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Cruzer    (1 February 1991 - ??)

Currently member of :
Arsenic (18/10-2015 -> ), Camelot (1/9-1991 -> ) [web], CML Sports (1/4-2004 -> ), F*A*I*C (14/7-2013 -> ), Oxyron (17/10-2015 -> ) [web]
Ex member of :
Bonzai (15/7-1991 -> 1/9-1991) [web], Demotion (1/2-1991 -> 1/7-1991), Juice Developments (1/4-1994 -> 1/4-1995), Profile Entertainment (1/4-1994 -> 1/4-1995)
Functions :
Coder, Graphician
Founder of :
CML Sports, F*A*I*C

Handle alternative spelling :
Sir Optimizealot, Freshmaster Nice, Count Jefferson-Friedrich Volker Benjamin Graf von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth, Son of OBS! Mom

Handlestory :
Started out as Cruiser in 1990, but switched to Cruzer in early 1991 after finding out that "Cruiser" had already been taken in the Amiga scene.

Trivia :
Guess the first time I saw a demo was in late 1987 or early 1988, when one of my friends got an Amiga, and besides a lot of games he also got something called "demos", which seemed to be some cool little programs that demonstrated the amazing capabilities of this new wonder machine in creative ways. These were prods like Techtech/Sodan and whatever was available in these early days.

A neighbor of his had a C64, and told us that he also got some demos for that platform. We went over to check them out, expecting them to be utterly lame compared to Amiga demos, but after seeing stuff like Happy New Year/Starion, we were quite positively surprised. It was mostly simple stuff like rasterbars, scrollers and sine sprites, but everything seemed a lot smoother, more colorful and cooler than what one would expect, based on the general standard of C64 games.

That fascinated me a lot, and even though I didn't know much about computers back then, I got the feeling that there were a lot of unused possibilities in this old machine, and I got the urge to find out how the effects were done, and if there might be even more potential to explore.

So demos was what I wanted to do when I got my own c64 in 1988, and started learning the art of BASIC programming, and later machine code. In 1990 I had finally made some effects that I thought were good enough to be released, but didn't know anyone who were really in the demoscene, so I decided to contact Demotion, who advertised for "members wanted" all over their demo Piece of Art 3.

To my amazement they accepted me, and shortly after I got my first three parts released in "The New Style". In december 1990 I attended my first party (Dexion Xmas Conference) which was quite a nice experience. The winner of the party was Light with Brutal 3, where they wrote that some of the members were starting a new Danish group called Camelot. This sounded promising to me and Slammer, who was also in Demotion at the time. So we deliberately tried to get headhunted by writing our addresses as well as "headhunting welcome" in the scrollers of the next demo. And it worked. First to contact us was Bonzai, but shortly after Glasnost called, and it didn't take much persuation to join Camelot.

After some solid years of demo coding I got kinda bored of it in the mid 90's. Not that I decided to quit the scene - I just lost the motivation, and thought it was time to get on with my life and all that jazz. In 2000, while checking out some demos on emulator I also came across a cross assembler, and decided for fun to try if I could still remember how it was done. At first it was like I had forgotten it all, even what register controlled the border color, but it all quickly came back. And so did the motivation, since there was no getting around that this still was the most fun thing ever, and continues to be to this day.

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Cruiser(1 March 1990 - 1 February 1991)

Country :

Organizer of :
The Party 1992, The Party 1993

Releases released :
DownloadWhat Did Didi Diddly-Do? ... 2013 Graphics

Credits :
DownloadNone of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive by Atlantis, Delysid, Excess, Mayday!, Padua, Rabenauge, The New Ninja Skateboarders of Death ...  2021 Demo  (Charset)
DownloadTry Not to Get Satisfied by Camelot ...  2019 Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadGULBdata by Camelot ...  2018 Intro  (Code, Graphics)
Download360° [2 bytes] by Camelot ...  2018 256b Intro  (Code)
Download2x2 font by Camelot ...  2018 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadMulticolor Font by Camelot ...  2018 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadPlascii Petsma by Camelot ...  2017 4K Intro  (Code)
DownloadScreaming Eagle [flicker fixed] by Camelot ...  2017 Music  (Code)
DownloadC64 Game Show & Contest Level 2 Invitation by Con, Leader ...  2017 Invitation  (Code)
DownloadTrap Crap Wrap by Camelot ...  2017 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadWe Rulez by Camelot ...  2017 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadTranscom Intro 08 Remake by Camelot ...  2017 Crack Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadTis the Season by Camelot ...  2016 Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadIncoherent Nightmare by Arsenic ...  2016 Demo  (Code)
DownloadKirsten Birgit Said So! by F*A*I*C ...  2016 One-File Demo  (Paper Art)
DownloadVandalism News #65 by Offence, Onslaught, Vandalism News Staff ...  2016 Diskmag  (Interviewed)
DownloadFree Bleeding Carnival by Camelot ...  2016 One-File Demo  (Help)
DownloadA Storm Is Coming by Arsenic, Censor Design, Oxyron ...  2016 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadSnolder & Garn by CML Sports ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadMultiple Sclerosis Test by F*A*I*C ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadFAIC It Till We Make It by F*A*I*C ...  2015 One-File Demo  (Text)
DownloadAuxillary Love [2sid] by Scarzix ...  2015 Music  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadSingularity [2sid] by Scarzix ...  2015 Music  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadMerry Birthmas by Camelot ...  2014 Crack Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadVIC Intro '91 by Camelot ...  2014 Crack Intro  (Bug-Fix)
DownloadBrown Note by F*A*I*C ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadAnother Hero Has Died by Scarzix ...  2014 Music  (Bug-Fix)
DownloadAncients by Scarzix ...  2014 Music  (Bug-Fix)
DownloadHome Trip by Scarzix ...  2014 Music  (Bug-Fix)
Download8-bit Seas of Love by Scarzix ...  2014 Music  (Bug-Fix)
DownloadKippers with Capers by F*A*I*C ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadThe Demo Formerly Known as Happy Birthday Jeff by Camelot ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadIt's Fun to Pixel on C64 by F*A*I*C ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadCP-listan 1000 by F*A*I*C ...  2014 Demo  (Code)
DownloadA Modest Proposal by F*A*I*C ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code, Text)
DownloadDatastiltje 2014 Winnerdemo by F*A*I*C ...  2014 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadMerry Hexmas by Camelot ...  2013 256b Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadGammal man by F*A*I*C ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code, Text)
DownloadVectorball by Camelot ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadDemo of the Year 2013 by Axis, Yazoo, Alpha Flight, Camelot, Censor Design, Chorus, Fossil, Hitmen, Laxity, Oxyron, Phantasy ...  2013 Demo  (Code)
DownloadSkovpladderballe by F*A*I*C ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
Download3th Dimention by Camelot, F*A*I*C, Senex ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadTe-Te-Te-TechTech It Out by Camelot ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadSinister by Warriors of the Wasteland ...  2013 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadRødspætter by Camelot ...  2013 Graphics  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadLook Twice by Offence ...  2013 Graphics  (Code)
Download2 Megapixels by Camelot ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadWowlogo-3col-multicol by Warriors of the Wasteland ...  2013 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadWhat Did Didi Diddly-Do? by Cruzer ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadMegaLogoMania by Camelot ...  2013 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadDum Ikea 92% by Camelot ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadPimp My Snail by Camelot ...  2011 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadAsteroidmine by Avatar ...  2011 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadCargo by Triad ...  2011 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadYou Can't Process This REM Statement with a Normal Brain by Camelot ...  2011 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadViolent REM Statement of Truth by Camelot ...  2011 256b Intro  (Code)
Download584 Bottles of Beer on the Wall by Camelot ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code, Idea)
Download312!!! by Camelot ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
Download280 Chars Scroll by Camelot ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
Download256 Chars Scroller by Camelot ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
Download264 Chars Scroller by Camelot ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
Download1D Noise by CML Sports ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadAllbordernoise by CML Sports ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadTV-Noise C64 [16:9 edition] by CML Sports ...  2010 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadExotic Excitement by Camelot ...  2010 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadTwisting Twistor Is Twisting 3 by Camelot ...  2008 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadTwisted Twistor is Twisting 2 by Camelot ...  2008 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadTwisted Twistor is Twisting by Camelot ...  2008 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadDieter und Gisela trinken Limonade und hören Beat [64 bytes] by Camelot ...  2007 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadOrigin of the Bucket by Camelot ...  2007 256b Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadVectorbeam by Camelot ...  2007 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadOneframed Vectorcube by Camelot ...  2006 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadB0lgepap by Camelot ...  2006 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadCheatCode by Camelot ...  2006 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadThe ASL Game by CML Sports ...  2005 1K Game  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadStrikkespillet by CML Sports ...  2004 Game  (Code)
DownloadOlympics 2004 Athens by CML Sports ...  2004 Game  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadYou Know the Routine 2 by Camelot ...  2004 Demo  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadToo(C)o(M)p(L)ex by Camelot ...  2004 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadYou Know the Routine by Camelot ...  2004 Demo  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadXtreme Mega Comeback II by Camelot ...  2003 256b Intro  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadXtreme Mega Comeback by Camelot ...  2003 256b Intro  (Code)
DownloadBeep Boy Preview by Onslaught ...  2002 Crack  (Code, Graphics, Idea, Concept, Ripping)
DownloadBlock Man 64 Preview by Onslaught ...  2002 Crack  (Code, Graphics, Design, Idea)
DownloadCave Wizard Preview by Onslaught ...  2002 Crack  (Code, Graphics, Design)
DownloadDexter64 by Camelot ...  1997 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadCamel Park by Camelot ...  1994 Demo  (Code)
DownloadRevealed Text-Editor V1.1 Beta by Camelot ...  1994 Tool  (Code)
DownloadRanslirpa Power by Camelot ...  1994 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadRevealed #3 by Camelot, Profile Entertainment ...  1994 Diskmag  (Graphics)
DownloadThe Pulse #5 by Regina, The Pulse Magazine Staff ...  1993 Diskmag  (Interviewed)
DownloadRevealed #1 by Camelot, Profile Entertainment ...  1993 Diskmag  (Text)
DownloadThe Party 1993 Invitation by Camelot ...  1993 Invitation  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadProdukthandler Kom Her by Camelot ...  1992 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadThe Party 1992 Invitation by Camelot ...  1992 Invitation  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadOne Year Camelot 3 by Camelot ...  1991 Demo  (Code)
DownloadUnbounded by Demotion ...  1991 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadStroke 1 by Demotion ...  1991 Demo  (Graphics)
Download6510 Abuse by Demotion ...  1991 Demo  (Code, Graphics, Text)
DownloadRevealed Text-Editor V1.0 by Profile Entertainment ...  ???? Tool  (Code)

Attended :
Intro Creation Competition 2018
Summer Nørd in the Sun 2018
Gubbdata 2018
Rumble at The Round Table 2018
Gubbdata 2017
Snabel does Give
Intro Creation Competition 2016
Gubbdata 2016
Free Bleeding Meeting
Sceners in the Sun '15
Gubbdata 2015
Intro Creation Competition 2014
Sceners in the Sun '14
JSL Tribute Funcompo :)
Christmas Fun Competition 2013
BFP 2013
CHCC in the Sun 2013
Show me your (vector)balls
Demo of the Year Competition 2013
3-Color-Logo Competition 2013
Datastorm 2013
Hex Burn 2012
Kotelet Meeting 2012
Danmarksmesterskabet i EDB 2012
LCP 2011
LCP 2009
Retro Concert Copenhagen
The Party 1997
SILIconvention 1997
The Party 1996
The Party 1995
The Party 1994
The Party 1993
The Computer Crossroad 1993
The Party 1992
Brutal & Hurricane Summer Party 1992
The Party 1991
Panoramic & Hoaxers Trondheim Party 1991
Dexion X-Mas Conference 90

User ratings :  
As Coder:**********  9.6/10 (50 votes)   See votestatistics
**********  9.7/10 (25 votes) - Public votes only.
As Graphician:awaiting 8 votes (7 left)   See votestatistics
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