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Artphosis   [2012]

Artphosis Released by :

Release Date :
28 October 2012

Type :
C64 Demo

Released At :

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at X'2012 :  #2

User rating:*********_  9.2/10 (103 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.3/10 (44 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Groepaz of Dienstagstreff, Hitmen, VICE Team
  Peacemaker of Hitmen
Music .... Dane of Booze Design
  Peacemaker of Hitmen
Graphics .... Nerdine of Hitmen
  Pal of Fairlight, Offence
  Peacemaker of Hitmen
Design .... Peacemaker of Hitmen
Idea .... Peacemaker of Hitmen
Text .... Groepaz of Dienstagstreff, Hitmen, VICE Team
  Peacemaker of Hitmen
Linking .... Groepaz of Dienstagstreff, Hitmen, VICE Team
  Peacemaker of Hitmen
Concept .... Peacemaker of Hitmen
Loader .... Krill of Plush
Test .... Burglar of Success, Success + The Ruling Company
  Groepaz of Dienstagstreff, Hitmen, VICE Team
Help .... Groepaz of Dienstagstreff, Hitmen, VICE Team

SIDs used in this release :
Artphosis - Note(/MUSICIANS/P/Peacemaker/Artphosis-Note.sid)
Artphosis - The End(/MUSICIANS/P/Peacemaker/Artphosis-The_End.sid)
Departure I(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Departure_I.sid)
Departure II(/MUSICIANS/M/Mitch_and_Dane/Dane/Departure_II.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by TLF on 21 December 2023
Holy shit this is amazing! How have I never seen this before! Stunning!! Over 10 years old and could have been released yesterday. One of the most beautiful demos I've ever seen.
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 9 January 2014
thats simply inc $d020 and means "disk error" =D
User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 7 November 2013
I just discovered that if you load the first part, turn off your floppy and start the demo you'll get a little raster fx. No clue if that's intended.
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 6 November 2013
actually its already running longer than originally planned - listen to wegi =)

(and wegi may look up what "weighted average" is and why its not the same as the arithmetic average)
User Comment
Submitted by Rough on 6 November 2013
Just watched this, butterfly is very fine and a pity the wild dog skeleton is only on screen for such a short time, looks marvellous.
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 28 October 2013
Guys guys guys, let's just all get along. Let everyone in the scene do their own thing. And if you can't get along then at least try to ignore each other. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Mr Wegi on 20 October 2013
@Peacemaker No - it was not for you. That was sarcasm by malicious texts from trackmolinker Groepaz and Bongo linking engine. And it was really childish (behavior of Groepaz). When it comes to trolling to count my posts on the forum and the big daddy Groepaz.
User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 20 October 2013
Mr. Weggi. Stop trolling in this release. Jesus...
And if you are talking about the coding of this demo, talk to me, as i am the main-coder of this demo. Leave Groepaz alone with your hate. Its childish.
User Comment
Submitted by Mr Wegi on 20 October 2013
You should definitely change the proportion of 80% of the animation 20% of the code on the reverse dude.High notes building up ​​in the company of mutual admiration ahead of you. Now make to them a demo. Problems afflicting you seek a fair voting system can be partially solved by disabling hidden votes. OMG 1153/128 = 9.007813 around 9.01 in the charts 9.08. So beyond the language barrier we have a mathematical barrier. Love your matrix.
User Comment
Submitted by bepp on 21 September 2013
This might well be the best soundtrack of 2012. The strong theme and crisp execution. It's so touching, it really gets a grip on me. And it's a perfect match for this stylish demo. Congratulations to Hitmen and Dane for a truly unique prod! Much love!
User Comment
Submitted by Sith on 18 September 2013
A demo that focuses on beauty, more than on the tech stuff. This is a welcome change to the usual tech performance demos we get (although I love those, but it's nice to see something different). Demos as an art form; Hitmen made a statement with this one. Really magical.
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 5 February 2013
About (down)voting: Of course everything's a matter of taste, but anything below 7 is hard to justify - even if sb has a totally different taste, they should acknowledge the effort that went into this one and the mere quality. To me, it's already a classic, seems to get better and better the more often I watch - and listen to! - it, though not all of my friends share my opinion. Counterfactual history mode: If this one had won the competition, no one would/should have been extremely surprised, which is not meant to be an offense against OXY
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 1 February 2013
shine: Ohhhh... ha ha ha... press space?
User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 22 January 2013
shine: good point. =) you may also use the part selector if you want to watch a part more often fastly =)

and thanks to that idiot voting a "1".. fu =)
User Comment
Submitted by N3XU5 on 22 January 2013
excellent demo with a lot of good ideas, effects and the gfx from PAL fits very well! top!! :o)
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 14 January 2013
i was thinking about adding it to more parts (you can press shift-lock in the flowers part to hold it) but then it did break too much so i didnt :)
User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 14 January 2013
every time if i watch such divine demo like this, i wish they had implemented a "wait-key" for the effects. It's running too fast for me to watch all these nice routines. ;)
User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 24 November 2012
Just viewed again. The moment when this high voice in the music starts and at the same moment that animal-skeleton animation starts to move; and when the 'angel' starts to burn; the gothic-style hitmen logo at the very end. Those are the moments that really feel epic to me - that touch me the most. Never seen a C64 demo before that made such a good impression on me (concerning art-stuff: arrangement and feeling). To me this is comparable to LifeForce (my favourite art/story PC demo) but on C64.
User Comment
Submitted by markus sinalco on 14 November 2012
At least the Fans love iT after all those Years. "Reanimated Wings" .. Oxyron Flowers... so what, Ebd00 from he outsid3.! egal..
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 12 November 2012
A real piece of art. I love the way you have combined hires with multicolour.
The music fits very well and it wonderful.
There are some glitches or rough transitions that I find unfitting, the rest is totally brilliant and came quite uninspected. Well done, Groepaz and Peacemaker!
User Comment
Submitted by Tao on 8 November 2012
Really nice graphics, ok soundtrack, but overall I found it pretty boring to be honest...
User Comment
Submitted by Hate Bush on 5 November 2012
its consistency, coherency and sheer beauty place it above cl13 in my book. the soundtrack!
User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 3 November 2012
Hm. For some reason I stumbled into some loading-issues like G-Fellow. Wanted to view it again and screen stayed black either at the very beginning or before the rasterbar-part. Then I tried another 1541-II (the one where the disk has not to be pushed into) and there the disk turn is not recognized. So probably it has something to do with the krill-loader version you used. ... or that we all have fucked up drives after all those years =P

And yes: I already checked if it was the disk. Tried your version you spread on X and transfered myself one version on each drive via warpcopy.

However: still this demo is f* awesome!!! :-)

edit: okay, massive drive fuckup here, sorry...
User Comment
Submitted by TDJ on 3 November 2012
Peacemaker: I'm talking about your stint as Rene and later Antiplex in WWE. I did remember that guy being in my team, never realised it was you ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 3 November 2012
Marco: Indeed, i was once a member of TRC for a short time. Somehow the distance to the other guys was a reason why i left again. And sorry, at this time I was not yet able to code like today =)
User Comment
Submitted by Hoild on 3 November 2012
Should have won! Glad to see a demo with a coherent style and design.
User Comment
Submitted by TDJ on 3 November 2012
What Skate said.

Also, I found out today that one of the people responsible for this gem used to be in the same group as me (WWE). Peacemaker, how come you didn't create such code for us way back then? ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 3 November 2012
a Beatufull demo with perfect mood, congrats to an amazing nice comback, this comback thing seems to be the new thing in the scene ;) I mean more and more are coming back, they can't resist these jaw dropping demos anymore ;) neither could we, we had to do something 8)=)
User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 3 November 2012
Thank you all for your comments and positive feedback.
We are somewhat happy that you like our demo and our comeback to the scene.
The idea of a demo was born exactly 1 year ago when i had my birthday. The "close Hitmen Gang" has had not a meeting since many years (14?) =), but that was changed at my Birthdaymeeting. Curlin was suggesting a Demo for "25 Years Hitmen". The Raw-Demo-Parts were finished withing 2-3 Months, and so we decided to release it at X =)

I would like to thank Dane, Pal, Krill, Burglar and ofcourse all Hitmen members.
User Comment
Submitted by Mr. Mouse on 2 November 2012
After some more consideration I would probably rank Artphosis as the number 1, for design. EoD also has a higher ranking in terms of design, versus CL13. We need more of those! :D
User Comment
Submitted by daison on 2 November 2012
Especially loved the growing branch, everything else was top notch as well!
User Comment
Submitted by Mr Wegi on 31 October 2012
Hitmen demo group ! Avesome work thx for effort - that's wort it!
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 31 October 2012
I always thought Hitmen was a good group. This demo proved me wrong. Hitmen is an amazing group. :)

This year at X Party, we had many surprises like a new episodes of Coma Light and Wonderland series. But they were surprising because we all thought there wouldn't be the sequals of these demo series. Artphosis was surprising in a different way. It showed us the new level of Hitmen.

Damn, we have too much talent in this little scene. :)
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 31 October 2012
Kudos for the end scroller. Tricky shit! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Tristan on 31 October 2012
Lovely gothic design. Music became a bit monotonous towards the end.
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 31 October 2012
Thank you Groepaz! I did use your original disk ID's here from the CSDb, I made a full disk copy. But I change the ID myself and than I try it again.

In a Turn Disk part, could Krill not code that the krill loader scans for a specific file name, than he knows that the disk was flipped and he loads the second side!?
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 31 October 2012
g-fellow: format both sides with different ID, then it should work - krills loader uses that to detect disk change and it doesnt work if both sides have the same id. need to find a better solution for this if we make another demo :) (you can also just load the first file from second side and run that one)
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 31 October 2012
I did watch Artphosis now twice on the real machine and it is really great, very good atmosphere and I love the music in this production.

One little bug report is that at the Turn Disk part my real floppy 1541 II with my C64G SID8580 dont want load the second side. I get the Disk out of floppy, flip the Disk and put it in again, but it does not load, I did wait 2minutes. I did use than the Partloader to load the second side, works perfect. Big thanks for the Partloader, when you start the Demo after decrunching to hold spacebar during the start of the demo.
User Comment
Submitted by CreaMD on 30 October 2012
Musically more coherent than winner of the compo. This one has consistent mood which makes watching a delightful experience. The part with growing plants I loved the best. As far as twister is concerned.. I think this effect is totally overused and proving that demo author can do it doesn't justify it's existence in the todays C64 demos.

Comalight 13 wins on visual and technical level, this one has bettter soundtrack. Another 10 from me. Thumbs up!
User Comment
Submitted by Dane on 30 October 2012
I'm very happy for the Hitmen crew to see the finished demo released at last and also for the positive reception that it is getting. Although the music is built from quite limited resources it's nice to see people are appreciating it for the somber mood. :)
User Comment
Submitted by ThunderBlade on 30 October 2012
Stunning. Wonderful. Touching. This unique combination of effects and imagery makes this production one of the best demos of its time.
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 30 October 2012
what a nice surprise. i knew that hitmen was going to release something, but i didnt see this coming. what a great demo. so many nice graphics combined with some nice effects and a great overall concept.

what i miss a little is a tempo-change in the music and overall pace, but thats complaining on a high level.

another minus is no greetings to oxyron and arsenic ;-) ok, joking.

i am looking forward to your next demos guys!
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 30 October 2012
I think this demo needs to grow on me.. I have viewed it a few times now, and I do find many new and exciting things in it and the efforts put into it is amazing! My favourite part is the blomming bush/tree for the credit part which is absolutely stunning with the different sprite color animations. However, I don't like all the black-grayish color scenes which kind of highly influenced my overall impression and voting of this demo.
User Comment
Submitted by HOL2001 on 30 October 2012
Excellent Demo! This is worth a 10! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 29 October 2012
There are so many good ideas in this! It's excellent!!!
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 29 October 2012
Beautyful demo! What a blast.
User Comment
Submitted by TheRyk on 29 October 2012
Having transferred and watched it again and again, I can only second what Axis said. When I before the competition read somewhere from groepaz how long and hard they worked for this, I knew that something great was to to be expected. Still, I was surprised and stunned by the variety of really kewl effects and awesome graphics.
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 29 October 2012
Wow, I expected something really nice from the hitmen posse on X. But this demo exceeded all my expectations by far. Just one word: Beautiful!
User Comment
Submitted by psych on 29 October 2012
Absolutely fantastic!
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 29 October 2012
Top notch stuff! Definitely one of my favourites in the compo.
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 29 October 2012
Wow, did not see this coming ! Great ideas, flow, graphics and some damn cool routines.
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 29 October 2012
My favourite from X!!! So amazing and inspiring....

User Comment
Submitted by Slator on 29 October 2012
it was a really great watch on the "big" screen, didnt know it was coming. lovely done in all aspects, great work you put into this. thank you very much, will watch it later at home again. The credits part burned into my brain, awesome!
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 29 October 2012
Truly awesome! ..and very unexpected. This demo must have taken a loong time to do. Working with flow rather than static effects is something i'm dreaming of, and i'm deeply impressed with the art work you deliver to us. Code, graphics and sounds in such a beautiful symbiosis.
User Comment
Submitted by Deev on 29 October 2012
Really well done! Some really nice ideas. I love the feel created by the music and animations, the demo oozes emotion, I'll take this style over the more typical fast pace and techno soundtrack any day!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 29 October 2012
Groepaz and Peacemaker, it were so nice to meet you, should have had some more time just for being social. What a super demo it got to be... It were dued for release much earlier, but it for sure grew a lot in the last period too. Congratulations with a very very great demo.
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 28 October 2012
always liked Hitmen demos a lot. Reanim8ed remains a favorite of mine, but I must add this one ;)

I did see some wip stuff before X, and I'm amazed by how much better and complete you guys delivered this worthy #2

also coolest fire routine ever + credits tree + that big ass pic + ..., so many things to be in awe about.

congrats and welcome back! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 28 October 2012
very solid demo. some very well designed screens. the fire effect is the best of its kind and finally a proper implementation of the plant growth effect on C64. I was waiting for it since the assembly pc invitro :)
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 28 October 2012
Absolutly fuck'n awesome demo , a real killer . brilliant work especially the music and the style/design.
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 28 October 2012
Fabulous! There is some very impressive work conducted here. Gosh! Every time, every year, jester years past, I'm still impressed by the many re-writings of this constitutional act we are doing... Real time. This is a fantastic piece of art.
User Comment
Submitted by blackdroid on 28 October 2012
Got exhausted by just thinking of all the work going into this piece, great job!
User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 28 October 2012
*edit* I cannot load this under VICE OS X v2.3 nor on my 1541U-II version 2.4c

I works great on my WINVICE 2.3 though... great demo! Wonderful!
User Comment
Submitted by Richard on 28 October 2012
Stunning effects. Lovely music. :)
User Comment
Submitted by Puma on 28 October 2012
Fantastic demo
User Comment
Submitted by Lynx on 28 October 2012
My old friends,I love this!!Brilliant soundtrack
User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 28 October 2012
What a great demo!
User Comment
Submitted by Devistator on 28 October 2012
Lovely visuals with a great story.
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 28 October 2012
Very nice demo! Dane+Pal should join hitman to :D Nice comeback.. looking forward to the next hitmen project!
User Comment
Submitted by Hermit on 28 October 2012
It's amazing, very artistic, I wish I could vote more than 10 :)
User Comment
Submitted by spider-j on 28 October 2012
watching this again was the first thing i did when i came home.
epic beauty, nice melancholic mood, a touching piece of art.
User Comment
Submitted by TWW on 28 October 2012
What they said & Thank you for making this. A real benchmark in terms of demodesign.
User Comment
Submitted by JackAsser on 28 October 2012
Superb! I'm really honestly surprised! :) Some parts less now I have to code since you did them now. :D
User Comment
Submitted by Shine on 28 October 2012
This is the right stuff. Can't trust my eyes. 101% PERFECT!!! :) brilliant, excellent, eminent, outstanding, singular, ... .. . This is fukkn' true art of deliciousness!!! If this took place #2 ... what the hell got the 1st place?!?
User Comment
Submitted by CONS on 28 October 2012
Hitmen hit the spot. A shitload of beautiful graphics, combiled with effects and music that make this a trip you can enjoy way more than once. Excellent work!
User Comment
Submitted by Didi on 28 October 2012
Spotted no really new effects, but it's great in overall design.
User Comment
Submitted by ne7 on 28 October 2012
absolutely bloody brill! <3
User Comment
Submitted by Akira on 28 October 2012
Fantastic design, flow and skills. Definitely my favourite style demo at X'2012. Oxyron's demo was the tech breaker, this was the style killer.
User Comment
Submitted by Karoshier on 28 October 2012
Simply brilliant. Thumbs up!
User Comment
Submitted by Motion on 28 October 2012
Music and effects and all goes so very well together.. ! A true pleasure for both eyes and ears.
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 28 October 2012
This is one of the absolut mind blowing amazing demos yesterday at the X-2012. I would wait with your rating of 10, because there was other demos at X12, that did blow you out of our galaxy, otherwise you have to give a vote of 20 or 30.

I have the feeling at X12 are made new C64 Demo standards.

I'm glad, I had not to vote at X12, so many demos was so close to each other.
User Comment
Submitted by Optimus on 28 October 2012
Excellent in both effect ideas and graphic design. It was unexpected this masterpiece was not from expected active groups but from Hitmen coming back.
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 28 October 2012
Some spectacular screens and nice music.
User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 28 October 2012
What iAN said.
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 28 October 2012
Beauty, art, moving soundtrack and exceptional code skill perfectly molded together.
User Comment
Submitted by Ksubi on 28 October 2012
Incredible demo, outstanding in all areas... simply love it :)
User Comment
Submitted by crayon on 28 October 2012
Very dynamic piece of art with many animations. Great spectacle. Both thumbs up!
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