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Event Type :
C64 Only Party

X-2012,X12,X2012,X'12,X 2012

Dates :
26 - 28 October 2012

Place :
De Hoof 18
5712 LM Someren

Website :

Organizers :
DJS, Dylotic, Mr.Ammo, Oxbow, Ream, Scout, Spectator, Tim, WVL

Organizer Groups :
Silicon Limited, Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Coma Light 13 by OxyronDownload9.69.7
2Artphosis by HitmenDownload9.29.3
3Trick and Treat by Fairlight, Offence, ProsonixDownload9.09.4
4Cause of Death by ArsenicDownload8.38.5
5Wonderland XI by Censor DesignDownload9.29.2
6Protogeo 80% by GlanceDownload8.68.6
7Vicious Sid 2 by The Noisy BunchDownload9.19.1
8Biba 3 by AriseDownload9.19.2
9Ninfa by Level 64Download8.28.5
10Beertime 5 by DekadenceDownload8.28.5
11Molotov by Digital Sounds SystemDownload6.5
12Strange Day by HCLDownload8.48.2
13Small Air by Panda DesignDownload6.6
14Det var bättre förr! by Software of SwedenDownload5.9
15X2012 by AbnormalDownload5.0
16Retroholica by Genesis ProjectDownload7.8
17C64faal by deFEESTDownload
18Metarave by Digital Sounds SystemDownload6.0
19Bornscroller by The Solaris AgencyDownload5.3
2032 Bytes Fuzzy Logic by RasterDreamDownload
21Conclusion by EmulamerDownload

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1X2012 by SadDownload5.76.7
2The Empire of Norway by OMPDownload9.39.6
3Spasmolytic by Magnar HarestadDownload7.7
4We Are Tel by Factor6Download7.1
5Where is Brandon by Qdor/FegolhuzzDownload6.9
6Dash My Boulder by FlexDownload8.4
7Nothing Wrong by Jeroen TelDownload9.19.0
8Vicious Sid by SIDWAVE/Ras BoldingDownload8.7
9Smashed by Stainless SteelDownload8.99.7
10Soaring Free by radiantxDownload8.2
11Xenolith by ResponseDownload
12Love Letter to Hexaspeed by RandallDownload8.9
13Valtiaan Uudet Vaateet by BriteliteDownload7.6
14Freak Out by Spider JerusalemDownload6.7
15Epitaph 4 A Liver by psych858oDownload8.9
16Humphrey Bogart by MankeliDownload8.5
17Church of 64 by SounDemoNDownload9.3
18Caves of Flesh by KleggDownload
19October Skiing by ZZAP69Download7.4

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Cozy Home by SphinxDownload7.37.4
2MC God by ArchmageDownload9.39.7
3Koalaman by PalDownload9.09.3
4Desolate by DeevDownload9.19.5
5Koiruus by ElectricDownload8.99.1
6Deshaping of the Essence by FrostDownload8.49.0
 Castle in the Sky by Louie64Download8.1
 The Origin of Pixels by DuceDownload9.49.7
9Beautymetriac by Almighty GodDownload7.6
10Kraken versus Tripod by CRRNDownload8.88.0
11You aint my mom by redcrabDownload8.9
12Crimson Rose by LeonDownload8.5
13Rise of a New Shah by rexbengDownload8.69.4
14Evil Grin by GryfDownload6.2
 Cursed Well by ekgDownload7.5
16Menuuhl by FatFrostDownload7.5
 Alien Fan by CrayonDownload7.3
18Nautilus by HammerfistDownload8.29.1
19Pennywise by The USERDownload5.9
20Devil's Touch by QuestorDownload6.1
21Triangles Are Magic by KnoekiDownload5.6
22HCH by JoodasDownload7.7
23Conscience by hedningDownload6.6
24Astromasakra by StruśDownload6.6
25Profilic by TomoAlienDownload2.9
26Das freudig überraschte Huhn by BugjamDownload6.2
27Waterfall by CobraDownload5.8
28Prehistoric by JSLDownload5.1
29Swag by ExinDownload5.8
30Grogget by NiMDownload5.2
31Sexdoll by GeniusDownload4.5

Productions released outside compos :
BluREU 3D by Crest (REU Release)
Datastorm 2013 Invitation by Genesis Project (Invitation)
Disk Cover - Coma Light 13 by Oxyron (Disk Cover)
Dosent mess with the 1338! by Dinasours (One-File Demo)
Inflatable Love by Heatwave (Music)
Inflatable Passion (One-File Demo)
Luder8580 by Offence (Music)
OC0000000113 (Music)
Three Sides by Extend (Disk Cover)
TRD X2012 Preview by Success + The Ruling Company (Game Preview)
Vinnie Voles's Existential Nightmare ±0 by Dinasours (Crack)
Viva La Revolucion! by Gheymaid Inc. (One-File Demo)

Attendants : (232)
Achim, ADD, Adrian, Alfatech, Almighty God, AmN, Angel of Death, Anus, Apollyon, Archmage, Aslive, Axel, Axis, Barfly, Benson, Berry, Bert, BHF, Bimber, Bitbreaker, Biz Kid, BlackWine, Bob, Bodo, BokanoiD, booker, Brainstorm, Britelite, Brix, Brush, Bugjam, Burglar, Cargo, Cavey, Conrad, Control, Copyfault, Count Zero, Cresh, CRT, Cruzer, Curlin, Daison, dalezy, Dano, DaTucker, DeeKay, Devia, dEViLOCk, Dezert, Digger, DJ Gruby, DJS, Dr.J, Duce, Dylotic, Edhellon, ekg, eLBAN, Ellyn, Endo, Erhan, Error 404, Exile, Eyesee, Factor6, Fanta, FatFrost, Fierman, fieserWolf, Flex, FRaNKy, Fred, Fritske, Frost, Genius, Graham, grasstust, Groenteboer, Groepaz, Groms, Gryf, Gulrak, Guy Shavitt, H Macaroni, Hammerfist, hedning, Henne, Hydrogen, Injun, Jangler, Jeff, Jericho, Jeroen Tel, Jihad, Jope, Kaze, kenji, Kisiel, Klegg, Knoeki, Kordiaukis, Kribust, Krill, Leming, Leon, Liesbeth, LKP, Lolita, Lotus, Louie64, Luke, Mace, MacGyver, Macx, Magnar Harestad, Mason, MdZ, Megabrain, Microtop, Misser, Moren, Morpheus, Morphfrog, Mr. Curly, Mr. SID, Mr.Ammo, Nerdine, Ninja, Novex, nucleus, OhLi, OMP, Oxbow, Pal, Pantaloon, Peacemaker, Peiselulli, Perplex, Poison, Prince, Provocator, psych858o, Puterman, Qdor, Quarryman, radiantx, Randall, Ready., Ream, redback, redcrab, Response, Rex, Reyn Ouwehand, Riddler, Rodney, Rudi, rymdsate, Sabotage, Sad, SanderFocus, Savvy, Scarab, Scorpion, Scythoior, Sebaloz, Sepultura, Sextone, SIDWAVE, Skate, Slammer, Slator, SounDemoN, Sounx, Spectator, Sphinx, Spider Jerusalem, Stainless Steel, Stein Pedersen, Stijger, Stinsen, stoter, Stratford, Street Tuff, Strike, The Beast, The Communist, The Dark Judge, The Human Code Machine, The Ignorance, The Mysterious Art, The USER, the_JinX, TheRyk, Thundax, Thunder.Bird, Thunderhead, Tim, TLR Designs, TMC, TPM, Trasher, Tron, Trurl, Tyron, Ugha, Uncle Tom, Veto, vex, VIC, Vincent Voois, Vortex, Wacek, Weasel, Widdy, Wiesel, WVL, X-Raffi, Yavin, Yazoo, Yip, Youth, YPS, Zaphod, Zardax, Zed Yago, Zer0-X, Ziili, Ziphoid, ZTH, ZZAP69

External links :
official X2012 results  (http://www.interstyles.nl/x2012_results.txt)
X-2012 Results  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2012/X/X12_Results.txt)
X-2012 Photos  (http://www.scs-trc.net/parties)

Releases containing information on this event :
Inflatable Passion  Party report
Jim Slim +8H +ROTFL +PW  Personal invitation to exalted groups
X'2012 Soccer  Invitation for a soccer game during X'2012

User Comment
Submitted by SIDWAVE on 4 April 2015
short party report.

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 16 August 2013
I think the wrong Sepultura has been listed above.

User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 12 November 2012
Not the 80s, not in the 90s - no, 2012 has marked the year of the coolest releases. Who would have thought?

User Comment
Submitted by Hydrogen on 11 November 2012
Sorry guys for the late response about the wonderful party. But after the party, in Amsterdam hard rock cafe, someone stole my hand baggage. My passport, id, car keys, all the money I had and my mp3 player were gone with it. For 16 hours, I was the "man without country" as if I was in a film noir. Fortunately, they took the money & the player and throw my baggage away and some good people found it just one day before the plane and now all of this turned out to be an interesting story rather than a nightmare. Thanks to my pals Endo and Skate for all their support during this time.

Now for the party...
A total of 216 sceners were there. And it was amazing. I am a bit sad because even though there were so many sceners, I couldn't communicate with most of them because of Limited time and our unfinished demo. I even couldn't talk with some of my friends in the party place, which was a shame.

Let's talk about something cool; I didn't expect such wonderful stuff in terms of quality and quantity from our aged scene. This is something like a reborn of the c64 scene.

23 demos were released, incredible! I had the same feeling I felt after the Light + Phenomena Easter Party 1992. At that time, I had the chance to see some graphic compo entries (in Remix's corner) and demo reviews (in Mad's demo reviews corner) in our Turkish “Commodore Magazine” after the party and I remember saying “ I wish I was there”. This time, I was there!!! :)

My biggest thanks go to Success The Ruling Company, Xenon, Silicon Limited... Organizers of the X, are the real heroes of the scene.

User Comment
Submitted by Sphinx on 9 November 2012
For all those ppl, who has already slept and had sweet dreams :-)
The priceceremony of the X-Party 2012 early at 5.30 a.m.

User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 5 November 2012
my name Dr.j is missing from the
Attendants list ,anyway it was mega cool party. hope to see you next X !

User Comment
Submitted by Xiny6581 on 5 November 2012
Do you want to listen to all the stunning SIDs and relive the feeling again?
No panic, just tune in, enjoy and listen.

As always recorded on real hardware. :-)

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 31 October 2012
cheers guys!

also many many thanks to Ziphoid and SceneSat for broadcasting everything live, hope you'll be there next time again ;)

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 31 October 2012
Thank you for this again and hopefully see you in two years!

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 31 October 2012
Awesome party! It was really nice to meet you all. I am still a bit wrecked, though - but that only means I had a great time! :D

By the way. Widdy, Puterman and Louie64 were there, but is not on the attendant list. I was able to remove Wiklund from the list, though.

User Comment
Submitted by grasstust on 31 October 2012
Fantastic party, thanx to everyone - both organizers and participants for making this one to remember! An amazing amount of releases and partying like it was 1989! YEAH!

User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 30 October 2012
thanks for another memorable event. you (the organizers and the attendants) made it unforgettable for me.
and the competitions where a blast - with an amount of demos which reminds me of 1992 when the szene was 10 or 20x (or even more) bigger.

User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 30 October 2012
Thanks for the great party! Superb organizing. The only 'things' i missed were CBA and Scout :)

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 30 October 2012
Get in touch with Dezert

User Comment
Submitted by MacGyver on 29 October 2012
Wanted: High quality photos from X'2012! If you took some which may be used in an X party report for the German language RETURN magazine, please get in touch asap!

User Comment
Submitted by Mr. SID on 29 October 2012
Thanks to the orgas for a terrific party. I had great chats with lots of people and generally an awesome time. Looking forward to 2014, maybe a bit earlier again when it's still warm outside... ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Sounx on 29 October 2012
Great party, great people!!! Nice to meet all of you again, guys. Wish the weekend was 5 days so I had more time to talk to everybody...

Demo, GFX and music competitions blew me from my socks! And ofcourse the great performances from Jeroen and Reyn!!

User Comment
Submitted by the_JinX on 29 October 2012
I have a nice 360 panorama for you. . http://jinx.etv.cx/test360/

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 29 October 2012
Any photos available with people on them?
Without cable, preferably.

User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 29 October 2012
Thank you for a great party, to all the attendees and especially to the organization crew whose tremendous effort in doing this is highly appreciated! (and remember, WE ARE GOOD! ;D).

See you all soon! (those 2 years always fly by pretty quickly... :D).

User Comment
Submitted by morphfrog on 28 October 2012
Really a great party and amazeing compos!

Great work!

User Comment
Submitted by Karoshier on 28 October 2012
>Submitted by Burglar [PM] on 28 October 2012
> lmao

No... even +2!

User Comment
Submitted by cba on 28 October 2012
Hammerfist: You have to wait till they are home and upload their own disk with work stages etc (If they do), I just upload the official release disk from the X party.

User Comment
Submitted by Hammerfist on 28 October 2012
What's up with the download files for all the graphics? Top 5 entries all download the same zip file with 3 other pictures. I was hoping for the actual picture from Archmage and such, so I could, I dunno, learn something. Hope they'll be available soon! :)

User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 28 October 2012
@Burglar: You should see the IRC log. The cable was what people talked most about. :)

User Comment
Submitted by vV on 28 October 2012
Perhaps we should add a new requirement into the demo and gfx compo: Must integrate scenesat cable into their production...

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 28 October 2012


User Comment
Submitted by WVL on 28 October 2012
I just uploaded all the results from the competitions!


User Comment
Submitted by Hammerfist on 28 October 2012
Loved it! When's the next one due? :D

User Comment
Submitted by raven on 28 October 2012
What an insane demo compo, made me completely forget time!

User Comment
Submitted by Queen bittin on 26 October 2012
Pre X show: http://files.slayradio.org/download.php/Dutchies_-_X-2012_Impro..

User Comment
Submitted by vV on 26 October 2012
For anyone who confirmed to come, but decides not to come afterall:I will be happily enjoying your reserved meals and your free beer :D (well, not the beer but the soda's for sure )

User Comment
Submitted by Mace on 25 October 2012
Selling hardware @ X-2012.

User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 10 October 2012
consider: X'2012 Soccer

User Comment
Submitted by macx on 2 October 2012
Sign up: Pre-X2012

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 9 September 2012
I'm looking for a ride out of frankfurt area, anyone can help?

User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 29 August 2012
Dane: Aw. Too bad. :(

User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 29 August 2012
Unfortunately I have to cancel. Moving and starting a new job takes precedence this time. :/

User Comment
Submitted by ZZAP69 on 29 August 2012
Just booked plane tickets and hotel room in Amsterdam!:D

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 24 August 2012
No X for me this year, got more important things one the schedule.

User Comment
Submitted by PARALAX on 2 July 2012
If anyone is travelling near Wuppertal or Düsseldorf, I would looking forward to a PM. I would have like to make a report for Radio PARALAX (or maybe a liveshow if possible).

User Comment
Submitted by Wile Coyote on 9 June 2012
Guy Shavitt is listed on Facbook as Going to X'2012. I wonder if he will enter the Music compo ?
- I hope so :)

User Comment
Submitted by redback on 8 June 2012
Planning on being there! After years of missing out and having to withdraw my interest.

User Comment
Submitted by Mr.Ammo on 1 April 2012
Definitely an April fools joke by Cresh.

User Comment
Submitted by Dylotic on 1 April 2012
Cresh , i'm sure that is an April fool :P

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 1 April 2012
/me commits suicide

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 1 April 2012
X'2012 is cancelled.
Confirmed by the organizers!


User Comment
Submitted by macx on 30 March 2012
PAL is talking about the Pre-X, Amsterdamned viking berserk: Pre-X2010 Party

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 20 February 2012
Yeah, I think maybe I will :)

User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 20 February 2012
then you go with us kristian... we will have 2-3 days in amsterdam first and then hit the party... we in offence invite all other sceners to do the same and go out together and eat and drink... will be really fun this year!

User Comment
Submitted by Kristian on 20 February 2012
Me wanna go this year.

User Comment
Submitted by Cresh on 2 January 2012

2012, come on!

User Comment
Submitted by Misser on 1 November 2011
Ahhh I probably will be there again together with BST, A0D, Tron, The Lex, Gulrak, Herbaculu. Ziphoid & Wallstrom probably can't stay away also. Dates reserved in my agenda.

User Comment
Submitted by DaTucker on 16 October 2011
There is a Facebook page now: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127724024000659

User Comment
Submitted by DRAX on 12 December 2010
what - is there a site for this?
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