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Event Type :
C64 Only Party

X-2014,X14,X2014,X'14,X 2014

Dates :
24 - 26 October 2014

Place :
De Hoof 18
5712 LM Someren

Website :

Organizers :
Burglar, CBA, DJS, Dylotic, Mr.Ammo, Oxbow, Spectator, Tim

Organizer Groups :
Silicon Limited, Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Comaland by Censor Design, OxyronDownload9.59.7
2Uncensored by Booze DesignDownload9.69.8
3RGB by Fairlight, Offence, ProsonixDownload9.49.5
4Disco Apocalypso by SHAPEDownload9.29.4
5Hardware Accelerated Samples: My Humps by No NameDownload9.39.3
6Bee Together by MahoneyDownload8.38.6
7Frantic 3: Nightmare by HoaxersDownload8.68.7
8Megapetscii by HackersDownload8.38.3
9Darwin's Green by InversionDownload5.9
10Magical Wizard by DelysidDownload7.67.7
11The Chromatic Intro by Low SpiritDownload7.3
12WJWTWTOTGS by Atlantis, Fantastic 4 Cracking GroupDownload6.7
13Under Construction Invitation by AttentionWhoreDownload
14Alle in den Lamerkeller by Anonymous Downvote CowardsDownload5.8
15Brown Note by F*A*I*CDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
164 Forever by LinusDownload9.610.0
2Featuring Daft Punk by RandallDownload9.29.7
3Title Needed by 6R6Download9.5
4Floored by Kristian RøstøenDownload8.9
5Defunkt by StinsenDownload9.29.5
6Dust and Rust by Guy ShavittDownload8.5
7Blended Pandas by Qdor/FegolhuzzDownload8.8
8Wind Downs by GHDownload9.1
9Retama (Compo Edit) by ZardaxDownload8.9
10Scene Spirit by LftDownload8.4
11Death Between the Stars by psych858oDownload8.6
12Float by Magnar HarestadDownload8.3
13Your Cup of Tea by OMPDownload9.0
14Crime City by FlexDownload8.3
15Bronkosaurus by Spider JerusalemDownload8.4
16Grand National Cannibal by ResponseDownload
17Spread Eagle Idaho by EncoreDownload8.7
18Homecoming by ToggleDownload7.8
19In Vino Veritas by KleggDownload
20Arcade Hustlers by ArchmageDownload
21X2014 by SadDownload
22Die Selbst in zunehmendem Nebel by radiantxDownload
23Boing by KnoekiDownload6.6
242 Hours=NOT Enough by PhasedBasedDownload
25Primitive Future [xcompo edit] by WacekDownload7.7
26Valmis by ApollyonDownload
27Made in (P)Russia MiG-19 Mix by TheRykDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Duck It! by PalDownload9.49.6
2Tentacles by redcrabDownload9.39.6
3Fakers Home Boobs Palace by YazooDownload9.59.8
4Out Run Memories by ilesjDownload9.59.8
5Ambient-Social Pollution by ProwlerDownload8.3
6Join the War Effort by Paulko64Download7.5
7Plants by BitbreakerDownload8.5
8Whispers of the Forest by JokDownload9.09.2
9Koala Lumpur by HammerfistDownload7.0
10El Ephant by SphinxDownload8.2
11Empire of Emptiness by BokanoiDDownload7.9
12Come Join Us by SounxDownload6.3
13Node 24 by HavocplagueDownload7.3
14Tortured Soul by grasstustDownload6.5
15Wildstyle by GeniusDownload5.5
16Nightdragon by LZwerchDownload4.2
17Seby Los by RafDownload3.1

Productions released outside compos :
1 rasterline music player for Comaland demo by Censor Design (Music)
Agnes64 (iPad) (Other Platform Tool)
Analoque Monster by Desire/Toondichters (Music Collection)
Analoque Monster - Disk cover by Desire (Disk Cover)
Eggland +4 by Genesis Project (Crack)
International Karaoke + by Digital Excess (Game)
Invitro from AFL by Alpha Flight (Invitation)
Propaganda #28 by Genesis Project/Propaganda Magazine Staff (Diskmag)
Sid*Nation - The Music Collection by Genesis Project (Music Collection)
Sid*Nation - The Music Collection Cover by Genesis Project (Disk Cover)
We Have Arrived (X2014) by Hoaxers (Intro)
Xenomorphic by Artstate (Intro)

Attendants : (271)
2Hype, 6R6, Achim, Action Jackson, Addie, Alfatech, AmN, Angel of Death, Apollyon, Archmage, Aslive, Astray, Axis, Background, Benson, bepp, Berry, Bert, BHF, Bimber, Bitbreaker, Bitch, BitMö, Black Light, Blackis, blala, Bob, Bodo, BokanoiD, booker, Boz, Brainstorm, Brush, Bugjam, Burglar, Burn, Calypso, Cavey, CBA, Chesoner, Comos, Conjuror, Conrad, Copyfault, Count Zero, Cresh, CRT, Cruzer, CyberBrain, Daison, Dane, Dano, Death, DeeKay, Defbeat, Devia, dEViLOCk, Dezert, Digger, DJS, Don Kichote, Dr. Science, Dr. Strange, Drake, Dylotic, Edhellon, Einzelgänger, eLBAN, Ellyn, Emoon, Encore, Error 404, Exile, Eyesee, Flex, FRaNKy, Fred, Freestyle, Fritske, Genius, GH, Glasnost, Glenn Davanger, grasstust, Green, Gregg, grip, Groepaz, Guy Shavitt, Hammerfist, Harekiet, Harlequin, Havocplague, HCL, hedning, Henne, Hires, Haavar B. Hojem, Ikilledher, ilesj, insane, Ixon, Jailbird, Jericho, Jeroen Tel, Jihad, Jok, Jope, Karoshier, Kaze, Killsquad, Klegg, Knoeki, Knut M. Clausen, Kordiaukis, Krill, Kristian Røstøen, L.A.Style, Lead, Leming, Lft, Linus, LKP, Lolita, Lotus, Luisa, Luke, LZwerch, Mace, Macx, Mad, Magic, Magnar Harestad, Mahoney, Mankeli, Map, Markus Schneider, Mason, Max Levin, MdZ, Megabrain, Metalux, Michael Huth, Microtop, moh, Moren, Morpheus, Morphfrog, Mr. Curly, Mr. SID, Mr.Ammo, Maali, Nerdine, NiM, Ninja, No-XS, Nucleus, nucleus, Oasiz, Octave Sounds, OhLi, OMP, Oni, Oxbow, Pal, Pantaloon, papademos, Pat Boon, Paulko64, Peacemaker, Peiselulli, Perplex, PhasedBased, Pollux, Prince, Provocator, psych858o, Puterman, Qdor, Quamus, Quarryman, radiantx, Raf, Ramon B5, Randall, Ream, redcrab, Reggy, Response, Rex, Reyn Ouwehand, RoBoCop, Rodney, Roody, Ruk, Rune, Røly, Sad, SanderFocus, Savvy, Scorpion, Scout, Seba, Sebaloz, Seven, Sidman, Skate, Skurk, Slammer, Slaygon, Smasher, SoNiC, SounDemoN, Sounx, Spectator, Spelpappan, Sphinx, Spider Jerusalem, Splatterpunk, Stainless Steel, Stan, Stein Pedersen, Stijger, Stinsen, Stratford, SUDi, Swallow, Tecmo, tFt, The Beast, The Dark Judge, The Human Code Machine, The Lex, The Mysterious Art, The USER, the_JinX, TheRyk, Thundax, Thunder.Bird, Tim, Tim, Titus, TMC, Toggle, Topy44, Tough Grafix Inc., TPM, Trasher, Trax, Tron, Trurl, Ursina, Veto, VIC, Visac, Wacek, Weasel, Widdy, Wiesel, WVL, Yazoo, Yip, Youth, YPS, Zaphod, Zardax, Zed Yago, Zer0-X, Ziphoid, zoi, ZTH

External links :
Results  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2014/X/X14_Results.txt)
Visitor list  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2014/X/X14_Visitors.txt)

Releases containing information on this event :
Madheader 2  (drunk) party impressions.
Scene World #24  Party report in the "Party Scene" section in the chapter "X2014 Report".
Vandalism News #63  Report & Results & Reviews

User Comment
Submitted by SplAtterpunk on 5 April 2015
Party lookaround: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--zklie_44Q

User Comment
Submitted by SplAtterpunk on 5 April 2015
X'2014 Dane's live performance, part of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-W_O5TdPfc

User Comment
Submitted by Toggle on 4 November 2014
Hey Xiny - thanks for your SID recordings on soundcloud. Really awesome! :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 1 November 2014
Did you miss the fine audio experience at X-2014?
Feeling left alone?
You can now enjoy all the complete SID Compo songs from X-2014.


Recorded from real fine hardware. No trix, no magic, just pure natural SID Chips!
Happy listening :)

User Comment
Submitted by Copyfault on 31 October 2014
Up to this day I'm still wearing the wristband (with the voting key) cause I'm still not ready to fully change to real life again;)

Thanks to everyone involved for this year's X-event!

User Comment
Submitted by Sphinx on 31 October 2014
Sorry, really would like to edit my last post to add the following url, but i can´t, so i have to flood the thread with comments ;-)
Part 2 of the demo compo at x-party 2014:

User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 31 October 2014
Thank you X orgas for such a fantastic and well organized event...

what can top this ? everything went flawlessly, so much beer so little time ;) so much fun...
so many many many wonderfull people in dah house... I really want to thank you all and all participants of the X... that makes the X as magical as it really is...


User Comment
Submitted by Wisdom on 30 October 2014
Sphinx, thanks for the recordings.

User Comment
Submitted by Nocturnal on 30 October 2014
clicking on the DL link for Dust and Rust by Guy Shavitt, gives you the complete music compo on 3 d64 images - saving you to download them individually

User Comment
Submitted by Sphinx on 28 October 2014
2nd Party-Video - Demo-Competition Part 1 (until after Hoaxers-Demo):

User Comment
Submitted by SUDi on 28 October 2014
Here's some photos from X'2014 Party :


It was awesome! Big thanks for organisers and everybody who made it happen :)See you on next party!

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 28 October 2014
… and of course: A huge thanks to all you arrangers! Thanks you so much for making THE EVENT of all events possible. :)

Three thumbs up for the voting system and the earlier schedule!

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 28 October 2014
Thanks a lot for an amazing arrangement, and one hell of a time. It was just like I was hoping it would be - except the food was great! :D

talked to al lot people for the first time this time. Great to meet you all - and thank you for all the compliments and nice feedback on my music.

Until next time! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Ziphoid on 28 October 2014
You can now find some live video recordings at http://scenes.at/x2014videos :)

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 28 October 2014

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 28 October 2014
Awe shit! Fame well deserved! See ya in 2016 :)


User Comment
Submitted by The Alien on 27 October 2014
WoW... Really amazing releases on this party! Too bad that I don´t find the time for being part of all these parties... I wish I could find the time to do at least some new things for this awesome machine...

User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 27 October 2014
For me, X2014 is for talking to lots of friends and the demo compo. With a setup like you had this year, it just can't go wrong. And it didn't! Great schedule and dinner this time as well. We were even served something nutritious for breakfast - wohoo! Thanks for having the place smoke free. Until next time...

User Comment
Submitted by Sphinx on 27 October 2014
First Party video: Priceceremony

User Comment
Submitted by Matt on 27 October 2014
what a ton of great releases!
I bet all of you guys had an awesome time ;-)
anyway, I have to admit I was hoping for issue 4 of Recollection though.

User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 27 October 2014
Kicked ass, as usual! ;-) Met a lot of old and new friends and had countless chats and lots of fun. Great compos, even though I felt the democompo was a wee bit better quantity-wise 2012, and the gfx compo lacked some of the big names!... Best gfx compo so far was 2010! ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Røly on 27 October 2014
What a fab weekend! Much booze, less sleep, great people, awesome compo-entries,perfect organisation and finally Wurzelpeter. Thanx to everyone making this happen.

User Comment
Submitted by Robocop on 27 October 2014
A BIG 'n FAT THX to the organisers, i realy enjoyed X14 and will be there again in the future. Also i learned something: Bring your own toilet paper ;) :) Especialy thank you for the cake and the card to my birthday to Ohli/Digital Demolition Krew.

User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 27 October 2014
best party ever. beats even the 2010 edition imsfho.
thanks to The Git (for letting us actively participate in the soundcheck), Psycho (for the lift and St Bernardus Abt 12), Wacek for closed headphones (it was impossible to work on music in a semi-closed ones i had), Conrad for finding a missing .dll for me, Linus for keeping the beds, Kordee and Elban for the grill, everyone else I met for being nice and patient ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 27 October 2014
It was great! Thanks all :)

User Comment
Submitted by Jericho on 27 October 2014
Bee boozed together in Comaland at X Party!
You guys just kicked my ass!!! See you on X'2016!

btw Attendants: "The Great Gorilla With Hideous dirty filthy stinking pink ass" Who that might be? ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 26 October 2014
Best. Party. Ever.
The only thing I can complain about is the grass. And I don't mean the weed, but the lawn.
It's so swampy, you'd ruin it if you'd park your car on that.

User Comment
Submitted by Mr. SID on 26 October 2014
Best X ever! It's like a perfectly polished diamond now... :)

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 26 October 2014
X2014 Official Results

Demo Competition

1. Comaland / Censor & Oxyron (4.7848)
2. The Booze Demo / Booze Design (4.7595)
3. RGB / Fairlight & Offence & Prosonix (4.3481)
4. Disco Apocalypso / Shape (4.1474)
5. Hardware Accelerated Samples - My Humps / Cyberbrain / NoName (3.9057)
6. Bee Together / Mahoney (3.8500)
7. Frantic 3 / Hoaxers (3.7081)
8. Megapetscii / Hackers (3.1625)
9. Darwin's Green / Inversion (2.7233)
10. Magical Wizard / Delysid (2.6752)
11. The Chromatic Intro / Low Spirit (2.3333)
12. We just want to watch it on the giant screen / F4CG & Atlantis (2.1226)
13. Under Construction Invitation / AttentionWhore (1.8931)
14. Alle in den Lamerkeller / Anonymous Downvote Cowards (1.7813)
15. Brown Note / FAIC - Fresh And In Charge (1.6382)

Music Competition

1. 64 Forever / Linus / Viruz (4.4898)
2. Featuring Daft Punk / Randall / MSL (4.2238)
3. Title Needed / GRG / Shape (4.1419)
4. Floored / Kristian Rostoen / Shape (3.8980)
5. Defunkt / Stinsen / G*P (3.8069)
6. Dust and Rust / Guy Shavitt / Sid Chip Scratchers (3.7852)
7. Blended Pandas / Qdor & Fegolhuzz / Panda Design (3.6853)
8. Wind Downs / Gerard Hultink / Toondichters (3.6111)
9. Retama (Compo Edit) / Zardax / Artline Designs (3.5839)
10. Scene Spirit / lft (3.5532)
11. Death Between The Stars / Psycho8580 / MSL (3.5106)
12. Float / Magnar / Censor (3.5103)
13. Your Cup of Tea / Ole Marius Pettersen / Prosonix (3.4786)
14. Crime City / Flex / Artline Designs (3.4589)
15. Bronkosaurus / Spider Jerusalem / Mayday (3.3586)
16. Grand National Cannibal / Response / Darklite (3.3581)
17. Spread Eagle Idaho / Encore / Undone (3.3056)
18. Homecoming / Toggle (3.2587)
19. In Vino Veritas / Klegg / Panda Design (2.9861)
20. Arcade Hustlers / Archmage / Shape (2.8819)
21. X2014 / Sad / Padua (2.8562)
22. Die selbst in zunehmendem nebel / radiantx / Panda Design (2.8369)
23. Boing / Knoeki / DSS (2.7007)
24. 2 Hours=Not Enough / pHasedBased / Million Monkeys (2.6923)
25. Primitive Future / Wacek / Arise (2.6383)
26. Valmis / Apollyon / Contex (2.6370)
27. Made in (P)Russia 1K MiG19 Mix / TheRyk / Mayday! (2.2552)

Graphics Competition

1. Duck It / PAL / Offence (4.5931)
2. Tentacles / Redcrab / G*P (4.4930)
3. Fakers Home Boobs Palace / Yazoo / Oxyron / Censor (4.4138)
4. Out Run Memories / ilesj / Triad (4.3706)
5. Ambient Social Pollution / Mahoney & Prowler (4.2925)
6. Join The War Effort / Paulko64 (4.0208)
7. Plants / Bitbreaker / Oxyron (3.9793)
8. Whispers of the Forest / Jok / Dreamweb (3.9781)
9. Koala Lumpur / Hammerfist / Desire (3.7071)
10. El Ephant / Sphinx / Oxyron (3.6929)
11. Empire of Emptiness / Bokanoid / Desire (3.4118)
12. Come Join Us / Sounx / Xenon (3.3472)
13. Node 24 / Havocplague / Inversion (3.2286)
14. Tortured Soul / grasstust / Hoaxers (3.1571)
15. Wildstyle / Genius / ex-Paradize (3.0141)
16. Nightdragon / Lzwerch (2.2014)
17. Seby Los / Raf / Vulture Design (1.6403)

User Comment
Submitted by daison on 26 October 2014
Best organized X i've attended, atmosphere was good as always.
I can't find words to correctly describe the amazing demo compo...

Awesome awesome awesome, looking forward to 2016 now. Thank you all.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 26 October 2014
what grass sez

<3 <3 <3

Everything was so bloody perfect this time thx 2 Burglar and all the other nice orgas. thx also 2 the ppl helping me finishing the wurzelpeter and the schnapslady who filled me up with some other terrible liquor. brought me into the right mood for karaoke with the count, won't ever forget that :) Cheers 2 everyone I met, hope 2 see as many of you guys before next X

User Comment
Submitted by grasstust on 25 October 2014
Okay. You guys know democompos? I'm not so sure you do, cause... Well. At X'2014 - T-H-A-T was a D-E-M-O-C-O-M-P-O. Thanx to everyone for making this hands down, the best party I've ever been to. Great people, great organizing. And yeah, did I mention the democompo?

User Comment
Submitted by Mr. Mouse on 24 October 2014
Thanks Burglar, I was looking for that! :) Have fun over there!

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 23 October 2014
Sofasceners and others who are unable to come to X, you're lucky, scenesat.com will be present to stream live from X14 :)

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 5 October 2014
Compo & Voting Info: X 2014 Compo Setup and Voting

User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 17 September 2014
I am sorry to disappoint all my scene mates but
i probably will not go to X14 due the some personal reasons. have fun guyz :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Queen bittin on 27 July 2014
as i promised to visit a good friend in Emmen in October i might combine it with visiting the X componight aswell :)

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 26 May 2014
yea of course it's till sunday, silly typo, will fix.

User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 25 May 2014
There is a small bug on your webpage. I assume it should be Friday until Sunday.

"This is a single price for men and women and applies from Friday until Saturday."

User Comment
Submitted by Necro on 23 May 2014
Burglar, will do. I replied to the registration notification email and it bounced which is why I was wondering. I just noticed reply to/from email address on the notifaction was x2014@high5.net vs .nl Will send one to .nl thanks!

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 23 May 2014
Necro, you could try sending an email to the address listed on the site (x2014@high5.nl) ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Necro on 23 May 2014
Looking very forward making a pilgrimage and going to X! Who can I email / contact for some generic not-on-the-website info regarding this?

User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 16 April 2014
Cool. :D

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 16 April 2014
Sith, I'll post my set at X as a podcast or Soundcloud file afterwards. If you manage to find a video of 100+ nerds dancing in the dark I'm sure you'll get the right experience at home. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 15 April 2014
I hardly leave my place with this health. Some live-stream of the compo and you guys having fun would be great, thx.

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 5 April 2014
I demand MC Crap Rapper MC'ing over the demo compo.

User Comment
Submitted by Reggy on 4 April 2014
I demand a cable in front of the camera

User Comment
Submitted by psych858o on 26 March 2014
I don't know if that has been already discussed, but in 2010 during gfx compo there was music played in the background (SID, I remember). It was nice and was giving good feeling. I think you should have a nice playlist of good sid's to be played in the background again. Just an idea :)

User Comment
Submitted by Exile on 22 March 2014
Count me in as always.

User Comment
Submitted by WAVE on 17 March 2014
I'll be there! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 11 March 2014
i agree on demanding good weather.

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 11 March 2014
Smoking in the compo area will be prohibited. A complete inside smoking ban is still under discussion within the organisation.

So, I demand good weather!

User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 11 March 2014
I am a smoker, but I think its a good idea to ban inside smoking.

User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 11 March 2014
I demant a single-day-ticket! :)

User Comment
Submitted by yago on 11 March 2014
I demand free cigarettes and weed. And please do not give food away for free, it stinks and the alcohol doesnt work well with it.

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 11 March 2014
I demand king of smooth, cruzer to try to win to.

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 10 March 2014
I demand winning!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 10 March 2014
I demand!

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 10 March 2014
please, stay realistic =D

User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 10 March 2014
I demand that compos start on time!

User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 10 March 2014
i demand free hard liquor!

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 10 March 2014
Hasn't society become smokefree enough? Guess not.

User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 10 March 2014
A seperate smoking area would be great.

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 10 March 2014
and no stinking reefers with long hair, please!

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 10 March 2014
i demand no alcohol inside also. drunkards are annoying as hell. thanks!

User Comment
Submitted by Mr. SID on 10 March 2014
Yes, I can only agree. No smoking inside would be an awesome thing.

User Comment
Submitted by Dano on 10 March 2014
yes please, no smoking in the main hall and in the basement. i'd be delighted if people this time would be actually follow it. the basement is just cosy enough with you all people without that, too. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Bitbreaker on 10 March 2014
If there's no soup from burglar and no still mineral water available, i'll stay at home!1!

User Comment
Submitted by Aki on 2 March 2014
I have been to X'12. I had really great time, but I hated just one and only thing. Smoking in the party hall. That's why I'll come again only if it will become a non smoking place. It was awful. And all my C64 gear was stinking (including myself) from smoke long time after the party.

User Comment
Submitted by F7sus4 on 23 February 2014

User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 9 February 2014
any chance to get a ticket for saturday only? sorry, not sure to pay for all days if i can stay only one day -.-

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 9 February 2014
There will be an official site soon guys ;)

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 9 February 2014
FB? really? narf!

User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 9 February 2014
is FB the registration site ? or will ther be one official like in X2012 ? I am confused here.
but on the other hand I haven't read through the thread.

User Comment
Submitted by JSL on 9 February 2014
Waiting for some Email-adress to send my picture in, I guess it is still too early for that.. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Conjuror on 8 February 2014
Tickets booked today! Here we go again \o/

User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 30 November 2013
I'm gonna bring a non smokers tent for us weeklings... Or gasmasks or something...... Hahahga...

User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 26 October 2013
Is there gonna be smoking inside again? If so I won't bother as my health is more important than the scene.,, sorry...
Are everyone on vaporisers yet? I accept them as only the good stuff is expelled.... No burning.... ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 26 October 2013
One year to go! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 16 August 2013
Stein: Maybe I will keep them on next time ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 15 August 2013
Pants off!

User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 15 August 2013
And me too hopefully ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Conrad on 15 August 2013
Guess I'll be there as well... just to annoy you. :)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 11 August 2013
oh noes! banned!

User Comment
Submitted by groms on 11 August 2013
yes ole-conny, YOU are banned from coffeeshops :P

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 11 August 2013
That coming from Cruzer!

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 11 August 2013
… But coffeeshops are banned for tourists now, right?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 11 August 2013
Add the party on your own profile.

User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 11 August 2013
how do i add myself here?. i plan to attend X2014

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 11 August 2013
Please ban snoring in the sleeping areas. :)

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 11 August 2013
just make smoking mandatory. problem solved \o/

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 11 August 2013
Make free weed available along with the booze. Then you can raise the entry fee all you want :-D

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 11 August 2013
thats actually how it works in every coffeeshop in .nl now =D

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 11 August 2013
how 'bout weed-smoking inside, and cigarettes outside!

yeah - that's it. The perfect compromise

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 11 June 2013
"Raise the entrance fee by 5 or 10 to ensure we get an all weather jumping castle suited for drunk and stoned adults!"
+++++ !!! i'd even say: raise it by 20 just for that =) (and have subsidized tickets for ppl from eastern countries if you must, i'd happily pay extra for it too)

User Comment
Submitted by morphfrog on 11 June 2013
Splended with another X , I will show up :)

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 26 April 2013
Being at X - priceless.

Raise the entrance fee by 5 or 10 to ensure we get an all weather jumping castle suited for drunk and stoned adults!

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 26 April 2013
C'mon!! There's only 1 message in this thread that mentions the price (being too high? - related to the amount of drunken beer).. :-) so what are you really talking about here (about the price), may I ask??
Many good ideas are given to make the party of all parties even better next time and people talk just about the price which isn't a problem at all. :-D

User Comment
Submitted by Danzig on 9 April 2013
I advise all dudes arguing about the price to talk to enno. I did it once (after some dudes told me they think the price is too high):

"don't you think it gets a little expensive over the years for some people?" And his reply left no room for any further discussion: it was smth like: "pay it or stay home. I spend like 300€ a weekend just for booze'n drugs..." And I remember "everybody arguing about the entrance fee is a pussy" but that might just be my back then drunken brain... *LOL*

Personally, I think the price is absolute ok. Well, we are about to cross 40yo border (or did it already), so we pay the fee on our own, not parents money anymore ;) Would any of you organize a party, knowing you have to pay a big load from your own money bag? Sorry, the guys won't get rich with the entrance fees and IF they even save any money afterwards, please see it as payment for their effort!
So, after the party, they might get a pizza and some beers. Fair price, ruling parties.

For those who fear they can't drink 'nuff beer for their money: It's still about 18 month to go, so: start the training :D

God bless X!

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Submitted by FATFrost on 9 April 2013
Ps. I got a shoe full of blood at the french ferry crossing when a piece of glass from a beer bottle someone smashed in my sleeping quarters finally pierced my big toe as it was hiding at the end of my shoe somehow.... bstrdzzzzz.....

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Submitted by Jazzcat on 9 April 2013
Hell yeah, quit your bitching, bitches! Plenty of time. Save 1 Euro a day up until then and you will have plenty, can you spare 1 Euro a day? :P

What you get: beds, some meals, booze, legends, scene... GREAT price!!!

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Submitted by Conjuror on 9 April 2013
Move the party to Australia. Bitching about 80 euros? try 1500 euros. While you're at it, all sceners should move to Australia. You know you want to. :D

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Submitted by chatGPZ on 9 April 2013
"are you still allowed to smoke inside restaurants/public places in Germany?"
nope, its even worse, you cant even smoke in pubs anymore - which is causing them to die out at the moment =P (personally i am all for smoke free restaurants, but pubs is a bit over the top, imho - i wont go there if i cant smoke. and lots of other people think the same it seems, they are empty now =P). that said, smoking isnt allowed inside at any (reasonably sized) party in germany either :=P

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Submitted by Stainless Steel on 9 April 2013
Flex : I rarely go out, and if i do i make sure the place has a smoking lounge :-D

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Submitted by Flex on 8 April 2013
Stainless: are you still allowed to smoke inside restaurants/public places in Germany? If so, I understand the attitude (before it changes and you'll get used to smoke outside). It was same here in Finland but nowadays no one complains about it. But still... the chairs.. and some place / tables for the social elements. Also chairs for the compos please.. We're 40yo and don't want to lye on the floor for hours.. :-D

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 8 April 2013
Outdoor smoking ? HELL NO. I'd have to stay outside all the time. not an option.

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 8 April 2013
Great feedback! Keep it coming!

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Submitted by FATFrost on 8 April 2013
Actually i would like a week at X!!!! 4 days to chill and do Yoga and eat local stuffz and then party time!!! :)

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 8 April 2013
"Keep it as it is, except: I want more floppies, less modern data and put the compos earlier."
yep. and a 40euro smoke free closet for sidwave and his laptop =)

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 8 April 2013
I think anyone coming will be more than happy to pay any amount of money demanded, no problem with that. What I would do better is give nametags when arriving and dedicate an area for just outdoor smoking - weed or just tobaccom whatever. And please add more seats inside, my legs were hurting like hell after 48 hours of on my feet... (no computer place reserved..)

User Comment
Submitted by redcrab on 7 April 2013
Floppies? Yes.
Beer & food? Yes.
Smoke inside? No.
Concerts? Yes.
Will I be there? Hell yes!

User Comment
Submitted by groms on 29 March 2013
I going to X.... I'm going to pay 85 euros for cheapass food(which I dont eat anyway) and I'm going to drink more than 12 free beers within 6 hours! I'm going to love JT and reyn because I'm drunk and I love the scene and I love the X.... I'm going to try to make it to the compos(which I didnt do last time, because I had been drinking more than 12 beers and couldnt find the correct usb stick) and yes I'm going more than 1000km to have free beers and enjoy a weekend with my friends and other nerds(did I mention the free beers?) stressing around to make it to the compo.... It does make sense, because it's X: and I love it from the start until the end!

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Submitted by hedning on 28 March 2013
Keep it as it is, except: I want more floppies, less modern data and put the compos earlier.

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Submitted by Archmage on 28 March 2013
Kool! And what Stein said.

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 28 March 2013


EDIT: just drop the concerts on saturday and start the compos two hours before... if concerts hold them two hours earlier...

User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 28 March 2013
What SidWave said, (well apart from price was fine ,)and i can help with teh cookingz.... (>_<)

User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 28 March 2013
You should sell beer tickets. 5-10-20-30 a time. or something.
In 2012 i drank a total of ~12 beers.
old guys cant drink anymore..
and its not why im going to such events.

for 85 euro ?
and cheapass food ?

and no more jt, reyn, bitlive.
find some other stuff!

yeah, and compo first, then party after.
and yeah, only use floppies if a demo fails on 1541 U or something.

go 1000 km to holland with a laptop containing precious demo. find drive, ask guy, get floppy, copy to the floppy, which eventually ends as a D64 on a 1541 U.

makes no sense at all :)

just accept that 80% of the scene is laptop emulamers! becoz they cant code cool demos in TASS :) haha

User Comment
Submitted by Flex on 26 March 2013
Hope to get there again, it was really fun last time. I think pretty much the same about the compo-schedule than OMP and apparently many many others... Dudes, finish your products at home so you don't have to waste the whole party for things you can do home anytime. The food (especially the saturday dinner) was disappointing last time and the beer was good! :-)

User Comment
Submitted by OMP on 26 March 2013
Oh yes... See you there!

... and compos should start at 3pm at the latest, and screw floppy delivery. It only takes time and adds work.

User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 16 March 2013
I will come too. Me love the Xperience.

User Comment
Submitted by Heavy Stylus on 16 March 2013
Yep, I intend to be there :)

User Comment
Submitted by groms on 16 March 2013
yeah c64 compos first, then lets have some after compo partycompos ;)cheers

User Comment
Submitted by macx on 16 March 2013
An idea would be to start the compos already in the afternoon, in order to have us all fresh when the prizes are dealt. And then prty!

Pre-X confirmed btw: Pre-X2014

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 16 March 2013
What Stein says: first compos then PAAARTY with loud music.

User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 15 March 2013
A plea to the organizers: Please, please, please start the compos earlier. They are the main event of the party and should be given prime time and not some concert, whether it be Reyn, Jeroen or whoever else. Last time everybody was yawning already when the demo compo started..

User Comment
Submitted by groms on 15 March 2013

User Comment
Submitted by Cargo on 14 March 2013

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 14 March 2013
ohhh... X! I will come too.... DEMO!

User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 14 March 2013
demoSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! (plural please) :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Microtop on 14 March 2013
C00L :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Frost on 14 March 2013

User Comment
Submitted by Pantaloon on 14 March 2013
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