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Digger  (DGR)

Currently member of :
Agony Design (1-1994 -> 2008), Elysium (13/7-2011 -> ) [web]
Ex member of :
Atlantic (1988 -> 1995), Pętliczek Designs
Functions :
Coder, Graphician, Logo Graphician, Musician, Organizer, Swapper
Founder of :
Atlantic, Pętliczek Designs

Handle alternative spelling :

Handlestory :
Derived from Amiga Lemmings game character.

Trivia :
When I was around 7, my uncle Jasiek (RIP) bought Commodore C16, equipped with datasette (of course!) I instantly fell in love with that toy, but because I couldn't have it, I've nicked all his Bajtek magazines (polish equivalent of Byte Magazine) instead – I could hardly read but somehow all the listings of programs seem to look nice to me. Few years later my dad brought my very own Commodore C64 breadbox from Germany (actually, I still need to ask where did he get it from, I suppose fleamarket) – I've had played games for a few months but I quickly got bored with them. I felt it deeply in my gut – I needed to code.

I begged my father again for weeks till he got me 1541-II disk drive; it costed something about 1,999,999 zł those days (yes, it was nearly 2 million polish zlotys!) I was in heaven – started swapping 5,25" disks with stangers on pirates' local markets, getting more stuff. It occasionally happened that a disk would contain a demo. Woah! Certainly that was far more interesting than some lousy shoot 'em ups. Also, I've bought absolutely every issue of C&A (Commodore & Amiga – hi Jetboy) and Kebab magazine (hi and thanks to Polonus and Silver Dream) – these were the best titles on the market – and I've learnt how to program in Basic 2.0.

Few years later (I was about 13 then) I started exploring MOS 6502 and the whole world of assembler. I found about demoscene, called myself Digger and founded my own group called Atlantic and went to some crazy booze copy/demo parties to win/lose some demo competitions. I was also shown how to use tracker and write SID 6581 music (thanks Ivanhoe) for the first time. Exciting times they were, we've hardly slept for 3 days!
Few people had a huge impact on me those days (thanks Carrion, Shogoon, Brush and Hain), few helped me a lot (thank you Toaster, Branzol, Morris and Druid). Please remember no one had heard about internet, BBS was a luxury so we had to swap disks via post (snailmail). I always used to attach a few pages written by hand, can't imagine how I've done that then – it's hard to find time to write an email nowadays! Sincere thanks to Wozio for giving me a hard lesson how not to be an arse!

Other handles used by this scener :(Display all info for all handles)
DGGR(2012 - 2016)
Bufon(1994 - 1994)
Gustek(1993 - 1993)

Country :

Releases released :
DownloadLogo 4 Artline Designs ... 2022 Graphics(#4 C64 Graphics at Logo Graphics Compo 2022)
DownloadExcessively Sweating Monks ... 2022 Graphics(Released at Logo Graphics Compo 2022)
DownloadScrollable Magazine Outfit PoC ... 2021 Misc.
DownloadMonroe 6569 ... 2011 Graphics(#3 C64 Graphics at C64pixels.com Double Screen Compo)
DownloadColor Fade Editor ... 2010 Tool
DownloadDr Hucken Bush ... 1994 Music(#?? C64 Music at Visual Party 4.0)
DownloadMove It ... 1994 Music(#?? C64 Music at Visual Party 4.0)

Credits :
DownloadWrath Logo by Wrath Designs ...  2024 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadMaestro Smooth by Elysium, Pretzel Logic ...  2024 Music Collection  (Text)
DownloadJetboy: Ice Breaker :: Wave~Maker by Elysium ...  2024 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadPlast Ninja [2fli] by Elysium ...  2023 One-File Demo  (Code, Idea, Text, Concept)
DownloadRetro Debugger V0.64.64 by Slajerek, Samar Productions ...  2023 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadRetro Debugger V0.64.62 by Slajerek ...  2022 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadBlurred Visions by Arise ...  2022 4K Intro  (Graphics)
DownloadLogo 4 Artline Designs by Digger ...  2022 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadWe <3 Arise by Elysium ...  2022 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadExcessively Sweating Monks by Digger ...  2022 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadCowboy's Dream by Elysium, Wrath Designs ...  2022 Music Collection  (Code, Help)
DownloadRetro Debugger V0.64.60.04E by Slajerek ...  2021 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadScrollable Magazine Outfit PoC by Digger ...  2021 Misc.  (Code)
DownloadC64 65XE NES Debugger V0.64.58.4 by Slajerek ...  2021 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadC64 65XE NES Debugger V0.64.58.2 by Slajerek ...  2020 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadTo Norah by Elysium, Wrath Designs ...  2020 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadHain's Birthday Intro by Elysium ...  2020 One-File Demo  (Text, Bug-Fix, Help)
DownloadPostcard from Earth 2 by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs, Wrath Designs ...  2020 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadLes Cathedrales by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs ...  2020 Music  (Charset)
DownloadDisco Hasselhoffers on Eurovision [8580] by Elysium ...  2020 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadTurrican Autofire by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs ...  2020 Music  (Code)
DownloadC64 65XE Debugger V0.64.58 by Samar Productions ...  2020 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadC64 65XE Debugger V0.64.56.8 by Samar Productions ...  2019 Other Platform Tool  (Idea, Test)
DownloadButt Fat 256b by Elysium ...  2019 1K Intro  (Code, Charset, Concept)
DownloadThe Great Escape 115% by Elysium ...  2019 Game  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadPongish by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs ...  2019 Music  (Graphics)
DownloadForever SID by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs ...  2019 Music  (Graphics)
DownloadSomeren Groove by Elysium, MultiStyle Labs ...  2018 Music  (Graphics)
DownloadSurdataströmming 99% by Elysium ...  2017 One-File Demo  (Code, Charset)
DownloadWe still love you anyway Wackee <3 :) by Elysium ...  2016 Graphics  (Translation)
DownloadStarman by Elysium ...  2016 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadZX Spectrum Art Collection by Komoda Team ...  2014 Graphics Collection  (Charset)
DownloadImohgen (2 Screen) by FatFrost, Monk ...  2013 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadVectrologic by Atlantic ...  2013 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadRandomizer™ by Pętliczek Designs ...  2011 Tool  (Code)
DownloadStart Linker V3.0 by Atlantic ...  2011 Tool  (Graphics)
DownloadMonroe 6569 by Digger ...  2011 Graphics  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadColor Fade Editor by Digger ...  2010 Tool  (Code, Graphics, Concept)
DownloadAgony Flower Logo by Agony Design ...  2006 Graphics  (Graphics)
Download+H2K by Plush ...  2000 Demo  (Charset)
DownloadTropyx Music 3 by Tropyx ...  1999 Music Collection  (Charset)
DownloadTake Off [party version] by Draco ...  1998 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadTake Off 100% by Draco ...  1998 One-File Demo  (Music)
DownloadSewage by Draco ...  1997 One-File Demo  (Code)
DownloadOnslaught Intro by Onslaught ...  1997 Crack Intro  (Charset)
DownloadGhost News #3 by Art Design ...  1996 Diskmag  (Charset)
DownloadZacollection by Aspect ...  1996 Music Collection  (Charset)
DownloadThe Radical Noter V2.0 by Agony Design ...  1996 Tool  (Charset)
DownloadAvantgarde Intro [chess board] by Avantgarde ...  1995 Crack Intro  (Charset)
DownloadWorld of Pack 1 by Aspect ...  1995 Tool Collection  (Charset)
DownloadLove by Agony Design ...  1995 Demo  (Graphics)
DownloadIntro Avantgarde by Agony Design ...  1995 4K Intro  (Charset)
DownloadAlternative Packer V3.0 by Agony Design ...  1995 Tool  (Idea, Charset)
DownloadMayday - The Judgement Day by Atlantic ...  1995 Music Collection  (Graphics, Design, Charset)
DownloadJaboolz Tulz #2 by Jabole ...  1995 Tool Collection  (Charset)
DownloadJabole's Tools Collection by Jabole ...  1995 Tool Collection  (Charset)
DownloadAlternative Packer V2.0 by Agony Design ...  1995 Tool  (Idea, Charset)
DownloadThe Radical Noter 1.5+ by Agony Design ...  1995 Tool  (Charset)
DownloadAstoria Intro Competition Pack by Agony Design ...  1995 Intro  (Code, Graphics, Idea)
DownloadVarcaus Intro by Varcaus ...  1995 Crack Intro  (Music)
DownloadParty Zax by Albion Crew ...  1995 Music Collection  (Music)
DownloadColdiarus by Agony Design, Bad Bytes ...  1995 Game  (Graphics)
DownloadDr Hucken Bush by Digger ...  1994 Music  (Music)
DownloadMove It by Digger ...  1994 Music  (Music)
DownloadContax Base by Atlantic ...  1994 Tool  (Charset)
DownloadWe Need a Musician by Atlantic ...  1994 Misc.  (Code, Music, Graphics)
DownloadAtlantic Turbo-L by Atlantic ...  1994 Tool  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadVisual Obsession by Sun Designs ...  1994 One-File Demo  (Charset)
DownloadContact Note #2 by Agony Design ...  1994 Misc.  (Graphics)
DownloadContact Note #1 by Agony Design ...  1994 Misc.  (Graphics)
DownloadSpace Abyss by Anatomy ...  1994 One-File Demo  (Graphics, Help)
DownloadVolvo 5 by Atlantic ...  1994 Graphics  (Code)
DownloadJosh's Logos Collection by Agony Design ...  1994 Graphics Collection  (Graphics)
DownloadSwap Time #2 by Agony Design, Aspheron ...  1994 Diskmag  (Graphics)
DownloadRotated Shit by Atlantic ...  1994 Demo  (Code, Graphics)
DownloadSun Intro by Sun Designs ...  1994 Crack Intro  (Charset)
DownloadAstoria #4 by Agony Design ...  1994 Diskmag  (Text)
DownloadAgony Contact Note logo ...  1994 Graphics  (Graphics)
DownloadOK OB #2 by Sun Designs ...  1994 Diskmag  (Text)
DownloadContact Mark by Atlantic ...  1994 One-File Demo  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadSweet Cosmo by Atlantic ...  1993 Demo  (Music, Graphics, Charset, Concept)
DownloadMade in CCCP by Pepito Original ...  1993 Fake Demo  (Music)
DownloadContact Note by Sun Designs ...  1993 Misc.  (Charset)
DownloadTrailblazer +3 by Atlantic ...  1993 Crack  (Trainer)
DownloadSweet Cosmo Preview by Atlantic ...  1993 One-File Demo  (Graphics, Charset)
DownloadGoner's Music Collection by Atlantic ...  1993 Music Collection  (Graphics, Text)
DownloadMadness +3 by Atlantic ...  1993 Crack  (Crack, Trainer)
DownloadUnfractally by Atlantic ...  1993 One-File Demo  (Graphics, Text)
DownloadBig Vic Show by Caution ...  1993 Demo  (Charset)
DownloadTechnology by Atlantic ...  1993 Intro  (Code, Graphics, Charset)
DownloadWest Bank + by Atlantic ...  1993 Crack  (Crack, Trainer)
DownloadManic Miner +2 by Atlantic ...  1993 Crack  (Crack, Trainer)
DownloadSatan OK by Estate ...  1993 Intro  (Charset)
DownloadIntereczko by Estate ...  1993 Intro  (Charset)
DownloadAtlantic Intro by Atlantic ...  1993 Crack Intro  (Charset)
DownloadNota Kontaktowa by Estate ...  ???? Misc.  (Charset)

Attended :
Moonshine Dragons 2022
Moonshine Dragons 2019
Edison 2015
Edison 2013
Assembly Summer 2010
Visual Party 4.0
Asphyxia Party 1993

User ratings :  
As Coder:awaiting 8 votes (6 left)   See votestatistics
As Graphician:awaiting 8 votes (8 left)
As Logo Graphician:awaiting 8 votes (7 left)   See votestatistics
As Musician:awaiting 8 votes (8 left)
As Organizer:awaiting 8 votes (8 left)
As Swapper:awaiting 8 votes (8 left)
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