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LCP 2011

- Where the scene war started

Event Type :
8 bit Party

Little Computer People 2011

Dates :
5 - 7 August 2011

Place :
Hemvärnsgården, Getingevägen 13

Website :

Organizers :
bepp, Frantic, iopop, Taper

Organizer Groups :
Hack n' Trade, Triad

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
11991 by Booze DesignDownload9.19.3
2Storebror by MahoneyDownload8.78.6
3Pimp My Snail by CamelotDownload8.98.8
42011 - A Press Space Odyssey [party version] by OffenceDownload8.8
5Toxyc Taste by ArsenicDownload9.19.2
6We Are Mature by FairlightDownload8.68.7
7The Beating Heart by Panda DesignDownload7.5
8Snolgkos by HoaxersDownload7.4
9Bits'n'Pieces by TriadDownload6.5
10Racing Forms by Genesis ProjectDownload7.6
11High Stakes by TriadDownload5.6
12Journey to the Center of the Universe by Ancients, Dual CrewDownload7.9
13In the Name of the Sword by Hack n' TradeDownload7.4
14Forthissimo by Hack n' TradeDownload3.1
15Metalux at LCP by MetaluxDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Metamorphosis by DaneDownload8.7
2Party Crasher by Magnar HarestadDownload8.8
314 Years Later by Kristian RøstøenDownload8.7
4Sober Loader by EncoreDownload8.6
5Fast Metabolism by radiantxDownload
6Djuchi Brothers by WiklundDownload8.2
7Klegg 4 President! by FegolhuzzDownload
8Machines Inside Machines by SIDWAVEDownload7.5
9Wasp Slayer by X-jammerDownload7.6
10Snoring Laughter by ZZAP69Download7.5
11Menacing by SalkinitzorDownload
12Matsam0t by Goto80Download8.1
13Goode Party by lindeDownload
14Teckomatorp by SusanneDownload
15Insomnia by JoheyDownload
16First Try by sLASHDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Fire by JoeDownload9.79.7
2The Mill by VetoDownload9.79.6
3African Night by YazooDownload8.48.6
4Dead Scene? by DaneDownload8.79.4
5Black n White by Louie64Download8.2
6Conservafish by hedningDownload7.9
7Grafittuli by SphinxDownload6.7
8Haestlager i Lund by DinoDownload3.7
9Dragonlady by Magnar HarestadDownload4.2
10Rambo. A Chronicle Of.. by TwoflowerDownload6.1

Productions released outside compos :
DurexForth V1.1 by DUREX (Tool)
Rong - Ron's Pong Preview by Software of Sweden (Game Preview)
Snolgkos 2011 by Hoaxers (Music)
Syntax 2011 Invite (Invitation)

Attendants : (99)
AcidT*, Archmage, Avalon, Axis, bepp, BHF, bittin, Bjørn Røstøen, bob, Cash, Cresh, Cruzer, Curt Cool, Dane, Devia, digix, Dino, Ed, Edhellon, Encore, Fegolhuzz, Fix, Frantic, Frost, Goto80, Groms, HCL, hedning, Hollowman, Illmidus, Inge, iopop, Itch, JackAsser, Jericho, Joe, Johey, Jucke, Kaze, Killsquad, Klegg, Kribust, Kristian Røstøen, Lft, linde, Lotus, Louie64, Lowboy, MagerValp, Magnar Harestad, Mahoney, Mathman, Max Levin, McLoaf, MdZ, Metalux, Microtop, Mindcooler, Miztluren, Mogwai, Morphfrog, Ninja, OMP, Oxidy, Pal, Pantaloon, Pernod, Perplex, Qwan, radiantx, Salkinitzor, Sebaloz, Shadow, SIDWAVE, Sixx, Skope, Skyhawk, Slammer, sLASH, Slator, Sphinx, Spot, Stein, Susanne, Taper, Terric, Twoflower, Veto, Vodka, Wiklund, X-jammer, Yazoo, z-nexx, Zaphod, Zaz, Zcram, Zenox, Ziphoid, ZZAP69

Releases containing information on this event :
Vandalism News #57  Report and results

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 18 May 2020
The party place of LCP 2011 — Hemvärnsgården in Lund — burned down to the ground a few days ago.

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 24 April 2013
Party confirmed! Not LCP though, but BFP this time! Same thing, more or less, for those who don't know. :) In Helsingborg, Sweden, 2-4 August! Homepage for that event coming up sooon!

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 19 March 2013
News regarding a possible party in 2013 is now available on http://bfp.c64.org

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 9 January 2013
Any news on (possible) 2013 edition?

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 7 August 2012
DOH! LCP2013? A year to go? :]

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 7 December 2011
@Cresh: Thanks for the nice words. Regarding the compo prizes that you kindly donated I am only able to remember that someone did in fact choose them (as a bundle, I seem to remember) but can't remember exactly who that was. As for the dub music I am afraid I don't remember that either. I suppose my mind was too busy/wasted during LCP to be able to store long-term memories properly. ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 7 December 2011
Once again, one of the best c64 parties I have ever been to. No shit.

Frantic, there was some dub music played during compo breaks. Do you remember what was that?

And... Who took this:

and this:


User Comment
Submitted by Jucke on 16 August 2011
This years LCP was amazing! A week later I still cant get over it. One of the best parties i ever attended. You MUST do one next year! The data must flow now.

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 15 August 2011
Thanx to everyone at the party and a big fuck you to the dude that stole my red monster headphones that I love so much... All demoes were great and Pex my nerves are still shaky from angst... but guess we never will end up there again.... right? LOL... Systembolaget for good selection of booze and the LCP arrangers, you are the best... we really hope we are allowed to come another year too even we created some fuzz... Love you fairlight and triad, the best support ever...

User Comment
Submitted by Pex Mahoney Tufvesson on 15 August 2011
Thanks for a wonderful party! Thanks to Frantic, IoPop (who refused to leave the place for a comfy bed at my place, since he felt he needed to be available 24h) and Bepp and Taper and Hedning for arranging this lovely weekend! *hugs* Thanks to Offence (hi Stein, some day we'll do a karaoke demo...!) for making the party vibrate with deadline angst.

User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 10 August 2011
I'm very impressed with the overall quality of all the releases on this years LCP. Lovely to see that the demo scene is so alive and talented!!

User Comment
Submitted by sLASH on 10 August 2011
Thanks for a really great party!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 9 August 2011
FLT - Svensk Spritindustri

User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 9 August 2011
@perplex: most likely Panta WAS systembolaget at the componight :-D

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 9 August 2011
Thank you guys for all the nice comments! They certainly help to keep the motivation flowing for organizing yet other LCP parties in the future!

User Comment
Submitted by Perplex on 9 August 2011
Thanks for a great party, even for those of us that spent most of it working our asses off, stumbling and falling on our faces somewhat short of the finishing line.

HCL: No worries, towel day is many months away!

Pantaloon: I take it you did manage to find Systembolaget? :-D

User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 8 August 2011
@HCL: Oh, so that was your towel then? I threw it away when we cleaned the place. It smelled of datasvett =) Full comporesults can be found at http://lcp.c64.org/files/2011-LCP/compo/
@All: What a great party it was! Thanks for coming to Sweden and bringing your love for the scene. It's so inspiring to see your commitment. A big thanks to all you guys who contributed to make the compo unforgettable. Can't stop humming "Storebror"... Argh ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 8 August 2011
Great party, great organs. Extra beer to all the people you care to travel from far far away to a heavily raining Sweden. The only thing i'm missing at the momtent is the full compo results (with numberz). Think i forgot a towel at the party also, but i'm not really missing it :).

User Comment
Submitted by Mindcooler on 7 August 2011
Awe. Some.

User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 7 August 2011
thanks to another perfectly served swedish party. a big hug to the organizers who did a perfect job, and thanks to all the sceners at the party - awesome dataparty again! maybe send over the massive rain to those who signed up but didnt show up....

User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 7 August 2011
so... back home i have to say, that this was a fucking great party - and i really have to thank those organizers for organizing it. and now... the next few hours are reserved for checking out all the releases again ;-) the compos were impressive, especially the democompo which was quite big. another lcp? count me in!

User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 7 August 2011
Obviously a great success. Thumbs up!

User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 7 August 2011
Bepp bepp ! :D

Great party , awesome demos, Great people !
Thanks a lot , ill be back ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 7 August 2011
Info on what SID revision to use for the releases, in support of the HVSC hakkerz:

Snolgkos/Hoaxers               6581
In the name of the sword/HT    Any SID 
Journey to.. Ancients/DualCrew 6581
Pimp my snail/Camelot          6581
Metalux at LCP/Metalux         Any SID 
Storebror/Mahoney              6581
Forthissimo/ Mathman/HT        Any SID 
Toxyc Taste/Arsenic            8580
Bits n Pieces/TRIAD            8580
Racing Forms/Genesis*Project   8580
High Stakes/TRiAD              8580
The Beating Heart/Panda Design 8580
1991/Booze Design              8580
We are mature/FLT              8580
2011APressSpaceOdyssey/Offence 6581

Sober Loader/ Encore/Undone    6581
Klegg 4 President!/Fegolhuzz   6581
14 Years later/KristianR0st0en 6581
MachinesInsideMachines/Sidwave 6581
First try/Slash                8580
Djuchi Brothers/Wiklund        8580
Party Crasher/Magnar           8580
Snoring Laughter/Zzap 69       8580
Metamorphosis/Dane/BD          8580
Teckomatorp/ Susanne/DUREX     8580
Wasp Slayer /X-Jammer/G*P      8580
Good Party /Linde/HT           Any SID
Menacing/Salkinitzor           8580
Insomnia/ Johey/Sys5           8580
Fast Metabolism/Radiantx/Panda 8580
Matsam0t/ Goto80/HT            8580

Releases can be found here: http://lcp.c64.org/files/2011-LCP/

User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 4 August 2011
There is one Systembolaget just opposite to the station if you come by train, and one near the Nova shopping mall (if you come by car). None of them on a walking distance I'm afraid.

User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 4 August 2011
how far is it to Systembolaget ? i can't find it marked on the map so i guess it's not walking distance ?

User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 4 August 2011
@Archmage: As a member of Booze Design you don't have to worry about booze and beers. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 4 August 2011
Hedning: why, I always do! With my bum in the air too. ;)

Arriving quite late Friday night, so I guess I'll have to bring some Norwegian beer. Unless some kind soul out there are willing to do some shopping for me on Systembolaget. *hint hint hint* :)

User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 4 August 2011
Due to the Swedish alcoholic regulations, inspirational beverages can only be obtained from Systembolaget (which is open until 19 on friday, 15 on saturday). More info on where to find Systembolaget etc. on the LCP site (see non-features section) http://lcp.c64.org/#nonfeatures

In case of emergency, there *might* be limited opportunity to obtain sports drinks at the party =)

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 4 August 2011
Archmage: du får sova på mage!

User Comment
Submitted by Archmage on 4 August 2011
Looking forward to sleeping DATASTYYYLE!!!

User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 4 August 2011
i am excited... its going to be a blast to spend a nice weekend with all of you, a couple of beers and (hopefully) awesome competitions!

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 4 August 2011
will be fun to meet you all again... Lund in sweden is the center of the world... will be cool.

PS:lowboy can not attend.

User Comment
Submitted by Sixx on 3 August 2011

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 3 August 2011
That map is such a lifesaver!

User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 2 August 2011
Not long to go - to experience new Demos, GFX, SIDs..

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 2 August 2011
Bepp and hedning present the survival LCP Map at http://lcp.c64.org/img/lcp-2011-map.png .

User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 2 August 2011
just some days left, hurry up and link them demos!

User Comment
Submitted by Devia on 20 July 2011
/me gettin' thirsty, 'ungry and a sort a feel like dancin'.. MUHAHAH

User Comment
Submitted by Queen bittin on 5 July 2011
will book tickets from Veolia later today

User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 4 May 2011
@Cirdan: Amiga guys are always welcome on any C64-event and vice versa. Mogway have already fixed a couple of A1200s so don't worry about his capabilities. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Shadow on 4 May 2011
Alright! Finally another party within Shadow-approved traveling distance (ie. less than one hours drive from my home! :D)

What kind of compos can we expect? Will there be some "wild" compo as usual where I can enter something for a strange platform perhaps? ;)
Looking at the attendees list I won't even think about trying in the C64 compo! :D

User Comment
Submitted by Cirdan on 4 May 2011
A party in my neighbourhood! Yay! JackAsser tried to drag me to LCP 2009 but I wasn't in the right country. Now he's hinted that a certain Mogwai might be able to help my A1200 regain its health. But that's all assuming that you guys don't kill us Amiga people on sight. (Seal Team 64 -> -> Amiga bin Laden! Eek!)

@Mace: If the kids are anything like horses you could probably store them behind the electric fences of LCR right next door. But seriously, yeah, it'd be nice to have somewhere for kids and non-geeky spouses to hang out. The venue's not very big, though - it's pretty much just one big room plus a kitchen.

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 28 April 2011
Given the amount of parents among us, can't party organisers add a baby sitting area on the party grounds? :P

User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 13 April 2011
Damn! Another party on a bad date. Odd weeks = daddy Zyron stuck at home.

User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 13 April 2011
OMG. 2 kids at home, less and less quality c64-time. This sounds like a perfect getaway :).

User Comment
Submitted by McMeatLoaf on 8 January 2011
Sounds great!

User Comment
Submitted by mogwai on 8 January 2011

Count me in. I need two tables as usual for all my geeky electric thingy things (Professional term) in order to bring some old Commodores back from the dead for those who need their loved ones raised from the silicongraves.

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 8 January 2011
It is not final, but it seems that the date will be 5-7 August and the place is the city of Lund in Sweden.

Date and place is set. Se above.

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 8 January 2011
Date/place, pretty please.

User Comment
Submitted by Trap on 28 December 2010
Any news on this?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 9 October 2010
Yaay! 10/10!

User Comment
Submitted by Frantic on 8 October 2010
This is to announce the plans on LCP 2011!
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