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Event Type :
Demo Party

X06 - X'06 - X-06 - X-2006 - X2006

Dates :
13 - 15 October 2006

Place :

Website :

Organizers :
CBA, Oxbow, Scout, Spectator, Tim, WVL

Organizer Groups :
Silicon Limited, Success + The Ruling Company, Xenon

Competition Results :

C64 Demo
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1The Wild Bunch by Focus, Horizon, Instinct, TriadDownload9.29.4
2Der Gümmel by ExtendDownload8.38.2
3Let's Scroll It! by C64.COMDownload8.58.8
4Romeo by FairlightDownload8.48.4
5Tense Years by OnslaughtDownload7.88.0
6For Teh Win by CosineDownload7.5
7Aurora 85%-90% by Level 64Download6.8
8Renovation by TriadDownload6.1
9Sometimes a Scroll Is Only a Scroll by ActiveDownload5.8
1015 Years by The Ruling CompanyDownload
11Upm00shers by AbmushersDownload
12Epilepsia by Digital Sounds SystemDownload5.3

C64 Music
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
16581 Doped Cows by JeffDownload9.19.8
2Radio 64 by FantaDownload8.99.2
3Bass-o-Matikk by A-ManDownload7.0
4Spunk by DraxDownload9.1
5They're Taking the SID to Isengard by Tron/Misser/Angel of DeathDownload8.1
6Durum & Basta by BarracudaDownload
7Leider Nicht Dabei by TridentDownload
8Ex State of Mind by RandallDownload8.7
9Memory 2 by KlaxDownload
10Dreamland by RambonesDownload
11The Getaway by LinusDownload9.4
12Real Deadline 20:00 by TrurlDownload
13Hysteria by DaneDownload
14One Flu Over the X2006 by BordeauxDownload
15Midnight Flow by OrcanDownload8.3
16Fallen in Love by IntensityDownload
17Overdrive by RandyDownload
18The Ticking Timebomb by HeinDownload9.2
19Filids' Duel by AsterionDownload
20Cosmic by Stainless SteelDownload
21HoVuSaCa by Jenny16Download
22X-2006 by VegetaDownload
23Tsunami by NataDownload
24Happy Mornings by Factor6Download
25SF [party version] by HydrogenDownload
26Don't Go Kicking My Dog by RichardDownload

C64 Graphics
PlaceReleaseDLCSDb ratingPub only
1Tutti Frutti by DuceDownload9.29.3
2Wool on Her Mind by BizzmoDownload9.79.8
3Innerpeace by MirageDownload9.39.3
4Shiver by DeevDownload8.49.0
5Female Warrior by The SargeDownload7.9
6Sudoku by DaneDownload7.6
7Nightflight by ptoingDownload8.38.5
8Mosaique by HCLDownload7.58.3
9Kylie by MorpheusDownload7.77.9
11Mechgirl by JSLDownload6.0
12Triangle Land by HelmDownload7.8
13Peace by Mr. CurlyDownload5.7
14Asturian Face by Almighty GodDownload5.5
15A.C. V2.0 Preview by MacxDownload
16Junglefut by BitbreakerDownload3.5

Productions released outside compos :
Cat III by Fairlight (Graphics)
Dawnrazor (Graphics)
Der Gümmel - Cover by Extend (Disk Cover)
Funky Bravah by EXclusive ON/Samar Productions/MultiStyle Labs (Music)
Galienos by Swappas with Attitude (Music)
Game Over(view) #33 by Game Over(view) Staff (Diskmag)
High on Hank by Swappas with Attitude (Music)
How I've Missed This Party? (Music)
Let's Scroll It! Diskcover by C64.COM (Disk Cover)
Manham by Wrath Designs (Music)
Piece For Clarinet by Wrath Designs (Graphics)
Piece For Piano by Wrath Designs (Graphics)
Spiral of Arpeggioes by MultiStyle Labs (Music)
X'06 SIDpack (Music Collection)
X2006 Graphics Pack (Graphics Collection)
X2006 Music Pack (Music Collection)
X2006 Music Pack - sorted (Music Collection)
X2006 Slideshow by Booze Design/SHAPE/Fairlight (Demo)

Attendants : (132)
6R6, Acidchild, Action Jackson, Almighty God, Angel of Death, Ashton, Aslive, Barfly, Benson, Bitbreaker, booker, Bud, Burglar, Burn, Calypso, Cavey, CBA, Checky, Chotaire, Chrissie, Count Zero, Cruzer, Dane, DeeKay, Devia, Dezert, Dize, DJS, Doc Bacardi, Doomed, Dr. Acid, Drago MacKayb, Drax, Duce, Dylotic, Edhellon, Endo, Eyesee, Fanta, FRaNKy, Glenn Davanger, Gregg, Groepaz, Grue, Gulrak, Harlequin, HCL, Heavy Head, Hein, Henne, Hok, Hollowman, Homecat, Hydrogen, ICE-T, JackAsser, Jeff, Jeroen Tel, Joija, Jule, KBS, Knoeki, Krill, L.A.Style, Leming, Linus, Locutus, Lord Crucifier, Lotus, Luca, MacGyver, Macx, Manex, MdZ, Megabrain, Mirage, Misser, Moren, Morpheus, Mr. Curly, Mr.Ammo, Nada, Ninja, No-XS, Oxbow, Oxidy, Pernod, Psycho, ptoing, Puterman, Rambones, Randall, Ream, Riddler, RoBoCop, Sander, Savvy, Scapegoat, Scholle, Scout, Seven, Skate, Slammer, Sorex, SounDemoN, Sounx, Spectator, Splatterhead, Stainless Steel, Steppe, Street Tuff, Suschman, Tch, The Beast, The Dark Judge, the_JinX, Thundax, Thunder.Bird, Tim, Tixiv, Trasher, Tron, Uncle Tom, Uncle-X, VIC, Warp 8, Weasel, Widdy, Wiesel, WVL, Zed Yago, Ziphoid

External links :
X2000 and X2006 video by Hydrogren/Glance  (http://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=%2Fparties%2F2006%2Fx06%2Fmisc%2Fx_2000_2006_compilation/)
Official X2006 Photopage  (http://www.scs-trc.net/parties/x2006)
X-2006 Graphics pack  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2006/X/X06_Graphics.zip)
X-2006 Music pack  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2006/X/X06_Music.zip)
X-2006 Results  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2006/X/X06_Results.txt)
X-2006 Visitor list  (ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Party/2006/X/X06_Visitors.txt)
photos from Macx  (http://allt.jonatanforsberg.net/krams/c64/x06.zip)

Releases containing information on this event :
Vandalism News #46  Promotion
Vandalism News #48  Report

User Comment
Submitted by Burglar on 1 March 2007
The winning demo The Wild Bunch has been nominated for best oldschool demo of 2006 in the scene.org awards.


User Comment
Submitted by vigo on 14 November 2006
hi, i captured hydrogen/glance's x2000 and x2006 hi-8 recordings and created a DVD-ISO... Can be downloadable at http://www.scene.org/dir.php?dir=%2Fparties%2F2006%2Fx06%2Fmisc..

User Comment
Submitted by Jak T Rip on 17 October 2006
Trivia: *How many gods fit into one party??*
Answer: just look at the attendance list of x06...

SO MANY GREAT GUYS, SO MANY GREAT RELEASES, even a COW THEME (which can only be topped by elephants), and SUCH A SHAME that I wasn't there!

User Comment
Submitted by Mirage on 16 October 2006
It's a shame these parties make you realise how old we've gotten... I went to holland thinking i could stay awake for at least one night... i know better now :(

Great party/meetingplace... i'm glad i got to meet new people like pernod/jackasser/dane/ptoing/morpheus/WVL and other slightly lesser gods there :D

User Comment
Submitted by chatGPZ on 16 October 2006
it's 2006, and look at the list of releases, the C64 scene must be dead! what a goddamn rocking event! MORE!

User Comment
Submitted by ptoing on 16 October 2006
Extremely cool party. Everything was awesome, esp. Jeroen on saturday evening. I didn't sweat that much for a long time.

User Comment
Submitted by Morpheus on 16 October 2006
X2006 was for me the best party since the Horizon party in 1991. I got to release a new demo made with the coolest friends you can wish for, the rooms/toilets/showers were a nice surprise, all the nice people I talked to, the old friends and groupmates (HEEEEY!!), seeing Jeroel Tel again, the beer, seeing all the new C64 hardware, and the over all C64 atmosphere was the best! The idea with the stripper was cool, but I thought she was lame. Let's make some noice for the organizers god damn it!

User Comment
Submitted by macx on 15 October 2006
some party photos (it was locked for adding it myself): http://www.jonatanforsberg.net/krams/x06.zip

User Comment
Submitted by booker on 15 October 2006
Great party again !
Thanks all attendands and organisers, see you at (_x_)'2008 !
Regards :)

User Comment
Submitted by Oswald on 15 October 2006
thanx to everyone who contributed with a release, I was close to hang myself coz I thought the scene is dying - you have prooved me wrong :)

User Comment
Submitted by Skate on 15 October 2006
That was some party! Jeroen Tel was fantastic. Thanks for all demo, graphic and music compo entries. And of course thanks to the scs-trc crew for organizing a new X party. I'm looking forward to X'2008.

User Comment
Submitted by hqn on 14 October 2006
Yo Chotaire, next time you want us to play your immaculate, cosmically profound compositional piece of universe-shaking musical genious (you sir, walk with the gods of rock & roll!), I'll check if we can find the right speakers, m'kay?

User Comment
Submitted by Stainless Steel on 14 October 2006
it was one hell of a ride, i just wish i would have had a little more stamina but after all the beer and weed since friday evening i passed out shortly after the sid compo on saturday night.

x2008 here we come!!

User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 14 October 2006
Absolutely and u(dd)erly rocking party!
Had everything: The booze, the weed, the stripper, the great compos, the awesome people to meet and first and foremost Jeroen's absolutely massive DJ set on Saturday night! I was so fucking wasted from going crazy on the dancefloor! 8) When 'Robocop 3' came up i felt like i could just fall over and die right on the spot because it really can't get any better than this! 8)

Only the Lagsagna wasn't as good as the chinese food the years before, but i guess I'll just have to live with that! ;-D

Niels, Enno, all the rest: Thanks a fucking lot for one of the greatest if not THE greatest party I've ever been to (and I've been to a few! ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by Thunder.Bird on 14 October 2006
I've also lost my voice, because of too loud screaming YAAYY!! and Yiehaaaa and stuff. Whow, Jeroen Tel competed with a really great DJ-Show. And there were soo many friendly people from all over the world and we shocked the cows!!!!
Moooooo!!! ;-)

User Comment
Submitted by null on 14 October 2006
It was a totaly rad party, and I've had lots of fun. It was nice meeting you all... see you at X2008 ;)

User Comment
Submitted by Zyron on 14 October 2006
This was posted on the front page, decided to cut'n'paste it here:

X2006 Official results

Demo score
1. The Wild Bunch / Horizon+Instinct+Focus+Triad 8.071
2. Der Gummel / Extend 7.641
3. Let's Scroll it / c64.com 7.615
4. Romeo / Fairlight 7.475
5. Tense Years / Onslaught 6.093
6. For Teh Win / Cosine 5.687
7. Aurora 85% / level64 5.392
8. Renovation / Triad 5.354
9. Sasioas / Active 4.900
10. 15 Years SCS*TRC / TRC 4.241
11. Abmuschers / Upm00hsers 4.156
12. Epilepsia / DSS 3.518

Graphics score
1. Tuttifrutti / Duce 8.967
2. Wool on her Mind / Bizzmo 8.185
3. Innerpeace / Mirage 8.000
4. Shiver / Deev 7.703
5. Female Warrior / The Sarge 7.500
6. Sudoku / Dane 7.407
7. Night Flight / Ptoing 6.952
8. Mosaique / HCL 6.857
9. Kylie / Morpheus 6.807
10. Epicaleptica / Saekaes 5.944
11. Mechgirl / JSL 5.913
12. Triangle Land / Helm 5.700
13. Peace / MRC 5.631
14. Asturian Face / Almighty God 5.550
15. Autumn Clouds v2 / MacX 4.809
16. Junglefut / Bitbreaker 4.173

Music score
1. 6581 Doped Cows / Jeff 8.172
2. Radio 64 / Fanta 7.958
3. Bass-O-Matikk / A-man 7.952
4. Spunk / Drax 7.827
5. The Hobbits / Subversive Elements 7.750
6. Durum & Basta / Barracuda 7.625
7. Leider Nicht Dabei / Trident 7.466
8. Ex State of Mind / Randall 7.312
9. Memory 2 / Clax 7.090
10. Dreamland / Rambones 7.055
11. The Getaway / Linus 7.000
12. Real Deadline 20:00 / Trurl 7.000
13. Hysteria / Dane 6.941
14. One Flu over X2006 / Bordeaux 6.833
15. Midnight Flow / Orcan 6.714
16. Fallen in Love / Intensity 6.705
17. Overdrive / Randy 6.647
18. The Ticking Timebomb / Hein 6.631
19. Filids Duel / Asterion 6.571
20. Cosmic / Stainless Steel 6.384
21. HoVuSaCa / Jenny16 6.363
22. Draco / Look 6.222
23. Tsunami / Nata 6.058
24. Happy Mornings / Factor6 5.846
25. SF / Hydrogen 5.500
26. Don't go kicking my dog / Richard 5.250

User Comment
Submitted by Spectator on 14 October 2006
Thanks to everyone who helped, got wasted and stripped (collectively exhaustive)..

User Comment
Submitted by Tch on 14 October 2006
Absolutely great party!

Lost my voice but gained a memory never to forget!
Greetinxx to all the visitors and a BIG thumbs up to the organisors!! \o/

User Comment
Submitted by Hein on 14 October 2006
As always, highlight of the c-64 scene. Excellent atmosphere, friendly sceners and great releases/compos. Thumbs up to Harlequin for his nice compo presentation. See you in 2 years again.

User Comment
Submitted by Tao on 14 October 2006

User Comment
Submitted by Earthshaker on 14 October 2006
Damn, i planned to be there, but got sick on friday and couldnt attend. :(

User Comment
Submitted by vigo on 14 October 2006
i wish i was there! greetz to party people! hope to be there next year!

User Comment
Submitted by macx on 14 January 2006
rural netherlands is definately my kind of shit every other year or so

User Comment
Submitted by Tristan on 1 December 2005
heh... I am sure I will NOT be able to attend this. Please lick a cow for me.

User Comment
Submitted by Soren on 23 October 2005
Will there be a bull-milking competition at x2006?

User Comment
Submitted by Steppe on 22 October 2005
Moo? Moooooooo!!!! :-)
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