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Wonderland XI   [2012]

Wonderland XI Released by :
Censor Design [web]

Release Date :
28 October 2012

Type :
C64 Demo

Wonderland 11

Released At :

Achievements :
C64 Demo Competition at X'2012 :  #5

User rating:*********_  9.2/10 (57 votes)   See votestatistics
*********_  9.2/10 (26 votes) - Public votes only.

Credits :
Code .... Bob of Censor Design
  CRT of Censor Design
  Lavazza of Censor Design
  Swallow of Censor Design
Music .... Magnar Harestad of Censor Design
  Swallow of Censor Design
Graphics .... NiM of Censor Design
  Prowler of Nectarine, Up Rough
Linking .... CRT of Censor Design
Loader .... Krill of Plush

SIDs used in this release :
Wonderland XI - End(/MUSICIANS/S/Swallow/Wonderland_XI-End.sid)
Wonderland XI-Domino Forever(/MUSICIANS/M/Magnar/Wonderland_XI-Domino_Forever.sid)
Wonderland XI-Ghost or Goblin(/MUSICIANS/M/Magnar/Wonderland_XI-Ghost_or_Goblin.sid)
Wonderland XI-Smells Like Censor(/MUSICIANS/M/Magnar/Wonderland_XI-Smells_Like_Censor.sid)
Wonderland XI-Whipe Me(/MUSICIANS/M/Magnar/Wonderland_XI-Whipe_Me.sid)

Download :

Look for downloads on external sites:

User Comment
Submitted by ws on 9 September 2023
SCNR: filling the entire screen with chars before starting the demo takes a while for it to complete, but actually works :-D
User Comment
Submitted by Smasher on 16 January 2022
for some reason I looooove the flip disk part! picture, fx, music... all so cool!
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 22 August 2015
must say that I am vary sayisfied with this demo, it has that special feeling :) our comeback!!
and even though HCL ranting against Wonderland XI (this demo)
it inspired him to do the rotating rasterbars!
hence this demo being a mile stone ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 15 August 2014
Still love these gradient/rasterbar kinda type effects, Bob. Wonderful colors!
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 21 March 2013
probably someone deleted his votes (see menu on top, userpage, vote history)
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 21 March 2013
for a couple of days ago there was 71 voters on here, all of a sudden we only have 69 voters??? wtf is going on..
could we get -10 voters if the trend holds on ? :)
User Comment
Submitted by FATFrost on 19 February 2013
How is that sprites in the borders and over all the screen done!!?! Mega multiplexer!!?!!! Shiit... Nice I wish it lasted longer onscreen...
Music is just so lovely in this demo.!!
User Comment
Submitted by QuasaR on 27 January 2013
What a comeback demo! Nice to see the colourful scrollers and samples back in action.
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 14 January 2013
It is allways a risk when doing a demo that differs from all others :) some loves it some don't and we have to live with that ;) , But we like different ;) some thing you should try (HCL) 8)=)
User Comment
Submitted by lbp on 13 January 2013
2 thumbs up for code and graphics but I particularly like the outstanding music throughout the demo, it's my cup of tea exactly - great
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 11 January 2013
I am very sorry that i have to write this comment, i'll probably regret it.. But seing this demo on top10 is truly embarrassing.

It *is* amazing that Censor returns to the scene in 2012, but this demo simply is not top10 material. Just compare the effects, design, music, gfx, innovation etc with the 20-30 demos ranked below this one, and you will find most of them more interesting. Just to name a few: Dutch Breeze, Soiled Legacy, Desert Dream, Altered States, Tower Power, Natural Wonders 1&2, Dream Travel, Pearls for Pigs... Plus the fact that all prior Censor demos are ranked lower, which is also unfair imo.

I know you all want to see your favorite group back on top10, but please wait a bit longer. I am pretty sure Censor will return with something better, perhaps even top10 material.
User Comment
Submitted by Twoflower on 11 December 2012
Bob: Cart or not - it works fine on the real thing with my 1541U-II, so no worries. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 10 December 2012
Bob: It worked fine in VICE 2.3 on Windows, and I will try it without cart too just to see. Great demo btw! Lovely to see you guys doing stuff on the C64 again!
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 3 December 2012
Sledge: try with out a cartridge.
I am currious because I am about to get a 1542 UII so it needs to work ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Sledge on 27 November 2012
Is there anyone else who have problem running this in both VICE 2.4/2.3 on OS X and on a real C64 with a 1541U-II? It crashes on both systems right after the presentation part (where the names is presented).
User Comment
Submitted by HBH.ZTH on 12 November 2012
Great work guys! BOB: Nice meeting you again (at X2012) after all these years. I hope to see more stuff in the coming months + in 2013. Hope that you bring back the feeling from your old demos in the early 90s. And get Geggin out from his slumber as well - would like to see a new version of his amazing scrollers in your next demo! Respect and greets - Havar (HBHZTH!)
User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 12 November 2012
When Danko returned with his brilliant music in "We are New"/Flt and the whole partyroom was cheering I thought that's the coolest re-entry of an old scener... well, I have been very wrong!
***BOB***, ***CRT*** and ***SWALLOW*** back????

This is the best surprise ever. And what a comeback!!! Also with Magnar and NiM in the pack, it feels as if you were never away.

The music of Wonderland is wonderful, very fitting and it is really celebrated in the demo. The effects are superb (my jaw dropped a couple times, especially in the acrobat part and with the great scrollers) and all fits perfectly together PLUS it really feels like a true part of the Wonderland series - the gfx style, a digi part in the end, careful transitions and other details crafted in and some greetings from the consor koala colour fader tool - all this make it a recognizable Censor demo. The one thing I was missing was the old Censor logo that appears in most productions.
Straight 10 from me.

Next I want Tron, Gremlin, Depeh and Cycleburner back, please :)
User Comment
Submitted by Magnar on 6 November 2012
Separate 8580 sid versions of the songs now also attached to the release. Thanks all for the nice comments, and see you all again at DS2013! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 3 November 2012
Great demo! Awesome to see Censor back in action!
But, this entry should be restored to its original state (the version released at X-2012) and the revision 2 of the demo should get a separate entry with the correct release date.
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 3 November 2012
Thanx for the warm welcome back and thank you all for the fiering interests over our sudden demo comeback ;) we are touched by the overwhelming possitive reactions, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.
It's nice to be back ;) we have deffenately missed you... and we will be at the parties from now on. Who in the hell would miss that ???
We are here to stay... don't think there is an easy compo win in the future ;) you never know what happens...... muahahahaha }8)=)
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 3 November 2012
Forgot to mention: Hell yeah, we missed you!
User Comment
Submitted by Yogibear on 3 November 2012
User Comment
Submitted by Lynx on 2 November 2012
I Love it!!
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 2 November 2012
compiled tonight, runs very good with DX enabled (at least here)
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 2 November 2012
Ian Coog: Huh? Where, I only find the 2.3 version there for x86? Please Post a link.

What Bob shows here, is that most of his routines and "secret tools" still serve for some fantastic work of art along with some interesting sprite-manipulation which we know from the days when SSS+TC joined forces. Some on the road tried it the bitmap-manipulation: Resource, Wrath Designs, Fairlight during the late 90: ies and overlapping the 00:s with different approaches. Heading for the second decade in the new millenium, this is a welcomed act. Searching beauty of geometry and animation, construction down to the very new brutalist fashion.
User Comment
Submitted by iAN CooG on 2 November 2012
censor_wonderland_xi_revision2.zip works here in Vice 2.4 (yes, 2.4, check sourceforge :)
User Comment
Submitted by ThunderBlade on 2 November 2012
Wow! Yes Revision 2 works fine. This demo kicks ass. Those scrollers and bitmap manipulations (if they actually *are* what I think they are ;)) are fantastic. And those SID filtering actions in the part with the big globe... scary!

Great to see Bob back... "just bla bla bla" ;-))) (insider joke)
User Comment
Submitted by Axis/Oxyron on 2 November 2012
A dream came true. Censor is back! Great to meet guys after such a long time.
And this demo rocks! It has nearly everything I hoped for. It´s a Wonderland, has lots of hardcore codepron, bobs bitmap effects and the good old Censor style we all love so much. And all this combined in a modern trackmo. Just, wow! The only things I missed a little bit was music by Danko, but Magnar made me forget about this very fast. Great Job Magnar! And next time I want Eddie 3 pixeled by Dragon.
I´m afraid we have to prepare for some really tough competition in the future. Looking forward to that.
User Comment
Submitted by Nightlord on 1 November 2012
I thought I had posted a comment on this much earlier, but it seems my comment got lost in the pipes of interwebz.

Welcome back Censor Design. you made the compo that much more epic by releasing a Wonderland demo and it was a true pleasure to share the same compo with you guys.

I liked how polished this demo is. the exit from basic scene tying so well into the first diamond color scroll effect. a little slow on the transitions. I also liked the modernized censor scrollers.

Overall this is a great comeback demo and I am looking forward to more demos from you
User Comment
Submitted by wacek on 1 November 2012
Wonderland IX was the demo that made me want to be a part of the demoscene and create demos. Back when I got it, I did not own a 1541 yet, so I had it as separate parts on a turbo cassette tape :) You are my 'scene childhood' heroes.

So I couldn't dream of a higher honour that to compete against your new demo during X'2012 :) and my excitement was _almost_ equal to the nerve-wrecking stress of releasing our own demo to the public :)

I hope this is just a beginning of an upcoming stream of kick-ass stuff from you!! ;)
User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 31 October 2012
A dream come true. :) I don't care if you keep making new Wonderland episodes or not but please keep making new Censor Design demos and never disappear again!
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 31 October 2012
looked at this again too.... man it is a sweet, raw and cool demo... the control you have is amazing... and the ribbonchain part over the image in sideborder and the scrollers just are totally weapons of mass destruction...
User Comment
Submitted by RaveGuru on 31 October 2012
Censor Design. Who would have thought? :)

Thanks for bringing back good memories and concave scrollers.

Fuckings for making me feel old :)
User Comment
Submitted by Richard on 31 October 2012
Excellent come back. I liked the wonderland series. This one's brilliant.
User Comment
Submitted by Ed on 30 October 2012
Nice colorbars. I have a slight memory that Bob explained to me in 1993 that he could do that..
User Comment
Submitted by celticdesign on 30 October 2012
welcome back!!! hail censor design! the force will be with you!
User Comment
Submitted by Bago Zonde on 30 October 2012
IMPRESSIVE! Love it! Music it's just great and design fit into whole demo. Great comeback!
User Comment
Submitted by Clarence on 30 October 2012
Great comeback demo, it has all the key elements Wonderlands used to have (and more), great spirit, big bitmap color scrollers, good music, a digi part. The Eddie scrolling picture made it's way over to the Offence demo somehow, but doesn't matter. :) Me likes!
Seeing competing Wonderland vs Coma Light and others in a big compo like X has... feels like 20 years younger.
User Comment
Submitted by Killsquad on 30 October 2012
Yeah. Great comeback from this legendary group. Loved the rotating scroller. Already looking forward to Wonderland XII :)
User Comment
Submitted by Stone on 30 October 2012
I love this demo. What a comeback :D Great to see you guys at X also, Bob really knows how to fire up the competitive spirit ;)
User Comment
Submitted by hedning on 30 October 2012
It's so nice to see groups coming back, but sometime it's more than nice - Censor in my heart <3.
User Comment
Submitted by Yazoo on 30 October 2012
omg - i cant believe that my heros from the past are back \o/
and they delivered a nice demo. sure here and there are small things to criticize, but i wont do that - as i am just happy :) and the production has a high level - especially when you keep the short time into account which they had for devolopment (wasnt it 3 months?)

and bob... you promised, that you came back to stay ;-) i just want to remind you, hehe.

...and it felt good to have a wonderland and a coma light in the same competition in the year 2012!
User Comment
Submitted by Dr.j on 30 October 2012
Great Comeback Censor Design.welcome back to Business!. bob is absolutely a hell of a coder and it was awesome to see him and the rest of the group back to produce a demo. the demo is superb
straight 10 !! i missed a bit Danko's tunes but the music is also very cool and i like very much all the gfx illusions . milestone in demo history
User Comment
Submitted by CRT on 30 October 2012
Just got back home after the party. Still exhausted. There will be a rev2 of the demo in a few days. A few fixes and a "missing part" by Lavazza as a nice looking readme separate from the demo. Will try to stuff it with information, greetings, thanks (a lot of friendly people helped us with hardware at X) and detailed credits.

If you run this image in VICE, you have to change SID-settings to "fast resampling" for the last part or it will not sound well. On any hardware it should have worked.. -Still don't know what happened there but we will figure it out.
User Comment
Submitted by Twoflower on 30 October 2012
Daaah dudas! Wow. Just wow. I've been waiting and hoping for this since Spasmolytic. Those animated colorscrollscreens (diamond, h+v+d rasters, eye) sure made my day even if I would have animated up/down movement of the eye aswell. I did not expect this, and i'm glad to be proven wrong.

Only real downside is the lack of graphics - something CD releases used to be soiled with. And yeah - where is Eddie and Skinny?
User Comment
Submitted by BHF on 29 October 2012
Censor is back ! Bob, CRT, Geggin, Magnar and the rest of the guys :) What a demo. Lovely scrollers, globe, rasterbars, sideborderstuff. We just have to wait for the fix of the last part ;)
Boooooob ! It was a blast to meet you again after 21 years. Party hard ! Better start saving for luxury trips for your family, I smell more demos and parties in the future ;)
User Comment
Submitted by PAL on 29 October 2012
ooohhhh.... I love the censor style and frame-rate and just the whole thing. Fantastic coded demo and great music. Code-monster you are bob! You others too probably...
User Comment
Submitted by Peacemaker on 29 October 2012
jesus. this sideborder sprites with X movement every line the whole screen and moving the pic up and down is just great. my respect, great work.
User Comment
Submitted by Tim on 29 October 2012
A new WonderCensor Design.. what a blast from the past :)

I have only regret after seeing this.. a new Wonderland edition without Thomas Danko.. not knocking the audio (far from it) but I miss him in the line-up
User Comment
Submitted by mankeli on 29 October 2012
Nice scrollers :-) It's a shame that the endpart doesn't work.
User Comment
Submitted by Sander on 29 October 2012
Great demo! It felt raw and a bit unpolished at times, but that's how i recall the Censor demos (except for Mirage's contributions ;) It lacked a bit of proper boasting, but that seems appropriate for now. I certainly hope to see more from you guys in the future!
User Comment
Submitted by crayon on 29 October 2012
Yeah! Censor Design is back! Great newz! :)
User Comment
Submitted by Karoshier on 29 October 2012
Impressive demo.
I can hear the sample in VICE 2.3 x64sc, with both 6581R4 1986S and 8580R5 3691 (didn't try other models); it's somewhat low in volume, but it's there.
@Deekay: thanks for uploading it. I was one of those waiting to see it, as the stream had stopped working right into the middle of the demo. I'll be waiting for the final version.
User Comment
Submitted by HCL on 29 October 2012
Great comeback demo!! I knew about it but i didn't expect you to fill up a whole disk side + little more in such a sort time :).

Trackmo and designed transitions for the first time, heh.. it's the way to go :). This demo also features some more mathematics to it than the old Censor-demos, i like that of course. You rock dudez!
User Comment
Submitted by Radiant on 29 October 2012
Considering the expectations that had built up on this demo I'm extremely happy to see Censor delivering with such resolve. TBH I was prepared for this to be much more oldschool and press-spacey than it turned out. Really, really cool to see you back, and I fear facing you in the compos to come, when you've fully recovered from your slumber. :-)
User Comment
Submitted by Optimus on 29 October 2012
Very very good comeback. Some big awesome effects!
User Comment
Submitted by Joe on 29 October 2012
C-C-C-Censor! Great, finally! Kind off miss the rough sound from Skinny though.
User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 29 October 2012
Bob: Damn, sorry for uploading it.. I didn't know you were still working on it!...
User Comment
Submitted by ne7 on 29 October 2012
holy crap that was good fun. that ball bit was just -great-
User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 29 October 2012
"Sample-Endpart requires resid-fp in some form!"
also OLD SID required it seems (which is odd, afaik this kind of samples should work on both).

i love how oldschool this demo is - that moving circles part rules!
User Comment
Submitted by Bob on 29 October 2012
Sorry about the party glitches.. delivered the demo in the last seconds ;) well uppdate the WL XI with a fix for the sample part :) ASAP. have patience ;)
User Comment
Submitted by 6R6 on 29 October 2012
Baah! Just watched this on my c64+1541u1. Love those big scrollers and the globe.
I did not hear any sound in the part with 15,6 khz. Just a click almost as if the demo part froze ?
User Comment
Submitted by CONS on 29 October 2012
This is a great demo, no doubt about it. my favorite part was this huge scroller on black bg and the huge raster effects. So cool! A little too much on the raster transitions though. Design was almost flawless!
User Comment
Submitted by cba on 29 October 2012
Excellent ! Good to see you active again Bob !
User Comment
Submitted by G-Fellow on 29 October 2012
Welcome back Censor Design! We did miss you! I did miss also your cool scrollers! Great demo and next time you show everyone where the hammer is and blow all on the places and CD on 1. ! This time they did know that you come with a really great demo and they had to do the impossible to beat you. ;-)
User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 29 October 2012
For some odd reason nobody saw fit to add this, so I did. Cause i know many of you, especially the armchair-sceners not present, are desperately pressing reload for this one! ;-) Maybe I was just the only one sober enough to ask Bob for a copy after the compo! ;-) Turn off virtual drives and true drive emu on, otherwise it will crash after the Intro! Sample-Endpart requires resid-fp in some form! I took the credits from the Intro, although they don't specify exactly who did what. There's also 2 Prowlers from Sweden, both not official Censor members, both still active, i hope i got the right one (the other one was called Prowler64)... Enjoy! Great to have you back, guys, and yes, we DID miss you! ;-D
User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 29 October 2012
Welcome Back Censor Style \o/

18 years away and then striking back with such a cool comeback demo, quite the feat!
best part was that all-border circles effect, stunning!

I secretly wished for a Flip It And Hit It though ;)

the music in the endpart doesnt work in my vice either (2.3.9) on linux (edit: now it does work, weird, loud beep comes in tho)
User Comment
Submitted by Magic on 29 October 2012
Great comeback! Nice demo! Will you Guys Make another one? Cheers!
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