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Event Type :
C64 Only Party

X'18, X-2018, X2018, X-18

Dates :
2 - 4 November 2018

Place :
De Hoof 18
5712 LM Someren

Website :

Organizers :
Burglar, DJS, Dylotic, Mr.Ammo, Oxbow, Spectator, Tim

Organizer Groups :
Silicon Limited, Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The Star Wars Demo by Censor DesignDownload9.49.7
2Unboxed by BonzaiDownload9.59.7
3C=Bit 18 by PerformersDownload9.59.8
4X Marks the Spot by Genesis ProjectDownload9.39.6
5Old Men in Used Cars by FossilDownload9.59.6
6Xcusemo by AtlantisDownload9.49.2
7Frantic4BHF by HoaxersDownload9.39.6
8Rewind by TempesTDownload9.49.7
9Drinking Buddies by c0zmo, Dane, grip, HCL, JackAsser, PernodDownload9.29.4
10C64, Hear 64 by DesireDownload8.68.4
11Hi Five by SiestaDownload8.4
12Pixels 35 by Fantastic 4 Cracking GroupDownload8.0
13Crystal Gazer by ChorusDownload9.39.6
14F600 by Hokuto Force, PVMDownload9.2
15Ukiyo by Samar ProductionsDownload8.0
16Hello World by dymeDownload8.2
17Nightcrawler by AlmagestDownload8.6
18Bits, Please by Abyss ConnectionDownload
19Intro 90ies by The Mysterious Art, Tristar & Red Sector Inc.Download
20Ladekast by Poo-BrainDownload6.9
21Black Hole by deFEESTDownload4.1

C64 4K Intro
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Screw It! by TriadDownload9.5
2ZXQL3000 by Success + The Ruling CompanyDownload8.4
3Dubious by FairlightDownload8.3
43935 Happy Bytes by MahoneyDownload7.3
5Funky Punky by Samar ProductionsDownload
6Ciiiiid by PVMDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1SYS64738 Days by LinusDownload9.810.0
2Whiplash by FlexDownload9.1
3My Life by LMan/SunflowerDownload9.69.5
4Lazy Bytes by 6R6Download9.3
5Elvendance by LftDownload9.3
6Someren Groove by psych858oDownload9.4
7Danger Dawg by Steel/StinsenDownload9.4
8Beatswax by JanglerDownload8.8
9Quietus by ToggleDownload8.79.0
10Jihad me at Hello by FegolhuzzDownload8.9
11I Beg u Pardon? by AkiDownload8.3
12Guardians of the Wind by Magnar HarestadDownload8.5
13Specksternchen by VincenzoDownload8.9
14Still Here by ApollyonDownload8.2
15Sceners of the Skillcore by DaveDownload8.4
16Doctor help me! I'm sick. by Spider JerusalemDownload8.3
17Unoptimixed by HeinDownload9.59.2
18Miracle Room by UctumiDownload8.8
19Sockerbeat by QdorDownload
20Dare Teen in a Dough Sign by Mr. MouseDownload7.2
21Pensioner Jam by da BlondieDownload7.4
22Miss You! by JuzdieDownload8.4
23Liberacion Animal by Los Pat MoritasDownload
24Taco Gutti by RafDownload
25Pernilles Blomster by RølyDownload
26Stargazer by F7sus4Download8.4
27Thumb Mitten by ZZAP69Download

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1No Country for Old Men by JokDownload9.79.8
2A Mature Amateur by DuceDownload9.79.9
3Back to Neon by JamonDownload9.810.0
4Technomancer by MuckyDownload9.3
5LOBO X-2018 by FacetDownload9.1
6Gleis 9 3/4 by ElkoDownload9.49.3
7They'll Never Catch Me! by LeonDownload8.7
8Into the Void by VentDownload9.0
9Tree Dragon by Capt'n ObviousDownload8.98.8
10Phantasy Nature by Almighty GodDownload8.0
11The Cyan Goddess by ptoingDownload8.9
12Sabotage by LoboDownload8.0
13Myst Take by AlakranDownload8.0
14Mega Ukulele by NithDownload7.5
15The Fool by NiMDownload
16Fear and Loathing in De Hoof by BlackWineDownload7.6
17Kinda Sketchy by gripDownload9.1
18Tiny Ninja by LZwerchDownload
19Fake Yourself by XynnMDownload
20Giggling Stars by Rare CandyDownload
21Caves of Kryrion by NodepondDownload

Mixed Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Ernie by Genesis ProjectDownload9.89.8
2Inhale Xhale by ExtendDownload
3No Tobacco by Mayday!Download
4In the Details by TerwizDownload
5Bait and Switch by LftDownload8.4
6Weee ! Cheese ! by Capt'n ObviousDownload
7Hipno X Soap by PVMDownload
8Big SIDDownload
9The Dream by Level90Download
10Pungas by PVMDownload
11Don't be a Dick by ExcessDownload

Productions released outside compos :
Aviator Arcade II Preview V2 +3 by Excess (Crack)
Bits, Please! V1.0 by Abyss Connection (Tool)
C64 Debugger V0.64.56 by Samar Productions (Other Platform Tool)
Ed in his Lib [fm-yam] by Xentax (Music)
Eye of the Pirate by Genesis Project (Graphics)
Galaxy Police by Desire (Graphics)
Limbo Preview by Excess (EasyFlash Release)
Limbo Preview by Excess (Crack)
MG Tracker V0.84 (Other Platform Tool)
Official X2018 Report by Vision (One-File Demo)
Oh, Hi! by Silicon Limited (Graphics)
Still Rollin' by Silicon Limited (Graphics)
What Did You Say? by Silicon Limited (Graphics)
X Party Scroll by Silicon Limited (One-File Demo)

Attendants : (303)
2Hype, 6R6, Acidbrain, Adder, Aki, ALeX, Algorithm, Almighty God, AMB, Angel of Death, Anonym, Anus, Aomeba, Apollyon, Arcane, Archmage, Arlequin, Aslive, Ayatollah, Background, Barfly, Benson, Bert, Bimber, Bitbreaker, Black, BlackWine, Bob, BokanoiD, Bonefish, Bordeaux, Boz, Brannigan, Brix, BroneCk, Brush, Bugjam, Burglar, Burn, c0zmo, Cap, Capone, Capt'n Obvious, Cargo, Carrion, Cavey, CBA, CeriX, Chotaire, Cinder, Comos, Conjuror, Copyfault, Count Zero, Cresh, CRT, Cyborg, Cycleburner, d'Avid, da Blondie, Daison, Dano, Darklord, DeeKay, Deetsay, Devia, Dezert, Digger, Dize, DJS, Don Kichote, Doomed, Dr. Science, Dr.J, Duce, DuncanTwain, Dylotic, dyme, Edhellon, eLBAN, Elko, Emoon, Enthusi, Erol, Exile, Facet, Fegolhuzz, Fierman, fieserWolf, Firehawk, Flex, Flyshpytshe, FRaNKy, Fred, Freestyle, Faayd, Genius, GForce, Ghost, Gideon, Glasnost, Golara, Goto80, grasstust, grip, Groepaz, Gryf, Guy Shavitt, Hain, Hammerfist, Han Solo, Harekiet, HCL, Heavy Head, Heavy Stylus, hedning, Hein, Henne, Humanoid, ilesj, Infinity, Irata, Ixon, JackAsser, Jamon, Jangler, Jericho, Jeroen Tel, Jojeli, Jok, Jope, Joshua 5, Junebug, Juzdie, Knut M. Clausen, Krikkit, Krill, Kronos, L.A.Style, Leming, Leon, Lft, Linus, LKP, Lm7, LMan, Lord Crucifier, Lotus, Luke, Lux, LZwerch, m00p, Mace, Mad, Magic, Magnar Harestad, Mahoney, Map, Mario64, Marty, Mason, MdZ, Megabrain, Menace, Metalux, Methos, Micabot, Microtop, moh, Mojzesh, Moren, Morpheus, Mr. Curly, Mr. Mouse, Mr.Ammo, Mucky, Muhmi, Møllpauk, Neotec, Nerdine, Nikaj Eijk, NiM, Ninja, Nith, Nodepond, nomiStake, Nonax, Norrland, nucleus, OhLi, Okkie, OMP, Oxbow, papademos, Pat Boon, PCH, Peiselulli, Pernod, Perplex, pewp, PhasedBased, Picrard, Pollux, Popmilo, Prince, Provocator, psych858o, ptoing, Qdor, Raf, Raistlin, Ramon B5, Ranzbak, Rare Candy, Rastah Bar, Rat's, Rayden, Ream, redcrab, Retroluzzer, Rex, Reyn Ouwehand, Rhythm, Rolex, Rough, Røly, Sander, Scan, Scarzix, Scooby, Scorpion, Seba, Sebaloz, Seven, Sillicon, Sir Garbagetruck, Slajerek, Slammer, Slaygon, Smasher, Snabel, Sounx, Spectator, Spider Jerusalem, Splatterhead, Stainless Steel, Steel, Stinsen, Stone, Stormfront, Stratford, Subjik, Teo, Terminator, Terwiz, Tetsuo, tFt, The Beast, The Chaos Engineer, The Human Code Machine, The Lex, The Mysterious Art, The USER, the_JinX, TheRyk, Thundax, Tim, Tim, TLR Designs, TMC, Toggle, Tomse, Topy44, Toshi, Tough Grafix Inc., TPM, Trap, Trasher, Triumph, Tron, Uctumi, Vent, Veto, VIC, Vincenzo, Visac, Visage, Viscid, Wacek, Walt, Weasel, Wix, WVL, X-Raffi, XynnM, Youth, YPS, Yugorin, Zaphod, Zephyr, Zer0-X, Ziona, ZZAP69

External links :
X-2018 Results  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2018/X/X18_Results.txt)
All X2018 Releases  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2018/X)
Timelapse video  (https://youtu.be/0uEzZgV6TeM)
X2018 SceneSat Part 1  (https://scenesat.com/videoarchive/97)
X2018 SceneSat Part 2  (https://scenesat.com/videoarchive/98)
Screen dumps of all the productions  (https://tomseditor.com/gallery/source/X%272018)

Releases containing information on this event :
Attitude #19  Party report
Official X2018 Report  
Overshadow #34 [hungarian]  contains info with results.
reMETA #3  Posts and comments from the party visitors on the reMETA 8 bit social media platform
Vandalism News #68  Report and Results

User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 11 November 2018
Here is my SID set from X'2018. Enjoy! ;)
Download: http://arise64.pl/releases/wacek_of_arise_in_the_mix_at_x2018.z..
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/razorpoint/wacekarise-in-the-mix-x2018

User Comment
Submitted by Carrion on 8 November 2018
If anyone has the .zip file with all the releases - pls share

just saw the link above... sorry

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 7 November 2018
Timelapse video added to the external links.

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 5 November 2018
Amazing party again, and esp the organisation was super tight this year, no reals delays. Good stuff :)

Great to meet a lot of old and new faces. Very strong competition again and a lot of fun as always.

Still recovering from the trip back and I got a cold X_x, happens every fucking time.

User Comment
Submitted by pewp on 5 November 2018
Awesome party! But its soo nice to be back home, i guess i never get immune to the demo-party-snoring!

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 4 November 2018
                                    X 2018

                             Competition Results

Music Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum  Score
  1 SYS64738 Days              Linus/MultiStyleLabs          174 1433  8.236
  2 Whiplash                   Flex/Artline Designs          165 1313  7.958
  3 My Life                    LMan/MultiStyle Labs          180 1411  7.839
  4 lazy bytes                 6R6/Shape                     180 1381  7.672
  5 Elvendance                 Lft                           160 1210  7.562
  6 Someren Groove             psycho8580/MultiStyle L...    181 1353  7.475
  7 Danger Dawg                Steel & Stinsen/Genesis...    176 1312  7.455
  8 Beatswax                   Jangler/Artline Designs       175 1275  7.286
  9 Quietus                    Toggle/Padua                  165 1185  7.182
 10 Jihad me at hello          fegolhuzz/Panda Design        178 1270  7.135
 11 I Beg U Pardon             Aki                           160 1131  7.069
 12 Guardians of the Wind      Magnar/Censor Design          159 1120  7.044
 13 Specksternchen             vincenzo/Singular Crew ...    179 1260  7.039
 14 Still Here                 Apollyon/Artline Designs      173 1215  7.023
 15 Sceners of the Skillcore   Dave/SIDNIFY                  174 1218  7.000
 16 Doctor Help me! I'm sick.  Spider Jerusalem/MYD          180 1237  6.872
 17 Unoptimixed                Hein/Vision                   164 1121  6.835
 18 Miracle Room (X party v... Uctumi/PVM                    178 1209  6.792
 19 Sockerbeat                 Qdor/Panda Design             171 1101  6.439
 20 Dare teen in a dough sign  Mr.Mouse/XeNTaX               172 1078  6.267
 21 Pensioner Jam              da Blondie/Resource           158  965  6.108
 22 Miss You!                  Juzdie/Artline Designs        175 1068  6.103
 23 Liberación Animal          Los Pat Moritas/PVM           161  947  5.882
 24 taco =gutti=               Raf/Vulture                   159  901  5.667
 25 Pernilles Blomster         Roly/Mayday                   175  970  5.543
 26 Stargazer                  F7sus4/Samar Productions      176  957  5.438
 27 Thumb Mitten               ZZAP69/Onslaught              170  827  4.865

PETSCII Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum  Score
  1 Ernie                      redcrab/genesis project       198 1773  8.954
  2 Inhale Xhale               Vent/Extend                   193 1447  7.497
  3 No Tobacco                 TheRyk/Mayday!                193 1337  6.928
  4 In the Details             Terwiz/Alumni ^ Damones       194 1328  6.845
  5 Bait and switch            Lft                           192 1225  6.380
  6 Weee ! Cheese !            Capt'n Obvious                191 1118  5.853
  7 Hipno X Soap               Arlequin/PVM                  191 1099  5.754
  8 Big SID                    Aki                           191 1056  5.529
  9 The Dream                  Nodepond/Level90              191 1040  5.445
 10 Pungas                     Micabot/PVM                   191  990  5.183
 11 dont be a dick             Bordeaux/Excess               192  874  4.552

Graphics Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum  Score
  1 no country for old men     jok/elysium                   202 1801  8.916
  2 A mature amateur           Duce/Extend                   206 1813  8.801
  3 Back to Neon               Jamon/Tempest                 202 1772  8.772
  4 Technomancer (A Murder ... Mucky/Almagest                202 1692  8.376
  5 LOBO                       Facet/Genesis Project         206 1701  8.257
  6 Gleis 9 3/4                elko/Oxyron ^ TRSi            202 1650  8.168
  7 They'll never catch me!    Leon/SGR^Chorus^RSC           204 1635  8.015
  8 Into the void              Vent/Extend                   204 1596  7.824
  9 Tree Dragon                Capt'n Obvious                205 1532  7.473
 10 Phantasy Nature            Almighty God/Excess           203 1496  7.370
 11 The Cyan Goddess           ptoing                        203 1470  7.241
 12 Sabotage                   Lobo/Atlantis                 204 1354  6.637
 13 Myst Take                  Alakran/PVM                   200 1312  6.560
 14 Mega Ukulele               Nith/Triad                    200 1304  6.520
 15 The fool                   NiM/Censor Design             204 1316  6.451
 16 fear and loathing in de... blackwine/dreamweb            200 1262  6.310
 17 Kinda Sketchy              Grip/Istari                   204 1239  6.074
 18 Tiny Ninja                 Lzwerch                       203 1152  5.675
 19 Fake yourself              XynnM/Fake                    201  950  4.726
 20 Giggling_stars             Rare_Candy                    203  848  4.177
 21 Caves of Kryrion           Nodepond/Level90              203  570  2.808

4K Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum  Score
  1 Screw It!                  Icon/TRIAD                    179 1429  7.983
  2 ZXQL3000                   lcf/scstrc                    179 1362  7.609
  3 Dubious                    Trasher/Fairlight             174 1317  7.569
  4 3935 happy bytes party ... Pex Mahoney/Mahoney & K...    181 1220  6.740
  5 Funky Punky                Samar                         177 1096  6.192
  6 CIIIIID                    acidbrain/pvm                 178 1085  6.096

Demo Competition
  # Title                      Handle/Group               Voters  Sum  Score
  1 The Star Wars Demo         All of Censor to all of...    224 2077  9.272
  2 Unboxed                    Bonzai                        228 2111  9.259
  3 C= bit '18                 Performers                    221 1948  8.815
  4 X Marks the Spot           Genesis Project               221 1903  8.611
  5 Old Men In Used Cars       Fossil                        223 1891  8.480
  6 Xcusemo                    Atlantis                      230 1818  7.904
  7 Frantic4BHF                Hoaxers                       224 1730  7.723
 *8 Rewind                     TempesT                       224 1712  7.643
  9 Drinking Buddies           Super Larsson Brothers        209 1573  7.526
 10 C64 - Hear 64              Desire                        219 1624  7.415
 11 Hi Five                    Siesta                        219 1543  7.046
 12 Pixels 35                  F4CG                          221 1544  6.986
 13 Crystal Gazer              Chorus                        217 1473  6.788
 14 F600                       Hokuto Force and PVM          222 1428  6.432
 15 Ukiyo                      Samar                         225 1358  6.036
 16 HelloWorld                 dyme                          224 1350  6.027
 17 Nightcrawler               Almagest                      224 1307  5.835
 18 Bits Please Example Intro  Abyss-Connection              226 1063  4.704
 19 TRSi 90s intro             Abyss-Connection^TRSi         225 1038  4.613
 20 Ladekast                   poo-brain                     225  925  4.111
 21 Black hole                 deFEEST                       223  902  4.045
#8 (Tempest) was the highest scoring onefile demo of the compo and won the
Onefile Demo Award!

Party Releases
    Title                      Handle/Group
    X-Team                     DJS/Silicon ltd
    X-Party                    DJS/Silicon ltd
    Still rollin'              DJS/Silicon ltd
    What did you say?          DJS/Silicon ltd
    Oh,hi!                     DJS/Silicon ltd
    Bits Please v1.0           fieserwolf/Abyss-Connection
    X2018 Report               Hein/Vision
    Aviator Arcade II (Prev... Heavy Stylus/RGCD
    Limbo Preview [EX]         Faayd/Excess
    Cashflow                   Ninja/The Dreams

User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 4 November 2018
Thanks so much, all orgas! Everything was really fine from registry to compo, great job by main orgas but as usual also the many helping guys behind the bar and so on. Only thing I must complain about that Tim did not wear a tuxedo this year.

User Comment
Submitted by Pat Boon on 4 November 2018
Post party depression kicking in ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by anonym on 4 November 2018
Now this was great. Finally after 20 years I visited another X. Hope my next visit is not that far apart. Great job, organizers. Great seeing my friends... Off to board a flight...

User Comment
Submitted by Hein on 4 November 2018
Awesome, supersmooth and energizing. Chapeau to the organizers. <3

User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 4 November 2018
Awesome party. And oddly enough, my first “real” demo party outside the UK. Fantastic.

User Comment
Submitted by Golara on 4 November 2018
my first demoparty, it was awesome.

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 27 October 2018
Bed reservation sheet available online! Check the last minute information email for the link and claim your spot. For confirmed visitors only...

User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 9 October 2018
Great news, Tim. Dodgy is fine by me. :)

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 9 October 2018
Probably. We are making all the necessary arrangements to facilitate SceneSat in setting up a steady stream. However, Internet is dodgy at the partyplace so I cannot make any promises :S

User Comment
Submitted by Medicus on 2 October 2018
Will there be a live-stream? :)

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 28 September 2018
No hippies but a church choir.

User Comment
Submitted by Pixman on 27 September 2018
I hope the ayahuasca new ge hippies attend, too, like last year.

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 30 August 2018
Regarding room space - they were building another house at the location last time. Should be ready to go this year.

User Comment
Submitted by LKP on 16 August 2018
Already more than 400 people registered !! I wonder if there wil be sufficient rooms..

User Comment
Submitted by Raistlin on 14 July 2018
I'll be there :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Heavy Stylus on 12 July 2018
I also hope to attend this year :)

User Comment
Submitted by Count Zero on 18 April 2018
Party is for true criminals only!

User Comment
Submitted by Knight Rider on 18 April 2018
I can't access the link either:

URL: http://www.scs-trc.net/x2018/
Category: Potential Criminal Activities

User Comment
Submitted by Mibri on 17 April 2018
Can't wait to see what comes out of X this year! I'll be away for it but maybe I could see about 2020...

User Comment
Submitted by rail slave on 17 April 2018
Ah, cool, have fun and thanks for the response Mr Ammo. (My thinking was also that its a way for remotes to financially offer something for a little bit of a return but yeah, looking forward to seeing the best of the best as usual )

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 17 April 2018
Rail Slave: Sorry, due to the amount of entries we do not accept remote entries.

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 17 April 2018
Yeah, save remotes for parties that need them. X compos usually have more than enough entries.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 17 April 2018
No remotes for X, I hope.. Save them for Gubbdata! :D

User Comment
Submitted by rail slave on 17 April 2018
I for one would pay (maybe) to submit a remote entry to this prestigious event. Could that ever be an option ?

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 17 April 2018
I cant access it from work because "Entertainment;Suspicious" XD XD

User Comment
Submitted by Smasher on 17 April 2018
hey cba. seat #1 is cool, but seat #64 is way cooooler! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Grue on 17 April 2018
HCL: Hah, I cannot because: "denied access to the following URL which is part of category Computer Hacking because Not allowed to browse Computer Hacking category:

User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 17 April 2018
Haha.. Can not access the link from werk, blocked because: "Entertainment, Suspicious" :D

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 17 April 2018
My calculations were correct! :)

User Comment
Submitted by cba on 17 April 2018
@ZeSmasher yup tradition, #1 ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Cruzer on 16 April 2018
Tim simply posted "tomorrow" yesterday. So, according to my calculations, that means today.

User Comment
Submitted by Walt on 16 April 2018
Beginning of April? Which year? ;)

I would like to attend but doesn't do facebook...

User Comment
Submitted by Smasher on 13 March 2018
people ask when site is up coz they want to be 1st to register, but CBA is hard-coded as #1 anyway :)

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 13 March 2018
If all goes as planned at the beginning of April.

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 13 March 2018
When will the website be up?

User Comment
Submitted by Martinland on 17 January 2018
Thanks, Ammo - very reassuring! ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 17 January 2018
Registration will take place on the website, once it's up and running.

User Comment
Submitted by Martinland on 17 January 2018
Contemplating ... is there another way to register?
I don't do facepalm. (as Sir Truck uses to say ;)
Actually, it's a long lasting dream of mine... <3
...meeting SID heroes & getting inspiration.

User Comment
Submitted by Trap on 23 August 2017
Nibelung, one of the best experiences I had at X'16 was at 2am in the morning, being "fairly" intoxicated, a guy about half my age was struggling with his c64, turbo assembler and the programmer's manual. I sat down and helped him through some of the examples. I felt I had been timewarped 30 years back in time and I loved it. Everybody is welcome in the scene. Young and old, New and veteran. The passion has no limitations :)

User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 23 August 2017
Eveybody is welcome to attend.

User Comment
Submitted by Nibelung on 12 August 2017
Is it okay if Newbies attend? New to csdb but steeled in lore and history and stuff? Would bring one or two friends from my local band. Both aged, ruddy rotten but still alive? :) Aye, yeah! Me too!

User Comment
Submitted by redback on 7 July 2017
Actually meal time is a great time to met new people so I'd agree. Now it is up to me to decide if I want to do this trip again :D

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 24 June 2017
Yeah, I am mainly there for the people and the data.
But it would have been nice if one of the orgas had announced that the compo was going to start soon to the people in the dining hall. If someone did, I (and Deekay and certainly some others) missed it.

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 18 June 2017
ptoing! You are not there for the food, man. Fast food and slow data is good for you. ;)

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 18 June 2017
Dear orgas, you are doing an awesome job and all that, but please, please, pretty please schedule the dinner and first compos a bit further apart. Last time me and some others missed the beginning of the PETSCII compo because of this.
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