Scarzix/Offence called 'Never Tear Us Part' and were won over by the strong Australian participation in the mag, a great local feeling, thanks every one!).

Onslaught PC division was officially announced and we went forth and triumphed at the demo competition at Syntax 2014 with our demo Singularity, whilst we have released some work on the PC before, this was our debut official entry onto the platform and the joining of Drift from Cydonia-fame who was the main coder of the release.

In December, our Swedish cracker Fix was removed from the group as he was found to have borrowed some code from another group.

2015 has arrived and the year looks promising with releases like The Eidolon, Populous Preview and the rare demo disk of Maniac Mansion. In the previous year the group hit the PC platform, in 2015 Amigaluscious by Algorithm marked our entry onto the Amiga.

In March, German graphician N3XU5 joined our ranks on the C64 (he is already in our PC division and used to be known under his old handle Death). He had been working with us for sometime but made it official!

In June the 64th edition of Vandalism News was released in cooperation with Offence. This issue marked the first new outfit since issue 27 (a long time!) and was heralded as a huge success. We also saw our second Amiga demo called Impassioned by Algorithm (placing 3rd in the oldschool compo at Flashback).

The following month saw the group help organise Demo of the Year 2014/ which was a huge success, continuing the tradition of multiple groups submitting a demo part for one big production.

In September, Onslaught released the biggest game in many, many years. The long lost holy grail of first release treasures - Daffy Duck. Supplied by Jazzcat and huge effort at rebuilding the game from source code and PDS by Pugsy.

Onslaught celebrated their 20th birthday by winning the Under Construction mixed demo category on the 28th of December with 20 Years Onslaught. The demo features code and design by Conjuror and Algorithm with music by Adam and Psycho8580 and graphics from N3XU5 and Almighty God amongst others. The production received very favourable feedback from the scene. The demo show cases a laid back style, with polished effects/transitions/design whilst paying homage to its releases, members and friends over the past two decades. Earlier, at Syntax in November, we showed a preview of the demo as it was not quite finished. At the same party, we released two PC demos celebrating their birthday: XX (32K - code, design, music by Drift) and Synopsis (code by Drift, music by DJB and graphics by N3XU5), both placing 1st and 2nd respectively in the modern demo category.

In 2016, Slator went into group retirement after 16 years of service. We welcomed Ray Manta (he was known on the Amiga as Serkul from Cydonia fame). This means Onslaught now have quite a few members in a single state - South Australia - Adam, Conjuror, Drift & Ray Manta. Maybe they will hold their own meetings like in the old days? We were happy to re-introduce Fix into the group to help with our cracks.

Our 1000th release came out in 2016, along with the largest C64 disk mag ever made - the 5-sided bonanza Vandalism News #65.

The group continues to focus on quality first releases. They released titles such as Barnsley Badger, Captain Fizz V1 (alternate version) the long lost Demonware title Evil Garden in cooperation with Laxity, Jam It [Psytronik Disk Version], Maze of the Mummy, My Life, Super Carling the Spider and the brilliant 64KB version of Tiger Claw (C64 In Pixels Edition in cooperation with Laxity).

enthusi is actively involved with the creation of the brilliant Caren and the Tangled Tentacles which is being produced under the PriorArt together with Veto and Jammer. V1.3 of the game was recently released as part of the Kickstarter campaign for "Commodore 64 - A Visual Commpendium 2nd edition". The limited edition (100 units only) comes in the form of a boxed cartridge containing extended gameplay and exclusive content. The game logic scripts surpassed 12,000 lines and there are now more than 650 lines of text and 13 SID tunes with 40 sound effects.

Reflections BBS became Onslaught USHQ and is shared with Laxity, Demonix and Longshot with longtime group friend Stablizer as sysop. Stablizer started up the board in April 2016, running on C*Base 3.3.7 through a C128D, supported by 4.1GB ThunderDrive, Ramlink, FD4000 and FD2000 and finally powered by the jet engine of a SuperCPU (128) which runs at 20mhz. The fastest board in the scene no doubt. Important to note is that Reflections was also added as a first release replacement for Colosseum (e.g. as a "counted" board).

BotX joined the group for a week, before being found out to be "Buddha" (who faked his death as disclosed earlier in this chapter), his affiliation was subsequently terminated.

Fix rejoined as cracker and coder and is actively repairing the gems only possible from Onslaught such as Charlie Chaplin and Bugs Bunny previews.

onebitman joined as musician and will feature in the group demos, crack intros and our disk magazine. Also joining to help with our productions visually was Shine, who left his groups Accept, Longshot and Score to join up as graphician.

Vandalism News 66 was released with X and Aussie coverage live at the Syntax 2016 party in Melbourne during November.

In 2017, the group continue to demonstrate that they prefer to release only the bigger games, where possible, rather than snooping around for sub-optimal warez. Some of these have been Barnsley Badger+5D, The Sky is Falling+2HD, Platman Worlds+7D, Sleepwalker+4Dand Argus+3D. This effort by Pugsy, Fix and Bieno64 has been bolstered by the joining of Karmic in June who works on training some of the gems obtained mainly by Jazzcat.

As expected, this year has not been that good in terms of demos and general graphic/music output, but the wind in the sails is returning with some productions being worked on again, including Amiga and PC. Of note, are releases by CONS, Almighty God, grip and ZZAP69 under the Onslaught label in 2017. Other members have been active too but have elected to release under their other labels such as Algotech, MultiStyle Labs and DataDoor.

In the world of disk magazines, Vandalism News remains the number one publication currently in the scene, a position it has held even back in the golden times of editorial extreme. Vandalism News #67 is the first for 2017, signalling the long-term problem of the lack of regular release. There are multiple factors that cause this as well as the usual swag of excuses.

Boards are still a big thing our group, even more so in the world of internet, the fastest BBS in the scene, Reflections, changed port to align with the other major boards, make sure to update your phonebooks to "64128". Reflections is shared with Laxity, Demonix and Longshot with Stablizer as sysop. The board runs on a C128D, supported by 4.1GB ThunderDrive, RAMlink, FD4000 and FD2000 and finally powered by the jet engine of a SuperCPU (128) which runs at 20mhz.

Onslaught Antiques came back in early November with the release of Penetrator+3Dwith the promise of more oldie cracks from this label. The release initially sparked some concern from Wolf and Hokuto Force, who thought it was to make fun of their release and efforts of the same game. Fact is that OA had 30 or so games in a ready state and this was one of the first to be released, when we saw the Penetrator version by Wolf we were initially dismayed that we had wasted their effort but then found that Wolf's version had some issues, so we decided to go ahead with our version. On the 18th of November the group released the first batch (10 cracks originally planned, now just 9) of cracks from Pugsy (train/bug fix) and Bieno (test) which were: Gribbly's Day Out+5DHF 101%, Gribbly's Special Day Out +5DH, Bosconian 87 +3D, Mr. Wimpy+5D, Highway Encounter+4D, Jeep Command+3D, Seabase Delta+D, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge+2Dand Mutants+4D with the promise of more to arrive very shortly.

2018 arrived and I (Jazzcat) got married in March. I also bought a house very recently. Both of these major events have obviously slowed down my activities on the C64. Things are getting back to normal now and routine is starting to take shape again, but a slow process. This includes plans for Vandalism News, websites (Onslaught and VN Online) and various game productions I am directly involved in.

Whilst Onslaught has not been as active as in previous years, we are certainly still one of the groups to watch. We gained a new coder in the way of Krion, who joined in May. Krion has a huge background on the Amiga as the founder and lead coder for demo group Cydonia, he also enjoys coding on platforms such as the Vectrex. At Switch On in June, we released a demo for EasyFlash called Wilde which won the demo compo. Code was performed by Algorithm with graphics by Almighty God and SID jam by Jammer. Not long after this release, we lost Algorithm who left all of his groups to pursue a solo career under his own label 'Algotech'.

On the cracking front, the group has been quiet compared to previous years. We did end 2017 on a high with 17 releases in December. In 2018, we gave sign of life with Laura64 Prv from Arsoft which is an early preview of the convert from Atari. This was followed by Abu Simbel Profanation Extended which was also translated to English (both text and graphics). The release that caused some stir was Yoomp!64. It was a tight race with Onslaught claiming the majority of boards and pointing out that the GP version was just a beta release. This case was closed completely when the group released a 101% version due to a bug found in the original which sometimes crashed the game. We also released the promising Wolfling and The Bear Essentials (Special Edition 2018) (this is a totally cool game made by Graham Axten and the guys in Pond Software). The cracking section was bolstered with the joining of Comos in June and Arcane in July. In October, we released Super Bonkey Kong (2018 disk edition). The release was based on an improved disk version of the game released by the coder in early August 2018, which included a loading picture previously only available in the uncracked tape version. The Onslaught release also featured a cool new intro by Karmic called Thrice with hires graphics by Almighty God.

The group welcomed back The Deadzone BBS which was under the Onslaught flag in the nineties. As part of this, the sysop Trouble re-joined the group and has since been working on improving the speed of the BBS to meet the current standard of active boards. Make sure to get a carrier detect using your favourite provider (AT&T, MCI or Sprint or BlueBox if you get a good line!).

Lobo joined Onslaught to provide paper art for various productions. Check out his awesome disk covers for Vandalism News #68!

Onslaught sadly saw grip, long serving member of the group and this magazine, leave both staff and group, grip wrote: "I have decided to leave Onslaught and Vandalism News Staff on my own vocation. I'm not quitting the scene. There is no drama and no grudges. I've not been approached by any other group. This did not make my decision any easier. Onslaught has been a great home for five years and co-editing Vandalism News has been an honour and a blast, but it's time to move on to other pastures. I want to try my wings with other projects, other platforms and indeed perhaps completely other pastimes. I also want to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to all the people involved in these two spiffing scene crews. You're awesome!". We wish you the best Carl in your future adventures! Thanks for joining in on the fun mate.

At Syntax in November, we released a space-themed demo called Elara. The demo was coded by Krion with graphics by Almighty God and beats by Ray Manta. It also had a nice disk cover by Duce and Sweetdisasterr of Extend (Duce's 17 year old daughter!) and dir art by ptoing. Vandalism News #68 was also released at Syntax, together with disk covers and labels by Lobo! The official invite for Flashback 2019 was also released at Syntax in cooperation with Defame entitled Did you miss us? (due to the party having a hiatus for the past 4 years). The invite features clever code by ChristopherJam, graphics by iLKke and music by psych858o. Not long after this, we unfortunately lost members psych858o (joining Genesis Project) and Almighty God (focusing on Level 64).

2019 and we are planning the comeback of Flashback demo party. We organise this event together with the guys in Defame, the last event was in 2015... so here we go! Currently we are planning some demo activity on several platforms, Vandalism News 69 and a bunch of rocking SID tunes and eye candy pixels for the big screen, stay tuned! http://flashbackparty.net

Memberwise, we saw longtime friend Strobe join us as coder. He has a past membership to several old crews and is currently on the WinVICE development team (focusing on C128 emulation). In May, after having a break since 1993, we welcomed back Patto who joined as musician. He is doing web work as well as music on both C64 and Amiga... he lives in my state as well! :D He has started warming up with a few SID tunes, more to come!

Despite having less time for the C64 these days, our members are still enthusiastic and we will try to be in the news - at parties, on boards, online and in our releases. To be continued...

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Bieno (31/3-2014 -> ) .... Tester
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N3XU5 (9/3-2015 -> ) .... Cover Designer, Graphician
Narcisound (8/2-2020 -> ) .... Musician
Patto (5/5-2019 -> ) .... Musician
Pugsy (15/9-2013 -> ) .... Cracker
Rastertail (11/1-2022 -> ) .... Coder, Musician
Ray Manta (28/8-2016 -> ) .... Graphician
Shocker (11/2-2020 -> ) .... Co-Organizer, Modem Trader, Original Supplier, Public Relations Manager, Swapper, Tester
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ZZAP69 (24/10-2008 -> ) .... Diskmag Editor, Musician
AMB   (inactive) (2001 -> ) .... Musician
B-Wyze   (inactive) (12-1995 -> ) .... Graphician
Bizarre   (inactive) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Co-Organizer, Diskmag Editor, Mega Swapper
Code 18   (inactive) (9-1995 -> ) .... Mega Swapper, Original Supplier
Conjuror   (inactive) (12/9-2010 -> ) .... Coder, Fullscreen Graphician
CONS   (inactive) (20/1-2012 -> ) .... Graphician
DaFunk   (inactive) (2001 -> ) .... Musician
DJB   (inactive) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Graphician, Musician, Webmaster
Donar   (inactive) (10-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker, Modem Trader, NTSC-Fixer, Original Supplier, Phreaker
Duke   (inactive) (2004 -> ) .... Diskmag Editor
Enthusi   (inactive) (6-2006 -> ) .... Coder
Freshness   (inactive) (12/6-2015 -> ) .... Coder
Ged   (inactive) (20/10-2019 -> ) .... Graphician
Gop   (inactive) (6-1995 -> ) .... Diskmag Editor, Musician, Swapper
Grize   (inactive) (3-1995 -> ) .... Coder
Homeboy   (inactive) (2-1995 -> ) .... Cracker, Original Supplier
Honesty   (inactive) (16/6-2006 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker
Insane   (inactive) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Graphician
Jolz   (inactive) (3-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker, NTSC-Fixer
Krion   (inactive) (1/5-2018 -> ) .... Coder
L'Trimm   (inactive) (1999 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker, Graphician
Leming   (inactive) (11-1997 -> ) .... Musician, Swapper
Majesty   (inactive) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Co-Organizer, Co-Sysop, Diskmag Editor, Original Supplier, Phreaker
Morbid   (inactive) (1995 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker, Musician, Original Supplier
Naphalm   (inactive) (1998 -> ) .... Coder, Graphician
Nebula   (inactive) (12-1995 -> ) .... Musician
onebitman   (inactive) (22/10-2016 -> ) .... Musician
Praiser   (inactive) (2000 -> ) .... Musician
QBhead   (inactive) (7-1995 -> ) .... Musician
Shapie   (inactive) (1998 -> ) .... Musician
SounDemoN   (inactive) (2001 -> ) .... Coder, Musician
Stash   (inactive) (2000 -> ) .... Swapper
The Big Hacker   (inactive) (6-1996 -> ) .... Coder
The Ignorance   (inactive) (30/8-2012 -> ) .... Cracker
Tracker   (inactive) (26/6-2019 -> ) .... Coder
Vengeance   (inactive) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Diskmag Editor, Original Supplier, Swapper
White Flame   (inactive) (2003 -> ) .... Coder
6R6   (ex) (28/9-1998 -> 4-2009) .... Musician
Algorithm   (ex) (2012 -> 15/6-2018) .... Coder
Almighty God   (ex) (2002 -> 22/11-2018) .... Diskmag Editor, Graphician
ASV   (ex) (7-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Graphician
B.A.   (ex) (2001 -> 13/11-2017) .... Coder, Cracker
Balance   (ex) (2-1995 -> 4-1995) .... Graphician
BaZe   (ex) (7-1995 -> 1995) .... Mega Swapper
Blender   (ex) (2/10-1998 -> ) .... Coder
booker   (ex) (2001 -> 5/10-2010) .... Musician
BotX   (ex) (3/7-2016 -> 10/7-2016) .... Coder, Logo Graphician
Carlos   (ex) (1/11-2004 -> 2006) .... Coder
Chotaire   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 6-1995) .... Modem Trader, Sysop
Chrysagon   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 1996) .... Cracker, Original Supplier
Conrad   (ex) (17/6-2007 -> 11-2014) .... Coder, Musician
Deathlok   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 3-1995) .... Graphician, Musician
Decompracid   (ex) (7/9-2005 -> 25/3-2006) .... Fullscreen Graphician
DeeKay   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 2000) .... Graphician
Digahole   (ex) (9-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Diskmag Editor, FTP Supporter, Logo Graphician, Modem Trader, Net Trader, Swapper, Webmaster
DJ Kat   (ex) (7-1996 -> 1998) .... Coder
Dodger   (ex) (5-1995 -> 8-1995) .... Cracker
Doom   (ex) (6-1995 -> 2002) .... Cover Designer, Graphician
Dr E.U.Geniusz   (ex) (1998 -> ) .... Cover Designer
Ed   (ex) (2005 -> 2014) .... Coder, Diskmag Editor, Musician
Elder0010   (ex) (17/10-2011 -> 21/11-2021) .... Coder
Eric Dobek   (ex) (6/9-2020 -> 24/2-2022) .... Musician
Fade   (ex) (4-2001 -> 14/5-2005) .... Graphician
Fix   (ex) (9/9-2013 -> 10/12-2014) .... Coder, Cracker
Fungus   (ex) (3-2000 -> 19/3-2007) .... Cracker, NTSC-Fixer
Galland   (ex) (1997 -> 1997) .... Cracker, NTSC-Fixer
Grafee   (ex) (12-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Graphician
grip   (ex) (27/11-2013 -> 23/10-2018) .... Diskmag Editor, Graphician
Hardsequencer   (ex) (5-1995 -> ) .... Graphician, Swapper
Heavy Head   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Modem Trader, Phreaker, Swapper, Sysop
Hein   (ex) (20/6-2004 -> 16/10-2011) .... Graphician, Musician
Holy Moses   (ex) (1-1996 -> 15/2-2001) .... Coder, Sysop
Informer   (ex) (1998 -> ) .... Graphician
Insomniac   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 1995) .... Modem Trader
Intensity   (ex) (10-2002 -> 25/4-2008) .... Musician
Jailbird   (ex) (2000 -> 2002) .... Graphician
Jason   (ex) (6-1996 -> 1998) .... Modem Trader, Original Supplier
Jayce   (ex) (2-1995 -> 9-1995) .... Cracker, Modem Trader
Joyride   (ex) (7-1995 -> 9-1995) .... Sysop
Karmic   (ex) (27/6-2017 -> 22/12-2020) .... Coder, Cracker
KBS   (ex) (2-1995 -> 10-1995) .... Graphician, Logo Graphician, Swapper
Kickback   (ex) (2002 -> 2003) .... Cracker, NTSC-Fixer
Kinley   (ex) (11-1995 -> ) .... Cracker, Original Supplier
L.A.Style   (ex) (3-1995 -> 10-1995) .... Cracker, Modem Trader
Macx   (ex) (1-1996 -> 1997) .... Co-Organizer, Diskmag Editor, Mega Swapper
Madhead   (ex) (11-1997 -> 3-1998) .... Coder, Graphician, Swapper
Maniac   (ex) (1996 -> 1998) .... Cracker
Marcus   (ex) (2-1995 -> 9-1995) .... Coder, Cracker, Modem Trader, Swapper
Master S   (ex) (2000 -> 2000) .... Cracker, Original Supplier
Mc Byte   (ex) (1-1996 -> ) .... Original Supplier
Meff   (ex) (10-1995 -> ) .... Coder
Morrissey   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Sysop
Mr. Brain   (ex) (9-1995 -> ) .... Swapper
Nomad   (ex) (1995 -> 1995) .... Sysop
O'fire   (ex) (2000 -> 2001) .... Coder
Pete   (ex) (7-1995 -> 9-1995) .... Graphician
Promethus   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 1995) .... Hacker, Phreaker
psych858o   (ex) (23/2-2010 -> 9/11-2018) .... Musician
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Rap   (ex) (10-1995 -> ) .... Musician
Rap   (ex) (6-1996 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker
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Scout   (ex) (1/12-2007 -> 3/4-2014) .... Coder, Cracker
Scratcher   (ex) (2001 -> 2005) .... Sysop
Shades   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Coder, Cracker, Graphician, Hacker, Phreaker
Sharp   (ex) (9-1995 -> 12-1995) .... Coder
Shine   (ex) (8/11-2016 -> 31/3-2017) .... Fullscreen Graphician, Graphician, Logo Graphician
Shocker   (ex) (1-1996 -> 1998) .... Co-Organizer, Modem Trader, Original Supplier, Public Relations Manager, Swapper, Tester
Skid Row   (ex) (1999 -> 3-2015) .... Coder, Cracker, Modem Trader, NTSC-Fixer
Slartibartfast   (ex) (30/1-2005 -> 14/5-2005) .... Coder
Slator   (ex) (15/10-2000 -> 26/9-2016) .... Co-Organizer, Cracker, Original Supplier
SMD   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 6-1995) .... Graphician
Sphere   (ex) (2-1995 -> ) .... Musician
Stake   (ex) (2-1995 -> 1996) .... Cracker, NTSC-Fixer
Sting   (ex) (7-1996 -> ) .... Cracker, Phreaker
Stryyker   (ex) (2000 -> 9-2002) .... Coder, Musician
Style   (ex) (2003 -> 14/5-2005) .... Coder
Tektronics   (ex) (1997 -> 2004) .... Coder
The Communist   (ex) (1996 -> 1996) .... (unknown function)
The Eliminator   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 1995) .... Hacker, Importer, Phreaker
The Hegg!   (ex) (2-1995 -> ) .... Graphician, Swapper
The Ignorance   (ex) .... Cracker
The Last Hacker   (ex) (5-1995 -> 10-1995) .... Coder
The Magic Roundabout   (ex) (2000 -> 24/10-2004) .... Coder, Graphician
The Mean Machine   (ex) (6-1995 -> 2006) .... Coder, Cracker, Logo Graphician
The Ministry   (ex) .... Cracker
The Unholy   (ex) (1-1996 -> 1996) .... Modem Trader
Trouble   (ex) (7-1995 -> 2005) .... Sysop
Ultimate Hacker   (ex) (2000 -> 2003) .... Modem Trader
Upbeat   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> ) .... Graphician
Vodka   (ex) .... Graphician
Witty   (ex) (6-1995 -> ) .... Graphician
Xentor   (ex) (1/2-1995 -> 1995) .... Hacker, Phreaker
Zakk   (ex) .... Coder

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Organizer of :
Flesh-Lite 2022 ... 2022  (Australia)
Orchestra Compo 2021 ... 2021  (???)
Flashback 2020 ... 2020  (Australia)
Flashback 2019 ... 2019  (Australia)
Pre-X2016 ... 2016  (Netherlands)
Flashback 2015 ... 2015  (Australia)
Demo of the Year Competition 2014 ... 2014  (???)
Flashback 2014 ... 2014  (Australia)
Flashback 2013 ... 2013  (Australia)
MaZZA g03s 2 RaMBo ... 2009  (Denmark)
Jazzmacx Tas Takeover ... 2007  (Australia)
WD+ONS+SWA+TP+TG June Meeting 2007 ... 2007  (Sweden)
Wrath Designs+Ons+SWA+The Postmoderns+Vandalism News Staff - Easter Meeting 2007 ... 2007  (Sweden)
Christmas Spirits Meeting 2006 ... 2006  (Sweden)
WD+Onslaught Meeting 2006 ... 2006  (Sweden)
Wrath Designs & Onslaught Meeting 2004 ... 2004  (Sweden)
Onslaught Meeting Ochtrup 1996 ... 1996  (Germany)

User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 19 March 2021
This is a reaaaaally long history. I'm going to book a couple of weeks off work to read through it. Wish me luck.

User Comment
Submitted by Kater on 27 February 2009
For sure a good group! But who needs sooo many previews????

User Comment
Submitted by Jazzcat on 12 February 2007
Yes, we've had some cool members and some very productive ones. But productivity isn't everything. Being active for 12 years straight now (no slumps, no rebuilds etc) also helps for the "productivity".

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 12 February 2007
After the shitload of tools Jazzcat uploaded, I thought "hey, those guys were productive".
But then I saw the memberlist... :-O

User Comment
Submitted by Skywalk on 15 February 2004
Probably the quality crackers on the planet!

User Comment
Submitted by Richard on 27 August 2003
Quality crackers.
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